How To Polish Wood Furniture

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Polishing wood furniture is a great way to restore its natural beauty. This article will explain how you can polish furniture using two different methods: traditional wax and stripper wax. If you can’t find something that matches your type of wooden piece, use an old toothbrush instead! All in all, these tips are going to help you take care of your new investment for many years into the future.

How To Polish Wood Furniture

  1. First, read the instructions on the back of the polish and make sure you do not use oil-based products because they will ruin the wood.
  2. Remove any previous furniture polish stains from the table by using a damp cloth to wipe them off. Ensure that no streaks remain on your wood’s surface and that it is completely dry before proceeding with step 3.
  3. Apply a thick coat of floor polish to your table’s surface and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Since your furniture has just had a clean surface, the polish will soak into the wood without any problems. Also, make sure that you use only a small amount of polish. If you use too much, then you may be able to remove it with water. Having too much polish may also affect how long the furniture will last.
  4. After the polish has time to dry, apply wax over the top of it by rubbing a soft cloth across the table’s surface in small circles. Make sure you use only a small amount of wax and spread evenly across the surface.
  5. Take a microfiber cloth and buff the table’s surface until you are completely satisfied with its shininess. You can also take the microfiber cloth and rub it in circles to give your table’s surface an extra shine. The microfibers will remove crumbs, dust, dirt, oil, etc., from the furniture, leaving it smooth and shiny!

There are plenty of ways to keep wood furniture looking its best with proper care and use, but nothing beats the natural look and feel beeswax gives your wood! Beeswax polish adds a protective coating that will help seal in color and maintain the gleam on your furnishings.

The beeswax polish also provides a protective barrier to help extend the life of your wood. If you aren’t sure how to apply beeswax polish, or if you would like to learn how to polish wood furniture with beeswax, here are some easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the Prepared Beeswax

The easiest way to use your prepared beeswax is using a Beeswax Polish Kit. Another option is to use a pre-made beeswax polish.

Step 2: Apply Polish With Cloth or Brush

Begin adding an ample amount of polish onto your cloth or brush. Make sure that you cover the entire piece. Wipe off any excess polish with a clean cloth afterward.

Step 3: Buff Polish With a Clean Cloth

To buff away the shine, lightly wipe away any extra wax with a clean and dry cloth. You’ll want to take particular care around the edges and corners of your furniture. 

How Do You Polish Wood Furniture At Home?

First, clean your furniture with a damp cloth and dry it off well. The cleaner the surface, the better your wax will adhere to it, so take this step seriously. Use any type of traditional wax for this step–fine beeswax, carnauba, or natural paste waxes are all fine options.

What Is The Best Way To Polish Wood?

In order to achieve a higher level of luster, wood needs gentle treatment. Some of the best ways to polish wood are with wax, oil, or turpentine.

What Is Wax Polish For Wood?

Wax for wood is a widespread wood care product. In addition to protecting and preserving wood, it also can bead and shine. Often, furniture makers use wax instead of varnish because the wax is less toxic for people allergic to formaldehyde.

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Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Review

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The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is a top-of-the-line gaming chair that will put you at the pinnacle of comfort. This chair is specially designed for individuals that are looking to game in complete and utter luxury. The Homall Gaming Recliner features a headrest, electric recline, and adjustable lumbar support – all three of which come together to make your gaming experience as relaxing as possible. 

The headrest ensures that your head and neck will be supported while you game, so you can stay in one place for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. The electric recline gives you the option to adjust the backrest to any angle, allowing for a much better viewing experience. The adjustable lumbar support helps to keep your back more supported to ensure that your body is happy and safe during gameplay.

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair features an easy-to-clean leather cover with a faux fur material on the inside. This material is soft and acts as an extra layer of comfort in addition to the cushioning foam layer beneath it.


Support is a crucial component of a gaming chair, and the Homall recliner is designed to deliver. Its high back provides plenty of support for your neck, enabling you to keep your head up instead of looking down at a laptop or console. Additionally, the seat includes special support for your lower back to ensure you don’t get aches from craning over for hours on end.


If you’ve ever used an ordinary recliner chair, you know the feeling of sinking into the soft cushions. The Homall chair keeps this space-filling sensation strictly limited to its footrest and ottoman; this way, your body rests on strong padded material that never feels loose or saggy.


No matter what you’re doing, you’ll want the game to keep going. The Homall recliner’s tilt feature ensures you can adjust the recliner’s backrest to your preferred recline – you can even tilt the chair backward for extra support while sitting straight up. With this ability, you can adjust the chair into almost any position for maximum comfort and convenience.


With a PU leather material like that of the chair, your back will definitely experience some form of back sweat. But then again, since the chair doesn’t have any of those two air vents right beneath the headrest, you’ll still have to get up now and then if you want your back to cool off.


The chair allows you to customize your gaming experience with its adjustment settings. There are numerous height settings for the chair. You can easily adjust the recliner with control.

The recliner also adjusts to the width of your body, with different possible positions. In addition to this, there is also adjustable lumbar support that allows you to customize your cradling depth depending on your needs at any given time.


The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair comes with adjustable lumbar support for better comfort during long gaming sessions. The chair’s adjustable headrest, though, lets you customize your position and comfort.


Though alone, the seat offers enough support for long sessions of sitting. The seat is composed of high-density foam that contours to your body and support a wide range of body size and weight.

The headrest’s design allows for better neck alignment when seated. It has a soft, squishy feel that creates the proper angles required for better neck support.

The chair’s frame is made of steel and plastic, with black upholstery. It looks sleek and modern with its few dark tones accented by red accents on the arms, back, and headrests. The chair’s ergonomics are also easy to adjust: All you need to do is pull out a handle to adjust both reclining distances and the lumbar support.

Key Features

  • Made of PU leather which is skin-friendly and water-resistant.
  • Has three recliner modes from 90 t0 180 degrees.
  • Include adjustable headrest and waist pillow.
  • Maximum capacity up to 300 lb.


  • Designed for gamers.
  • Include e-sport elements and has larger dimensions than usual chairs.
  • Suitable for a gaming room or bedroom.
  • Multifunctional and ergonomic.
  • Include two side pockets for magazines or game apparel.


  • The chair design is no too modern.
  • Sidearms rather weak and may break after regular use.

Final Verdict

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair has everything you need to have a comfortable gaming session. It is also effortless to set up and use. You can set it up in just minutes and get the most out of it right away. You get all that for nearly $100, which is quite beneficial!

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5 Ways To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Furniture

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When a new piece of furniture arrives, the smell that follows isn’t usually that appealing. You may have to lose the cigarette smell from your home to live comfortably. If you’re searching for a guide on how to get rid of cigarette smoke from furniture, you’ve come to the right place!

To get cigarette smoke out of furniture, you can use vinegar and water or baking soda instead. But there are many ways of getting rid of cigarettes with minimal effort. Nevertheless, these methods can be difficult or ineffective on some furniture items. For instance, taking upholstery cleaners like Febreeze or Natures Miracle is more effective than baking soda because it penetrates deep into crevices and removes any lingering odors within seconds.

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How To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Furniture

Air Out The Furniture

Many people’s houses smell like cigarettes, and it is a common occurrence for people to try to get the smell out of the furniture. One of the easiest ways to do it is to air out the furniture. But, first, you will need to do some steps described below.

Remove Any Slipcovers And Cushion Covers

The first step in getting cigarette smell out of furniture is to remove any slipcovers or cushion covers that might contain the smell. This will help avoid any further transfer of odor onto other surfaces of the furniture.

Remove The Cushions If Possible

If possible, remove the cushions from the furniture and place them outside in a safe area with good airflow for at least 30 minutes or so to allow them to air out and be free from any residual odors they might still carry.

Take The Furniture Outside

If it is not possible to remove the cushions, take the furniture outdoors in a safe, secure area that has good airflow such as an open porch or patio to allow it to air out for at least 30 minutes or more and be free from any residual odors it might still carry.

Baking Soda Treatment

After removing any slipcovers and cushion covers and allowing the cushions to air out for at least 30 minutes or more, sprinkle a baking soda solution into each cushion cover, then lightly shake them around until they are evenly distributed throughout the surfaces. To make it, you need to combine 1 part of soda and 2 parts of water. 

Let them air out the rest of the time, another 30 minutes or so. After letting them air out for a while, give them a good vacuum to suck up all the baking soda residue.

Use Liquid Fresheners

Use a pleasing quality odor neutralizing spray like Febreze to remove the furniture’s cigarette odor and other odors. Spray it on and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes, and then vacuum it up. Even after being cleaned with baking soda, the odors might still be there because they have become absorbed into the fibers of the cushion covers, etcetera, so applying an odor neutralizer is necessary.

Remove Cigarette Odors Naturally

Some people don’t want to use different fresheners and prefer natural cleaning. Here’re several solutions for such cases.


Vinegar is a natural product that does a great job removing cigarette odors from the furniture. It will not mask the smell completely but can remove cigarettes to as little as that of a burned match, so it is effective enough to allow you to continue relaxing on your sofa after you have been liberated from the odor.

A 20% vinegar-water mixture in a spray bottle works well and can be applied to entire furniture or just specific spots then wiped off with a soft cloth afterward.

Also, vinegar and bleach can be combined in equal parts (50/50) to create a successful cleaner that is inexpensive and will not transfer the smell onto other surfaces like bleach alone.


Ammonia has good results too when combined with baking soda as well, especially in combination with Peroxide. After applying it all over the surface, let it sit for 30 minutes, then clean up by vacuuming as before.

Steam Clean The Upholstery

A moist steam cleaner is an effective way to get rid of cigarette odors from the furniture, but you must be sure your machine is not so hot as to melt any fabric that it comes into contact with. To surmise, use a damp cloth with some cleaning solution, then wipe off as best you can without allowing the steam or hot water to get into any fabric since it will cause a meltdown and make cleaning more complicated than it needs to be.

In summary, the best way to get cigarette smell out of furniture is by washing the cushions with vinegar-water, which will leave them smelling fresh without allowing the odor of cigarettes to transfer over. Baking soda on the cushions will absorb any residual odors, and liquid odor neutralizers like Febreze can be applied to remove existing cigarette smells.


How Do You Remove Cigarette Smell From Furniture?

Leaving fresh air open in the room and letting the outside smells in can also help. You can also try using a product with enzymes that will help neutralize the odors. Finally, you can try using Febreze, Lysol, or products that contain strong antibacterial properties to combat the smells.

Can You Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Wood Furniture?

Yes, you can remove the smell of cigarettes from wood furniture by following the below process. To remove the odor, try these steps:

1. Try washing the surface with dish soap.
2. Apply clove oil or lemon oil and let sit for a day before wiping it off.
3. If that doesn’t work, try steaming it with hot (not boiling) water and lemon oil for an hour or two on low heat.
4. If that’s still not getting rid of it, treat your furniture in water loaded with vinegar.

Does Cigarette Smell Ever Go Away?

Cigarette smells are a universal problem that smokers all over the world face. When you smoke cigarettes, the smell stays on your furniture for months or even years after you quit. However, there are some methods for getting rid of an old or new cigarette odor, and we will cover them here:

1. Washing.
2. Airing out.
3. Cleaning with bleach and water.
4. Cleaning with air freshener spray.
5. Cleaning with vinegar.

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How To Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally

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It is not a secret that there are so many things made out of wood these days. And for a good reason, it is a natural material with a look and feels that can’t be replicated. Unfortunately, this furniture can be rather dirty. To clean old wood furniture naturally, you can use a mild cleaning solution that wouldn’t harm your old things.

If you’re a fan of natural living and keeping things simple and organic in your own home, you have undoubtedly seen that the old wood furniture has been the center of many controversies. Experts often advise throwing away all the old wooden pieces from our homes because wood can only be used for so long before it starts to decompose. 

How To Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally

But with these days on the decline, cleaning them up for reuse is a worthwhile endeavor. With this article, we will give vast information on how to clean old wood furniture naturally.

Clean Old Wood Furniture With Mild Cleaning Solution

Many people want to keep the old wood furniture that they have in their house. That is why it is important to start with a clean and safe surface when you try to clean the old furniture. One way of doing this is by using a mild cleaning solution and wiping the furniture’s surface.

Prepare The Solution

You can use approximately 2 tablespoons of mild dishwashing soap and 4 cups of warm water for all types of wood furniture or wood surfaces which may also be covered in a dusting of glue, varnish, wax, or polyurethane. You can also use white vinegar along with warm water, although it is advised to test the mixture first as the smell can be pretty intense.

Test Before You Start

Always test a small area on your furniture to see if the cleaning solution is suitable for your furniture. You don’t want to ruin your piece of furniture by using a cleaning solution that isn’t suitable for it.

Wipe Wooden Furniture

Once you know that the cleaning solution is safe and appropriate for your specific wood surface, wipe down the piece thoroughly and leave it to air dry for at least 24 hours.

Brush With Non-Gel Toothpaste

To remove surface stains, brush the wood with non-gel toothpaste. Then rinse with warm water and leave to air dry.

Dry With Cloth

You can use a clean cloth to dry the furniture after you have used the toothpaste. But make sure that you do not rub too hard. You want to let the cleaning solution work before using a microfiber cloth.

Tips To Maintain Old Wood Furniture

Dust Regularly

Dust can cause your old wood furniture to warp or even make it a little more brittle over time. If you don’t dust regularly, the dust will also attract more dirt and mildew, which can then wear away at the finish of your furniture. Vacuum up any loose soil from the surface of your furniture, as well as dusting with a slightly damp cloth to help prevent any future problems with dirt and corrosion that may be under the surface of the finish.

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Often furniture will start to crack or begin to get that aged appearance over time because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you live in a directly exposed house to the sun, then your old wood furniture is definitely at risk. 

Be sure to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight like any other clothing or fabrics that touch the surface of your furniture frequently. However, while you keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight, keep it inside as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with debris from the outside, like insects flying into your window.

Check For Pests

It is also important always check for pests before you buy an old piece of furniture. It is not uncommon for wood to have grubs and other insects inside. If you can spot these types of pests, then you can take some necessary steps to get rid of them before they infest your whole house! However, if you can’t see any pests on an old piece of wood furniture, then it’s best just to avoid it altogether.


Some people like to wax their old wood furniture, so it lasts longer and doesn’t begin to look worn out or cracked over time. If you decide to wax your wood furniture, be sure to use high-quality furniture wax and dry before applying a new layer. 

Never use any oil-based products on your wood furniture either (like olive oil or mineral oil). Lastly, remember that as your old wood furniture ages, it will look more beautiful with each passing year.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Old Wood Furniture?

The best way to clean old wood furniture is with a moist cloth and mild soap. Wood needs to be cleaned frequently, as it is susceptible to dirt and dust. The first step in cleaning old wood furniture is removing all of the larger debris from the surface with a dry or lightly dampened cloth. Next, add enough water and dish soap to work up a rich lather, then carefully work the cleaner over the furniture’s surface using small circular motions. Finally, rinse off any residue using clear water before letting your piece air dry on its own.

How Do You Remove Grime From Wood Furniture?

There are many different ways to remove the grime from wood furniture. If you have a cleaner that will remove the dirt on your furniture, you can apply it to the surface and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. If you would like to remove tough stains, use rubbing alcohol or diluted vinegar and water.

What Home Remedy Cleans Wood Furniture?

When looking to clean wood furniture, most people will use a sponge with some water and vinegar. This is an effective way to clean your wooden furniture, but there are more ways to clean a piece of wood without damaging it further. Using essential oils or just plain water, you can quickly achieve a crystal-clear shine on your floors and furniture while minimizing the effort required for washing up.

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What Is Contemporary Furniture

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As furniture becomes sleeker, lounge-focused, and adaptable to a wide range of uses, it’s often referred to as contemporary furniture. While most modern designs are physically large and feature opulent materials like metal or leather, contemporary pieces are smaller in scale but still incorporate those materials.

Contemporary furniture design often features clean lines with an emphasis on functionality. These styles offer the same comfort as their predecessors and utilize innovative features such as durability and sustainability that can make them cost-effective for businesses who need long-term investments without compromising comfort for workers or guests. Contemporary designs also allow for flexibility in a business’s interior design and brand identity. If you’re looking to utilize furniture that addresses modern goals, you’ll want to explore the wide range of contemporary furniture styles available from top furniture brands.

What Is Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is often described as minimalist in style, which means the furniture itself is usually small-scale with very few components, and it’s sleek, sophisticated, and modern. Sometimes contemporary furniture isn’t too far off from traditional designs: elegant wood frames or metal legs will always stay fashionable. Even if a piece of contemporary furniture doesn’t look radically different from its classic counterparts, it still opens up the possibility for more choices to be made on where to put pieces inside space and how to create that space’s overall identity.

Modern VS Contemporary Furniture Design

The term contemporary furniture describes a broad range of styles and design characteristics that are often described as more modern than traditional. In addition, the term is used to describe designs that are highly adaptable to a variety of settings, allowing businesses to save space and features that are more sustainable for the environment without sacrificing comfort or style.

Historically, furniture design often involved eccentric building and decorative details, but modern designers are often more focused on function over form. It’s for these reasons that contemporary furniture is often referred to as “functional” furniture.

While modern furniture may not be as visually striking as styles of the past, it will still feature ample space for people to spread out and table settings that can accommodate group dinners or conversations with one another. Contemporary designs are typically optimized for the comfort of guests or workers, whether at home or in an office setting, even though they maintain a clean aesthetic.

Contemporary Style In Furniture 

The term contemporary design encompasses a diverse range of visuals and materials used to create both functional and aesthetic designs. While each piece may feature a different material or color, all of these items share similar design characteristics and are part of the same set. This allows businesses to create cohesive interior designs that incorporate both stylish and easy to maintain furniture.

The primary reason for the wide variety of contemporary furniture styles is to provide various options for designers who may be looking for pieces that complement existing styles or can be used to create unique looks in any number of settings. In addition, these pieces can help businesses generate more inviting atmospheres that encourage visitors or workers to spend more time together.


Contemporary furniture often incorporates sustainable features to make them more cost-effective while still providing an elegant aesthetic experience. However, as more businesses are looking to create a more efficient design with thoughtful solutions to save money and workplace space, it’s important to consider the future benefits of incorporating sustainable elements in your design.

Incorporating sustainable features in contemporary furniture designs can help businesses optimize their decision-making process for low-cost updates. Sustainable furniture is often made from environmentally friendly materials that are also durable, saving businesses time and money for maintenance and repairs. Sustainable furniture also allows designers and business owners to make small changes over time based on feedback from consumers or employees without making as many purchases that can’t be used long-term.

Comfort & Clean Lines 

Contemporary pieces are designed with comfort in mind. As a result, they often focus on clean looks that don’t require additional decorations, allowing designers to work around existing features in an office or home instead of opting for new features that may not match existing decor. This kind of flexibility is usually reserved for high-end items that can provide the same aesthetic experience as contemporary designs but often at a higher cost.

As businesses move towards more open workspaces and smaller meeting spaces, contemporary furniture is designed to be used in various settings without sacrificing its available design options. This can help employees or guests find the perfect setting for a variety of conversations and group activities without switching items around repeatedly.


Contemporary furniture designs are flexible because they use traditional furniture design elements like clean lines and functionality to create styles that are both accessible and adaptable to a wide range of uses. The vast number of uses made possible by contemporary furniture can help businesses save on fixed costs and maintenance costs.

For example, a contemporary style office chair might use traditional wooden legs with durable fabric upholstery instead of expensive metal legs that may rust or require regular maintenance from experienced cleaners when used outside of the home. This is a much more affordable option that can save businesses time and money instead of searching for additional accessories that can be used to decorate the space.

The primary goal of contemporary furniture is to provide a design type that fits in with the architecture or décor of a business and helps the space function better. This means that contemporary furniture may be less cost-effective for companies looking to create complete interior overhauls. Still, it’s an option worth exploring if you’re interested in investing money into furnishings that can last for years without requiring extensive maintenance.


What Is The Difference Between Modern And Contemporary Furniture?

Modern furniture is made to look sleek and minimalistic, while contemporary furniture has more textures and colors. Contemporary furniture can have textures and colors in addition to complexity in design while still keeping it simple. Contemporary furniture is typically made of wood rather than metal or plastic as well.

What Is Contemporary Furniture Made Of?

It is made of various materials, like wood, metal, fiberglass, and natural fabrics. With these materials, the furniture makers can offer many different styles for people to choose from. In addition to being aesthetically appealing and long-lasting (like any investment should be), this specific type of furniture is also environmentally friendly.

Can You Mix Modern And Contemporary Furniture?

It is highly recommended to use one style for the whole room, but if you’re unsure as to which type of furniture will go best in your home, then why not mix it up with some modern and contemporary pieces?

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How To Clean Patio Furniture

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Cleaning your patio furniture might seem like a daunting task, but it’s well worth the effort when you consider how dirty and dingy they can get overtime. So let’s take a look at exactly what you need to know to get this done in the easiest way possible! 

First, spray your furniture thoroughly with water. A hose is best, but a pressure washer will do in a pinch. Once that’s done, add liquid dish detergent to your water and mix it thoroughly by hand until all of the suds have been created. When you have suds, you can start scrubbing. The best method is to start with the top surface and work your way down.

How To Clean Patio Furniture

You should also check around the base of the furniture for any dirt built up over time. If there is a lot, you might want to use a putty knife or something similar to scrape it off before rinsing it down. As a general rule, scrub at least one section at a time and then rinse well using a power washer if you have one available.

Depending on the materials your patio furniture is made of, cleaning methods may vary.

How To Clean Wood And Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture in your backyard is exposed to the elements, meaning it can’t survive without proper upkeep. If not cleaned and stained, wicker and wood will crack, wear and rot over time. The good news is that these items are easy to take care of, and they should last decades!

  1. The first step is to clean up any debris left behind from storms or pets. Next, use a hose nozzle fitted with a jet stream attachment to blast away loose dirt and debris. After cleaning, rinse well with water before proceeding to the next step.
  2. The next step is to use a large bowl of white vinegar to sanitize the fabric. The good bacteria will kill any germs and allow you to hose off the furniture without worrying about spreading bacteria throughout your home.
  3. Next, apply a fresh coat of polyurethane with a clean cloth. This should prevent shells from cracking through UV damage and protect the wood from moisture and the elements.

If you’re looking for an alternative to using polyurethane, you can also seal your wicker with an oil-based product or bees wax. You can also restore holes in your furniture: light sand and paint over the damaged areas until they blend in.

  1. Lastly, you can use a wide variety of outdoor furniture cushions to make your furniture look clean, fresh, and inviting. Most cushions are either made of fabric or foam. There is an endless selection of outdoor furniture cushions on the market these days, and you can always find what you are looking for in a local department store.

You can use the same cleaning technique on wooden furniture. Ensure that you don’t use any petroleum-based cleaners on wooden furniture, as the oils can cause the wood to bend and warp. Instead, you can use a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and a little dish soap to clean wooden furniture if it’s really dirty. If you need more specific instructions for how to clean patio furniture, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer directly or look in their instruction manual.

How To Clean Metal, Iron, And Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Metal, Iron, and aluminum furniture are very different from the traditional indoor furniture we use. But don’t worry, cleaning it doesn’t need to be that hard. Here are some easy steps for how to clean metal, iron, and aluminum outdoor furniture!

Step 1: Mix water and dishwashing soap in a bucket.

Step 2: Dip a sponge in the mixture and begin scrubbing on one small area at a time. This will loosen dirt if there is any present on your piece of outdoor furniture. Make sure you do not use too much pressure when scrubbing otherwise, this will cause scratches to appear on your metal surface, which can lead to corrosion if they’re not properly attended to.

Step 3: Rinse your water-soaked sponge and begin scrubbing again on the next area. Wash away any dirt that’s getting stuck to your metal surface as you scrub.

Step 4: Once you’ve scrubbed away all the dirt, then it’s time to use the next step to polish your furniture! To get rid of any scratches from pushing against your outdoor metal, use a wire cloth with some rubbing alcohol on it.

Step 5: Wipe the area clean and dry using a cloth and then move on to the next step. Using the same technique as you did in step 4, scrub your metal surface again using the steel wool. Then wipe and repeat until you’ve achieved a beautiful shine that mirrors other polished metals.

How To Clean Glass Patio Furniture

Fortunately, cleaning glass patio furniture is just as easy as cleaning any other sort of glass, and this quick guide will help you get started.

First things first, you’ll need large amounts of warm water in addition to a bucket, a natural bristle brush, and a good glass cleaner.

Stomp on any loose dirt before washing. For example, soil that has dried on top of your furniture may not come off with just warm water and soap, so give it a quick stomp to knock the dirt off before you start cleaning.

Run the glass surface under warm water with your natural bristle brush. This will loosen any caked-on dirt, making it easier to remove. The bristles of your brush should be stiff enough to remove stubborn dirt but soft enough not to damage the finish on your furniture. Work in small sections at a time as you scrub.

Rinse off your brush, and then add soap to your bucket. Clean any remaining dirt off your furniture with gentle soap and warm water solution. Next, work the soap all over the surface of your furniture, making sure you get into all of those deep cracks that dirt likes to hide in. Rinse thoroughly when you’re finished.

Pat the entire surface dry with a clean microfiber cloth.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Outdoor Furniture?

The best way to clean outdoor furniture is with a bucket of soapy water. Using this method, you can use any type of soap that works for you. First, add about half a cup of soap to the bucket and fill it halfway with water. Then, make sure all the furniture is covered in soapy water, and let it sit for about an hour while gently scrubbing away at the fabric to loosen dirt or stains. If there are spots that are harder to remove without using a brush, then use a towel as it acts like a sponge while scrubbing hard-to-reach places, which can often be difficult when using only your hands or any other toiletry tools.

How Do You Clean Discolored Patio Furniture?

The easiest and most recommended way is using white vinegar and a soft cloth. This is an all-purpose cleaner that even works on stains because the water in it helps loosen up the dirt. All you need to do is pour enough of it onto a cloth, wring out most of the excess water, then apply this onto any stained area on your patio furniture. Next, wipe off any excess with another dry cloth, then let the newly cleaned area sit until all excess moisture evaporates from it before using again.

How Do You Clean Outdoor Fabric Chairs?

These chairs are not quite as hard to clean as they may seem though, all you need is a mild soap solution. A simpler way to keep the chair clean is by using some spray cleaners on it twice per week before storing them away after being used outdoors.

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How To Paint Furniture Black

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Painting furniture black may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not hard at all. To paint furniture black, you need to choose a paint, sand wooden surfaces, then paint and seal them. With these simple steps, your furniture will keep the fresh, glossy look it deserves at home and in the office. And, if, for whatever reason, you do decide to paint furniture black, there are always plenty of other options out there to pick from.

Today I’m going to teach you everything you need to know in order to paint your furniture a deep black. There are no tricky or complicated chemical reactions, techniques, or steps involved in this process so that you can get started right away. Let’s go!

How To Paint Furniture Black

How To Paint Furniture Black: Step-By-Step Guide

There are different steps for painting different types of furniture, but here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial for creating any kind of furniture black.

Choose Your Work Area

Pick a spot where you will not step on anything else while painting the furniture, and make sure it will be easy to access and convenient for all of the other steps that follow.

Wear Proper Clothing

First, make sure that you are wearing shoes that are easy to paint and do not cause any damage to the floor. Second, make sure you wear clothing that will get painted with the paint and not stuck to it.

Sand Your Furniture

I recommend using 220 grit sandpaper in order to remove all of the dust and debris from your furniture’s surface, so it is ready for paint.

Prime Furniture

All manufacturers of paint recommend this step. Priming prevents the wood from absorbing too much paint and makes it easier to apply the second coat of paint. If you choose not to prime your furniture now, skip this step and go straight to painting.

Choose Paint

Next, decide what kind of paint you are going to use on your furniture pieces. There are three main kinds of paint: latex or acrylic, oil-based, and titanium dioxide (found in most spray paints). Try each one on a small area before applying them to an entire piece of furniture.

  • Latex – available in a spray or liquid form. It is the easiest to apply and requires a relatively small amount of paint, so it is well-suited for furniture. Latex paint dries quickly and is an excellent solution for wooden surfaces. However, be careful not to accidentally breathe the dust out of a can of latex, as it can cause you to cough for up to an hour after breathing the dust in.
  • Acrylic – available in spray or liquid form usually comes in one color mixed with other colors or used as a tinted primer on its own. Acrylic paint is rated by its thickness and durability. However, acrylic paint dries quickly and is not ideal for furniture because it chips off easily.
  • Oil-based – this paint dries slowly and is more challenging to clean up than latex, acrylic, and titanium dioxide paints.

Paint Furniture

Choose your paint type and start working. First, spray a thin, even coat of paint on all surfaces of the furniture in the chosen color. Be sure to leave no gaps between the painted furniture pieces.


This is unnecessary, but it will protect the painted furniture from dust, dirt, mildew, and scratches for many years to come. Finish up by wiping down the furniture with a damp cloth, buffing with a dry one until everything is shiny and clean.


What Is The Best Way To Paint Furniture Black?

The best way to paint furniture black is to purchase paint specifically formulated for darkening. First, prepare the wooden surface, sand, and prime it, and then apply black paint of your choice.

What Is The Most Popular Color To Paint Furniture?

The highest-rated colors were black and white, with a score of 84%. Blue was second with 82%, followed by pink at 81%. Brown came in fourth at 78%, and green came in fifth at 74%. Other colors like orange, purple, and yellow came in the last place with only 29% of people preferring them for their furniture.

How Can I Paint My Furniture Black Without Sanding?

Sanding the surface of your furniture can leave swirls and marks, making it difficult to paint over. However, using a paint sprayer will make this task much easier for you. To add an extra dimension and texture to your piece, use an oil-based primer for better adhesion and a smoother finish. Finally, for best results, sand the piece with 220-grit sandpaper just before painting.

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How To Reupholster A Dining Chair

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As a homeowner, you probably use your dining room table and chairs every day. It’s important that you keep them looking clean and presentable to avoid any hassle caused by unsightly wear and tear. You can make your chair look like brand new again by reupholstering it with a new fabric that reflects the character of your home’s design. 

To reupholster a dining chair, you need to choose a fabric of your preference and then attach it to the seat, back, and armrests. If you want to learn how to reupholster a dining chair step-by-step, then this is an excellent article for you! To get started, read along for six proven steps.

How To Reupholster A Dining Chair

How To Reupholster A Dining Chair: 6 Proven Steps

Below you will find a simple guide on changing fabric and padding on your dining chair with no fuss.

Unscrew The Dining Chair Seat And Back From The Base

The first step is to unscrew the dining chair seat and back from the base. Remove all screws you can see. Then, remove the bolts. Gently lift the seat and back off from the base.

Remove Old Padding And Upholstery

Use a screwdriver if you need to pry off old padding and upholstery to reveal the wood of your dining chair base. Don’t worry if some of the fabric stays on your dining chair base; it will be easier to remove later on when you’ve already applied new fabric or upholstery on top of it.

Cut The Padding And New Fabric To The Dimensions

Ensure that you cut the new padding and upholstery are of reasonable size and dimensions to fit your dining chair. The fabric should have at least 2 inches of seam allowance on all sides. Next, trim the upholstery until it fits perfectly within the measurements of your dining chair’s seat and back.

Place And Staple Padding And Fabric

Measure your dining chair’s seat and back to determine how much material you need for your padding and upholstery. Purchase enough fabric so that you can work with a 2-inch seam allowance when it comes time to sew together its side seams, armrests, and backsides.

Cut The Excess Materials

After you’ve made a clean cut of the fabric and padding, trim any excess material on the sides of your dining chair’s seat and back. Then, use a staple gun to make properly placed staples along all sides of the upholstery and padding.

Attach Seat, Back, And Armrests To The Base

Attach your finished seat, back, armrests to your dining chair base, making sure they are properly aligned within their original screw holes and holes that you’ve already applied before. Fix everything in place using screws or bolts. Recheck all parts to ensure that they are correctly secured before you start using them again

Removing And Cleaning Up

Once you’re done reupholstering your chair, make sure to remove as much of your old padding and upholstery as possible. Don’t worry about any adhesive that gets stained with the new padding fabric because it will be easier to remove later on when it’s time to take down the cushion. Then, simply clean up the dining chair seat and back once more using a dryer or vacuum.


Can I Reupholster A Chair Myself?

Yes, you can take on the task of reupholstering a chair yourself. It may be daunting at first, but after doing it once or twice, you’ll find that it goes fairly quickly and is easy to do. To reupholstering a chair by yourself, you will need a piece of material and padding, a screwdriver, and a staple gun.

Is It Worth It To Reupholster A Chair?

For many people, reupholstering a chair is an easy DIY project. But for others, it can be a headache-inducing project that yields an overpriced product with no real additional value. That’s why you have to ask yourself: Is it worth the time, money, and effort to reupholster your old chairs? The answer is yes if you want to make your old furniture beautiful again. And no, if you don’t.

How Do You Reupholster A Dining Chair Without Removing Old Fabric?

If you want to reupholster a dining chair but don’t know how to remove the old fabric, this guide will show you how without removing any of your old fabric.

Step 1 – Place your new fabric over how you want to secure it
Step 2 – Put in staples every six inches along all the edges
Step 3 – Put in staples a top of the fabric about every two inches, and make sure they are tight so you won’t need to retighten them over time.

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How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

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It’s terrible when you sink into your office chair, and it feels like your feet are dragging on the ground. A sinking office chair is pretty standard in older chairs, but they can also happen with newer fitted leather seats or clothes. To fix a sinking office chair, slide the plastic skirt off of the cylinder, set the seat to your preferred height, wrap a hose clamp around the cylinder, and tighten it as far as possible. Below you can find a couple of methods with a step-by-step guide about how to fix a sinking office chair with no fuss.

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

Fix Sinking Office Chair Hose Clamp

This is one of the easiest methods to fix a sinking chair at the office. Of course, you’ll need some tools, like a screwdriver and a hose clamp, to do it on your own. Here’s a simple guide.

Slide The Plastic Skirt Off The Cylinder

Before you even think about tightening the cylinder, slide the plastic skirt off it (the skirt is located on the bottom of the chair).

Set The Chair To The Preferred Height

Once the skirt is slid off, set your office chair to your preferred height at its highest point. You might have to push down on the seat or reach under it to get it to your desired size if you can’t move it by hand.

Wrap A Hose Clamp Around The Cylinder

After setting the chair to your preferred height, wrap a hose clamp around the cylinder and give it a few good tugs, but don’t tighten it just yet.

Tighten The Clamp As Far As Possible

Once you put the plastic skirt back on, you should be able to move your office chair around with ease and avoid any discomfort. If it still sinks in even more after that, then tighten the hose clamp until there is no further wobble in the chair and it feels stable enough to sit on.

Fix Sinking Office Chair With PVC

Using a PVC pipe is also a working method when we’re talking about fixing a sinking office chair. You may need a saw, a screwdriver, and a piece of pipe to do it properly.

Measure Your Chair’s Cylinder

First of all, you need to measure the diameter of your chair’s cylinder. Still, if it isn’t mentioned in the dimensions on the manufacturer’s website, then you most likely have a standard 20mm diameter cylinder.

Saw Through The PVC Pipe Lengthwise

For this method, you will need a PVC pipe or siphon tubing that has the same diameter as your cylinder (20mm). Once you get your materials together, cut through it lengthwise and fit it over your cylindrical parts of your office chair (the part where the seat sits on). Once you have finished cutting through the PVC pipe, glue it to your cylindrical parts of the chair with some silicone or other strong adhesive.

Snap The Pipe Onto The Chair Cylinder

Once you have glued your PVC pipe to the chair cylinder, snap it on there so that it wraps around your cylinder and seals any gaps.

Add More Pipe To Adjust The Height Of The Chair

Now that you have made your PVC pipe fit around your chair’s cylinder, then you will need to find a way to get the right height for your office chair so that it will sit comfortably for you.


Why Is My Office Chair Sinking?

This problem typically happens because there isn’t enough support under the seating area. So when you’re sitting on an unsupported surface your body weight goes straight down and causes your seat to sink lower and lower towards a center support point or “dead spot” below.

Can You Fix The Hydraulics On An Office Chair?

For most office chairs that use hydraulic pistons to lift and lower the back of the seat pad, you should be able to fix it yourself. However, you would need to use a few components, such as paper towel rolls, a spray bottle, and duct tape.

How Do I Stop My Office Chair From Wobbling?

If your seat is constantly wobbling and can’t seem to find that perfect balance, there are some things you can do:
– Adjust the height of the chair. You might want to double-check how high you have it set if your office chair has multiple height options. If it’s been on too high for too long, and that’s what caused the wobble in the first place, lower it back down to where you’re most comfortable.
– Make a quick adjustment on all four casters before attempting any other solutions. They could just need some tightened screws or bolts depending on your office chair model; it’s as easy as grabbing a screwdriver and tightening them up one by one.

If your seat is constantly wobbling and can’t seem to find that perfect balance, there are some things you can do:

  • Adjust the height of the chair. You might want to double-check how high you have it set if your office chair has multiple height options. If it’s been on too high for too long, and that’s what caused the wobble in the first place, lower it back down to where you’re most comfortable.
  • Make a quick adjustment on all four casters before attempting any other solutions. They could just need some tightened screws or bolts depending on your office chair model; it’s as easy as grabbing a screwdriver and tightening them up one by one.

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What Is A Zero Gravity Chair

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A zero gravity chair is a massage chair with zero gravity and compression technology which helps to increase circulation, reduce pain, and improve the healing process. It is one of the most popular types of chairs in the world today.

Zero gravity massage (ZGM) was developed to help people with pain and injury. The zero gravity massage chair has the ability to help increase circulation, reduce pain, and improve the healing process. By applying pressure on different parts of the sitting body, it reduces mechanical stress and stretches out muscles and joints.

What Is A Zero Gravity Chair

What Does Zero Gravity Chair Mean?

The term “zero gravity” is used in this case to describe the chair’s ability to provide continuous body weight support in the absence of gravity which helps break up muscle tension in your legs, neck, back, shoulders and more. When you’re leaning back in a Zero Gravity Chair, the chair has support points at the top of your legs so you don’t have to hold yourself up.

Zero gravity means the absence of gravity. This is a weightless environment that offers relief from muscle tension and pain and improves circulation. A Zero Gravity Chair can offer any level of comfort to accommodate different needs, such as a full body massage with more intense pressure or just localized seat massage.

Zero Gravity Chair Benefits

This chair type becomes popular nowadays. It is because of numerous features listed below:

Provides full body relaxation. This chair provides a full body massage from head to toe. It also has elongated supports at the upper legs, allowing the user to sit back while reclining and enjoy a full body massage.

  • Helps to increase circulation. By applying pressure on different parts of the body, it reduces mechanical stress and boosts blood flow to muscles that may be weakened due to injury or surgery. It also estranges swelling and reduces stiffness in muscles, joints and ligaments. The frequency of treatment will depend on how the user’s body responds.
  • Improves healing process after surgery or injury. It can help reduce pain, muscle spasms and stiffness.
  • Helps support the lower back. Studies have shown that low back pain is caused by muscles spasms, which can be minimized by applying pressure to the different sitting areas of the body such as elbows, knees and buttocks.
  • Helps relieve stress from workouts at the gym or after a hectic day at work. It allows you to relax your muscles without feeling sore and worn out.

Other zero gravity chair functions:

  • Relaxation 
  • Meditation
  • Weight loss and muscle strengthening
  • Mental health treatment (anti-anxiety) 
  • Muscle mass building with additional information about how it works in other areas of fitness and sport science.

This chair can also be used for therapy sessions to help relieve disorders like insomnia, pregnancy-related aches, depression and obesity issues.

How To Use Zero Gravity Chair

You can use the zero gravity chair for a full body massage if you’re seeking more relief from pain, or you can use it for localized pain if you have a certain part that’s bothering you.

If your muscles are tense after a workout at the gym, or you’re simply feeling sore or worn out, this massage chair can help relieve your tension. You just need to adjust the chair so that it’s comfortable and allows you to lean back as far as possible. Then put on the headset and plug in your favorite music for an added relaxing experience.

What Is A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The body massager at the top of the chair can be used to apply pressure to different parts of your body. It also provides you a full body massage and it’s weighted base helps you sit up in the chair instead of slumping forward.

The zero gravity massage chair is a soft flexible seat that helps you relax and forget about your pain or injury. The zero gravity massage chair can help reduce healing time and break up muscle tightness for relief from pain while also providing a peaceful atmosphere to heal.

Does A Zero Gravity Chair Lay Flat?

Yes, the zero gravity chair does lay flat. It can recline and allow you to lay in a horizontal position. It can also provide a full body massage by having the ability to apply pressure on various parts of your body.

The different thigh and calf supports adjust to the shape of your legs so that you’re supported from head to toe while lying in the chair. You can then enjoy a full body massage while listening to music through the headset or watching television or reading a book.

The zero gravity chair lays flat, which means you’re able to lie back and relax with no stress on your neck or back, unlike other chairs that only recline. It comes with several built-in massagers like seat massages and heated neck massagers which help increase blood circulation and improve blood flow to sore muscles for relief from pain.


What Does A Zero Gravity Chair Do?

Zero Gravity Chairs are designed to make you feel weightless by applying a pressure point on your back that stimulates the body’s nervous system in such a way as to produce the feeling of weightlessness. All this is done without electricity or expensive machinery and has been shown to improve circulation just from sitting down.

What Is A True Zero Gravity Chair?

A true zero gravity chair does not provide any attachments for back support such as pillows and lumbar supports; just the variable gravity reclining action engages during use to reduce pressure on joints from weightlessness without adding extra stress from these attachments .

Is It Ok To Sleep In Zero Gravity Position?

The benefits of sleeping in a zero-gravity position are plentiful. It could cut back on snoring, it can promote better breathing and reduce high blood pressure, and it can even reduce the risk of heart disease.

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How To Reupholster A Chair

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What is reupholstery? Reupholstering refers to the process of replacing worn-out furniture with new fabric and new padding. This is an excellent way to give your chairs or other furniture a new life without spending excess money. All you need to reupholster a chair is to take three easy steps: find and measure fabric, cut, and sew it. Below you can find more information with proven steps about how to reupholster a chair.

How To Reupholster A Chair

How To Reupholster A Chair: Step-By-Step Guide

In this guide, you’ll find easy steps with tips that will help you to upgrade your furniture with no fuss.

Remove The Seat

The first thing you want to do when reupholstering a chair is to remove the seat. First, remove the screws holding the seat in place and then take out the staples using a flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. Finally, tilt the chair over onto its front while supporting it with your other hand to let it rest on its legs. 

Remove any staples from where the seat was attached to the support struts at its back, and then carry it to a work area where you can turn it right side up again once you have removed all of its parts.

Remove Old Fabric & Padding 

Use a putty knife to gently scrape off any old glue from the frame and tear off any fabric attached to the chair or its frame. Tearing will make it easier for you to pull adhesive from staples at your leisure without ruining your design or pattern placement by ripping instead of cutting them later on.

First, for foam chairs, you will need to protect the seat from scratches by wrapping it with a pillowcase or plastic bag. Then, you can use an iron to press a few staples along the inside edges of the fabric or foam padding. Next, remove any staples from where it was attached to the support struts at its back and then carry it to a work area where you can turn it right side up again once you have removed all of its parts.

Center Your Pattern & Cut The New Seat Cover

After your fabric is removed, take the time to center your pattern on the seat to move around when you begin cutting. You can use weights to hold it in place or put masking tape along the edges of it.

Place a piece of painter’s tape across the top edge of your pattern to act as a cutting guide if you don’t have a straightedge, and then mark a vertical line at both ends and one more halfway between them for symmetry’s sake.

Attach The Fabric To The Seat

If the fabric is loose, attach it to the seat of your chair with a spray adhesive, which will cause it to stick to the seat for at least 30 minutes. This is also an excellent way to attach lightweight upholstery, such as silk or gabardine, without any wrinkles. Apply spray adhesive generously, and then press your fabric smooth while pulling from underneath in all directions and smoothing out all wrinkles until you are content with how it looks.

Complete The Corners

If your pattern has rounded corners, you will need to trim excess fabric from the corners. Make this easier; trace around a drinking glass or jar with chalk and cut along those lines.

Reattach The Seat

After you have reupholstered the seat, replace all of its parts by screwing them into place and then put the chair back into its normal position so that it doesn’t get scratched during the next few steps. 

How To Reupholster A Chair Seat With Foam

This is a guide that will help you reupholster a chair seat with the use of foam. The process of reupholstering a chair seat is not very difficult, but there are some things that must be done correctly to make sure it turns out well.

  1. First, take your old chair and remove the fabric. 
  2. Sand down the frame and give it an overall clean with soap and water to remove any stains or dirt before beginning to install your new foam.
  3. Install the foam padding. Measure out the exact amount of foam needed and cut each piece with a knife or box cutter. 
  4. Place one piece of foam on the chair and then start stapling it down. 
  5. Put the fabric back onto the seat. Simply pull the fabric over each side of the seat pad and do a tack stitch over all of the main staples to keep it in place, and then be sure and do another tack stitch every few inches to secure it well.


Can I Reupholster A Chair Myself?

Yes, it is possible to reupholster a chair without having any experience and in as little as a day. The key is to take your time selecting the fabric and making sure that you have the correct supplies. Once you are ready to begin, it takes about three steps: measure, cut the material, and sew.

Is It Difficult To Reupholster A Chair?

Yes, it’s often challenging to reupholster a chair. A number of factors can contribute to the difficulty of reupholstering a chair, such as size and shape, whether it is upholstered in fabric or leather, and how complex the design. But you can do it even with no experience.

Can I Reupholster Over Existing Fabric?

Yes, you can reupholster over existing fabric. Reupholstering will follow the same steps: choose a chair cushion and replace it with the new material. Reupholstering can be time-consuming, but if done correctly and carefully, it is a great way to give your old furniture new life without spending thousands of dollars on an entirely new piece.

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What Happens When You Sleep In A Recliner

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Sleeping in a recliner is an everyday activity for most Americans. You might be thinking, “what’s a big deal, I’m just sleeping.” What will happen when you sleep in a recliner? The problem with sleeping in a recliner is that it throws your body off balance. 

Every muscle, ligament, and joint becomes loose and is forced to work harder than sitting or standing. This means more wear on your bones (skeletal muscles), leading to permanent damage, osteoporosis from bone density loss, and even compression injuries like plantar fasciitis.

What Happens When You Sleep In A Recliner

Spine Issues

According to a study done by the University of Iowa, sleeping in a recliner puts too much pressure on the spine and can cause spinal cord compression. When the spine becomes compressed, neurological signals do not reach your muscles properly. 

As a result, the muscles won’t excrete all the waste products and toxins that they aren’t excreting normally. These waste products can build up in your joints and eventually cause over time degenerative spinal diseases like osteoporosis.

Breathe Issues

Furthermore, sleeping in a recliner can cause breathing problems because of the angle at which you’re sleeping on your back. The body tends to fall asleep in this position when lying on your back, making it difficult for you to breathe correctly during sleep. This is why people who sleep in a recliner take more naps than those who don’t sleep in a recliner.

Other Health Issues

What’s worse is that sleeping in a recliner can cause acid reflux because of the position you’re sleeping in. This can lead to indigestion (stomach pain) and even heartburn.

So what should you do? Sleeping in a recliner is not as good for your body as lying flat on your bed or having a healthy mattress. If you want to feel better, then get up from the recliner and go to bed.


Are Recliners Bad For Your Neck?

The answer to this question is yes. Recliners might be comfy, but they’re bad for your neck. So use caution or avoid them altogether!
Recliners are at risk for harming your neck, back, and other parts of your body because they encourage you to nod off to sleep instead of staying upright in a seated position. It takes away the stability necessary for many of these muscles when it comes to maintaining posture and can hasten the onset of pain.

Is Reclining Bad For Your Back?

The answer is yes. Reclining can pose serious health risks if you’re not careful! Let’s take a look at those risks now.
Sitting for long periods could lead to a number of health problems, including increased risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity. Instead, be sure to be active by taking breaks throughout the day or scheduling exercises during your workday if possible.

What Is The Best Way To Sleep In A Recliner?

If you can’t sleep in beds or couches, a recliner may be the answer. There are many ways to sleep in a recliner, so your pick will depend on personal preference. You can use one of these methods:
– Place two pillows behind you and lean against them as you relax into the comfortable chair.
– Sit upright with your feet on the footrest and hold onto the armrests for support if necessary.
– Sit back straight and cross your legs at the ankles 
Once again, choose whichever method works best for you.

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What To Put Under Recliner On Wood Floor

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There is a lot of advice out there regarding what should go under your recliner when it’s on the wood floor. For example, you may use a rug or different pads to put under a recliner on a wood floor. So, here are some tips to help you decide what exactly you should put underneath your chair.

Your first step towards protecting your hardwood floor is choosing the padding material. There are three main types of padding, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

What To Put Under Recliner On Wood Floor

Felt Pads

Felt pads are a good choice because they’re economical and fairly easy to install. In addition, they’re very effective and durable. They also have a non-skid backing which ensures your chair will stay in place. And they don’t slide around on the floor as some other protectors do. On the downside, felt pads are thin and don’t provide much cushioning for your floor.

Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are a good choice because they’re easy to install and easy to get out of your way when they must be moved on your wood floor. They are also very effective at catching crumbs, dust, sand, and dirt–in fact, the only thing that can pierce through the rubber is a tack driver. 

They’re also non-skid and don’t slide around as some other protectors do. On the downside, rubber tends to wear down over time from friction with other furniture on top of it (like chairs), so you’ll need to replace them fairly often.

Nail-On Felt Pads

These are the most effective and durable protection material you can use under your recliner. Only a tack driver can pierce through them, and they last a long time with only occasional replacement. They are also non-skid and don’t slide around as some other protectors do. 

On the downside, nails are rather hard to install, so it will take you some to get one that fits properly under your recliner.

How To Choose

So, which of the three types of padding is best? There are two answers to that question, but you need to decide which one suits your personal preferences and budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, then felt pads would be the way to go. They’re not usually very expensive, and they only need occasional replacement if they get worn out. If you choose to use felt pads instead of glue-on rubber pads, try to find ones with a non-skid backing so your chair won’t slide around on the floor while it’s in use. 

Felt pads can also help protect furniture over them if you have those surfaces on any lower level in addition to your hardwood floor (like chairs or coffee tables).


What Do You Put Under Recliner On Hardwood Floors?

A rug is an answer! It protects your floors and prevents slipping. Or, you could try a slipper mat. They are padded, so they will cushion your feet as you walk around. Another option is to put a hard plastic runner with grippers or rubber pads to prevent slipping, although that might make it difficult for someone else to pull up the recliner.

What Do You Put Under Furniture On Laminate Flooring?

If you don’t want to invest in a rug just yet, here are some other things you can put under your furniture: cardboard boxes or bookcases, decorative paper or fabric, rugs leftover from different rooms and surfaces.

Does Heavy Furniture Damage Laminate Flooring?

Yes, heavy furniture can damage laminate flooring. There are two ways that this can happen: the first is that the weight of the furniture will cause dents in the floor and scratches from dragging it across the floor. The best thing to do if you want to use heavy furniture on your laminate flooring would be to purchase a rug pad underneath it.

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How Far Does A Recliner Need To Be From The Wall

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If you’re going for a cozy, comfortable living room that makes guests feel right at home without sacrificing your space, then recliners are the way to go. Recliners are the ultimate in comfort but not always the best for walls. Here’s what you need to know about how far a recliner needs to be from your wall. 

The standard recliner usually requires at least 1 foot of space in front of the wall to open wide and sit on it with comfort. Below you may find additional information about how much space is needed with different recliner types.

How Far Does A Recliner Need To Be From The Wall

Traditional Recliner

A traditional recliner typically needs at least 10-15 inches of space in each direction while the arms are being used. In addition, the armrests add additional space required to open wide and sit comfortably on the chair, which increases the distance it from the wall.

Desk Recliner

This chair type will need about 20-24 inches in each direction (including forward and backward) so that the seat can be opened wide and sit on it with comfort. However, it will need less space when it is not being used as a desk.

Wall Hugger Recliner

It generally won’t need the space to open wide and vice versa.

Rocker Recliner

This chair typically needs about 14 inches in each direction while being used for rocking motion. The rocking motion of a rocker recliner won’t need the extra space required to open wide and vice versa.

Glider Recliner

A Glider requires about 13 inches of space in front of the wall to open wide and sit on it with comfort. However, a glider also needs only 8 inches of space when not used for sitting but closed and pushed back.


Can Recliners Go Against Wall?

Yes, recliners can go against a wall. You just need to measure the space correctly and make sure you have room around it. You also need to make sure you have the proper wall anchors for recliners.

Where Should A Recliner Be Placed In A Room?

A recliner should ideally be placed in the living room, family room, or master bedroom. The purpose of a recliner is to provide a comfortable seating option for watching TV or reading books, so it’s not recommended to place one near bedrooms because guests might disturb sleep patterns by taking too long naps.

What Do You Put Next To A Recliner?

Next to the recliner you bought, some people put a magazine while others choose to sit and read or watch TV. While other people might rest their feet on the couch’s armrest, some like to drink a glass of wine or listen to music on their recliner. Whatever you choose, it will make your recliner more comfortable for both you and your guests.

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How To Keep Cats Out Of Recliner

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If you’re sick of your cat climbing up into your recliner and lounging in it like it’s his or her palace, there are a few different ways to get him out. To keep cats out of recliners, you can use different techniques that really work and will help you win the battle for your reclining chair.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Recliner

Here’re some tips on how to keep cats out of recliner:

  • First, put aluminum foil behind the recliner cushion to make it too slippery for them to climb upon. You may need to replace this periodically as they will still find a way around it eventually.
  • You can also try making a covering out of cedar oil. If put in a spray bottle and sprayed on the chair’s cushion, Cedar oil will help deter your cat from wanting to get into that chair.
  • Put an upside-down umbrella in the back of the chair where the seat meets the back of it (of course, remove the umbrella before using, or you’ll poke yourself). This may not work for all cats and merely annoy them instead, but it’s worth a try.

Other ways to keep cats out of recliners:

If you have a cat who enjoys lounging in the recliner, here are some other ways to deter him from it. You can lay a blanket on top of it and let them play on that until the cat loses interest in wanting to be there.

  • When you’re done using the chair, cover it with a blanket so that it’s unappealing for the cat to want to go up to it.
  • Try putting catnip on a blanket and lay that blanket near the recliner so that the cat can enjoy it while not using your chair.


Can Cats Get Hurt In Recliners?

Cats, like humans, can be injured in recliners. However, injuries are usually not as severe as in humans. Cats can get hurt in many ways: falling from the seat and hitting the floor, being crushed by the back of the recliner, or getting their tail stuck between two fixed objects such as legs or a side rail. Injuries vary depending on how you use your furniture and where your cats are located. Pet owners need to keep cats away from furniture when not sitting on it to avoid any accidents that could happen.

Can A Cat Get Stuck In A Recliner?

It is not uncommon for cats to get stuck in recliners. If the cat has been stuck for any length of time, it can often cause bruising and swelling on the cat’s body.

Are Recliner Chairs Dangerous For Cats?

Recliner chairs can be hazardous for cats. Pets should always be watched closely when in contact with recliner chairs to prevent them from getting caught, strangled, and injured. In addition, some experts are concerned that the chair’s cushioning material can harm pets by trapping them or causing suffocation. For pet safety reasons, a pet owner should ensure that their pet is supervised around the reclining chair and not placed near any electrical cords or power supplies.

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How To Clean Chair Cushions

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A chair cushion can make a big difference in the comfort of your or someone else’s life. Not only are they essential to our wellbeing, but they can also make an otherwise mundane task more pleasant. With that said, you must clean them often to maintain their health and effectiveness.

This article provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to wash your cushions as well as tips for keeping them clean in the future. In addition, you will learn about different ways of cleaning them, including soap and water, baking soda, and how frequently you should do so, depending on what type of fabric you have used.

How To Clean Chair Cushions

Why Should I Clean My Chair Cushions?

It is important to clean your cushions because, over time, dirt and grime from the outside will begin to build upon the inside of your cushion. This can cause stains that are very difficult to get rid of and wear and tear on the fabric or material. If you have ever tried to clean a stained cushion, you know that they are almost impossible to remove once there’s a layer of filth on them. You may also be surprised by how much dirt is inside of even the cleanest-looking cushion. Maintaining your cushions is an easy way to prevent this from happening in the future.

While some older cushions can be reupholstered, most people do not have the time or money to put into this. However, you can usually clean your cushion for less than the cost of reupholstering it, and all you need is a bit of elbow grease and a few simple supplies.

How To Clean Chair Cushions: 5 Proven Steps

I prepared this step-by-step guide to provide you vast information about how to clean chair cushions with no fuss.

Purchase Cleaner

Your first step is to ensure that you purchase a cleaner that is appropriate for the material your chairs are made of. The cleaner should not have any harsh chemicals, and it should contain enzymes capable of breaking down odors.

Remove Cushions

Next, remove all the cushions from the chairs and place them in a large plastic garbage bag before the next step.

Apply Cleaner

Begin applying the cleaner to your chairs, liberally covering each surface with a thin layer of cleaner using a sponge or cotton cloth or clean microfiber cloth so that you can get into deep grooves and crevices where soap cannot reach by hand alone. Let it sit for five minutes before pursuing step one four more times if necessary.

Repeat Until Clean

Repeat steps as many times as necessary until you are sure that all visible dirt and grime have been removed from the chair seats, arms, and backrest areas.

Dry Or Air Dry

If you chose to air dry, simply let them air dry in a protected area where they will not be disturbed by wind or rain for 24 hours until completely dry before putting the cushions back on your chairs and using them again.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Chair Cushions?

It depends on the type of fabric your cushion is made from, as well as how often you use it. For example, if your cushions are made of upholstery fabric, then they need to be cleaned with a wet vacuum before it starts to break down and attract dirt. This means that you should take the time to give them a good vacuum every week or two before they start looking shabby. 

If your cushion is made out of microfiber, it’s best to only vacuum when any spills happen. The other way is that you can clean these cushions by using soap and water.


How Can I Clean My Chair Cushions At Home?

There are three main ways to clean your chair cushions at home.
1. Vacuum Method: Attach the vacuum hose to the upholstery attachment and vacuum the chair cushions thoroughly.
2. Spot Clean Method: If there are only a few stains or small areas of the chair cushions that need cleaning, you can spot clean the problem area. Apply mild soap and warm water to a cloth or sponge and gently scrub the area. 
3. Treat Method: This method is best for more stubborn dirt and stains like wine or coffee. As described in point 1 above, the first vacuum then applies a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar to 8 tablespoons of mild detergent to the detergent compartment of your washing machine. Then, it allows it to run through a normal wash cycle.

What Can I Use To Clean My Chair Cushions?

Your best bet is to use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. This should work nicely for the job and not involve any chemicals whatsoever. Just be sure that the nozzle on the vacuum cleaner attachment is thin enough that it can fit in between the ridges of your chair’s cushion to reach every nook and cranny.

Can You Wash A Chair Cushion?

Yes, you can! But before you do, make sure it is not stuffed with foam, feathers, or beans. You can tell by looking inside the cover. If they are included, remove them first, so they don’t clog your washing machine.
Then turn the cushion upside down on a flat surface and peel off its outer cover to reveal the inner stuffing. Next, turn it back right-side-up and flip it over again so that the part without stuffing is facing up.

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What Is A Chesterfield Sofa

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Chesterfield sofas are known for being one of the most comfortable types of furniture. They date back to eighteenth-century England, where they were exclusively made of leather. These days, there are a variety of materials that you can choose from, including leather, cotton fabric, and micro-suede. 

If you’re considering purchasing a Chesterfield sofa for your home or business office, read on to learn more about what they are and how to buy one that will be the perfect fit for your space.

What Is A Chesterfield Sofa

What Exactly Is A Chesterfield Sofa?

The Chesterfield sofa is a traditional style of sofa dating back to the 18th century. It’s named after Lord Philip Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield, when he required a sofa that allows him to sit upright without wrinkling his suit. These days, the most common materials for these sofas include leather, micro-suede, and other fabric options. 

In addition to being one of the most comfortable types of furniture you can find, Chesterfields are known for having robust and durable frames. These frames are made of solid wood, plywood, or veneered hardwood. They typically feature heavy-duty springs and high-density foam cushions, making the sofas extremely comfortable to sit on. 

If you’re looking for an item that adds a traditional touch to your home, look no further than a Chesterfield sofa. With their robust frame and classic designs, they’re perfect for displaying wooden furniture from the 19th century as well as offering comfort and style for years to come.

How To Choose A Chesterfield Sofa?

When it comes to sofas, there’s no shortage of options. But, we can help you narrow down your options to find the perfect piece for your home or business office. You can start by first looking at some of the basic features that are included in every Chesterfield sofa, including:

  • Material: Leather, micro-suede, and other fabrics are the most common materials you’ll find in these sofas, but there is also a wide variety of choices regarding materials.
  • Color: There are many different color options that you can choose from when purchasing a Chesterfield sofa. You may even decide to buy one that’s made with fabric or leather.
  • Spring count: You should choose a sofa that features a spring count that’s suited to your unique preferences. The higher the number, the firmer the sofa will be.
  • Cushion count: If you want a sofa with deep cushions, go with one in which each cushion features three or more inches of filling. This will provide you with ample comfort while sitting on it.
  • Leg finish: You’ll also have choices when it comes to leg options for your sofa. For example, you can choose between different wood styles and leg materials if you’d like to coordinate it with other pieces of furniture in your home or office.
  • Overall design: Chesterfields come in a wide variety of designs. Some are more traditional, while others may feature modern or contemporary styling.

Once you’ve chosen what the best material is for your home, shop around to find a retailer that offers affordable prices on sofas of this type. You can also check online to see if any websites provide free shipping or other discounts that can help you save money on your purchase. 

You should also keep an eye out for deals and sales when shopping for your sofa as well as any other home furniture items you may need shortly. You can make a big difference in how much you end up spending by only purchasing furniture that’s already on sale.

Chesterfield Sofa Care And Cleaning

Because Chesterfields aren’t as common as some other types of sofas, there isn’t much information available about how to properly care for them. However, you should still follow the basic rules of safe household furniture handling when it comes to this sofa. For example, you should always use the care instructions located on the manufacturer’s website or included them in your purchase if that particular type of leather was used in the construction process for your sofa. 

In addition, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular cleaning of your sofa. This may involve using a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt that builds upon the frame or cushions and ensuring that the entire surface is dry before putting it back in place. 

Classic Sofa VS Chesterfield Sofa

When selecting a Chesterfield sofa or similar piece of furniture, you may have to consider which option is better for your home or business. There are differences between these styles of sofas, but they all serve the same purpose. 

Classic sofas can only be used in areas where there will be high traffic, such as in living rooms or small offices. This isn’t ideal if you want to use this type in a more private environment like your bedroom, but it’s a good choice if you don’t mind the high-traffic areas.

Chesterfield sofas have many more available colors and designs than classic ones do.


Why Is It Called A Chesterfield Sofa?

This sofa style is named after the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned their design in 1740. The seat, back, sofa style, and arms are typically higher than the rest of the frame, creating a gentle curve in each part. The sofa’s seat was designed to be easily sat on from both sides and to crease up enough for someone sitting on it to tuck their legs beneath them for warmth.

Are Chesterfield Sofas Comfortable?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! A Chesterfield sofa is one of the most sought-after and desired sofas in the USA and UK. The manufacturers that create these pieces use only top-grade materials. The material used on a Chesterfield sofa will be anything from plush velvet or corduroy fabric with tufted buttons, which then add an extra touch of comfort. What makes these sofas even more desirable is that many are hand-made at each stage of production with diligent care, meaning no two are alike.

How Long Is A Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfields come in different sizes, depending on the model you get. If it’s a small Chesterfield, it’ll measure about 6 1/2 feet (that’s 241 cm). For larger ones, I believe they’re about 8 feet (245 cm). The specific size can vary from model to model, though.

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What Is A Glider Chair

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A glider chair is a type of rocking chair where the whole seat rocks back and forth. There is no footrest which makes it more challenging to put your feet up or fall asleep in. This chair is usually found near a window to add some light or next to a fireplace if you want warmth. 

The original purpose was for children to have an opportunity to see out the window. However, this has since been replaced by an armchair next to the window and a TV stand.

Back in the day, glider chairs were made of wood and gilded with fancy designs. This was to make it fit in with the rest of the furniture in a house used for special occasions. However, today it can be found as a practical piece of furniture to have at home or work. 

What Is A Glider Chair

In the 1900s, the glider chair became more of an industrial design. Nowadays, they are also available in different colors and designs and other materials such as leather, fabric, wood, and even metal. The colors mainly vary from black, white, or grey to pastel shades of blue or pink. 

Today when you buy a glider chair, there are so many kinds of seats that can be found on the market, like with one armchair or rocker armchairs. Some models come with a rocker seat base, and these are often found in children’s rooms for them to play while waiting for their parents to finish their meal.

Benefits Of A Glider Chair

They can be used to replace regular dining room chairs or even bedroom chairs because they allow you to sit comfortably while doing something else, like eating or just relaxing and listening to music. They are great for use in the living room because they allow you to sit up and relax while enjoying the view from your window or balcony. 

You can even choose to have it in a kid’s room since they usually love chairs with rocking motions. They are also available in different designs and materials so that you can choose according to your preferences.

The negative side of a glider chair is that it takes more energy to push it back and forth with your feet than with a power glider chair where you just need to press a button. Therefore, if you had broken your leg or something like that, this would not be the best option for you because of the energy required.

What Is A Power Glider Chair?

A power glider chair is a type of glider chair where you can control the rocking motion by just pushing a button. So, you don’t have to use your feet to move them. You are no more getting up and down from the dining table or sitting bored on the couch while watching TV to change the angle of your seat’s inclination. You can also use it as a resting place for your feet when you need it.

What Is A Manual Glider Chair?

A manual glider chair has a footrest attached to it. Therefore, you can use your feet to control the rocking motion in the chair. This is more like a traditional glider chair since you still need to push with your feet to move it. You can also remove the footrest if you don’t need it anymore and just sit straight on the seat itself.

Glider chairs are also a great option if you want to rock your baby to sleep. When it is new, and it has those rocking motions, it may accidentally rock itself off of the edge of a table or desk, in which case you can catch it with the armrest and not let your baby fall. However, this is not recommended since you wouldn’t know when your newborn baby will stop crying and need to be rocked back to sleep.

Glider Chair VS Rocker Chair

A glider chair is considered a family chair, and it is usually bigger than a rocker chair, which can be used as an alternative for an extra seat in the living room or bedroom.

Rocker chairs are more compact, and they are smaller and lighter to move around. For instance, one rocking chair might take up less space than two armchairs or two loveseat chairs since it rocks on its own. Also, many rocking chairs can be smaller than one glider chair since you can just pick it up and set it down with the backrest down that makes them even easier to move around.


Both gliders and rockers are highly comfortable pieces of furniture because they can help relieve some of your pressure points by supporting your body in ways that office chairs or couches can’t. While choosing the best chair for yourself, you need to consider which one will be more comfortable for your rest.What Is The Difference Between A Glider And A Rocking Chair?

As the name suggests, a rocking chair is just that: a chair that rocks from side to side. It usually has a footrest and armrests for relaxing and supporting your body when it’s in the seated position. A glider is similar to a rocking chair in that they both rock back and forth, but they are more designed for you to stay seated the entire time. They don’t have an armrest or footrest but instead, often come with extra cushions and are usually made out of wood or wicker.

What Is Better Glider Or Rocker?

Both gliders and rockers are highly comfortable pieces of furniture because they can help relieve some of your pressure points by supporting your body in ways that office chairs or couches can’t. While choosing the best chair for yourself, you need to consider which one will be more comfortable for your rest.

How Long Does Glider Chair Last?

The answer to this question depends on how often you use the chair and how you maintain it. The usual lifespan of a glider chair is about five years but can be less or more, depending on different circumstances.

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How To Clean Fabric Sofa With Vinegar

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Often, fabrics become dirty from food spills, pet urine, and other substances that can leave an unpleasant odor. Cleaning fabric furniture is a quick project that anyone can tackle with minimal time and effort. To get started, the fabric upholstery should be vacuumed to remove any loose dirt or debris before using a dry towel or rag to wipe the spilled liquid away.

To help break down tough stains, it may be necessary to reduce their chemical compounds using another cleaning agent such as vinegar or laundry detergent – this process may take up to 24 hours for some types of stains. Commercial products on the market are explicitly designed to remove tough dirt and stains from fabric furniture that will work well. But today, we’ll explore one of the best ways to clean fabric sofa – using vinegar.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa With Vinegar

Is Vinegar Good Solution For Fabric Sofa Cleaning?

Ever wondered if you could use vinegar to clean your sofa? Vinegar has been popularly used for cleaning for centuries. It is a strong acid and kills bacteria, which helps to reduce the amount of odors in fabrics.

Vinegar can also be used as a fabric softener, and it will give your furniture a nice shine. So, while vinegar may not work on some sturdy stains, it does provide an affordable way for anyone who wants to look after their home to maintain their home with ease and inexpensively.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa With Rice Vinegar Quickly

There’s an easy way to clean your fabric sofa using vinegar:

  1. The first thing you should do is wipe down your furniture with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. This will kill all bacteria and dirt on your furniture’s surface and help prevent stains from setting in. 
  2. You can then use an old toothbrush to scrub the surface of your furniture, as an old toothbrush is ideal for this purpose. 
  3. The next step is to give your sofa a good rinse with water to remove some of the vinegar.
  4. Afterward, use a dry cloth to wipe down your fabric and then allow it to air dry completely. This will help remove any excess vinegar from it and will leave the fabric feeling soft.

Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Sofa With Vinegar

Cleaning with vinegar is an easy process that doesn’t consume much time. You can clean off the stain from your sofa using vinegar and fabric cleaner or skip the fabric cleaner portion altogether. To save some money, look at our video on how to clean upholstery with vinegar below.

All you have to do is soak a cloth in vinegar and squeeze out the excess. Put the cloth on the spill and leave it for a few hours or overnight. Have several cloths pre-soaked so you can replace one when it dries out. Vinegar will kill harmful bacteria on your fabric, making it more resistant to stains and odors.

Don’t be afraid to use vinegar for cleaning. The vinegar definitely does not harm the fabric and leaves a foul smell when done. Just make sure that you don’t leave it on the fabric too long. Also, make sure to clean the rims of your furniture with vinegar as well.

Sweeping the rims can help remove dirt and dust, and then scrub them with a wet cloth so there is no residual build-up of chemicals on them that can cause harm once they are exposed to air for an extended period.

In addition, vinegar can be used to freshen up your home. Simply sprinkle it on the carpets and wipe them with a dry cloth to remove dirt and grime. Be sure to test this method on an inconspicuous area before using it throughout your entire house. Vinegar is a great cleaning tool, so make good use of it!

Other Ways To Clean Fabric Sofa

If you have a sofa, loveseat, or chair with fabric upholstery, then it’s time to clean it. Vinegar is not only the one product you can use for it. There are several ways to wipe down your upholstered furniture, and this article focuses on the benefits of each method.

Use Baking Soda

  1. Begin by pouring baking soda onto the stained area of the couch and letting it sit for approximately one hour.
  2. Next, sprinkle more baking soda onto an old cloth towel and scrub at any remaining marks until they’ve disappeared.
  3. Finally, pick up the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner using a crevice tool attachment or by hand.
  4. If you notice any remaining stains, repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the results.
  5. Finally, vacuum the couch to remove any lingering baking soda residue.

Use Soap

You might be surprised to learn that you can clean fabric furniture with soap! It’s true. You just need some dishwashing liquid and a sponge. All you do is soak the sponge in the dish soap and then rub it on your fabric couch cushions or chairs. Then, rinse the soapy water off of the cushion with a wet cloth or mop.


Can You Clean A Fabric Couch With Vinegar?

Vinegar can be a great way of cleaning a fabric couch. If you have spare time and want to get your couch as clean as possible, vinegar is an effective option. It can remove any dirt or spots and give the fabric an all-over fresh smell. (This has been tested on many different furniture.) The process of using it to clean the couch takes about three hours (including drying time). Whether you’re dealing with stains or just want your furniture smelling fresh, vinegar will be able to help!

Can I Spray White Vinegar On My Couch?

Yes, you can. You need to be careful with it, but it is a natural cleaner that can help remove stains and odors from your furniture. However, you should never use any type of vinegar on leather or vinyl without first testing it in an inconspicuous spot for possible damage. 
To clean the couch, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of warm water and apply it to the stained areas using a soft cloth or sponge. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with cold water and dry well. If there are stubborn stains, add some baking soda for extra power against dirt and grease.

Does Vinegar Harm Fabric?

Vinegar will not harm fabric sofa. Vinegar is usually diluted with water. There is no significant chemical reaction between the acid in the vinegar and the oil on your fabric to damage your sofa.

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How To Clean Leather Sofa With Baking Soda

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A leather sofa needs care and attention to keep it looking good and feeling soft. One of the simplest ways to do this is the baking soda tip: mix one part powder with three parts water – or a half cup of baking soda with three cups of water – then pour this mix over your sofa. Allow it to soak into the fabric for 15 minutes before mopping up the excess liquid with a soft cloth. 

You can use old t-shirts or towels for this task, as they will be less likely to scratch your leather furniture than other fabrics might. But before you start, just check the list of things you may need to clean your leather sofa.

How To Clean Leather Sofa With Baking Soda

Things You May Need To Clean Leather Sofa

  • Bicarbonate soda or baking soda
  • Clean cloth or cleaning fabric
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attached

How To Clean Leather Sofa With Baking Soda: 2 Key Methods

Many people are often unclear about how to clean leather furniture. It’s important to know that no one method works for all types of leather furniture. In general, you can use mild soap and water or a mild cleaner such as diluted vinegar to clean any kind of leather furniture.

Here are two methods for cleaning your leather sofa with baking soda:

Cleaning Method One:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with one teaspoon white vinegar in a small bowl.
  • Sprinkle the mixture onto the sofa and rub gently into the fabric using an old toothbrush or sponge.
  • Wait five minutes before wiping off with a damp cloth.
  • For heavily soiled areas, repeat this process until the area is clean.

Cleaning Method Two:

  • Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with two tablespoons of mild soap and warm water to form a thick paste.
  • Spread the paste onto the leather sofa and let it sit for 10 minutes. 
  • Wipe the mixture away with a damp cloth. For heavily soiled areas, repeat this process until the area is clean.

For any liquid spills, blot as much of it up as possible to prevent it from soaking into the leather and making a stain. Let the area dry completely before you try cleaning it to prevent further soiling of the leather.

Most Popular Baking Soda Cleaning Solutions For Leather Sofas

I’ve also compiled a list of the best methods for cleaning your leather sofa with baking soda.

  1. Mix Crystal Light, water, and baking soda in a spray bottle. Spray “surface” and wipe off with a clean towel or rag. Rinse the cloth out as needed before wiping the area again. You can also use the solution on an old toothbrush to scrub any stuck in dirt or stains without harming the material too much.
  2. Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water. Put the solution in a spray bottle and then lightly mist your furniture. Wipe off the leather with a clean cloth afterward to avoid streaking.
  3. You can also choose to just sprinkle baking soda over the surface of the leather and then use a vacuum to suck up the excess powder. If you choose this method, make sure you are in an area that won’t be damaged by bits of baking soda flying around!
  4. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1-quart warm water in a squirt bottle. Lightly spray the surface of the furniture with your mixture. Wipe off with a clean cloth afterward to avoid streaking.
  5. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of rubbing alcohol in a bottle and shake well. Spray and wipe the surface to clean it.
  6. You can make a paste with baking soda and hot water to clean any stuck-on stains from the surface of your leather. Put a small amount of water in a bowl or cup, then add four tablespoons of baking soda. Stir until it is all dissolved. Add more water as needed to create the desired consistency. Then use this paste to rub into the leather and agitate the area, making sure not to damage it too much. Let sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water in a bowl or bucket.

Removing Stains From Leather Sofa

If your sofa has a specific type of stain, such as candle wax, you can mix the water with a few drops of mild dishwashing soap or laundry detergent. This will help lift dirt and grease and clean out tough stains.

The final step is to protect the leather from drying out after you have used this cleaning method. You should use a leather conditioner once per month to help keep it moisturized and soft. These can be applied using a soft cloth in circular motions and leaving it to soak in for 15 minutes before wiping away any excess with another cloth.


Can Baking Soda Damage Leather?

Baking soda can damage leather in many ways. If it’s used excessively, baking soda can dissolve the hide’s natural oils that would otherwise keep it soft and supple. It can also cause discoloration of the leather from a mild white to a yellowish tint and dry out the skin if left in contact with it for too long.

Can You Use Baking Soda On Leather Couch?

Baking soda is an excellent tool for cleaning leather furniture because it’s gentle enough for this material and can remove mild odors and stains and grease, or soiled areas of the fabric. Use baking soda mixed with water (half-cup of baking soda per quart of hot water) by dampening a cloth with the solution or spraying it over your couch.

What Is The Best Homemade Leather Cleaner?

There are many different types of cleaners available. Some good cleaners include white vinegar (but not on colored leather), olive oil (which can be used in most colors), and even toothpaste. Whatever your decision is, just make sure to test out the cleaner before applying it to your couch.

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How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder

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Is your office chair making too much noise with its cylinder? It turns out there are a few ways you can go about fixing this problem. First, you should check your chair’s instructions for how to remove the cylinder. You may be able just to unscrew it and replace it if need be. 

All you need to remove the office chair cylinder is to remove the seat and place a small screwdriver in the slot on the cylinder. Gently twist the screwdriver to push it out of its hole on one side. Then remove it from its spot on the other side by turning it again. 

Now you should pull off the cylinder with your fingers or use a flathead screwdriver to do so from either side. If it doesn’t help, just follow the instructions below to learn how to remove the office chair cylinder properly.

How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder

Things And Tools You May Need

Before starting to repair your chair, take a look at the list of things and tools you may need:

  • Screwdriver
  • WD-40
  • Small hammer
  • New hydraulic cylinder

How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder: Step-By-Step Guide

Perhaps you’re looking for a change in the office chair that you’ve had for many years, or maybe it’s just time to have a backup desk chair on hand? No matter what brings you here, we can help with our guide on how to replace your office chair cylinder! It should only take about an hour from start to finish. All you’ll need is a few tools and some common sense. Here’s a guide you may follow.

Removing The Seat

  • Remove the four screws securing them in place, and put them safely to avoid losing them.
  • Remove lower guide rails from the chair frame by unscrewing two screws at each end on both sides of the seat.
  • Lift the seat, and remove using your hands, pulling down all around at once. 

The seat is now removed from the office chair and can be set aside for replacement later.

Removing The Cylinder

  • Get a bowl. Sit on the chair and place one hand under the seat and the other under the back of your chair. 
  • You will find a hexagonal nut at each end of the cylinder (2 nuts total), unscrew them using a wrench. 
  • Holding firmly onto both nuts, pull down and out on each side of your chair until you feel the cylinder come loose. 
  • Remove both nuts from the cylinder and place them in a bowl. You may need to use pliers to remove them if they are stuck.
  • Remove the old cylinder from the office chair using your hands. Put it in the bowl with the nuts you removed earlier. 
  • Using pipe tape, wrap the cylinder and nuts securely from the bowl to the chair. 
  • Place both nuts in your toolkit box for safekeeping. Do not lose them!

Installing The New Cylinder

  • Get a bowl and wrap pipe tape around the cylinder and nuts in a bowl (immediately after removing from a chair), securing it in place on the chair frame. 
  • Pour engine oil all over the cylinder using a rag, then carefully seat it back into the old seat cylinder housing holes. 
  • Holding firmly onto both sides of the chair frame where cylinders were removed, secure two hexagonal nuts back onto the old seat cylinder with new nuts you removed earlier. 
  • Ensure engine oil is covering the cylinder and housing before securing nuts tightly in place. 
  • Holding seat from under, screw in 4 screws that secure the top of the seat to the chair frame. 

The seat is now reattached to your office chair and ready to use.

Things To Consider While Choosing A New Office Chair Cylinder

Choosing a new office chair cylinder can be daunting, which is why we’re going to help you out. Below you can find the main things to consider while shopping for this office necessity.

If you want the best buy in an office chair cylinder, don’t invest in low quality! While the price of your chair may be a consideration when looking at it, there’s no point in getting something that’s going to wear down in just a few months.

Make sure that the chair cylinder size fits your chair before buying one. You also need to ensure your office chair cylinder is of excellent quality and will last! Follow these tips to be sure that you have one that stands up to daily use.


How Do You Remove A Stuck Piston From An Office Chair?

If you or someone you know is currently dealing with a stuck piston in an office chair, then they’ll be happy to see that it’s fixable. The process is very straightforward and doesn’t involve anything too complicated, so it’s easy to get started. One should do it if they’re trying to remove a stuck piston from an office chair to get some kind of lubricant. This can be anything from soap and water, WD-40, or even just oil.

How Do You Remove A Cylinder From Aeron Chair?

You can try a few different methods and stick with what works best for you! You could use hot water or warm water (never boiling!) and soap to loosen any trapped dirt and grime. You might also want to use something like an old toothbrush or scrubber to sweep away the debris from inside the tube gently. Last but not least, you could spray WD-40 inside the tube to release any stuck pieces of fabric from the sidewall of your cylinder.

Are Office Chair Cylinders Universal?

Office chair cylinders are usually universal, so almost all office chairs take the same size cylinder. Anyway, before replacing and repairing, you should measure both cylinders.

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How To Clean A Microfiber Sofa

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Many people like to use the couch as a place to study or watch TV. Therefore, it’s recommended for people to clean their couches to sleep on them with ease regularly. To clean a microfiber sofa, you may use rubbing alcohol or soap suds. Apply the solution to the surface, then clean and enjoy your sofa.

Microfiber is a type of synthetic fiber that comes from polyester, nylon, and acrylic. It is usually mixed with other fibers such as cotton or rubber and then shaped into different clothes and textiles such as mattresses, upholstery, carpets, towels, and curtains. For most practical purposes, microfiber is considered one large mass of similar materials where each fiber is thinner than a human hair. Below you can find more ways of cleaning a microfiber sofa with no fuss.

How To Clean A Microfiber Sofa

How To Clean A Microfiber Sofa With Soap Suds And Water

Your couch may have seen better days, and you want to know how to clean it. Perhaps the stains are unsightly, or you’re not satisfied with the look of it anymore. Whatever the case may be, cleaning a microfiber sofa with soapsuds is an easy project that will help make your space look tidy and refreshing again! Here are some steps on how to get started.

Vacuum The Sofa 

Begin with vacuuming your sofa that requires cleaning. This will help remove any dust, hair, or lose fibers that may be stuck to the fabric. It will also help eliminate any large pieces of dirt and debris that are otherwise hard to remove and could cause further damage once scrubbed.

Mix The Cleaning Solution

Mix an appropriate amount of soap suds with water in a regular bucket that you have at home. For example, use 1/4 cup soap suds for every 2 cups of water to create the right concentration for this project. If you do not have any soap suds on hand, liquid dish detergent may be substituted instead.

Dip And Scrub With Soap Suds

Take your vacuum cleaner’s extension hose, put it over the head of your brush, and spray some soapy water onto the fabric of the couch. Next, dip a wet scrub brush into the soap suds solution in your bucket and scrub away at any stains or spots that may be present. Continue to apply soap suds where needed until all surface stains have been removed.

Rinse And Fluff

After you’ve scrubbed away every stain that you can find, it’s time to rinse away any remaining soap suds. Use a clean cloth and run it under clean water until it is soaked through. Then, wring it out and begin to wipe away any soap suds that are still stuck onto the fabric of your microfiber sofa or chair.

How To Clean A Microfiber Sofa With Rubbing Alcohol

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to find your couch is full of crumbs, dirt, and bird poop. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. So instead, we’re going to show you how to clean a microfiber couch with rubbing alcohol in this article. 

Vacuum First

The first thing you want to do is vacuum your couch. Vacuum every part of it, including all the surfaces, cracks, and corners. You may want to vacuum it a few times over if there’s particularly much dust and grime in those areas. Rubbing alcohol dissolves dirt, so make sure you get rid of as much of it as possible by vacuuming before using the solution. 

Apply The Cleaning Solution

Spray rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe spots on your couch that are particularly sticky or dirty (it’s most likely going to be near the edges). The more you apply it, the better it’s going to work. You don’t want to use way too much rubbing alcohol, and it will leave behind marks on your couch, so test a spot on the carpet before doing a huge amount of rubbing alcohol. 

Scrub Away Soil

You must scrub all the parts of your couch for the solution to reach those really dirty spots. If there are any stains, try wiping them away with a cloth—they may fade over time if you don’t remove them altogether. Once all of them are clean, proceed with drying and fluffing up your couch, as explained in the next step.

Dry And Fluff

The last step is to let your sofa air dry and fluff it up slightly so that the surface looks nice and fluffy. It’ll be ready to use in no time!

One thing to keep in mind is that rubbing alcohol can be pretty strong, so keep it away from pets, kids, and plants – especially if they’re thirsty.

How Often To Clean A Microfiber Sofa

Since microfiber is made of synthetic fibers, the answer to this question will be different for every type of microfiber sofa you have. The more frequently you clean your sofas, the better. 

Microfiber is mildew and stain-resistant material. However, it’s susceptible to oils and odors that may cause dirt, dust, and wax build-up. Also, synthetic fibers are prone to shrinking when washed; keep this in mind when cleaning your furniture. Hence the importance of following the care instructions carefully.


What Is The Best Cleaner For Microfiber Couches?

The best cleaning product for couches that have been cleaned with microfiber towels is usually a mop bucket with hot soapy water. To properly clean your sofas, you need to thoroughly wet the couch and then use a sponge or cloth to scrub the stains. You can also use white vinegar or any other type of cleaner you like, but I recommend using a mop bucket and soap water for overall results.

How Do You Clean Microfiber Suede Couches?

Follow the steps below to help you get started with the process.
Vacuum sofa surfaces.
Wash: Pour some mild detergent into a large bowl. Mix 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar with it. You can also use soap or rubbing alcohol as a cleaning solution.
Deep clean: Use a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush attachment if your couch still has large amounts of dirt and debris.
Protect: Use microfiber suede furnishings to protect your sofa from stains and dirt blemishes.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Ruin Microfiber?

No, rubbing alcohol will not ruin your microfiber. It has a minimal effect at all on it and washes off effortlessly without any complications. So you don’t need to worry about using any chemicals or products before or after rubbing alcohol.

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What Is A Sleeper Sofa

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The sleeper sofa is an excellent piece of furniture for a home. It allows you to have additional seating in your living room or convert the sofa to a guest’s bed. These sofas are ideal because they can be used as both a couch and as a bed. 

Since they’re modular, sleeper sofas are also space-efficient and allow families that live in smaller apartments or homes to have the same luxuries as larger households. They offer increased flexibility with their multi-functional design, and this makes them great for those who don’t want to spend too much on two separate pieces of furniture—a couch and a bed—because they will only use one at any given time.

In addition, a sleeper sofa is usually able to fit within in small spaces in a room and therefore doesn’t take up much space. They’re also lightweight, which makes them easy to move around and store when not in use. This makes them great for college students who live in dorms or off-campus housing and have limited storage space.

What Is A Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofa Mattress Types

There’re various sleeper sofa mattress types for different sleepers. You can choose the one that suits you more.

Gel Memory Foam

The gel memory foam mattress is designed to contour a sleeper’s body and is usually the best choice for people with back or neck problems. These mattresses are composed of memory foam, which conforms to the sleeper’s body while they sleep and provides support where it is needed most. 

Memory foam is also able to relieve pressure points that cause pain in different parts of the body, allowing people who suffer from back pain or muscle spasms to sleep more easily on these beds. The foam used in these mattresses absorbs heat and prevents sleepers from having a hot or sweaty night of rest.

Furthermore, since memory foam mattresses can relax cold, stiff muscles, they are also beneficial for recovering from a night of drinking too much.

It’s important to note that since these mattresses are mainly composed of memory foam, they will not last forever. Specifically, after about seven years of use, they will begin to lose their core support and bounce back into shape after being compressed. It is advised that people replace these beds every five years for maximum savings.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is a popular option for those who want a more basic foam mattress without the gel. This type of foam conforms to the sleeper’s body when they lie down and can be used by individuals who have back pain or muscle spasms. It can also relieve pressure points on a sleeper’s body and prevent them from having a sleepless night caused by discomfort. 

In addition, this type of foam mattress is usually less expensive than the memory foam options. It is easier to clean, making them great for people with allergies or multiple pets.


An innerspring mattress is composed of individual coils. These coils are wrapped around a mattress’s support structure and can conform to the sleeper’s body as they sleep. In addition, the springs that make up an innerspring bed will not go flat, which allows a sleeper to sink into the pillow top so they can comfortably sleep on their backs or stomachs.

This type of support is usually recommended for people who want to sleep on their backs or stomachs because the springs will not flatten. This allows for better circulation in these areas, reduces back problems, and keeps pressure from being placed on these parts of the body during sleeping.


Latex foam was created to replace the old-fashioned springs most sofas and sleeper sofas use. Latex is popular because it is very comfortable, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. In addition, this foam can be sanitized at any point during the year without losing its quality—meaning it can be washed at least once a month with no negative effects on its ability to support the sleeper’s body.


The hybrid design combines the best features of latex, innerspring, and polyurethane, giving a bed that most people can use. They’re usually very soft and comfortable, have high rebound strength, and can have up to four inches of thickness—which makes them the perfect option for those who want a puffy bed without sacrificing support.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Sleeper Sofa

While shopping for the sleeper sofa, there’re several things to pay attention to. Check the vital information below.


The most common mistake made while choosing the right sleeper sofa is to choose one that’s too soft and one that’s too hard, so the user’s weight and nature make a huge difference in this decision. If you are a single sleeper with light to medium weight, choose a slightly softer medium mattress. However, if you are a heavy or larger person, you may need to consider getting a firmer sofa.


Today’s sofas can also be purchased as sleepers with multiple mattress layers to maximize comfort and support. A sleeper sofa is meant to provide the ultimate support and comfort while asleep so that users don’t have to make any sacrifices when choosing one over a regular mattress.

Your Room Style

Your sofa and the other furniture in your room will create a specific style statement of your own. So, you need to know about this factor when you are going to buy a sleeper sofa. The style is up to you – it could be traditional or contemporary. 

The space of the room also matters – whether it is too small or big or whatever. But, first of all, keep in mind that the sleeper sofa should merge with other furniture that is already placed in the room to give a particular style statement thereof.


Is A Sleeper Sofa Worth It?

Definitely, yes! Well-cushioned seats and backs will provide incredible comfort for sitting during the day and lying down at night while providing plenty of support to keep your spine aligned. The perfect sleeper sofa should have high-density foam cushions with polyester fiberfill and breathable cotton fabric for total relaxation.

How Does A Sleeper Sofa Work?

They’re just sofas that can turn into beds at the push of a button. You can sleep on them as if they were beds or keep them folded up so that you have more living space when you’re not sleeping.

Can You Sleep On A Sofa Bed Every Night?

A sofa bed is a piece of furniture with two different functions to serve. It can be used as a comfortable seating space during the day or be pulled out to make into a bed for overnight guests. But it’s uncomfortable to sleep on a sleeper sofa every night and can cause backaches or other health issues.

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How To Clean Office Chair

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If you use your office chair every day for 8 hours, it is a good idea to clean the chair at least once a week. You may need to clean your office chair more often if you work in an environment that gets dirty or sick, such as being around someone who has been ill with the flu. 

Cleaning your office chair is easy and takes very little time, so it is worth doing. To clean an office chair, you will need a vacuum cleaner and a soapy solution. These tools are suitable for almost all chair types. Below you can find information about how to clean chairs for different surfaces.

How To Clean Office Chair

Cleaning and Drying Your Office Chair: 6 Proven Steps

  1. Empty any items from under or in the seat of the office chair. 
  2. Inspect all parts of your office chair for dirt accumulation, hair, dust or lint build-up, pet hair if applicable, stains, etc. 
  3. You can use a household cleaner to clean the office chair. Spray or wipe the cleaner on, let the cleaner sit for a few minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel and dispose of the paper towel. If you are uncomfortable using commercial cleaners on your office chair, you can use vinegar and water as a cleaning solution. Vinegar is very good at cutting through grease and drying quickly, not leaving any residue that could attract dirt. 
  4. Make sure that all parts of your office chair are dry before you use it again. If you have a fan or a hairdryer, you can use either of these to speed up the drying process.
  5. Take out the chair mat and wipe it down with vinegar or another type of cleaner.
  6. To prevent dust accumulation on your chair mat, place an office chair cover on the chair mat after you clean it. Most office chair covers have a silicone-based backing to help keep dust and lint off your chair mat, so the cover will be able to stay on all the time.

How To Clean A Mesh Chair

If your mesh chair’s stain is still fresh and not yet baked on, it’s possible to clean it with a steam humidifier. Otherwise, you can follow these steps:

  • Remove all the cushions and bottom cover off of the mesh chair 
  • In a bucket or basin, mix up a solution of warm water and dish soap 
  • Using your hand or sponge, start washing down the chair. Make sure to get in all the cracks between each rod. Once you’ve done this, clean off any excess soap from the chair and use your wet rag to dry it out 
  • Replace the bottom cover and cushions on top of it. Give them a good shake to make sure they’re dry before sitting back on them.

How To Clean A Fabric Office Chair

How To Clean A Fabric Office Chair

Cleaning a fabric office chair is quick and easy, with the right supplies. Remember to start by vacuuming any loose dirt from the fabric before you try to clean it. To remove stains, dampen a cloth with either water or mild soap solution and rub in circles over the stain. Use a clean rag to wipe off any remaining residue after you finish rubbing. 

To disinfect your chairs, mix up one part vinegar with two parts water in each container (you’ll need two containers). Put both containers on separate sides of the chair and pour half of one into each container (again, remembering that you’ll need two containers). Then, pour half of the other into each. 

This is called a 50/50 solution and works well for disinfecting while only using two bottles. To learn what type of cleaning solution to use on different fabrics, check out the fabric’s tag.

How To Clean A Leather Office Chair

How To Clean A Leather Office Chair

Cleaning your leather office chair is an essential part of maintaining the health of your lungs when using a cloth or paper towel to wipe up any dust that has settled around the base and on armrests.

If you are concerned about how dirty your leather office chair gets, the best thing is to take it outside and give it a good scrub using a brush or an old toothbrush dipped in water.

The base and wheels should be cleaned as well. It is essential to clean your leather office chair regularly, such as every two months or at the very least once a year.

If necessary, use a damp cloth with soap and water to wipe away dust from your leather office chair. Take care not to leave any moisture behind after cleaning your leather office chair with soap and water. Let it air-dry so that it doesn’t leave any mildew behind.

Leather should never be polished unless you are cleaning an antique piece of furniture; this is not recommended for soft or new leather.

You should never use aerosol sprays to dust your leather office chair as this could damage the material. You can use a dry cloth and then let it air-dry. If you are concerned about using furniture polish, you should only use a soft cloth dipped in the polish to wipe away any dirt or oil accumulated on the surface of your leather office chair. Do not leave any leftover polishing material on your leather furniture item.

How To Clean A Plastic Office Chair

How To Clean A Plastic Office Chair

Plastic chairs are notoriously easy to clean, but to make things easier for you, we’ve put together a few quick and universal tips:

  • If there’s just dirt or dust on the seat or arms of the chair, wipe them down with a wet cloth and dry them off thoroughly.
  • Clean spills away before they have a chance to seep into the fabric and become difficult to remove. Just spot clean any surfaces that have been soiled with water or other fluids using soap and water or detergent diluted in cold water. Dry it with paper towels afterward.
  • If they’re terrible, then you can spot clean the spots with a magic eraser and then wipe down the chair with soapy water and a rag.
  • To clean fabric, use a small amount of mild detergent and lukewarm water.
  • Do not soak your chair in water or leave it wet for any period, as this will ruin the glue that holds the fabric to the frame.


How Do You Clean A Fabric Office Chair?

Fabric upholstered chairs are comfortable and stylish but not very practical because of the potential for stains and stubborn odors. Luckily, a few simple steps can help the process go smoothly for any fabric upholstered office chair. You will need a bucket with warm soapy water, old towels or rags, fresh water from the tap, and fabric cleaner if necessary.

How Do You Clean A Smelly Office Chair?

To clean a smelly office chair, you may need a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and brush attachment (if necessary), a rag or sponge for scrubbing, a bucket of warm water mixed with white vinegar, dish detergent, strong dishwashing soap, and cotton balls or swabs for applying cleaners and solvents.

How Do You Deep Clean A Chair?

Cleaning upholstered furniture is easy. We’ll show you the steps to take for a thorough, long-lasting once over. By accepting these tips and tricks under consideration, your chairs will be as good as new in no time.
1. Apply warm soapy water to the fabric. If any dirt remains on the soiled area after scrubbing, use a bit of natural granular detergent mixed with some hot water (as instructed on the product’s packaging).
2. Use a dry, clean dishcloth or cloth rag to wipe off the fabric of all remaining soap suds.
3. Vacuum the surface of the fabric.
4. Cleanse leather furniture with a mild leather cleaner and a soft brush, then vacuum thoroughly and spot-clean any stains that have already appeared.
5. Let chairs dry, then use as always.

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How To Fix An Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up

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It seems that the chair that you are sitting in has lost its ability to stay up. This could be because of various problems, so before you purchase a new chair, it would be good to check out what might have been causing your current one to stop working correctly.

First things first, make sure that the wheels are all still attached and fully functional. If they seem fine still, then you will want to check your cable connections for any signs of wear or breakage. If this seems okay as well, then your gas spring may have gone wrong on the inside and needs replacement. If these steps don’t help and you can’t discover the issue, then check the points are written below.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Won't Stay Up

What Causes A Chair To Sink Or Fail To Stay Up?

A chair that sinks down to the ground can have one of many causes.

The most common reason for sinking chairs is that they’ve been overloaded with too many people. Give your chair a few minutes to see if it pops back up on its own, or remove some people from the chair to see if this solves the problem. If, after waiting a few minutes and removing some weight from the chair, it keeps sinking, then you have an overbearing load issue.

Another cause of an office chair sinking is that the gas cylinder has become loose. The simplest way to solve this is to replace the gas cylinder and tighten things up. 

A chair that is not stable will cause the user’s weight to be unevenly distributed. That can lead to backache, stiff neck, and sore knees. The chair has to provide good support and stability for the person sitting in it. It also has to offer a good level of comfort to find it comfortable for an extended period.

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

Fixing an office chair can be challenging, but it’s still can be done if you’ll follow these steps below.

Replace The Gas Cylinder

The gas cylinder is a joint that connects the seat to the base of the chair. When the gas in the cylinder expands, it pushes against an internal spring and lifts the chair’s seat bottom. But if something happens to this mechanism- like a leak, corrosion, or because nobody has turned off the valve after using up all of its gas- then there can be nothing pushing up on your chair’s seat bottom, and it will start sinking again over time.

For this reason, you’ll want to replace the gas cylinder every two years or so. This involves removing the chair’s seat bottom by unscrewing it from its base, removing the old cylinder, installing a new one, and screwing everything back together.

Install A Chair Saver Kit

If you are not the type of person that enjoys putting in a lot of effort to fix things around your home, then you may want to consider investing in a chair saver kit, as this is one of the easiest ways to improve a sinking office chair.

Some kits are pretty cheap and easy to install too. This involves taking a hollow tube used for some other purpose and attaching it to the chair’s base. The hollow tube will then act as space for your chair’s seat bottom to move freely within.

Add A Plastic Pipe

You can also use a plastic pipe to fix a sinking office chair so that the seat bottom can move freely within it. The benefit of using this is that it does not require you to invest in any special tools or any other equipment.

To do this, you will need to remove the gas cylinder from your chair and place it someplace where you will be able to access it quickly (the cylinder could be found at the bottom of your chair, or it could have a hose attached to its stem). You will then need to cut a piece of tubing long enough for the seat bottom of your chair to move freely within.

Then, attach one end of this piece of tubing to the cylinder using a hose clamp (this will keep it from falling out), and attach another end to your chair’s base using another clamp. Another option is to secure the tubing in place using duct tape.

Add A Hose Clamp Or Clip And Duct Tape

Another option that can be used to fix an office chair that sinks all of a sudden is to use duct tape in combination with a clip or hose clamp. The benefit of this design is that the clamp will never let go of the chair’s seat bottom, no matter how much tension is put on it, so even if you do not have enough strength to hold it up, your chair will still stay up.

To do this, you will need to disconnect the chair from its base and then remove its gas cylinder and place it somewhere safe where you will be able to access it easily (the cylinder could be found at the bottom of your chair, or it could have a hose attached to its stem).

Then, screw one end of a piece of duct tape onto the clip or hose clamp.

Use A Chair Riser

You might want to consider upgrading an office chair with a seat riser such as this one. Essentially, these are inserts that will raise the height of the chair’s seat so that it does not sink down once the user sits on it.

You can place these inside your office chair, or you could purchase an extra one and attach it to your base. They are usually very cheap and easy to find too. They are also very effective when removing all of the parts from an office chair before installing another set.


How Do I Fix My Office Chair That Keeps Going Down?

Are you sitting on a task chair that keeps slamming down every time you sit in it for more than 10 seconds? If so, there is a possible thing wrong with your task chair. The first thing to check is the push-pull cable on the right side of the chair. Some cables can become frayed and no longer work properly if they’re moved too often or twisted too much. Repairing this cable will usually cost less than $15 from an office supply store and help resolve your problem.

How Do You Fix A Hydraulic Chair?

To fix a hydraulic chair, you first need to identify what type of issue you’re having with it and then develop an appropriate solution. For instance, if your problem lies in the piston leaking oil, you would need to replace the seal inside it so that this doesn’t happen anymore.

Are All Chair Cylinders Universal?

The manufacturers of traditional chair legs and cylinders make sure they are not universal to offer them at the appropriate price point for their different customers. For this reason, it’s important to note that usually, chairs from a number of different manufacturers will not work with sleeves from other manufacturers.

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What Is The Best Foam To Use For Sofa Cushion

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There are many types of foam available on the market today, including polyurethane foam cushions, soy-based foam cushions, latex-based sofabed cushions, and down/feather sofa cushion sets. Which one is better than the others? According to different studies, latex foam is the best to use for sofa cushions. Below I will tell you about all mainly used cushion foams, their pros, and cons.

As we all know, the purpose of a couch or sofa cushion is to provide comfort and support for the body. A good sofa cushion offers a soft yet firm surface where your body can relax and be comfortable. 

What Is The Best Foam To Use For Sofa Cushions?

Nevertheless, a common misconception about foam quality is price. Price does not always equate to performance. The actual quality and density of the foam are two factors that you need to consider when you are looking for a sofa cushion set. While there are several types of foam available, we will focus on the five most popular ones.

What Is Foam?

What Is Foam?

Foam is a type of plastic material made from different materials, like polyurethane, latex, or polystyrene. It is widely used in upholstery because it is durable, easy to handle, and has good physical properties. It should be noted that foam has inherent resilience. When foams are compressed, they regain their original shapes. 

As a result, most foam cushions in sofa sets are paired with polyester for added comfort and resilience. Foam comes in many densities, including low-density (1 to 3 pounds), medium density (2.5 to 4 pounds), high-density (3.5 to 5 pounds), extra-high density (4.5 to 6 pounds), and super-high density (5.5 to 7 pounds).

Polyurethane Foam Cushions

Polyurethane Foam Cushions

Polyurethane foam is the most common type of foam used in furniture cushions or sofabed cushions today. It is the reason why most people think that any upholstery foam is polyurethane. To present, there are several grades of polyurethane foams available on the market. 

The highest quality polyurethane foams gain a lot of reputation on their own as long as they are widely utilized in outdoor furniture cushions or patio sofabed cushions. The standard grades of polyurethane foam include high-density polyurethane foam, density-sensitive intermediate grade polyurethane foam, medium-density polyurethane foam, and low-density polyurethane foam.

Soy-Based Foam

Soy-Based Foam

Soy-based foam is a type of premium paneling. It has the same physical properties as that of latex but is better than latex in several ways. This kind of sofabed cushion has excellent resilience, especially when compared to stiff and hard upholstery materials like wood or leather. It can be used in indoor furniture sets as well as outdoor patio heater cushions or sofas.

Latex Based Sofa Cushions

Latex Based Sofa Cushions

Latex foam is made up of natural rubber extracted from the sap of the rubber tree. It was initially used for its elastic qualities, which were used to create inflatable boats and inflatable bouncers. Today, latex is widely used in furniture cushions owing to its anti-mildew and anti-static properties. Latex foams are durable and gentle on the skin, and easy to clean for added comfort and hygiene.

Down/Feather Cushions

Down/Feather Cushions

Down or feathers are soft, lightweight materials that belong to the plumage of birds. They are very fluffy and light. They provide a smooth and comfortable surface when they are used in furniture cushions, especially sofabed cushions. The higher the fill power of a down comforter or pillow, the larger the space between its fibers, which results in lighter weight but better insulation. Feathers are often paired with natural or artificial fibers, such as cotton or polyester.

Cotton Cushions

Cotton is one of the most versatile materials used in furniture cushions or sofabed cushions today. It has many advantages over other materials, including good resistance to mildew and rot, softness, comfort, and durability. Also, it is one of the most widely used materials in sofa cushion foams. 

Generally speaking, cotton upholstery foam is inexpensive and easy to maintain. Most vented foams are made with cotton or a combination of polyester and cotton; however, they are not recommended for humid areas because they absorb more water than other types of foam.


What Is The Best Foam Density For Couch Cushions?

Foam density is the measure of how many pounds per cubic foot a piece of foam weighs. Foam padding and cushions are most commonly used for furniture to make it more comfortable and supportive. The ideal foam density for couch cushions typically ranges between 1-2 pounds per cubic foot, which you can test by feeling it and pressing your fingers into the cushion. Too little or too much foam can be uncomfortable, so make sure you find one that suits your needs.

How Can I Make My Couch Cushions Firmer?

Many different methods can be utilized to create a more stable and supportive sitting surface. The first is by simply placing a pillow in the seat of the cushion where it lacks support. Another option is to add batting or stuffing inside the cushion and sew up any opening in the fabric so that there are no gaps for air to leak through. A third option would be by adding heft or weight inside the back areas of the couch to gradually sink under pressure from use when someone sits on it.

Is Memory Foam Good For Seat Cushions?

Memory foam is a material that is perfect for making these seat pads. This foam may be beneficial since it provides support and relieves pressure on your lower back. Not only does it come in varying thicknesses, but it also comes in two different types: open-cell or closed-cell foam, with the open-cell being best for those that sweat a lot because it has better ventilation and absorbs more liquid faster than closed-cell. Memory foam seats are perfect if you have really sensitive skin because they are free from latex, vinyl, or phthalates which can cause skin irritation.

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How To Clean Fabric Sofa

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Whether you have a white, brown, beige, or any other colored fabric sofa, it will need to be cleaned at least once every few months. Treating your couch with care will mean that it lasts for a long time. The best way to clean a fabric sofa is to use a vacuum cleaner or steamer cleaner. 

It is recommended to vacuum-clean the sofa at least once a week. It will remove most loose dust and grime; however, you should use a steam cleaner at least once a month. Steam cleaners will lift off stains and other dirt that has become embedded in the fabric. This article will explain how to clean fabric sofas by giving several tips that are easy to follow and will not cost you much money.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa

How To Clean Fabric Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

We will start with the easiest methods to clean fabric sofas and then move on to more complex procedures.

Read Manufacturer’s Instructions

instructions about How To Clean Fabric Sofa

Before you begin, it is a good idea to read the instructions that came with your sofa. Most manufacturers have tips on how to treat their products and what cleaning agents you can use. 

Even if they are not stated in these instructions, it is recommended that you use mild cleaning products without alcohol or bleach. Remember that some chemicals can damage your sofa, ruining its color, texture, and quality.

Read The Cleaning Code On The Sofa

It is essential to know the details of the cleaning code on your sofa. This will tell you what type of material it is made of and use specific cleaning agents. Many fabric-type codes are used in the industry, but they are often ignored by consumers and commercial cleaners alike. Take a look at the sofa’s label or press release to learn how to clean that type of fabric without damaging it. 

Here’re traditional cleaning codes for fabric mattresses:

  • W or Water-based cleaner. Only use a water-based cleanser to clean the upholstery.
  • S/W or Solvents and water-based cleaners. It is safe to use both solvents and water-based cleaners.
  • S or Solvents. Only use a solvent to clean the upholstery.

Use Dry Brush

how to clean a fabric sofa with Dry Brush

The next step uses a brush, which is made of horsehair, or wool. It will remove dirt particles stuck between the fibers of the fabric. If you don’t have a dry brush, use a vacuum cleaner with its brush attachment to help you in this process. You can also use a dry broom or even your hands or a vacuum cleaner as long as they are free of glue, oil, dirt, and grime. If there are other fabric types (like velvet), you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid ruining them.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

In most cases, vacuuming is the best way to clean your sofa. It is cheap and efficient, but it will require a bit more effort than simply vacuuming with the attachment. Vacuuming will help you remove loose dirt from the furniture, and it can also filter out some of the chemicals present in most cleaners (and home dust mites), causing your air quality to improve rather than worsen.

Many manufacturers recommend using Steam Vacuum Cleaner to clean their sofas because this machine won’t leave any debris on the couch. It won’t damage your couch fabric, and it will obtain better results lower cost.

Clean With Baking Soda

how to clean fabric sofa with With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good material to use for removing stains if you can’t find other methods to clean your couch. It can gently remove spots and dirt, but it may not be strong enough to remove stubborn stains. If there are several stains on the sofa, you will need to use laundry detergent or a commercial cleaner. 

Some manufacturers even recommend it over their products. The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you which solutions to use for cleaning specific fabrics, like cotton, linen, wool, or microfiber.

Treat The Spots With Recommended Agent

Most detergents are suitable for cleaning almost any kind of fabric. However, you should follow the instructions that came with these products because using the wrong one can ruin your furniture. You should always test a small piece of fabric first to make sure it doesn’t leave any stains or discoloration. 

Most detergents require hot water so use warm or hot water from your tap. Begin by pouring a little bit of detergent on the stained area and use a wet cotton ball (make sure it is spotless) to dab several times until the stain is gone.

Dry The Fabric With Towels

It is always recommended that you spot clean first and then apply a towel and let it dry. This process will help you eliminate stains from other areas so that they are not transferred to this one area. If you want to dry the fabric faster, use a blow dryer on a low setting or air it out in a room at least 10 degrees cooler than where your sofa is located.

Air Dry The Sofa

Many professional cleaners advise people to air dry the couch. If you air-dry your sofa, the fabric will be straightened, and you can avoid shrinkage and prolong the life of your furniture. After a thorough clean, it’s essential to make sure that everything is thoroughly dried out before you place it back in your home. Air drying is preferred because the fabric will not be damaged by heat or chemicals, but it might take longer than usual.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa Stains

Yellow Stains

Remove butter from the fabric sofa case by dabbing at it with paper towels and a dry cleaning solvent. This will help remove the grease that has soaked into the fabric, and it will go away quickly. Another option is to soak it in water and vinegar to remove the stain. The acid in the vinegar will break down fats, which is what butter is made of, so if you’re quick, this can be an effective method for removing a small amount of butter from your sofa. 

You may also try using a diluted mixture of water and liquid detergent to prevent yellowing or discoloration after cleaning for more delicate fabrics like silk or wool. It is important to test this solution first on a hidden area because some materials will not tolerate it well.

Red Stains

Remove red stains by washing the fabric with mild dish detergent and water. This will either make the stain disappear, or it will help reduce its visibility. After that, use a white vinegar and water mixture or dry cleaning solvent to remove any leftover remnants of the stain. 

If the stain is fresh and new, apply cold cream directly to it as soon as possible to prevent further discoloration. When using a fabric protector, make sure that you do not put on too much, or the product will spill and stain your couch.

Blue Stains

To effectively remove blue stains from your sofa, you will first need to completely clean the area with a mild washing solution or water and dish detergent. This will safely remove any dirt or soap that may have caused the stain in the first place. 

After cleaning, use a dry cleaning solvent to remove any residues in the area and then use either an alcohol-based stain remover or lemon juice or vinegar and salt mixture to determine what is causing the stain. Lemon juice removes red-blue stains, while vinegar gets rid of yellow-blue stains and blue food stains.


What Is The Best Way To Clean A Fabric Sofa?

The best way to clean a sofa will depend on the fabric. If you have an upholstered sofa, then it should be vacuumed once in a while. If you have a fabric sofa that is not waterproof, it should be cleaned with dishwashing detergent mixed in warm water and sprayed directly onto the stains before wiping them off with a sponge.

How Can I Clean My Sofa At Home?

Firstly, we recommend running the vacuum cleaner over the entire surface of your sofa from top to bottom several times. This should remove any dust and most dirt particles that are loose on its surface. Next up – time for a soapy bath. Fill your sink or bucket with water and add one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent per two liters of water.

Can You Use A Steamer To Clean A Couch?

The answer, yes, you can use a steamer on your couch if you need deep cleanse or rejuvenation. Steamers work by running upholstery through hot water vapor, which loosens dirt and grime from the fabric in much the same way as traditional dry cleaners do but without exposure to harsh chemicals.

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How To Clean a Leather Sofa

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Your leather sofa is a prized possession in your home, and you want to keep it looking and feeling its best. Leather is a durable material, but it still needs to be properly cared for to look its best. There are three primary ways you can care for your leather sofa: routine cleaning, regular conditioning, and deep conditioning. 

How To Clean Leather Sofa

The easiest way to clean a leather sofa is by using soap and water. Just combine ingredients in the bowl and try to clean the leather surface. If it doesn’t help, then try other ways described below. But first, take a look at the materials you may need to do the cleaning perfectly.

Things And Tools You Need To Clean Leather Sofa

There’re some things you’ll need to clean your leather surfaces:

  • Warm water
  • Saddle soap
  • Microfiber or other soft cloth
  • Leather cream
  • Rubbing alcohol

How To Clean Leather White Sofa

How To Clean Leather White Sofa

If your white leather sofa is looking dirty or stained, you don’t need plain water and soap. Instead of using harsh chemicals that could make stains worse, try these tips first: 

  • Use diluted vinegar mixed in a bucket of water for light-colored upholstery.
  • Pour club soda on lightly stained areas for darker upholstery.

How To Clean Leather Sofa Naturally

You can clean the sofa with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Soak up as much excess moisture as possible with paper towels before gently scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush to remove the stains. Do not use other cleaning products, like bleach, to clean your leather sofas, as it could ruin them. It is recommended that you do not do this more than once every six months.

How To Clean Leather Sofa At Home

For tough spots and stains, open areas of the sofa are best cleaned with toothpaste diluted in water. Do not dampen the spot with water. The toothpaste will help remove stubborn stains. When done, rinse with water and let dry completely before applying a leather conditioner.

How To Clean Leather Sofa With Baking Soda

If your white upholstery is still showing dirt after using the vinegar and detergent method, you can use baking soda to clean it instead of vinegar. If you do this, be sure to use a mix of equal parts baking soda and water and some cotton balls or an old toothbrush for scrubbing in the places where you want to clean. It will take quite a bit of scrubbing to get your upholstery clean, but it is worth it in the end.

How To Avoid Stains On Leather Sofa?

How To Avoid Stains On Leather Sofa?

We all know that leather is one of the most expensive materials used in furniture. Aside from being a durable material, it also has a good texture and provides a sense of elegance and class to your home. But just like any typical piece of furniture, leather sofas are also likely to get dirty if not properly taken care of.

So if you want to keep your leather sofa clean for long periods, here are some things that you should remember:

  • Avoid placing food or drinks on the sofa at all costs. If you must place them on the sofa, make sure that you use a coaster or placemat and that you wipe off any spills right away. Also, never allow pets to sleep or play on the sofa; if they do, it will be challenging to remove stray hairs from your sofa.
  • Do not smoke on your leather sofas. Cigarette smoke can really stick to leather and leave a very unpleasant odor in the furniture.
  • Before letting someone sit on the sofa, clean up any stains on it first with water or a damp cloth. Tissues are also handy in removing unwanted smudges or dirt from your leather sofa without damaging its finish.
  • Keep your leather sofa away from direct heat and sunlight. These can cause your sofa to dry up and crack.


You should not use chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean a leather sofa. These chemicals can make it more difficult for the leather to repair itself. If your upholstery is ruined, it may be necessary to replace it. 

You can try using everyday household items such as white vinegar and baking soda, which are safe for most leather products but will continue to affect the color of the leather if left on a long enough period. Baking soda can be used regularly without changing its color, but if you still like the gray appearance that comes with frequent cleaning, you may want to consider using another cleaner at least once a month.


What Is The Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa?

Here are some tips on how to clean your leather sofa the right way. Armed with these helpful pointers, you’ll be able to get that beautiful leather back to its original state and keep it there for years! 
– First things first, make sure you have all the appropriate gear: quality leather cleaner and conditioner (optional), a cloth or old towel (preferably microfiber), great music to listen to while you work. 
– Mix up your cleaner according to instructions (the ratio of water will vary depending on the manufacturer).
– Apply the cleaner to the leather sofa or do the following steps according to the manufacturer’s directions.

What Household Products Can You Use To Clean Leather?

To start, we recommend using either a soft cloth or paper towel and regular dish soap. Other options include using a small amount of vinegar mixed with water, diluted lemon juice, or rubbing alcohol on a dry cloth. Make sure to test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area first! 
If you are looking for something more powerful but still natural, try white distilled vinegar mixed with water and baking soda (use about a tablespoon each). Baking soda is naturally abrasive, and the vinegar will help dissolve greasy substances that pollute your leather surface.

Can You Clean Leather With Vinegar?

If you have the unfortunate experience of having to clean your leather sofa, jacket, or shoes with vinegar, you’re in for a nasty surprise. A chemical reaction between the vinegar and natural oils found in leather will cause those surfaces to become dull and dry. No amount of scrubbing will fix this disaster because the acid has already penetrated too close to the skin.
If you don’t want your piece of furniture to suffer irreversible damage, then replace some cooking wine or white wine vinegar with water so that it doesn’t leave any marks on the leather.

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How To Clean Sofa

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Some people like to stay in the house all the time. They enjoy their sofa, and it’s one of their favorite places in the home. However, there comes the point where your sofa is just not usable anymore. It can feel challenging when your couch has stains or notices your sofa isn’t as soft as it used to be.

How To Clean Sofa

These are common problems that you can resolve with a simple cleaning effort. For example, to clean a sofa, you need to vacuum all the surfaces, then clean stains, and air dry the couch. After that, you can use your renewed sofa. And if you need more information, just read further to know the best way to clean the couch at home.

Knowing Codes Before Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, kindly check manufacturer instructions. There you can find cleaning codes that will tell you what kind of cleaner you may use.

Code W

Code W is often used for water-based cleaners. The water must be lukewarm, and the fabric must not be chemically treated (for example, with flame retardant). Laundering with bleach or similarly harsh chemicals should be avoided as it will undoubtedly damage your sofa. Always test an inconspicuous area of your furniture before proceeding. 

If you are uncertain whether the stain you are attempting to remove is water-based, consult the cleaning label on the fabric care label of your sofa to see if it will accept a Code W or, if not, where that particular type of stain should be addressed on the cleaning code list.

Code S

You may apply strong cleaners with solvent. Allow to fully dry, then treat with a mild solvent (like rubbing alcohol).

Code W/S

Remove any visible traces of the stain with detergent and water or laundry detergent only; do NOT use bleach. Sponge lightly on stains that cannot be removed by rubbing, then let air dry completely before replacing covers or cushions.

Code X

Avoid cleaning with solvents or bleach on this stain, as they can often look worse than the original spill. If the stain is persistent, wipe as much of the stain out as possible with a dry cloth and then allow to air-dry completely before replacing any furniture covers or cushions.

How To Clean Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

Many people tend to think that their sofa is a piece of furniture meant to take a beating. But, unfortunately, they don’t know how easy it is to maintain it and how much nicer the couch will look after cleaning it every few months. To do it, just follow these basic steps for cleaning your sofa.

Vacuum Your Couch

How to Vacuum Your Couch

Vacuum your couch using an upholstery attachment with a brush. This will remove dirt from the deep cracks in the material. It will also help eliminate any hair, dust, or pet fur that might accumulate over time.

Remove Stains

how to Remove Stains from sofa

Remove stains by blotting with paper towels or spray on some pre-wash stain remover if you have one on hand. This should work for light stains. If the stain is still there, mix a solution of warm water with oxygen-based bleach. Start with a 1:10 ratio and mix until you have a smooth mixture. Next, dip a clean cloth in it and blot at the stain until most of it has disappeared.

Rinse And Dry

Rinse what is left of the bleach off with water. Let your couch air dry, preferably in the sun or using an indoor/outdoor fan.

You can use this same method for cleaning pillows or the other upholstered furniture in your home.

How Often To Clean Sofa

How Often To Clean Sofa

An excellent way to know how often to clean a sofa is by following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. These instructions are usually found inside the sofa’s warranty information or on tags sewn into the underside of a cushion.

The most common recommendation is that an upholstered or leather sofa should be professionally cleaned every 2-3 years unless subjected to heavy use. If you are following these recommendations, you will need to employ a professional furniture cleaning service. Ask your local dry cleaner for their guidance, as they are more likely than other services to have experience in this area.

How To Clean Sofa With Baking Soda

How To Clean Sofa With Baking Soda

Baking soda is safe for sofas and easy to use. Follow these steps:

  1. Give the upholstery a light vacuuming using a hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt, hair, and other debris.
  2. Mix three tablespoons of baking soda in one quart (4 cups) of water in the spray bottle and shake the mixture until it is dissolved. Spray on the stains until they are covered with baking soda foam. Wait at least 30 minutes for the baking soda to do its work before applying any detergent solution or scrubbing vigorously with a brush or cloth.
  3. With a sponge or in a bowl, scrub the affected areas in the upholstery with a mild detergent solution or liquid dishwashing solutions.
  4. For lighter soiling of furniture, you may use a one-quarter cup of white vinegar in one quart of warm water to thoroughly clean your upholstery and furniture. Let this mixture sit for five minutes, then rinse with warm water. This technique removes dirt, bloodstains, urine, and other similar stains without having to scrub.

How To Clean Sofa Fabric

How To Clean Sofa Fabric

Many times people have to clean the fabric of a sofa. This may happen because the material has stains, and there are no longer any cleaning products that can remove them. When this happens, it’s important to know how to clean a sofa fabric so that you can get rid of the stains without causing any damage in the process.

A good way to start is by using cold water. You should also make sure that your washcloth or sponge (that you use for scrubbing) is dry before you begin so it won’t absorb any more dirt or oils from the sofa’s surface while scrubbing it with soap and water. Once you’ve cleaned the couch with water, now it’s time to scrub the fabric with a soft brush to eliminate dirt that has been embedded in the fibers.

Using a clean cloth or sponge, wash the sofa again using soap and warm water. This will help to release tannic chemicals from the fabric. If there still are stains, you can use liquid dishwashing detergent for removing hard-to-remove stains, but rubbing alcohol will work just fine too. You should also make sure that you’re using a clean washcloth or sponge so that you don’t absorb any of the detergent or stain remover on it.


How Can I Clean My Sofa At Home?

It’s not easy to keep a sofa clean. Accidents happen, stains lurk, spills happen. But just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can certainly take care of your upholstery at home if you follow these guidelines:
– Vacuum it thoroughly from the top and bottom of all cushions. 
– Mix warm water with mild dish soap and use that as a cleaning solution in a spray bottle.
– Start by spraying one side of the fabric and wipe with an old rag or sponge.

How Can I Clean My Fabric Sofa Naturally?

The recommended way to clean any fabric furniture is with the stain before it has a chance to set in and dry. This can be done with a wet washcloth, some hot water, and dish soap, or the hottest water your tap will produce. A few drops of ammonia in the rinse cycle also help eliminate odors.
If you have leftover stains after this process, or if they persist after drying, there are still other options for cleaning your fabric furniture. One option is to mix 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of hot water in a spray bottle and lightly spritz onto the areas that need attention; blotting them gently with a paper towel afterward should help remove any remaining residue your sofa or loveseat.

What Can I Clean My Sofa With?

You can clean your sofa with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or lemon. Keep in mind that you should not use harsh cleaners as they may damage your upholstery.

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How To Keep Elderly From Falling Out Of Recliner

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Falling out of a recliner, unfortunately, is a common issue when we’re talking about older people. It happens because of health issues and other problems with mobility. To keep the elderly from falling out of the recliner, you may try to put a small pillow or folded towel on the seat cushion for extra support. Next, place a larger pillow or rolled-up towel to the left of the seat cushion. 

How To Keep Elderly From Falling Out Of Recliner

Position this so that it curves around and supports the right arm. This will make it possible for someone with shoulder weakness to move their arm without feeling like they may fall out of the recliner. Finally, place another pillow or towel on top of that one and gently tuck it against their back for extra support. 

If you’re elderly with a habit of falling out of your recliner at inopportune moments, fret no more! We’ve compiled some tips that should help prevent such a hassle from happening again and again.

Use The Reclining Functions

You can do this by simply pushing the lever with either one or both of your feet. By doing this, your chair will automatically go back to where it was when you pushed it forward. This makes it easier to get up out of the recliner without losing your balance.

Properly Position Legs And Feet

To avoid falls, you need to keep your legs straight when sitting in a recliner. By raising the foot end of the recliner about halfway, you can place your feet on the footrest, and they will be in a more natural position that will encourage stability.

Use Adjustable Seat Depth

If you have an adjustable recliner seat depth, make sure you use it. This way, you can adjust the distance between your legs and the backrest. This will prevent serious injuries from taking place if something happens when you’re sitting in the recliner.

Use Extra Supports

You can do this simply by using pillows and cushions to support your neck, head, and legs.


What Causes Elderly To Fall?

Elderly can fall from chairs if they have certain medical conditions that make it harder for them to sit up straight. The most common causes of falls from chairs among the elderly are poor balance, dizziness, and fatigue.

How Do I Keep My Elderly From Falling Out Of The Chair?

It can be challenging to keep an older person from falling out of the chair, especially when they have dementia or other cognitive impairment. Some people find a place that is a little higher and more secure than the regular kitchen chairs. Others will turn around and face away from the table, not easy to fall over towards the front edge. You can also use soft materials like pillows or blankets to cushion them if you don’t feel comfortable with using furniture of any kind.

How Can I Help The Elderly Get Up After Falling?

The best way to help someone who has fallen is to call for medical help. Another option is to ask if the person needs a walking stick or something similar before moving them. Other options may include moving furniture out of the way and then gently lifting them onto their feet, giving them a hand as they stand, or supporting the other arm while getting up.

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How To Keep Cat From Going Under Recliner

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Do you ever catch your cat going under the recliner and immediately scramble to get them out?

It’s an all-too-common occurrence when your cats have figured out that small space between the floor and the chair. While it can be a little bit of a nuisance, there are several ways to prevent your cat from going under the recliner. Of course, the best way to keep a cat from going under the recliner is to close underneath space. But there’re also other ways to resolve the issue. In this article, we’ll explore our three favorite solutions.

How To Keep Cat From Going Under Recliner

In addition to outlining them in detail, we’ll also explain what each one does so you can make an informed decision when selecting which one is best for you and your feline friends.

Best Ways To Keep Your Cat From Going Under The Recliner?

Keeping your cat away from the bottom of the recliner can be challenging. Luckily there’re some solutions to how to do it in the best ways.

Cat Deterrent Spray

We’ll start with a standard product you can pick up at any pet store – the cat deterrent spray. These sprays are housed in bottles with a screw on lid and are designed to repel cats and other animals. They come in different scents, some of which you’ve probably already used (such as flea spray). However, most use some type of pepper spray (usually based on capsaicin) to deter the animals from going under the recliner.

Packing Items Underneath

For example, if you place some boxes underneath your recliner, most cats will have a hard time getting there. You can also put something like a rolled-up blanket or a towel under the recliner to prevent a cat from getting underneath and under your furniture. On the other hand, your recliner obviously will stop rocking.

Use A Recliner Cover

One of the easiest ways to stop your cat from going under the recliner is by covering it with a protective cover. There are a few of these on the market, and while they don’t always work, they are certainly a step up from using a spray.

They can be used for any type of furniture – even for your couch! The covers are made from a durable material that will keep curious cats from going under your furniture. Some things to look for in these covers include dual zippers, velcro on the flap, and the ability to fit over the recliner’s frame. In addition to protecting against small animals, these covers will also protect if your cat decides to get caught between the furniture and the cover during playtime.


Are Recliners Safe For Pets?

Recliners are not safe for pets. If a pet jumps on a recliner, it can cause the chair to tip, causing injury to your dog or cat. Therefore, recliners should be handled with care around pets. Placing sheets over a recliner will reduce the risk of injury to your pet if they happen to jump onto the chair.

What Is The Best Material For A Recliner If You Have Cats?

The best material for a recliner is anything that is easily cleaned and durable. The last thing you want is to clean up cat hair all day. So, for example, cotton or polyester are all excellent materials for covering furniture due to their durability. And they’re also easy to clean since they resist stains and most other wear.

What Fabric Is Cat Scratch-Proof?

You can avoid damaging furniture with holes from your cat’s claws by using one of the three most common types: cotton, polyester, or microfiber.

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How To Stop Your Recliner From Rocking

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Have you ever found yourself trying to settle in, only for your reclining chair to rock back and forth as though it had a mind of its own? One way to stop your recliner from rocking is by placing a small pillow under the middle set of wheels at the base. 

Though this will help provide some stability, you should still consult with an experienced furniture technician if you’re not confident in your skills. It would also be best to invest in a recliner that doesn’t have rocking capabilities, or at least one that doesn’t have as much sway, so rocking is less likely. Anyway, below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to stop your recliner from rocking.

How To Stop Your Recliner From Rocking

How To Stop Your Recliner From Rocking: 5 Proven Steps

  1. Measure the height between the bottom of the chair frame and the top of the hinged box with your tape measure. Next, measure from left to right to find out length.
  2. You will need to measure and cut a piece of hardwood to the same width and length as where you mount it. I recommend using wood at least 1 inch thick to make it.
  3. Drill a hole and then cut through the hardwood block about 1/2 inch from each end.
  4. Wedge a block of wood between the chair and the recliner. If it rocks backward, then it won’t be stable enough to hold you.
  5. Screw the wooden plank to the hinged box with 2-inch wood screws and a screwdriver.

I hope all these steps will help you to fix your recliner and prevent rocking.


How Do You Stop A Recliner From Rocking?

On the bottom of the recliner, there is a lever that will lock it in place. It’s like putting your car in park. This will stop it from rocking back and forth. Recliners do usually come with directions but if not, ask your salesperson for help when you purchase one at a store or online, then follow the directions.

How Do You Fix A Wobbly Recliner?

Wobbly recliners aren’t always easy to fix. Here are some tips on how to repair a wobbly recliner of your own. There are many ways how you can fix a wobbly recliner like this one. However, the main idea of all these repair methods is that no two types of issues should be applied at the same time. So, if your recliner is wobbling due to excessive movement and you need help with balancing it out, try putting blocks under the legs for now until you get it fixed properly.

How Do I Keep My Recliner From Moving?

To fix a recliner that rocks, you must figure out what is causing it to move. If the rocking is caused by friction between the rug and feet, purchase carpet grippers or sticky pads at a home improvement store and adhere them to your rug to keep it in place. If there is something under your chair, that’s making it rock back and forth, move whatever that something might be away from under your chair. Lastly, if your feet are pressing against the leg of your recliner when you sit down, try adjusting their position by lifting them or keeping them pressed firmly against the floor.

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How To Get A Recliner Through A Door

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Recliners are so lovely to have. The problem is that when you’ve got one, it can be hard to bring it into your house. You often need a helper and a good deal of time just to manage the feat of getting a chair through the door. To get a recliner through a door, you need to measure your furniture and doorway, and if a recliner larger, just disassemble it.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door

Some think it needs to throw away oversized furniture, but it doesn’t necessarily do it, just because of this issue! So today, we will be taking a look at some ideas for how you can get an oversized recliner through the door and keep it inside your house. We will also review some options for finding an oversize chair if this is the only thing stopping you from getting what you want.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door – A Quick Solution

First of all, let’s take a look at two quick ideas for how to get your recliner into your house while you’re working with just one helper. Of course, neither of these methods will be ideal, but each has its advantages.

The first thing you can do is make sure that your recliner is not as wide as the doorway. If it is smaller than the doorframe, this means that you will only have to get your recliner tilted a little bit and then slide it into place through the door. This should be possible by yourself and with a helper if you put some time into it.

The second idea is to have your recliner delivered through the garage or side door. Again, this is a good solution, but if you want to use this strategy, you will need to be sure that your garage or side entrance is wide enough.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door – The Perfect Solution

Of course, if you don’t feel like doing any of that work, then you can make it as easy on yourself as possible by getting a special lightweight recliner! While many people love the comfort of heavy and oversized furniture, sometimes this can be more work than it’s worth.

There are plenty of lightweight recliners on the market, so if you are looking for a smaller recliner, then you can keep this in mind as an option.

You also may disassemble a recliner if possible and get its parts to a house. Then, just assemble furniture, and you’ll get an oversized chair at home with almost no fuss.


How Do You Get A Chair Through A Narrow Door?

To get a chair through a narrow door, you need to grab the side of the chair from behind where it is being pushed and push back with your whole body weight so that it pops out into your arms. Then, walk back towards the door and turn sideways to squeeze past. Hold onto one side of the chair and pull it with as much strength as possible until it pops out on your side, just like before.

How Do You Get An Oversized Chair Through A Door?

An oversized chair won’t fit through a door no matter what you do. One of the easiest ways to get furniture through a tight spot is to disassemble it into smaller pieces, which can then be assembled outside the room.

Do All Recliners Come Apart?

No, most recliners do not come apart. Most recliners are made of mesh and fabric, so those materials that make up the chairs tend to be designed so that they do not come apart. Although some brands have different designs, they generally work together well enough to keep the seats intact and look great. The only thing possible is a chair arm that comes apart from the recliner for easier carrying and installing.

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How To Sleep In A Recliner

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You want to get a good night’s sleep, right? Let’s say you happen to have a recliner around the house. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like sleeping in bed but needs some quality shuteye, then there are a few options for putting your recliner into supportive slumber mode.

How To Sleep In A Recliner

To sleep in a recliner, you need to have a well-padded chair so that it is comfortable enough for you to sleep on it for an extended period. You may also want to try out various positions and different ways of arranging blankets and pillows to find the perfect setup that will keep you from tossing and turning all night long.

Choose a recliner that is large enough for you to sleep in comfortably. Not all recliners are created equal, so consider yourself incredibly picky when it comes to purchasing a nice chair. It’s worth it to pay extra for the larger and more comfortable ones since they are designed for lounging instead of casual seating. Seek out one with a thicker cushion for added comfort, or find one you can reupholster and personalize with some new pillows and throws.

Many people prefer a recliner with a cup holder, if only for convenience. You can also look into recliners with storage space underneath the seat. This is especially useful if you plan to doze off while watching TV or reading because you’ll have full access to all of your belongings without having to get up and walk over to the table. If there is not much extra room on the chair itself, then find one with an armrest that folds down, so you have more room to move around.

The most important part of this equation, though, is how comfortable your recliner is regardless of what features it has. You don’t want to purchase a recliner with many features that you won’t be using because it makes the chair too uncomfortable. 

The most obvious issue to look for in a recliner with enough padding and material to be comfortable while sleeping. Expect to be able to sleep on the chair for at least two hours before you begin noticing discomfort, which is what would happen if your chair did not provide sufficient amounts of cushioning.


Is It Ok To Sleep In A Recliner?

Yes, you can sleep in a recliner. However, sleep specialists say that what matters is that you are following best practices for healthy sleeping. These include, and are not limited to: maintaining an optimal temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, getting about eight hours of sleep each night, and making sure your bedroom has sufficient lighting to avoid “night blindness.” Once these conditions are met, it doesn’t matter where you lay your head down the night-including the elevated recliner.

How Do You Sleep In A Recliner Chair?

You can put pillows on the floor to keep your head and arm from hitting the ground; then, I rest my head against a pillow. This position is not as comfortable as sleeping on a bed, but it has its benefits (if you need to nap during the day). Some people will sleep off balance or curl into a ball, while others will put their feet up and their head down or vice versa.

Can Sleeping In A Recliner Cause Blood Clots?

No, sleeping in a recliner can NOT cause blood clots. For it to happen, you must be seated and not moving for hours on end. Honestly, if you’re not on a plane or taking an extended driving trip, the chances are that this isn’t happening to you.

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How To Slipcover A Recliner

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Slipcovers are a great option to add luxury and style to your living space. Rather than investing in new furniture, slipcovers allow you to customize your old furniture. For example, if you have a leather recliner, slipcovering it can give it all-new life and help you save money on the upholstery bill when the leather inevitably wears down. Read on for tips on how to do this yourself!

How To Slipcover A Recliner

Slipcovering is a simple process of covering up an existing piece of furniture with fabric that’s more comfortable and durable than any used before. There are many different materials to choose from, including polyester, linen, cotton, and microfiber.

How To Measure Recliner For Slipcover

When slipcovering, it’s important to know the basics about how to measure furniture before you get started. For recliners, you’ll want to measure from the back of the piece of furniture to where it meets the seat. This will help you determine which length fabric you’ll need for your slipcover. Generally, three-quarter length covers work best: they provide just enough coverage for your recliner when in use and offer enough room for cleaning underneath when in storage.

Once you know how long your fabric needs to be, you’ll want to measure the depth of the chair. Choose a material that’s slightly wider than your measurements for a snug fit. While it’s not necessary for all furniture, if your recliner has an armrest that can be raised or lowered, this may affect the way you measure. Ensure that any height adjustments can still be made when the cover is fitted on and ensure that the fabric covers any gaps when in use.

Cleaning Recliner Before Slipcover

The next step in slipcovering is to prepare your existing furniture for new coverings. For this, you’ll want to wash and dry your furniture to loosen up any dust or dirt on the surface. After this, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove any extra debris from inside your recliner. 

You may also be able to do this by yourself while the furniture is out. However, if you’re looking for the most thorough cleaning possible, remove the cushions from your recliner and clean them separately.

Once you’ve finished preparing the piece of furniture, you’ll want to apply a spray-on cleanser or gentle soap solution to help remove any residual dyes and waxes that fabric manufacturers leave behind. After that, rinse the furniture with water and pat it dry. Again, be sure to be gentle with this process to avoid leaving any wrinkles on the surface of your furniture.

How To Slipcover A Recliner: 6 Proven Steps

When you’re finished preparing the furniture, layout your slipcover material flat on a table. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a fabric that’s similar in size to your recliner. If your recliner has any armrests or adjustable parts, place them in an outward position, so you don’t have to worry about any extra material when making adjustments as you put the slipcover on. Here’s a step-by-step guide about how to slipcover a recliner:

  1. Using a tape measure and pencil, mark off where all of your furniture’s various parts lie along the length and width of the material.
  2. Determine how many inches you need of fabric on each side of your furniture’s parts. For example, if you’re slipcovering a recliner that sits four feet from one end to the other, you’ll need two inches on each side. On the other hand, if the fabric is slightly boxier in shape and shorter than your furniture’s parts, it may be a bit easier for you to fold it over. 
  3. Once you’ve chosen this option, just follow the same procedure as before: measure from where the part meets the seat up to where it meets the armrest and mark that distance down the length of your material.
  4. Make sure that you cut the fabric following these measurements. You can either use scissors for smaller pieces or a rotary cutter if you have one. Before cutting your fabric, make sure to start at the end of where it meets the armrest and slowly work your way toward where it was folded over. While you can shorten the piece of material after it’s cut, doing so may cause wrinkles in the finished product.
  5. Gently fold them in half and cut them straight across using a sharp scoring knife or razor blade. Now that you’ve completed one piece of fabric, repeat this process with each one until all four elements are complete. As you go along, make sure you only cut the material straight down from where it connects to the end of your furniture. If you cut the excess off too close to the fabric, you may not be able to use it when it’s time to slipcover your piece.
  6. Once each piece is complete, put it all together and sew them. Now, your slipcovers are ready for use. They’re an easy way to spruce up your old pieces and give them new life.


Can You Buy Slipcovers For Recliners?

The answer is: Yes. Recliners can be found with slipcovers that can be changed depending on the season or your mood. Slipcovers are usually sold separately from the recliner and are easily removable for washing. Slipcovers come in various fabrics and colors to match any décor scheme, and some even have arms that offer added comfort.

Can You Put A Slipcover On A Reclining Sofa?

Yes, you can put a slipcover on a reclining sofa. However, some reclining sofas have portions that are not upholstered and only have foam padding. This may make it difficult to attach the slipcover to these surfaces because of the lack of fabric or flimsy material. In addition, if the back cushions on your sofa are made from batting or foam like many today are, then adding a slipcover will compress them and create an uneven look between the front and back of your sofa.

Can You Cover A Leather Recliner?

Yes, you can cover a leather recliner with upholstery fabric. You’ll need to find a pattern that is meant to match the upholstery texture and then uses a stain-resistant woven polyester or cotton fabric.

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How To Power Recliner In Middle Of Room

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While the majority of recliners have a wall socket for power, some do not. This is usually the case with models intended to be placed in the middle of a room. The problem is that these recliners have to be plugged into a nearby outlet. If there is no nearby outlet, the task of getting the recliner plugged in can sometimes be an almost impossible one.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make this task easier. For example, to power the recliner in the middle of the room, you need to use a surface-mount box that can be supplied with a surface conduit. This will help you run the power wire to the recliner from any outlet.

How To Power Recliner In Middle Of Room

If you are looking for a new recliner, then you should learn why putting your recliner in the middle of your room allows you to enjoy it to its full potential. The main reason is that it is easier to get in and out of when it is in the center of the room. The other reasons are that you can often get a larger recliner to fit in the center and that you can get a matching recliner for the opposite side of the room for your spouse, partner, or best friend.

How To Hide Power Recliner Cords On The Floors 

Power recliners are becoming more popular than ever and for a good reason. Not only are they easy to use and comfy once they’ve been adjusted, but they also look nice and are great for the back. The only downside is, typically, they require power.

And unless you are prepared to route the power cord under your carpets, there’s bound to be a visible cord running from the chair to the outlet. In most cases, these cords are not too bothersome since they are located behind your furniture. However, if you are looking to buy a power recliner, you may want to consider the cord outlet’s location before making your purchase. You can also try to hide the cord, and the easiest way to get power recliner cords off the floor is to purchase a floor covering.


Do Power Recliners Have To Be Plugged In?

The answer is quite simple: if you have a powered recliner with an electric motor, you need to plug it into an outlet.

Can You Manually Recline A Power Recliner?

Power recliners are a great convenience in the home. You just sit down, and the chair automatically moves into a lying-down position! However, there are some times when you may want to move the chair into the reclined position without the help of power. For example, if the power is out, you may want to move the chair to your desired position by hand.

How Can I Get The Power To The Center Of My Room?

You need to pull the cord to the middle of the room and connect the recliner to it. To keep the cord out of the way and out of danger, it’s important to hide it. This can be a special wire box or a floor covering that will hide the wire from prying eyes.

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How To Cuddle In A Recliner

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The best way to cuddle in a recliner is to set your seating position at about a 45-degree angle. It will be easier to stay in that position if you have a pillow. If your recliner has a footrest, raise it up. If not, place a pillow under your feet. You sit alone or with your partner in this position because most cuddler recliners are designed to fit two people.

How To Cuddle In A Recliner

Cuddling in a recliner is a fun activity that you can do with your loved one. It is a great way to pass the time, but make sure that you do it properly. You should avoid getting back pain or sore knees. Here are some tips to help you cuddle in a recliner: 

You can use a recliner to its full potential by giving yourself and your partner a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

What To Consider While Cuddling In A Recliner?

Whether you are watching TV with your partner or watching a movie with your children – a recliner is a must-have in your house. Yes, a recliner is the best place to sit, but it’s also the best place to hold your partner in your arms. Cuddling is one of the best ways to express love and affection towards your partner.

While recliners are great, they can be made even more comfortable with a few accessories. One of the most important accessories you can get for your recliner is a pillow. The pillow should be the same height as your body and should support your back and neck. A great way to achieve this is to use a decorative pillow that will match the chair.

Recliner’s size is another thing to consider. You need to understand if your furniture is suitable for two persons. If no, it would be uncomfortable to sit together, and your relax time can be spoiled.


What Is A Cuddler Recliner?

If you love having someone cuddle up next to you while you’re watching TV, then you need a cuddler recliner. That’s because these recliners are designed to put you in a relaxed position while still allowing you to hold onto a loved one. The chair is specially designed to give you room to stretch out or curl up while still letting someone else have space to get comfortable too. With a cuddler recliner, you can enjoy a relaxing night of TV while snuggling up with someone you love.

Is Recliner Big Enough For Two People To Sit On?

If you are in the market for a new recliner, you might be looking for a recliner that is big enough for two people to sit on. Recliners are a great way to relax after a long day at work or play. However, they are not all the same. Some recliners are big enough to lounge on with a loved one, while others are small enough to be used as a single person recliner. The key is to find a recliner that is big enough for a person to stretch out on.

Is Cuddle Recliner Comfortable?

Cuddle Recliner is known for its comfortable seating, which is achieved through its ergonomic design. The entire chair gets a pretty good cushioning, and its foam-filled back provides support while being soft. The armrests are puffy and well padded, and the foam-filled seat bottom receives a layer of breathable mesh. The seat itself is well-padded, and it gets a lot of support from the chair’s heavy tubular steel base. The chair’s back can be adjusted to nearly any angle.

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How to Make Your Recliner More Comfortable

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Most of us use recliners. But sometimes they are not comfortable enough. To make your recliner more comfortable, you need to improve its construction with additional tools, like cushions, lumbar support, armrests, etc. Below you will find more detailed instructions for each of these points.

How to Make Your Recliner More Comfortable

Most people spend a lot of time relaxing in a recliner. Whether you’re cuddling up to watch TV, catching a few winks before your next shift at the hospital, or even nursing a hangover, it’s important to be comfortable when you’re reclining for an extended period. Most recliners consist of a hard seat cushion and a soft back cushion, but this kind of design doesn’t make you feel as if you’re relaxing in your living room. If you’re looking for some handy tips and tricks for making your recliner more comfortable, look no further. We have all the tips and tricks you need.

Seat Cushion

Over the years of sitting in a recliner, the foam and fabric go through a lot of wear and tear, which will cause the cushion to sit lower than before. The best solution to this problem would be to purchase a new recliner, but this might be costly, especially if the cushion is the only thing that requires replacing. With this in mind, many cushion makers offer various options to make it so you can continue to use your favorite chair for a few more years. These cushions are made of high-quality materials that can help protect your back and make it easier to get out of your favorite recliner.

Lumbar Support

There are several types of lumbar support cushions for recliners with different prices and styles. Their price is not too high, but it is very important to choose a good one for your recliner. There are two types of lumbar support cushions for the recliner. The first type is like a block of foam with a cut-out in the middle that fits around the recliner. The second type is shaped like a long pillow that fits behind you and has straps for you to hook to.

Raise The Armrests

Your recliner’s armrests are meant to be used. They are there to make it easier to get comfortable in your chair. However, if you are short or have problems with your arms, getting comfortable can be a problem. One of the first things you should do is raise the armrests. This makes it much easier to get comfortable in your chair and allows you to stretch out and relax easily.


Is It Better To Sit On A Hard Or Soft Surface?

It’s challenging to make a blanket statement about whether a soft or hard surface is better for sitting. Ultimately, your body will be the best judge of which is best for you, as soft and hard surfaces may feel different depending on your body type and needs. For example, people who have arthritis may find soft surfaces more comfortable as it takes the pressure off their joints, while those who experience back pain may find a hard surface more comfortable as it supports their back better.

How Can I Make My Recliner More Ergonomic?

To make your recliner more ergonomic, you’ll need to balance your body weight. The key to doing this is to add a chair pad to the chair’s back. These pads distribute weight evenly and help prevent pressure points. You might want to add a cushion to your recliner’s armrests, too. This will make it more comfortable to hold your armrests when you’re reclining.

Is Reclining Better Than Sitting?

As many of us have experienced firsthand, sitting for long periods can take a toll on our bodies. If you spend much of your day at a desk or simply use your computer as a means to check emails and watch videos, it’s no surprise that so many of us are complaining of back pain. Thankfully, one of the best ways to avoid back pain is to replace your current chair with a good-quality recliner.

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How To Make Recliner Quieter

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When you buy a new recliner, you probably don’t think much about how noisy it might be when you sit in it. However, a bad recliner can be more than just annoying; it can damage your house and your health. To make the recliner quieter, you need to lubricate parts and joints of its mechanism. It’s not difficult but may require some additional equipment and skills. In this guide, I will tell you about how to fix a squeaky recliner.

How To Make Recliner Quieter

Thing You May Need To Make Recliner Quieter

Depending on the recliner construction, you may need to disassemble the chair. And, of course, you’ll need some tools, lubricants, and additional equipment for this action. Here’s the short list of essential things you may need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Sheet or cloth
  • Oil or metal lubricant

How To Make Recliner Quieter: Step-by-Step Guide

You have made the wise decision of buying a recliner, and now you are looking for a way to make it more silent. The noise that they make when you use them can be highly annoying, and sometimes you would prefer to be quiet.

In order to make the recliner quieter, there are some things that you can do. First, check the screws that are keeping the seat on the frame. If they are loose and there is movement, the noise will go away if you tighten them. If the screws are not loose, you may need to place a piece of rubber or a non-slip mat underneath them. It will help prevent the noise and provide additional traction.

If these steps are not effective, you need to lubricant the mechanism. Before you start, lay the cloth or tarp under the recliner. Then do the following:

  • Remove the covering from the underside of the recliner. Use a hammer or screwdriver if necessary.
  • Apply the lubricant for metal parts or mineral oil on all moving mechanisms like coils, bolts, etc. 
  • Set the recliner in a closed position and then recline it again. Make these actions several times. If the squeak still available, apply more lubricant.
  • When over, remove excess grease with a rag and assemble the recliner.


Why Does My Recliner Make Noise?

If your recliner is making noise, it’s almost certainly a problem with the recliner’s springs or its gliders. Springs are the metal coils that support your weight, while gliders are the castors that allow you to move your recliner around easily. Springs wear out and break over time, so it’s a good idea to check them for wear and tear before you buy a recliner.

How Do You Lubricate A Recliner?

Lubricating a recliner is easy to do, but you should know that you could end up with a sticky mess if you don’t take the necessary steps. Take a look at these steps and learn how to lubricate a recliner:
1. Clean the area you plan to lubricate.
2. Get all of your supplies together.
3. Apply the lubricant to the areas that need lube.

How Do I Stop My Recliner From Squeaking?

First, try tightening the bolts that hold the chair together using the tools you’ll need. The bolts can usually be tightened with a screwdriver. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the bolts, the seat, or the cushions. Another way is to lubricate bolts, joints, and other mechanisms.

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How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner

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Recliners are incredibly comfortable because they are the most popular piece of furniture in many homes. Some people enjoy sitting in a recliner for hours watching television or reading a good book. But sometimes, you may need to remove the back of a recliner, and the best way to do it is to detach the back. This process is easier than you think – you just need to unlock the mechanism and remove the recliner’s back. Attaching the back is also not difficult; it is enough to repeat the process in reverse order. In this guide, you’ll know how to remove the back of a recliner in minutes.

how to remove a back of a recliner

Common Back Types

There are three usual recliner back types, and your piece of furniture definitely has one of these mechanisms:

  • Locking Levers
  • Bolted On Backs
  • Locking Tab Or Catch

How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner With Locking Levers

How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner With Locking Levers

The levers are the feature that allows you to adjust the back of the recliner either up or down. It also helps to detach the recliner back if needed. When you lock the levers in place, then you prevent the back from being able to remove. If you unlock them, then you will be able to remove the back of the recliner.

How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner With Bolted Bars

The backs of some recliners are bolted in place. The bolts that secure the back in place are located either on the top of the back or on the chair’s side. You will have to remove the back to access the bolts. Remove the back by pulling it off the posts of the seat. Remove the bolts that secure the back to the frame. Be sure to keep all the parts together or setting the back in the same place that it was removed from.

How To Remove The Back Of A Recliner With A Locking Tab

The locking of a recliner is the mechanism that secures the back of the recliner to the recliner frame, allowing the user to fix the back into position. The recliner locks are found on the back or the inside of the recliner frame. They are used to hold the back to the edge. To unlock them for detaching the back, you may use a screwdriver. When you set the back to its place, a catch locks automatically.


Do All Recliners Come Apart?

Almost all the recliners on the market today have an option to detach the back. This makes it easier to lift the furniture or move to another place. 

How Do You Take The Back Off Of A Recliner?

You may need to take apart the recliner when you move. This is why it is important to take note of how it comes apart. To detach the recliner’s back from the base, you need to push or pull a catch on the side of the furniture. Then you need to pull the back up and remove it.

Can You Take Apart A Recliner Couch?

Most recliners can be easily disassembled while moving to another room or house. The first thing you need to detach is the back. To do it with no stress, you just need to find fixing bolts or catches between the rear seams. When you unlock or remove them, you would quickly pull up the back and detach it.

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How to Adjust a Recliner?

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how to adjust a reclinerDid you know that it is possible to adjust the tension on a recliner? About half of all recliner models come with wing nuts or thumbscrews that can be readily adjusted to either increase or decrease the mechanism’s tension.

Increasing the tension will give you more resistance. Decreasing the tension will give you less resistance.

Even if there are no handy wing nuts, you can still adjust the tension. It will require a little more in the way of tools and DIY know-how, plus replacement parts.

But before we talk about how to adjust it, let’s first talk about why you might want to do so. There are a few general scenarios that are somewhat common.


Reasons to Adjust the Recliner’s Tension

As noted above, tension can be either increased or decreased. So you have one set of scenarios that suggests you need more tension and another set that suggests you need less tension.

If the primary person using the recliner is a huge person, the recliner may fall back too easily. They may both want and need more tension.

In most cases, you will want to add tension if the person is very tall and/or weighs a lot. But there can be other reasons to add tension, such as the need for support for a bad back or for someone pregnant and having trouble getting comfortable.

If the person using the chair plops themselves down in the chair, and it rapidly reclines backward and maybe even tilts a bit like something in a sitcom, you probably need to increase the tension. If it is far too loose, this is not just a comfort issue. It can also be a safety issue. If the chair ends up falling over backward, someone could get hurt.

The opposite scenario also occurs. On the small side, people who have less strength than average may find themselves struggling with the recliner. This is not a comfortable or relaxing experience. Quite the contrary. This can be very stressful and a reason to start avoiding the recliner.

In most cases, such people will be children, petite women, or sometimes elderly individuals who have shrunk and also lost muscle mass over the years. It is also possible that someone is temporarily underweight and experiencing reduced strength, such as when one is undergoing chemotherapy or similar.

Again, this goes beyond comfort. A small, weak or ill person wrestling with the recliner can potentially hurt themselves. It may be as minor as strained muscles, but it could also be much more serious, such as pulling the stitches loose after surgery. Yikes!

First Things First

Because of the metal reclining mechanism and extra chair sections that hide it, recliners tend to be fairly heavy. Adjusting the tension will involve tipping it up or turning it over.

This may go better if you get a second person to help you. Even if you are big and strong enough to turn it over and make the adjustments handily, this may go through several iterations before you are satisfied with the tension.

As you repeatedly turn the chair back over, you may get tired and start making mistakes. This can lead to injury or other drama.

You may also need safety goggles, safety gloves, and pliers to help you safely get a firm grip. If you are replacing the springs to add tension, a fairly large pile of nickels, quarters or washers will come in handy.

How to Adjust the Tension

About half of all recliners can be readily adjusted with little to no tools. The other half can still be adjusted, but it won’t be so drop-dead simple.

Easily Adjustable Models

These models will have two wing nuts or thumbscrews beneath them. There will be one on each side, right and left.

The chair needs to be tilted forward or turned over. You may be able to turn the thumbscrews barehanded, or you may find that you need work gloves to protect your fingers and give a better grip.

If you are really struggling to adjust them or your fingers start to hurt from the exertion, a pair of pliers can come in handy.

Remember Safety first!

Whatever you do to one side, you need to do it in equal measure to the other, so the tension is adjusted evenly. Make small adjustments of about a quarter turn each time.

You can tighten them by turning them clockwise. Loosen them by turning them counterclockwise.

Yes, these tighten and loosen just like any other screw. Some people find the mnemonic “Righty tighty, lefty loosey.” helpful in keeping track of the correct direction for the desired result.

After you adjust it, turn it upright and try it. See if that’s the right tension. If it is, you are done. If not, you will be turning it back over and making more adjustments until you find the sweet spot for your needs.

How to Adjust a La-z-boy Recliner’s Tension

How to Adjust Tilt Back Tension on a La-z-boy Recliner

Replacing Springs

If there are no handy wing nuts for easy adjustment, you can buy replacement springs to adjust the tension. Ideally, you want to buy parts from the manufacturer that were designed for your model number.

You may be able to get these from a local retailer that carries the recliner’s brand in question or you may be able to order them online. If that doesn’t pan out, you should still be able to get compatible replacement parts with a little asking around.

Popping the old spring out will be relatively painless, though make sure you wear eye protection. If you are installing a very tight spring, there is a trick to doing so easily:

Did you know your pocket change was so mechanically useful? You learn something new every day!

P.S. If your recliner is completely broken, you can check out the list of best recliners we’ve picked for you to replace it.


Best Push-Back Recliners

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  1. Altrobene Push Back Recliner Chair

    Altrobene Push Back Recliner ChairCheck price
  2. Domesis Cortez - Linen Push Back Recliner Chair

    Domesis Cortez - Linen Push Back Recliner ChairCheck price
  3. Topeakmart Fabric Recliner Sofa Push Back Recliner

    Topeakmart Fabric Recliner Sofa Push Back ReclinerCheck price

A push-back recliner is a recliner that uses a hidden track mechanism to allow the back of the chair to lean back at a much greater angle than a traditional recliner.  

Inventor and recliner-maker Ron Pramschufer invented the original push-back recliner, and his recliner was the first of its kind.  His first push-back recliner prototype was a chair made for his mother to help her take the pressure off of her bad back.

The push-back recliner is a recliner with a feature that enables you to push the back of the chair back so that it is facing away from you. This type of recliner is more popular in the U.S. than it is in Europe, where it is more of a niche product. There are different reasons why people prefer this style of a recliner.

For example, some people like the reclining feature, and since the push-back recliner can recline all the way back, it is a perfect combination.

  1. ECOTOUGE Massage Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner – Best for the elderly
  2. HOMCOM Heated Vibrating Linen Fabric Massage Recliner – Best optimal softness seat

Best Push-Back Recliners – Reviews

Altrobene Push Back Recliner Chair, Fabric Accent Arm Chair – Editor’s Choice

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The Altrobene Push Back Recliner is one of the most popular recliners in the market right now. With a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on Amazon, its users have praised this chair for being an easy-to-assemble, high-quality, comfortable chair that will last for years to come.

The recliner’s material is durable and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or a damp cloth. The padding on the seat is firm but comfortable, making it a great chair for a long period of time sitting. The back of the chair has an upright position, which is great for head and neck support.

Let’s take a look at the dimensions of this chair: it measures at W28.74″ x D34.25″ x H37.80″, Expanded Length – 57.87″, Seat Dimensions – W20.08″ x D22.05″, Seat Height – 18.50″.  This means if you have an office, that this chair will be a perfect addition to it.

Not only that, but if you’re a tall person, then this chair is built for you. The seat height of this chair is 18.50″.  That’s higher than most people’s seats.

It is sleek, streamlined, and contemporary, with lovely, gentle curves. It is so pretty that some people might feel a bit intimidated by it. Well, if you are looking for a recliner that is going to impress, then this is the chair for you

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Domesis Cortez – Linen Push Back Recliner Chair, Dove Grey – Premium Choice

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Domesis is a brand that offers a wide variety of recliners, and they have become a brand that people can trust when buying a recliner. The Domesis Cortez is a perfect recliner for anyone looking for comfort and style in their home.

The recliner has a sleek modern design that will add style to any room that it is placed in, but it also has a classic feel that makes it a chair that you will want to keep for the long-term. The Domesis Cortez is a push-back recliner chair that is very comfortable. It is available in multiple colors, including Dove grey, which is the color that we will be reviewing today.

The Domesis Cortez is a pretty standard, mid-range model. While it’s not the super-affordable option that the brand is known for, it’s not the most expensive model on the market either—although its price tag is still pretty steep for a recliner.

The Domesis Cortez recliner is a great addition to any home.  With its affordable price and stylish design, it is a must-have for any living room. The Cortez is a great recliner for anyone who wants to sit back, relax, and spend a little time enjoying the comfort of their home.

Topeakmart Fabric Recliner Sofa Push Back Recliner – Great Value

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This product is a recliner and is from a company called Topeakmart, and it’s their Fabric Recliner Sofa Push Back Recliner. The back of the chair’s cover is made from linen, and the frame is made from composite wood.

Also, there are pocket spring coils in this recliner and the maximum weight it can hold is 265 pounds.

Overall, the dimensions for this chair are 33.5 x 26.5 x 39.2 inches, and the seat size is 49.5 x 60cm / 19.5 x 23.6’’ (WxD).

Topeakmart’s overall rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on the website is a great sign — and that’s before you even get into the details of this recliner. It’s got a large seat and extra-wide armrests, making it great for a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

The fabric is soft, the construction is sturdy, and can hold up to 265 lbs. It’s perfect for larger people. The button-tufted back cushions and padded armrests are just as comfortable as they look, and the recliner itself is designed to be easy to operate.

ECOTOUGE Massage Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner – Best for the elderly

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When it comes to buying a recliner, there are a lot of choices out there. However, some recliners’ brands may not have the support you need for your body, and others may not be of good quality.  On the other hand, some recliners are durable and comfortable, but these models may end up being pricey.

But what if I told you that there is a brand of recliners that are durable, comfortable, and affordable? Ecotouge is a brand that makes quality products, and their line of recliners is no exception.

Ecotouge recliner is one of the best recliners I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in. It’s an excellent chair for naps, especially when you want to stretch out your legs. So, if you’re looking for a recliner that can be a comfortable chair in addition to a place where you can lay down, this is a great choice.

The chair’s armrests are padded and don’t dig into your arms. They’re also fairly wide, so you can lay your arms on them without feeling cramped. Also, they’re adjustable, so if you want to keep your arms on them and lean forward, you can do that. The recliner itself is sturdy.

HOMCOM Heated Vibrating Linen Fabric Massage Recliner – Best optimal softness seat

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This HOMCOM model had us, at first sight, thanks to its beautiful linen fabric, thickly padded seat and backrest, and handy remote control.

There are two massage modes; there’s the heat, which can be adjusted to one of five levels, and the massaging time, which can be set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. (The unit I tested only had the 15-minute option.)

Then there’s the remote, which lets you control everything from the chair’s distance from the wall to its heat level to the cycle of its vibration. But there is also a side pocket for the remote, which is a nice touch,

It can recline to 90 or 165 degrees.  Additionally, it can be adjusted to a fully extended position, allowing you to stretch out and relax.

This chair is a great option for those looking for a conventional recliner with a modern twist. It has a plethora of features that amplify the chair’s comfort, and the fabric cover is a nice touch. If you’re looking for a no-frills recliner that is easy to use as well as comfortable, this is a great choice.

It is a bit on the heavy side, so it’s best to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate this chair.


A recliner is a costly investment, so you need to know what to look for when you are in the market.  In fact, you want to get the best value and least amount of problems for your money.  What follows are the most important things you should keep in mind when looking for a reclining chair.

When you’re looking for the best recliners, you have to consider a lot of factors. First, you need to think about how you’ll be using the chair. If you’re looking to recline to watch TV, then you’re going to want something with a high back and a footrest.

Push-back recliners are a versatile option for any home and anyone who wants to relax in a comfortable space. The push-back recliner has all the comfort and style of a traditional recliner. It features added functionality that enables it to move backward, usually via hydraulic cylinders, to create a more spacious area.

This is a great benefit to those with injury or mobility issues, as most recliners have a bulky mechanism that requires a fair amount of strength to operate. Push-back recliners are very similar to normal recliners in all other respects.

They are often cheaper than other types of recliners, but they will not be as durable, so you will likely need to replace them more often. They are also made in a variety of styles and materials, so it is important to choose a material that you like and that will be comfortable to use.

The best way to choose a push-back recliner is to decide how much space you have available and whether you want the extended seat size.

What size should my push-back recliner be

A push-back recliner is just a chair that reclines. But what size should you look for when buying a push-back recliner? The answer to this question will depend on how much space you have in your home.

The size of the recliner is going to dictate how much room you have in your home. If you have a large room, then you can purchase a larger push-back recliner. If you have a small room, then you will want to purchase a smaller chair.

What is the best material for push-back recliners

If you are looking for a new recliner to add to your living room, you are probably wondering what type of material is best for the chair’s construction. There are many different types of recliners on the market today, and you can choose from different types of recliner chairs. The materials that make up the recliner can determine how much the chair will cost, the comfort you will have, and how long the chair will last. The most common materials are leather, synthetic leather.

The best material is a leather recliner. There are a couple of things that make a leather recliner the best material. First, it has a very comfortable feel and makes it easier for you to relax. Secondly, it is more durable than most other materials.

When buying a recliner, there are a few features you should look for.

  1. First, you want it to be made with high-quality materials. This will make the recliner last longer and make it more resistant to wear.
  2. Second, you want to make sure that the frame is constructed from solid wood, not laminated wood or composite wood. Solid wood will make the recliner stronger and more durable.
  3. Third, you want it to be made by a well-known brand since this means it is likely to be of better quality and will be more comfortable.


  1. What is a push back recliner?

    A push back recliner is a recliner that can be pushed back to let out more space in the room. It can also be known as a reclining chair and a reclining sofa or reclining loveseat. This type of chair/sofa/loveseat is popular among homeowners as well as business owners. The main reason people like to purchase this type of furniture is that it is comfortable. Also, it saves space in the room.

  2. How do you choose the best recliner?

    Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. A recliner that’s right for one person might be completely wrong for someone else. Read our Buyer’s Guide Section. This will help you make the right choice.

  3. What should you look for in a push-back recliner?

    Whether you’re looking for a recliner for your home or your office, there are a few things you should bear in mind. First, does it recline far enough? You want to make sure that the chair you buy is meant to relax and adjust to your favorite position. If you’re like me, you prefer to lean back in your recliner and let your feet dangle a bit, so you need the chair to go back as much as possible. Where will you be using the recliner? If you want it in your home, you might consider it a more fashionable recliner than those typically found in offices.

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How to Manually Move a Recliner

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To move a recliner by yourself you need to do the following steps.

  1. Remove the backrest.
  2. Lift the seat away from the chair.
  3. Undo the latch.
  4. Turn it upside down.
  5. Untie and remove the legs and the footrest.
  6. Move it.
  7. Put everything back in place.

Remove the backrest

Remove the backrest starting at the headrest. To remove the backrest starting at the chair, you have to do it in 5 steps. These steps are:

  1. Remove the screws on either side of the headrest (to free it from the chair).
  2. Free the headrest from underneath.
  3. Unhook the latches at the back of the headrest.
  4. Flip the headrest over.
  5. Free the backrest.

Lift the seat away from the chair

During removing the seat, you must lift it away from the chair. For this, you have to use your hand or upper body strength.

The steps are:

  • Lift the arm of the chair
  • Reach down and pull the “suspension support” and “suspension frame”
  • Followed by pulling out any or all of the following:
    • The sliding mechanisms (those that allow you to adjust the height of the seat)
    • The hinge mechanisms (those that turn the seat forward and back).

Because the headrest sliding mechanism is part of the chair, and it needs to be removed in order to dismantle it, the following steps must be taken:

  • Lift the seat a little bit and look back.
  • Unhook the latches at the top of the backrest (where your headrest).
  • Raise the seat all the way.

Undo the latch

In order to achieve this effectively, you will be able to lift up the seat as much as possible and lower it in the back a bit. You will then see several latches attached to the chair that hold it together. Each latch is different, but you can always proceed by starting from one particular area, the armrest for example.

Turn the recliner upside down

You will have to push the button behind the head of the futon, which will release the latch that keeps the seat in place. You will then be able to turn the chair upside down and slide it out.

Untie and remove the legs and the footrest

For this you will have to pull out the screws from the legs to remove them. You will have to release the footrest along its back, open it and remove it.  After you do that you can then spin the chair upside down and slide it out.

Move the recliner

It is a little bit tricky to move the chair but most people don’t have any problem moving it. In order to move this chair you will have to get out of the axle first and then get more comfortable in the arms. You might get a little tipsy because the chair turns in all directions. When you are comfortable in it you can block all left mechanisms

Then you can move the recliner around space. Once you are moving it around you can decide where to place it. Make sure that when you place it down, it stays on the flat surface.

Put everything back in place

The final step would be to put everything back into its original position. This means going through the motions of assembling each part of the recliner and locking it in place with screws. If the recliner moves when you are trying to put it back together as it did before, check each piece of the chair. Don’t forget to take a look at the bottom of the chair and check the legs and the footrest.

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Best Recliners With Remote Control

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  1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

    Mcombo Electric Power Lift ReclinerCheck price
  2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

    CANMOV Power Lift ReclinerCheck price
  3. Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Faux Leather

    Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Faux LeatherCheck price

The remote control makes the recliner more convenient to use. It is the best thing ever created to assist with your lazy days. It can adjust the back, the armrest, and the footrest. It can activate massage and head functions.

There are different types of remote control recliners. The most common remote control for recliners is the wireless one. Wireless remotes react quickly, which allows you to change the positions of the recliner. Most recliners with remote control are also power lift recliners. The motor is usually encased and located just under the seat cushion. The remote control can help you adjust your recliner and make a comfortable position when you sit in it, watch TV, or read books.

  1. Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner for Elderly – Best Soft Fabric
  2. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner – Best Ergonomics

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

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Mcombo is a brand of furniture that sells the best furniture products on the market. It is 100% made for elderly people with one aim only: to provide an easier life.

MCombo Electric Power Lift Chair is a cool chair with plenty of features that can improve the quality of your sitting time and help you with your back pain.

This recliner has an electric power lift, and it is easy to move the seat. The chair was designed with therapeutic massage and heat function. If you have muscles in tension, it will do the best to help you with relaxation. It will give you a full-body acupressure massage to help release all that tension you may have.

This recliner is highly effective for older people and persons with injuries because it has big back pillows to support the head and neck in most positions. It also has firm arms with organic, high-density foam support.

It has a strong frame construction, an anti-tipping mechanism.

What I Like:

  • The faux leather is soft and looks great. 
  • Excellent lumbar and neck support.
  • The massage and heat settings are great. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • It makes a bit of noise when the massager/heat works.

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

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Canmov power lift recliner chair for the elderly is a luxury recliner chair that provides excellent comfort with its power lift reclining design. This recliner lift mechanism comes with multiple positions making it highly accommodating to your needs. The best thing about this chair is that it provides the most comfortable place, instantly allowing you to dine comfortably or sit back on its extra-wide seating area.

It is designed for adults suffering from troubles such as joint or spine pain due to old age. You could engage this chair when sitting as an exercise for your joints, but don’t overdo that!

The high-grade antiskid upholstery will help you sit upright. It features a durable metal frame, and you’ll benefit from its side pocket, which allows you to place your glasses or a tablet.

The backrest ergonomic curve will ensure that you have proper support for your back. To make you feel more comfortable, its tapering shape will also help you achieve the right seat depth. These all help you sit upright and keep your spine aligned.

It is heavy-duty and has a safe reclining mechanism to withstand the pressure of a large person on it. You can adjust the reclining angle from 110 degrees to 145 degrees to find the best position for different people.

What I Like:

  • Soft automatic recline mechanism.
  • Solid and safe construction. 
  • Very comfortable lumbar pillow.

What I Don’t Like:

  • It takes up quite a bit of space.
  • Not for tall people.

Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Faux Leather

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The Esright electric power lift recliner chair has many wonderful features that make it a desirable recliner. The recliner comes with luxury artificial leather upholstery. There are four colors to choose from.

The design of this recliner gives you excellent back support by providing large support cushioning foam that facilitates proper posture in the seat.

It is an electric power lift recliner chair made of artificial leather, steel, and it has a weight capacity of 360lbs. You will be able to adjust the back and footrest to your preferred comfort level using a tilt angle up to150 degrees.

This recliner has a reliable steel frame and comfortable cushion as well. It’s a power lift recliner with a massage function. And everything is controlled by a remote. It also has a side pocket that can store your cell phone, keys, or other important stuff.

This recliner has five modes of vibrating massage settings that you can use. You can adjust the massage level according to your needs.

What I Like:

  • The remote control is easy to use.
  • Very comfortable cushion.
  • It perfectly supports the neck, arm, back, and legs.
  • Сonvenient side pocket for storing things.

Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner for Elderly

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Esright recliner is a power lift chair. It’s a beautifully functional piece of furniture designed to ensure a quality of life for all ages, especially older people. The backrests and footrest are adjustable to provide more comfort and flexibility for users. It has controlled and programmed vibration, which offers maximum comfort as it vibrates the lower legs, neck, spine, and arms.

The recliner is power-driven, allowing you to recline it easily. It allows you to select the position and optimal relaxation mode. The large seat has good back support.

With a cup holder, you can easily put yours with no worries about any spill of water or soda liquids. The arms of this seat are wide enough and soft.

The vibration massage feature provides an intense but relaxing massage that will relieve tension in your body and muscles and promotes blood circulation.

Also, you can connect the USB port and charge your electronic gadgets. With this chair, you can sit comfortably in any position and recline up to 150 degrees with the help of remote control on the right armrest.

What I Like:

  • The chair is very comfy and quite mappable.
  • The remote control is on the right armrest.
  • The motor works smoothly and quietly.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The massage mechanism is a bit loud.

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

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MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner is one of the greatest on the market. MAGIC UNION’s products are of high-quality. This type of recliner has a strong frame with wide armrests for comfortable positioning and back support. The recommended maximum capacity that the chair can hold up is 300 lbs. The product is designed with rich, brown faux leather and has a strong, wooden frame.

Professionals designed this recliner to offer a pleasing and impressive leisure time. It is created with a comfy backrest, high back support, and soft pillows for maximum relaxation. This product goes with a remote control that controls the levels massage depending on your preference. With this type of massage chair, you’ll be able to take care of yourself and also enjoy your favorite TV show, movie, or read a newspaper.

The heat function is for the lumbar support. The thickly padded headrest is ideal for neck pressure relief. This model comes with USB ports so that you can charge and use your gadgets sitting in the recliner.

What I Like:

  • Heat function and massage.
  • The recliner has high back support.
  • Soft pillows for maximum relaxation.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Massage function is a bit noisy.


Recliners with remote control are one of the most popular recliner types. With the remote control help, you can adjust your chair into various positions and control the tilt level. The remote control makes it easier for you to change the recliner’s setting, activate or deactivate functions.

What to look for when buying a recliner with a remote control

Lumbar and head support

A recliner should have lumbar support as a supportive pillow that provides lumbar pressure relief. The head support is an additional pillow that supports your head and neck. It gives you the support you need to rid yourself of the tension, stress, and fatigue in your neck and shoulders.

Adjustable footrest 

A footrest elevates your legs so that you don’t have to bend your knees all the way. It makes you more comfortable because you won’t have to move your legs around and keep them perfectly straight. It is essential to get your feet at the perfect height.


Usually, the unit’s manufacturer provides a warranty on recliners with remote control from 1 to 5 years. You may also extend the manufacturer’s warranty for an additional several years after the original date of purchase at an additional charge. The products covered under extended manufacturer’s warranty are, in most cases, limited to failures due to defects in materials. If you have additional questions – please feel free to contact the customer service manufacturer.


Upholstery is an important part of your recliner. Just like all the other parts, it needs to be properly maintained. Recliners are usually made of vinyl, latex, or leather to be easily repaired and cleaned. But with the raised popularity of finely made furniture, we see improvements in the material quality of both fabric (leather, suede) and polymer (vinyl).

Upholstery is made of synthetic materials like polyurethane; vinyl is very durable and resistant to stains.

A recliner with remote control often has a few extra functions that are different than a standard recliner. These include storage pockets, сup holders, USB сharging ports.

USB сharging ports

The USB charging port is a feature most commonly found on power lift recliners, and this is a great and convenient way of charging small devices such as cell phones, tablets, or e-reader during movie time. Usually, USB charging ports are placed on either side than a remote control. Having the USB charge ports on your recliner is a great and efficient way to maintain your devices’ batteries.

Cup holders

It’s an excellent addition to a comfortable recliner that will improve the chair. Cup holders are available in many different styles to complement your taste in style and functional needs. You may need a bigger cup holder because of holding larger cups and glasses, a smaller cup holder to hold something like a coke bottle or can, or even in between sizes depending on what solution you’d like to go.

Storage pockets

Storage pockets are a good idea because they give you easy access to everything you need for entertainment and comfort. They are built into the chair and are usually located on both sides of the chair.

  • It should be comfortable no matter how long you sit there. You can adjust the back to fit under your head and body.
  • A reclining chair’s control should be easy to use from any spot in the room and should be easy to use for users with disabilities. 
  • The reclining chair’s control should be smooth and easy to understand, use, and maintain.
  • The recliner should come with a quiet lift mechanism.
  • The fabric should be durable and of good quality and should be easy to clean, avoiding possible problems.
  • The quality of the back support should be excellent, and the backrest should be adjustable.
  • The chair’s mechanisms should be easy to use for older people or people who have health issues.

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How to Fix a Recliner Footrest

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Your recliner is much more than just another piece of furniture in the house. It is the place you go to relax after a long day of work. It is the place where you can take a quick nap, watch TV, snuggle and read a book. It is your one, all around, comfortable place in the house. But what do you do if something goes wrong, if it becomes damaged from over-use? You can’t just toss it away because something happened to the footrest.

It is disheartening but there is something you can do about it. Read on to find out how you can fix the recliner footrest and use your one comfortable place once again.

The Cause of the Broken Footrest

Before we go into the different ways of fixing the footrest, you should first figure out why it stopped working in the first place. Knowing what can go wrong with a footrest can help prevent it from breaking again once you fix it. So let’s start by getting to know the cause of the problem.

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Slamming the Footrest down

Did you slam the footrest down too hard or once too often. Often this is the cause of a footrest break. Slamming the footrest down all the time places a huge amount of stress on the footrest mechanisms. Sooner than later, the machine stops working and stays in the last position you left it in.

So even when you have a brand new recliner you should be careful when closing the footrest. Slamming it down or pulling it up too quickly can damage the footrest functionality.

An Old recliner

Like everything else, a recliner will age. Parts will become loose, especially if you or someone else in the family assembled the recliner. Screws can become loose, so be sure to look around for loose or worn out screws. On older recliners, you might even want to consider replacing older screws.

Rust on The Mechanism

Consider the area where you live. Is the weather humid? Could dust and dirt be affecting the mechanism of the recliner?

In this case, a good idea may be to turn the chair on its side.

Wipeout any dust you see and spray some lubricant on the working parts. Try to move the footrest up and down to see if this is the problem.

Steps To Follow To Fix Your Recliner

First Check the Warranty

Ok. So you have checked all the basics, and nothing works. Let’s see how you can fix the problem. Before you start repairing, be sure to check the documents that came with the recliner. If your recliner has a warranty, you want to contact the manufacturer or the retailer to fix it. Know that if you tamper with a recliner’s mechanism still under warranty, you will invalidate the warranty.

Check for Loose Screws

Flip the recliner over on its side and stretch out the footrest to its fully open position. You should see all of the mechanism that moves the footrest. It is placed under the recliner. The mechanism is held together with screws. Check to see if any are missing or if the screws seem worn and loose.

Replace any screws that are worn and stripped. Lubricate the screws and tighten everything up. When replacing screws, use longer ones to ensure they fasten the parts together well. Make sure you fit them snuggly to the sockets. Clean and lubricate all moving parts.

Check to see if the footrest works. This may fix the problem for you.

Check For Smooth Up and Down Movement

A recliner that works well should have a smooth up and down motion. If it gets stuck in specific areas, you need to take a look and see if a lack of lubrication doesn’t cause it. If this is the situation. Lift the footrest to its upper position. Flip the recliner over and move any fabric out of the way.

Remove the screws holding the wood frame to the mechanism and spray lubricant into the sockets and on all joints. Make sure you get the lubricant onto all the screws before you replace them. Remove any excess oil after you reassemble the mechanism.

Once you have cleaned the recliner’s entire underside, flip the recliner back to its upright position and move the footrest up and down a few times to disperse the lubricant throughout the mechanism. Your footrest should now move smoothly into position.

Here is an example video where you can watch the repair process:

Adjusting the Mechanism

A recliner needs to move into its different positions without hanging or sticking. If it sticks somewhere in the middle, you may need to adjust the mechanism. Flip over the recliner so you can see the underside and the mechanism that makes the footrest work.

This is a ratchet type of mechanism. Loosen all the screws, pins and springs to access the ratchet.

You’ll notice that there is a bar attached to the ratchet. You want to remove this. Once you remove the ratchet, you can see that the footrest moves up and down freely. It just doesn’t stay in one place. This indicates that the ratchet is the problem, and you need to replace it with a new one. Once you purchase a new rachet, replace all parts in the reverse order of the way you disassembled.

Where to Get the Parts?

Ok, so now you know how to fix the recliner, but now you wonder where to get the replacement parts. This can certainly be a problem, especially if your recliner is older. There are a couple of things you can do in this case. First, you want to check and see if you still have the documentation for your recliner. Review the information to look for the manufacturer.

Often there is a phone number and address there so you can contact them. Ask about replacement parts. If the manufacturer sells the replacement parts, you can ask them to send the parts to you by mail. An alternative to contacting the manufacturer is to look for generic OEM replacement parts. You can often find replacement screws and parts online.


If you are repairing a favorite recliner, you should keep in mind that this is a furniture piece that is getting older. You want to perform basic cleaning and lubricating of all parts more frequently now to ensure the recliner continues to work for a longer period of time.

At some point in time, you also want to consider replacing the recliner with a new one. Remember, you can only keep the recliner working for a certain number of years. Sometimes replacing a recliner is the best option to getting the functionality you want.

If you decide to replace the recliner, you can check the list of the best recliners for your needs.


How to Stop Your Recliner From Sliding on Carpets

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how to stop your recliner sliding on the carpetFrom chairs to couches to recliners, anything you sit on can end up sliding around when you sit down. This can be true whether they are situated on carpet or on a slicker surface, such as hardwood or linoleum flooring.

But the problem seems to get a lot worse with recliners. The act of engaging the reclining mechanism can cause them to “walk.”

It gets worse with an active family full of small kids. If you are just one person who occasionally sits down to watch TV for a few hours, it may not do a lot of walking. But with many people sitting down, reclining the chair, then moving it back into the upright position to get up and do other things, it can walk a lot.

Some people are not particularly bothered by this. But others find it crazy-making. It can also potentially damage carpets or floor surfaces and is potentially a safety hazard.

If the chair moves around a lot, people may run into it or trip over it because it isn’t where they expected it to be. This goes double with very active young people running around if with elderly family members or anyone with special needs.

Correct Position

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the recliner is well positioned. For starters, it needs adequate space behind it to actually recline.

If it is pushed too close to a wall or other obstacle, people will have no choice but to pull it forward a bit before using it. Alternately, the act of running into the wall as it reclines may push it forward.

So make sure it has adequate clearance to fully recline without being moved or running into anything. This will help reduce how much the chair moves around.

But also make sure it is well-positioned in other respects. If it is used primarily to watch TV, make sure that it is positioned such that it has a good view of the TV.

This will help prevent people from reclining back, realizing they can’t see the TV, then getting up to adjust it. If people have to hop up two or three times and adjust the position every time someone sits down, this will cause the chair to do more walking.

Useful Accessories

You may think that accessorizing is about improving appearance. Although some people use it that way, that is not the only reason for adding a few accessories to the chair.

Keeping a small throw pillow and a small throw on the chair itself can help people get comfortable without getting up again. This can help them stay put for long periods, reducing how much the chair walks.

Keep in mind that this is for utilitarian reasons, not decorative. It’s fine if you want to pick a pillow and a throw that look good on the chair, but they also need to work well.

Both items should be compact enough to be genuinely optional for whoever is sitting in the chair. The pillow should not be so large that it tempts people to toss it on the floor as the only convenient means to get it out of the way. The throw should be sized such that it can easily be folded and draped over the arm or the back and not interfere with comfort when not in use.

Other useful accessories can include a small table for drinks and snacks. A TV remote located on that table can be another great way to help people stay seated and minimize having the chair mechanism repeatedly engaged.

Type of Flooring

Some carpets or other flooring is fairly slick. This will also make furniture more like to slide around.

It may not be practical to change the carpeting solely because it causes the furniture to slide around, but it is a factor to keep in mind when replacing worn or outdated flooring for any reason. Low pile carpets will tend to be slicker than deeper carpeting. If you want your chair to stop sliding around, choose a deeper carpet.

Adding Non-Skid Materials

In addition to the above measures, you can add non-skid grips to the feet. These can be either purchased or made and may be permanently attached or simply placed beneath the feet.

The commercial variety is not terribly expensive. They can be reliably found in any hardware store.

Some people will take old carpet or cork, cut to size, and glue it to the bottom of the feet. Others will go purchase a commercial product and install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Especially in a rental situation, you may want to get the kind that looks like tiny plastic saucers and simply place them beneath the feet of the recliner. Or you may want to get a non-skid mat to place beneath the recliner, especially if it has a round metal base instead of feet.

In some cases, you will need to consider additional details. For example, some materials can potentially leave stains on light floors or carpets. So keep in mind that this non-skid material must withstand a fair amount of friction and it does that by gripping the floor. This can leave bits of it behind, sometimes visible.

If you are concerned about the environment and don’t want to use plastic or rubber for that reason, cork is a natural option. It is a kind of softwood. It provides cushioning and soundproofing and is non-skid.

If you drink wine, you may even be able to use old wine bottle corks as a source. They can be cut into thin rounds and glued to the bottom of the chair feet.

You will need to physically turn the chair on its side. Make sure the glue has time to fully dry before standing it back on its feet or you may find you have a new, more serious problem. You could find your chair is now glued to the carpet permanently. Oops!


Repair and Replacement of Recliner Handles

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how to replace or repair recliners handleAll furniture experiences wear and tear, but recliners are special because most furniture doesn’t have moving parts like a recliner. More than most seating types, recliners fairly often have moving parts wear out or break, necessitating repair or replacement.

The recliner handle or lever is a common point of failure. Once it breaks, you may not be able to engage the reclining mechanism anymore, leaving you with just a normal chair.

But recliners are surprisingly easy to fix. Damaged handles can usually be replaced with standard replacement parts available from a hardware store, big-box store, or the manufacturer.

Before You Get Started

If the chair is fairly new, check your files for a copy of the warranty. You may be able to get this resolved for free if the chair is still under warranty.

You do have files for all your warranties, don’t you? If not, start such files today. It can save you many headaches, not to mention time, money, and effort.

Obviously, you could also hire someone to fix it. But if you intended to do that, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So, next up, how to repair or replace it yourself.

Repair Process

The problem may be as simple as tightening a loose screw. If you aren’t sure why it is not working, you should check for minor issues of that sort first.

It may help to have an assistant who can help you turn the chair over. You may also find a flashlight useful for getting a good, clear look at what’s going on with the mechanism.

However, in many cases, it will have simply snapped off. This will be very obvious and not anything you need to check. It is not wise to try to rig up some DIY home remedies. If the handle has broken, it is best to replace it with parts designed for that purpose. They should be readily available for purchase and not terribly expensive. It is not worth the risk of injury to mock up something and hope it works.

Get The Right Part

You should be able to find a model number on a tag on the underside of the recliner. Having this information can help you readily find the correct replacement part.

Keep this information handy when searching the internet, shopping in person, or talking to a salesperson or technician about your issue.

Getting the right replacement part is about half the battle. If you get this step right, the rest should fall into place pretty easily. If you get it wrong, you may be tearing your hair out trying to force-fit a part not designed for the chair in question.

So if you aren’t good at remembering long strings of numbers — and who is? — then make sure to write it down and take it with you when you go shopping. That way, you will know for certain which one it is if there happen to be two models with very similar model numbers.

In this day and age, the most convenient means to do that may be to email yourself the number or text it to yourself. If you have a smartphone, you can then look up the number with ease when shopping. You will probably have your phone with you any time you leave the house, thus making it less likely that you will forget to take the model number with you.

If the tag is missing or illegible, you may be able to ask at the store where you bought the piece in question. If that fails, you can check the manufacturer’s website. If all else fails, you can shop for a third-party handle. These are often available from online retailers and are sometimes designed to fit a variety of models.


If the footrest is currently elevated, manually push it down. You want the recliner in the upright chair position, not the reclined back position. You may then need to turn the chair upside down. If so, this is often a two-person job. Make sure you take precautions and don’t hurt yourself. A big hospital bill doesn’t help DIY efforts save you money.

Lever-Style Handles

For this type, the retaining screw is likely to be at the base of the handle on the recliner’s inside. You will need to remove the retaining screw so you can remove the handle.

You may need an Allen wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, or a Torx bit. Loosen the screw and remove it, then pull the damaged handle away from the recliner. You will also need to remove the escutcheon. This is a protective cover that conceals the mechanism.

Put the new, replacement escutcheon in place. Then put the new handle in place over it and screw it all together.

After checking to make sure the screws are tight and everything is solid, you will need to turn the chair upright again. Then test the mechanism to make sure it works and doesn’t need any further adjusting before you put away your tools.

Here is a video demonstration:

Black Oval Mechanisms

These are much smaller than the lever-style handles. They are also easier to replace.

You shouldn’t need to turn the chair over. It should be possible to do this in an upright position.

You need first to pull the mechanism to make sure it releases the cable. Then remove the two screws that hold it in place.

Pull the mechanism off the chair carefully, making sure not to damage the material in the process. Once it is off, remove the cable. Then attach the cable to the new mechanism, pop it into place and screw it back together.

Here is a video demonstration:


Whatever style of handle your recliner has, it’s not terribly hard to replace it. Just make sure you get the right parts and take reasonable precautions with the process.

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How to Remove Old Stains from Upholstery

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removing old stains from upholstery tips

Stains on highly trafficked furniture are almost inevitable. They are usually highly visible too: you want to clean them properly. There isn’t one method for all, and the wrong approach can make a stain worse. In this article, we’ll go over common upholstery stains and how to clean them.

The History of Stains

Coffee, alcohol, juice, candy, cola, crayons, ice cream, ink—knowing what kind of stain you have is key to cleaning it successfully.

Fortunately, most stains respond to a few basic treatments that use commonly available products:

remove stains with water


The universal solvent.

how to remove stains with vinegar


An alkaline cleaning agent that works on acidic stains.

how to clean stains with vodka


The alcohol in clear vodka can act as a solvent for oily stains. Of course, don’t use colored vodka, which could make its own stain.

Fast guide of cleaning stains

guide to stains removing

Common Guidelines


One general recommendation is for before a stain happens: keep the upholstery clean. Simple vacuuming is the easiest way to reduce dirt that can stain an area after a spill or cleanup.

Thoroughly clean any crevices or folds where dirt collects. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to go deep.

Remove pet hair that might be left over after vacuuming. Brush or tape off as much hair as possible to keep it from becoming embedded in the fabric.

Tipping Point – What to Do First

The critical time for stain removal is the moments after it happens. Quickly blotting a stain offers the best chance for an easy and complete restoration.

When initially blotting, press the stain without rubbing or brushing. Move from the outer edge inward to minimize coverage.

Always pretest the fabric before cleaning. Apply your solution to a spot that isn’t visible with the same material as the stain, to make sure it doesn’t change the color or cause other damage.

The Stain Family

Most upholstery stains fall into one of three groups:

Food and Beverages

This is the most common stain on upholstery, and one of the easiest to remove. A few food stains need special treatment, but most respond to simple soap and water.

Grease & Oil

These dark spots don’t go away on their own. They attract dirt and bugs if left without treatment, and grow darker as they age.
If you have a large spill, soaking up the oil is the first task: you don’t want it to spread. Blot and clean from the outside in.

Wine & Berries

These delicious foods leave behind fluorescent splotches you can see from the mailbox, and their acidity makes them a bit unique. You’ll wear out trying to soap these stains away. Instead, white vinegar is the magic ingredient.

Seeking professional Help

You need to know your limits. Some dyed or custom fabrics need special attention, as do antique materials. If you have a highly valued item, please seek the experience of a professional to clean it.

Know Your Fabric

A wide variety of fabrics are used for upholstery, ranging from natural to synthetic. The material stained determines the most effective treatment.

The easiest way to find out the right method of cleaning your upholstery is to check the tag attached. The tag should have a special fabric cleaning care code listed:

  • W: The fabric can be cleaned with water-based detergent.
  • S: Clean with a water-free product, like a dry cleaning solvent.
  • WS: May be cleaned with either a water-based or water-free cleaner.
  • X: Must be professionally cleaned. You can brush or vacuum it, but you must pay for stain treatment.

Pro Tip:
Look for the “WS” tag when buying furniture–the best choice for keeping it clean in the future.

General Stain Cleaning

Most upholstery stains come from food and beverage spills, and may include a mix of oily residues.

how to remove Food & Beverage stains
how to remove grease and oil stains
how to remove Wine and Berries stains

Food & Beverage Stains

These are usually the easiest stains to get rid of, because most respond to simple soap and water.

Pro Tip:
A solution of a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap mixed with two cups of water usually does the trick.

Warm water helps loosen and lift some food stains, but dairy are protein-rich foods that curdle in heated water, potentially darkening the stain. Use cool water with dairy mishaps, and any dried stain you don’t know the origins of.
Soaking a food/beverage stain with an enzyme detergent can do wonders, as it helps food particles loosen and release. The worst thing you can do to these stains is dry them with heat—this tends to set the stain more permanently.

Oil Stains

Pro Tip:
The strategy for removing an oily stain is to draw out as much oil as possible. Sprinkle the stain with baking soda or cornstarch, then pat it gently onto the oil surface. Wait for 15 minutes. Vacuum up the soda or starch and dab clear vodka on the area. Blot the area with a damp towel, and repeat until the stain is gone.

You can also use dish soap and gently rub it in with an old toothbrush. Blot it dry; repeat until clean.

Wine and Berries

There are a few good remedies for these vivid stains.

Pro Tip:
One quick thing to try, if you have some sparkling water, is to sprinkle it onto the stain and dry the spot gently with a cloth

For wine stains, if the above doesn’t work for you, try mixing a half-teaspoon of laundry soap and a half-tablespoon of vinegar with 2 cups of cold water. Wet the stain, let it sit a moment, and blot it dry with a towel. Repeat as needed, and rinse with water to finish.

For berries and other fruit stains, mix one-half tablespoon of white vinegar with a third of a cup of rubbing alcohol and sprinkle it onto the stain. Blot the area dry, and repeat as needed.

10 Special Upholstery Stains

Some stains respond better to unique treatments. Here are specific remedies for the most common upholstery stains.

1. Removing Candy stains

how to clean candy stains

There are a few tips to dealing with this crusty menace. Start by gently removing as much as possible, using a dull knife if necessary. Don’t try to pull the dried candy from the upholstered area because it can damage the fabric.

Wet the area with the general soap-and-water solution, and let it sit between applications to soak the left-over candy particles before blotting. Rinse with plain water.

If a stain remains, you can lightly moisten the fabric with 3% hydrogen to eliminate the organic material—but do a fabric test first.

2. Removing Coffee stains from the upholstery

how to clean coffee stains

Coffee stains can take a few cycles to completely clean, but the process is the same whether the coffee had cream or not. Mix the general soap solution using cool water, and alternate wetting the stain and blotting it with a clean towel. Use plain water to rinse the spot when it’s clean.

You can use dry cleaning solvent instead. Wet the stain with the solvent and dab it dry.

3. How to clean Crayon stains from the upholstery

how to clean crayon stains

These marks have a wax component that defies soapy water. The big guns are needed: dry cleaning solvent.

Start by removing as much crayon as possible without damaging the fabric. If the wax is soft, harden it with an ice cube wrapped in a plastic bag. Sponge the stain with the solvent, and blot with a clean absorbent towel.

4. How to clean Felt-Tip Marker from the upholstery

how to clean felt-tip marker stains

This one can be a heart-breaker. If it’s a permanent marker, it can’t be removed–and if you’re not sure, you’ll know soon enough. The cleaning process is a humdinger, too.

Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the general soap and water solution, and wet the stain with the mixture. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes. Every five minutes, blot the area with a clean towel and rewet the stain. Finally, rinse the stain by sponging it with clean water and blotting it dry.

The next step is to dab rubbing alcohol onto the stain and blot it out. If there’s still a stain remnant, repeat the first step using a warm water mixture of a teaspoon of liquid detergent and a tablespoon of ammonia.

5. How to clean Fountain Pen Stains from the upholstery

how to clean fountain pen stains

These hardy stains need a little more than soap and water. If you’re dealing with black or blue ink, drop the nice-guy stuff and grab some dry cleaning solvent. Wet the area and blot it dry, repeating until the stain is lifted.

Red ink is touchy and quieter remedies can get better results. Mix a quart of warm water with a half teaspoon liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of ammonia. Apply it to the red stain and let it soak for 15 minutes, and gently blot dry. Repeat and rinse with plain warm water. Dab as dry as possible.

Next, make another mixture of a quart of warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. Wet the stain with this solution and wait 30 minutes before blotting and rinsing. If you need a final option, oxygen or colorfast bleach can be applied carefully and sponged clean–after doing a fabric test

6. How to Remove Ice Cream Stains

how to clean ice cream stains

We all scream for ice cream when it’s all over the armrest. This is one of the easier cleanups; however: you can do the job with soap-and-water; just make sure the water is cool. If you’re so inclined, ice cream also cleans up with dry cleaning solvent.

7. How to Remove Makeup Stains

how to clean makeup stains

This stain does better with a combination approach. Begin by soaking the spot in a solution with a one-half teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar mixed in a quart of warm water. Wait 15 minutes and rinse. Do for as long as the stain is getting cleaner, patting dry between cycles.

Apply to rubbing alcohol to the stain, moving from the center out. If the stain is still visible, wet the spot with a solution made of a quart of warm water and a tablespoon of enzyme presoak. Rinse with plain water.

8. How to Remove Milk Stains

how to clean milk stains

This stain can be cleaned with the general soap solution. Just remember to use cold water. After the stain is clean, do an extra cycle of wetting and blotting to make sure.

Hot or very warm water can scald the proteins of the milk and make matters worse by darkening and setting the stain.

9. How to Clean Peanut Butter Stains

how to clean peanut butter stains

This is a surprisingly durable stain because there’s oil involved.

Begin by sprinkling the spot with cornstarch or baking soda to soak up the oil. Vacuum it off after 15 minutes and follow up using a dry cleaning solvent.

10. How to Clean Tomato Products Stains

how to clean tomato products stains

Catsup, tomato juice, spaghetti sauce—these names bring fear when wrought by toddlers, but fortunately, the alarmingly bright stains of tomato-based foods look worse than they are.

They clean up with general soap-and-water and a few tricks. First, remove as much staining material as possible. Don’t press or rub the stain. Just pick out any removable pieces with a dull knife to avoid damaging the fabric.

As an optional pre-treatment to fade the stain—and sometimes remove it entirely—you can lightly wet the area with lemon juice and let it soak for 15 minutes. You can use white vinegar if the stain is on white or colorfast fabric. Proceed with a general soap-and-water cleaning, and let the area dry away from heat or direct sunlight.


Stains on upholstery pose some challenges. They are often in an awkward spot or an area without firm backing, and you can only clean the fabric on one side. Prevention is worth a gallon of soapy cure, but accidents happen.

We can’t prevent stains yet, but we’ve gotten better at cleaning them into oblivion. Soak up a spill asap, check your fabric’s care, and reference the best cleaning methods—you’ll soon master the ancient skill in which achieving absolutely nothing is the highest reward!

Best Nursery Glider Recliners

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  1. Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

    Swivel Rocker Recliner ChairCheck price
  2. Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair

    Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel ChairCheck price
  3. Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner

    Baby Relax Rylee Gliding ReclinerCheck price

A nursery glider recliner is a special kind of a glider specially designed for the nursery. It looks like a rocking glider but features a footrest as well and best for nursing mothers.

It is strong and comfortable enough to provide maximum comfort for both baby and mother but not heavy that you can even move it into any direction without any effort. Furthermore, this kind of chair is safe enough for the mother to move babies in any direction while breastfeeding.

There are many different kinds of nursery gliders ranging in style and quality. Some are made from soft woolen fabric, others from plush velvet. The chairs are easy to match up with other nursery furniture, including cribs, changing tables, and cradles.

You can also use the nursery glider recliner as a rocking chair for toddlers or a reading chair when they get older. When purchasing, buyers should look for reclining ability and the price of the rocker. It is also important to verify whether the chair swivels and if there is a lock to keep it in one position.

  1. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber – Best High-Back Nursery Glider
  2. Christopher Knight Home 308985 Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner – Best for Everyday use

Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair, Nursery Glider Chair – Editor’s Choice

Check latest price

The Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair is a high-quality and durable rocking chair. This chair has the best-rate reclining action, which will be very smooth and easy and, at the same time, give you a relaxing experience. Easy seat adjustments also allow you to customize the position of your chair conveniently by tilting or reclining. This comfortable recliner is easy to assemble too.

This swivel rocker recliner chair is designed on a sturdy steel base that firmly attaches the frame in all sorts of positions throughout the day. The chair reclines into a bed sleeping position where it will not pivot or rock while you sleep. To promote comfortable sleep and ensure that you can always get up without difficulty.

It is used in a nursery. It helps the newborn baby to sleep better and satisfy the parents with relax at the same time. This chair has turned out to be the right choice. Swivel Arm allows for 360-degree rotation of the recliner chair.

This recliner chair is one of the essential pieces of furniture in a nursery. It provides comfort for sitting and lying down. The rocking feature provides good fun. This chair can be used in the nursery room for playing, relaxing, or reading books.

The fabric used to design the chair is of high quality and durable. You don’t have to worry about any damage to the cushions of the chair, as the material used is resistant to being faded or ripped off easily.

What I Like:

  • Very comfortable and sturdy.
  • The chair doesn’t take up much space.
  • High-quality fabric and polyester filling for superior comfort that is lightweight and soft.
  • Perfect for motion without back fatigue.

2. Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair – Premium Choice

Check latest price

Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair is a quality and very popular product for a reasonable price.

Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair, is comfortable and has durable construction. Easy to clean and great for safety. Great for nursery or playroom setup. Plush cushioning encourages you to feel comfortable in a chair. Lumbar support can provide more comfort when reclining or sitting upright and add a sedative effect on the back. The easy-glide mechanism has been tested for quality and safety, making it work endorsable for long hours.

The high back makes it more comfortable. The footrest is spacious and gives you extra comfort. The seat cushion with pocketed coil spring construction is very soft; it is ideal for sitting on when reading or watching TV. This model is made of a non-toxic material that is very easy to clean. The seat cushion is made of polyester and polyurethane foam. The combination of the materials provides a soft feel and comfort.

This nursery glider chair is adjustable, and you can swivel the chair or leave it locked in position.

It also has an easy-to-operate lever handle, which makes it very convenient for you to recline. This recliner also has got a footrest and a sturdy frame. The plush twisted armrests with decorated nailhead trim are soft and comfortable.

What I Like:

  • It’s perfect for rocking babies.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable construction.

What I Don’t Like:

  • A bit of noise when rocking. 
  • It isn’t easy to close a footrest at first.

3. Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner – Great Value

Check latest price

The Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner is a decent chair with a real modern look and contemporary design. It is an excellent solution for a calming stay in the ease of your baby’s room due to its soft upholstery.

The frame of this recliner is made of hardwood and it is very durable. Also, there is lightweight steel in the construction. The seat cushion is soft and supportive. The frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 225 pounds. That recliner’s upholstery is made from linen; the mechanism is smooth and quiet.

The chair is designed and constructed, especially with safety in mind, to keep the people comfortable while they are resting. The frame is built from metal, and combined with the sturdy seat pad, and you have a long-lasting, durable chair that can last for many years. A high and softback provide extra head and neck support.

This chair matches the style and the ambiance of the baby’s room. It features a chic and stylish design that transforms the space into a more enjoyable, classier, and so much more elegant one.

There is comfortable and firm foam padding used in the recliner to make the Rylee Gliding the perfect soothing for your convenience and comfort. You can easily adjust your recliner based on your requirements at any time. Moreover, the gliding function is a great feature.

What I Like:

  • High and comfortable back. 
  • A fine wooden base. 
  • The mechanism for reclining is quiet and easy. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • The recline feature is a bit hard.

4. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber – Best High-Back Nursery Glider

Check latest price

Baby Relax Mikayla is a luxurious nursery room reclining chair. This recliner was designed with comfort in mind. It is ergonomically designed with dimensions 37 x 30 x 41.75 inches and is built with a robust steel frame. It uses a high-quality foam filled for dense support and contoured seating. The seating surface has incredible contour, while the seatback has a swivel mechanism that makes reclining easier.

It has a sturdy construction providing added comfort thanks to a built-in easy-pull mechanism to prop up your legs on the leg rest or to recline the unit entirely.

Your Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is a model with tons of gliding rocking options to choose from. You can rock it forwards and backward or slide it forward and backward to get the perfect seat angle. The recline and glide features were designed to provide you with maximum relaxation and are ideal for people with back problems and joint exhaustion.

Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner boasts a spring core foam-filled seat that helps your back feel super comfortable, which is the first thing I notice about the frame of this recliner. The fabric used on the seat and back cushion is soft and looks quite inviting. The upholstery comes in many colors, and you can choose a color that fits your decor.

What I Like:

  • The swivel function is smooth.
  • The back is high enough.
  • The cushions are soft and so very comfortable. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • The armrests a bit low.

5. Christopher Knight Home 308985 Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner – Best for Everyday use

Check latest price

This recliner fits nicely in any home decor and provides you with comfort and luxury. It is manufactured using durable materials and has a beautiful appearance that will be perfect for your home. If you need a lounge for hours recliner, without even thinking about it, this recliner is the right choice for you. This recliner provides not only comfort, but it also has many benefits that will make your life easier.

It is perfect for your baby’s room. Such modern & ergonomics designed reclining furniture can help you to obtain maximum relaxation.

It is very comfortable and features a back and footrest that can be adjusted in several ways, depending on your comfort. The seat cushion has the perfect combination of softness and firmness. Its cushion is made using foam and is very soft to the touch. Also, it is covered in a luxurious 100% polyester fabric.

The frame of this recliner has been designed to offer maximum support and ease of use. It has been manufactured using high-quality materials that are durable and last long.

The recliner is comfortable to use when you need to feed your baby or relax in comfy, read a book, or watch TV.

What I Like:

  • Excellent for everyday use. 
  • It takes up little space.
  • Very soft and comfortable. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • The recliner is slightly noisy.


Nursery glider recliners are designed explicitly for nursing babies in a nursery or baby’s room. It has a gliding motion that allows both mother and baby to stay seated at a comfortable and convenient height. The gliding motion will also allow you to move away from your baby easily, so it won’t be difficult to get up to attend to your other children.

The nursery glider recliner is the best solution for nursing mothers who want a recliner’s convenience because they find it hard to balance feeding and holding a baby in traditional positions with a usual chair.

With the gliding motion of this type of nursery glider recliner, you can gently rock and feed your child, allowing you both to sit at a comfortable height, which is convenient no matter the height of your nursing chair. It can also help you save a lot of time by allowing you to stay seated during night feedings.


You want a gliding recliner that is as comfortable for you and your baby as possible. You need to be able to sit comfortably with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your child. A nursing recliner should also be a good match for your furniture’s size so that it doesn’t take up extra room in your living room while you are feeding and rocking your child.


One of the most significant benefits of gliding Recliners is that they are nice and low-to-the-ground. It allows you to nurse from a more comfortable position without having to balance on your feet like you would in a rocker.

Portability & Storage

The nursery glider recliners are usually portable and can fit anywhere in your house. They are also lightweight enough to move them around the house yourself. The storage feature consists of pockets. It’s a perfect place to stash magazines or diaper changing supplies when a baby needs a change.


Gliding Rockers don’t have any hard corners or sharp parts, making them safe no matter what part of the room it is in. With soft padding around all parts that touch your body, a gliding recliner is easy on your back, arms, and shoulders during feedings.


Most modern nursery gliding recliners are adjustable to fit people of different sizes (if it is just for one person), different types of furniture styles, and height-lifting mechanisms. The adjustability makes these chairs very versatile and long-lasting.


As far as the price goes, that’s another great feature about this glider. It is very affordable and will make a wonderful gift for any expectant mother or new mother. It could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on the brand and features you’re buying from.


Is the nursery glider recliner easy to clean?

This type of recliner is a pretty easy piece of furniture to clean-though; if you want to keep it looking like a new one, I suggest cleaning it regularly. The seat cushion can be cleaned by vacuuming it or using a damp cloth to remove surface stains and dirt. Do this regularly so that any spills or stains that happen naturally don’t build up on the leather or fabric.

What are the features to look for in a nursery glider recliner?

It goes without saying, your comfort should be your number one concern. Ask yourself what size of chair you need and how much space it would take up in the room.
There are several things to consider when choosing a nursery glider recliner, such as its durability, comfort, style, size, and how well it would go with your nursery room furniture.

Why do I need a nursery glider?

It is not a must have piece of furniture, but it does make life easier. If you use a nursery glider recliner, it saves you some money. It does mean that your baby will grow up sitting in your lap over the course of the first few months. They allow you to sit for hours by gentle glider, thus soothing the newborn.

What size and material do I want?

You should get one that is well constructed, with good material, and sturdy. Talking about comfort, you will need to buy a well-padded recliner. Many tend to buy glider based models on their looks and the entertainment features of the glider. So, it is good to know a lot about these chairs before actually buying one.
Checking out the reviews and ratings of different chairs would give you a better idea about the right chair for you. The overall size of the glider should be able to accommodate your weight easily. As for materials used, mostly made of wood, some are made with steel, fabric upholstery, and high-density foam.

Is the nursery glider recliner easy to assemble?

Nursery gliders are very easy to assemble when you have a manual from the manufacturer. They usually include images of all of the different parts and a list of each piece and its number, along with any hardware pieces you might need.
Often, a dent or scuff will become visible after assembly is over. Still, if that is the case, you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to see if there is a way around it without having to return the whole unit altogether.

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Best Toddler Recliners

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  1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids

    Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl KidsCheck price
  2. Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair

    Mcombo Big Kids Recliner ChairCheck price
  3. Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner

    Costzon Kids Sofa ReclinerCheck price

What is a Toddler Recliner?

A toddler recliner is a recliner chair designed specifically for toddlers. A toddler will have a great time in a recliner. They can rest, play, or watch TV while sitting, and great for taking naps or entertaining friends. These recliners are often upholstery designed in charming cartoon characters and bright colors.

Many of the toddler recliners have a cup holder to keep drinks or snacks. A toddler recliner made from sturdy material and will last for years and years.  Most toddler recliners are made from wood, plastic, or metal and high-density foam, providing your toddler a comfortable sitting experience.

A toddler recliner has an extended leg rest, which will keep them sitting comfortably in the chair all day. The padded armrests are designed to be easy to grip and high enough to stop them from falling out. The chairs usually have space between the back and the front seat so that little one can fit their hands into, or they can hold your hand if you are sitting with them.

If you are buying a toddler recliner, you need to make sure that the recliner is installed properly for it to be safe. Parents should read the instruction manual thoroughly before installing it and know how to care for the unit properly.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder – Editor’s Choice

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This Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder is the perfect choice for your kids. The recliner includes a padded cushion and soft liner to add extra comfort. The beautiful design features an easy-to-use push back mechanism that allows the footrest to recline smoothly. 

It is a reliable and durable kid recliner, and kids with a weight of up to 90 pounds can safely use that chair. The seat is fairly comfortable and fits most children. 

The sturdy construction provides a safe seat for any child to sit or lay. It has featured soft cushions with soft foam padding and is also available in different colors. It can handle even the most active kids.

It is comfortable to your back and has strong armrests that support kid arms. It also features a cup holder for extra convenience. And the cup holder supports standard-size cups to hold those drinks they love. The vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and doesn’t show any wear such as scratches or dirt. 

The chair has a conventional reclining system that also allows for an upright position when needed. There is ample cushioning in the seat and back, making it very comfortable. It fits in any kids’ room, and it wouldn’t be out of place in an adult room either. 

Kids will enjoy hours of relaxation with this easy to use the recliner. It’s an excellent place for them to sleep or watch television. 

What I Like:

  • Solid hardwood frame.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The cup holder is great.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The seat is a little stiff.
  • A little tough to recline without some help from an adult. 

Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holders for Boys and Girls Room – Premium Choice

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The Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holders for Boys and Girls Room has two cup holders and four side pockets for small stuff. The chair is well constructed and has a durable frame so that it will last a long time. You can be sure your kids would love this with its comfort and functionality. Ideal place for a relaxing place after an active day

It is made of faux leather material that is very durable and comfortable. You can easily assemble it with easy instruction. It has a maximum seat load of up to 120 pounds. Upholstery from faux Leather you can spot easy clean as needed with a cloth or sponge. 

The Mcombo Big Kids Recliner can be used in the living room, bedroom, family room. It is an excellent place for your kids to read books or rest with the cup holder to put drinks. This chair is very comfortable and adjustable, and its backrest can recline up to 130 degrees, which offers comfort to kids.

It has a child-friendly shape, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt. Any kid would sit comfortably in this recliner because it has a wide armrest and a soft headrest. Kids and adults love this comfortable chair!

What I Like:

  • Very sturdy.
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable.
  • Non-slip feet

What I Don’t Like:

  • It does not recline all the way to a flat position.

Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner – Great Value

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Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner is perfect for children. The material is hard and firm so that it can last longer than others. But it is soft and comfortable, and you can sit on it for hours without any discomfort at all.

You will like this product is very safe and stable to use. It has been designed with a child’s safety in mind. This recliner is perfect for your children, from the reclining mechanism to the durable wood it is made from.  

It features a reclining mechanism that is very easy and comfortable for children to use. This recliner comes with Flip-up Storage Arms too. Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner is available in three colors: grey, brown, and black

It’s a comfortable seat with high-density foam and is made up of iron frame construction with four non-slip feet making it sturdy and stably. ​It is covered with high-quality PU leather giving a soft touch that is long-lasting.  Besides, the high-quality sponge inside makes this recliner super comfortable to sit on. The material is non-toxic, which is harmless to kids’ bodies. 

Its ergonomic design can give your kid a comfortable position. The backrest can be adjusted into three comfortable positions by pushing back to make the backrest move until the desired position is reached. The plushness of the seat and footrest makes this Costzon kids sofa recliner very comfortable. 

What I Like:

  •  It is padded well.       
  •  The fabric feels good.           
  •  Great design.            
  •  Armrest for Storage.

What I Don’t Like:

  • No hand lever.            
  • A little hard to recline.

The Crew Furniture 649630 Traditional Kids – Best Upholstery

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It is a recliner designed for kids to spend a lot of time in it. It is made of high-quality material and durable hardwood and microfibre material to make kids feel comfortable on this recliner. The recliner is available in pink, camo, blue, and black colors, and it is a perfect addition to your kid’s bedroom or baby room.

The Crew Furniture 649630 Traditional Kids Microfiber Recliner has traditionally styled rolled arms and finished wood legs that bring a timeless look to this chair. The reclinable push-back seating allows you to adjust the back to your desired position. It is well suited for relaxing, reading, or just watching TV. 

The sturdy, durable frame allows this unit to hold up over time, even under the maximum seat load of 80 pounds of an active child. Manufacturers use green approved top plywood grade for durability as well as strength and stability.

With reinforced welting on the seat and back cushions, you can be sure that the upholstery will not rip or tear over time. The seat also features cushioning with a high resiliency foam that offers lasting comfort. For regular cleaning, you can wipe the chair with a damp cloth. 

What I Like:

  • The upholstery is soft and easy to clean. 
  • Green approved engineered wood.
  • Traditional style.

What I Don’t Like: 

  • Difficult to get the footrest up.          
  • Back of the chair not high enough.

Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair – Best Steel Frame

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Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair is an incredibly soft and comfortable children’s recliner chair at a price accessible. It has good stitching, long-lasting material, and sturdy construction. This seat is best suited for the kids’ room as it fits perfectly and gives plenty of room to play around.

This recliner is suitable for kids as it is sturdy and can hold up to100 lb of body weight. That recliner is popular with parents because kids love it so much, and it’s also a comfortable piece of furniture. It’s a nice place for kids to catch up on some rest while watching television or just chillin’ out.

The faux leather upholstery is nice because it doesn’t show dirt easily, and it’s easy to clean. It’s breathable, too, which makes it last longer than other fabrics. The frame is made of wood and metal. 

 It is also filled with PP cotton, a durable material that provides maximum comfort and support while lounging. Padded arms and back for added support make it very convenient for children’s entertainment.

The cup holder at the armrest adds more comfort to your children’s imaginary world. The seat is so soft, it’s like sitting in a cloud. Kids love it when it reclines because it gives them a little bit of extra room to spread out and be comfortable.

What I Like:

  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Padded cushions.

Buyer’s Guide

How To Pick The Right Toddler Recliner?  

Recliners, especially ones with kids in mind, should be comfortable. A toddler recliner should also have convenient arms so the kid can easily climb onto the couch all by themselves.

One more tip is to look for durable materials. Leather or soft denim is hard to damage, which is a must when kids are involved. Look for sturdy fabric that is soft and comfortable to the touch. The cushions should be removable and easy to clean, if possible. A recliner for kids needs to be made of materials that don’t absorb water.

Overall, the best thing you can do when purchasing a toddler recliner is to understand your child and their needs. Think about if it will be useful in your home and if it is something that you will be able to use long-term. 

Features to Consider before you Buy a Toddler Recliner.

Size of the recliner

Ensure your child’s recliner is the right size. To do this, you need to include their height and weight in your measurement. 

Weight limit

Toddler recliners are made for children up to about six years old. They’re not made for heavier adults. Although some toddler recliners can handle the slightly heavier weight, it’s important to keep the weight limit in mind when you buy a child’s recliner. Even though a recliner is made just for children, it should still be sturdy. A good recliner should also have a sturdy frame.


The best toddler recliners are made with many high-quality materials, such as soft foam in the cushions, vinyl fabrics, and wooden legs.

Material is a significant factor in providing the comfort in the recliner you are looking for. You need to select one which will be easy to clean, remove stains, and even simple to disinfect. The foam must also be safe and free of all harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt at all.

Wood is a favorite material for many manufacturers because it’s so durable and sturdy. And the vinyl or fabric is carefully selected to make sure it’s gentle on your baby’s skin and wipes clean easily.

Extra features

The toddler recliners can often be equipped with an extra headrest, storage, and cupholders. The cup holders provide a great feature for kids while watching TV, and they can enjoy snacks or meals while sitting and feel comfortable.

These recliners often have a storage area in the armrest that can hold small things, remotes, and favorite toys. The storage area is very easy to open and close, and kids can even open it up themselves. 

The extra headrest is excellent for growing children and is important until the child reaches a certain age. The headrest helps cradle their head while sitting on your chair and are entertained by television or a movie.


The majority of parents choose toddler recliners with soft, cushioned seats and backs that are deep enough for long periods of sitting and comfortable even if the recliner is wide.  Sometimes the backs recline so that they are flat, and the backs of the cushions can be made narrow or wide depending on what’s best for the child.  A good toddler recliner will also have sufficient padding on the seat and armrests to make sitting more comfortable.


Most recliner manufacturers offer a warranty. A good recliner company will fix or replace the product if there are any defects in materials or workmanship within a specific time frame.

Return policy

If you are buying it online, be sure to read the return policy and stick to it. Recliners can be pricey, so if you order it online, make sure your return policy is such that you don’t have to pay for shipping.


What about the Safety of Toddler Recliners?

Make sure that the height and weight restrictions are met when choosing a new toddler recliner. Excellent if the recliner has a memory foam-like seat that minimizes the pressure on the child’s legs and back. The high back will keep your child’s head safe. It is better to choose a recliner with wide armrests that will keep them safe when seated. The chair must also use high-quality and safe materials for health.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Toddler Recliner?

Kids can sleep for about 2-5 hours in a recliner if they cannot sleep in their crib. It is recommended that if you do allow your baby to sleep in a recliner, you place the recliner in the lowest position.  Most toddler recliners can be adjusted to allow a baby to sleep comfortably.   But the parents must watch the kid when they sleep as it can be fatal if they roll off a recliner and be injured.

Is Toddler Recliner Available in a Variety of Designs, Colors, and Materials?

You can purchase a toddler recliner in designs such as traditional (wooden and fabric), contemporary (plastic with chrome accents), and transitional (bamboo or teak). The toddler recliners are also available in a vast array of colors.

Are Toddler Recliners Easily Adjustable?

The feature of a toddler recliner that parents like is the adjustment feature. The toddler recliner usually has a push back function for reclining, and the footrest can be fully folded out. Toddler recliners can be adjusted in up to 3 different positions depending on their needs, making it very relaxing and comfortable for rest or watching TV, reading a book, and playing with toys.

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