5 Best Office Chairs That Say No to Backpain

  1. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

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  2. XUER Ergonomics Office Chair

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  3. BestMassage Big and Tall Office Chair

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The back is the main area that received stress when you sit down. Some office chairs do not have enough cushioning in the back rest, resulting in an uncomfortable position for the back. That is why it is important to find the best office chair for back pain.

Before we start talking about office chairs, let’s first look at the benefits of sitting on chairs while working… Office chairs are ergonomic and comfortable. Office chairs are inexpensive. Office chairs bring health benefits. The health benefits of sitting on office chairs are:

  • More energy.
  • Better productivity.
  • Improved creativity and alertness.
  • Better decision making.
  • Good posture. 

Best Office Chairs For Bad Back Reviews

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels – Editor’s Choice

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Duramont has a strong reputation for high-quality chairs with adjustable features and attractive comfort. Duramont is a chair that has a strong steel frame, which makes it long-lasting and material from breathable mesh. It is a powerful, comfortable chair that helps you to perform tough tasks for a long time. It has an extra-trendy design and best in comfort. 

The Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels has Two independently-moving armrests that are adjustable with a locking lever. This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. 

It is a chair that is designed to help you sit up straight and supported. The chair has adjustable lumbar support for better alignment, adjustable headrest.  The lumbar support in this chair makes the backrest more flexible and comfortable for the user. It weighs about 50 lbs.

That chair also has rollerblade wheels that make it easy to move around the office. The seat can swivel 360 degrees. This chair also uses Pneumatic controls to let you raise or lower the seat and tilt back the backrest or sit straight up.


  1. The mesh feels very comfortable and breathable.
  2. The lumbar support is amazing.
  3. The armrest width, height, Head reset, backrest support are perfect.
  4. The ability to adjust many features of the chair


  1. The seat is a bit hard.

XUER Ergonomics Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair – Best for Lower Back Pain

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XUER Ergonomics Office Chair Mesh Computer Desk Chair possesses high quality in the combination of advanced ergonomics and comfortable seating.

This chair, with ergonomics design as the concept, this chair is suited for office staff. It has stability and comfort for prolonged use.  Using this chair at your comfortable position could protect your back and also the muscle of your legs, arms, and shoulders.

The chair is well made, sturdy, and has a luxurious appearance. The seat is very soft and smooth and can be easily adjusted to the user’s shape. The armrests adjust easily and never seem to become in the way of common actions. The chair is designed such that it can provide support when sitting in an upright position. 

The chair is made ​​of plastic, has a metalwork base for the seat part, and has an adjustable height and tilt angle.

Also, it has wheels that are quiet and move over any surface without scratching your floor.

You can adjust the headrest and armrest to the degree you want, and there is no discomfort while using the computer. The headrest is 45°rotation adjustment and protecting cervical vertebra, made of high level and durable mesh. The armrest is made from PU surface and high-quality nylon, giving you a delicate touch.


  1. The back is breathable and ergonomically designed.
  2. The controls are easy to use.
  3. Suitable for those who have back issues.


  1. If you need a soft chair, this is not the chair for you.

BestMassage Big and Tall Office Chair 400lbs Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair – Best for Upper Back Pain

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The BestOffice  Computer Chair with Lumbar Support is probably one of the best office chairs. It is suitable for big and tall people — around 400 lbs maximum weight capacity.

The computer chair looks great in black color, feels nice and light. Its mesh back is very functional for air circulation during summer. The seat part is made of a high-density sponge cushion that would provide you a comfortable seat, and it is large and wide for extremely comfortable.

The chair is made with premium material and has a heavy-duty structure, with 360-degree swivel and nylon smooth-rolling casters, great stability, and movement.  So it can be used in an office, retail stores, or home-based businesses.

It comes with adjustable lumbar support to help reduce pressure on the back. The way the back is curved makes it more comfortable for almost all people. It is what will cause people to enjoy sitting in a chair for hours on end.

The chair is a classic style, and the ergonomic design is very comfortable. This chair will give you great conveniences while working or playing on the computer.


  1. The seat cushion is firm.
  2. For really big persons.
  3. Chair completely adjustable.
  4. The back is ergonomic and very comfortable.


  1. The armrests are a bit short.

Ticova Executive Office Chair – High Back Rocking PU Leather Office Chair – Best for Back and Neck pain

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Ticova Executive Office Chair – High Back Rocking PU Leather Office Chair is a great choice for office use. It is strong and simple in terms of style. It will give you exceptional support in your seated position as you will sit on it comfortably for long hours without the need to get up and stretch or to move around much. It is an executive office chair.

The materials used for this chair are of high quality and can protect your chair for long years. The seat is made of PU leather, which gives comfort to the user.  The chair also has140-degree tilting angle rocking function.

This chair is durable, strong, and light. It has a high back. It is strong and will last for long years. Its main features are that it comes with Iron and solid arms, a well-seated back and seat cushion with high-density foam that has better resilience and not easy to deform. The chair comes with a base that will ensure stability. It ensures that the user has good support and takes the pressure off the back.

It has a weight capacity of 300 Pounds, and it weighs about 48.9 pounds; it is a chair where you can sit at your desk with comfort for a long time. The item is easy to clean and maintain.

The PU  casters smooth and quiet for maximum maneuverability during use. It makes that perfect for any room but really works well in an office setting. 


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. It’s super sturdy.
  3. Great lower back and neck support.
  4. It’s good for taller people.


  1. The knob for adjusting the back of the chair is a bit stiff.

Ergousit High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair (N-Black) – Best with Heated Back Support

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An Ergonomic Office chair offers an independent function for reclining, it has an adjustable height of the seatback and a comfortable backrest.

The Ergousit High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to provide all the benefits of an ergonomic office chair without compromising comfort and support.

It has a breathable mesh seat for increased air circulation and flexibility.  Brings nourishment to your body for a better blood flow through veins, arteries, and capillaries. Supports the spine with soft support so you can sit any way you choose. 

The padding on this seat is very comfortable. It allows your neck an easy escape from long durations of work or simply relaxing on this seat. While there are many details to this chair, one very interesting feature is its angle changing system tilted  90-110 degrees. Also, you can increase or decrease the leg rest angle for precise comfort levels.

The chair comes with heavy-duty caster wheels for smooth movement on any surface.  

It is the chair that can effectively solve fatigue, back pain, and muscular pain. Its use of lightweight materials increases the movement of the chair and extends the seating time. 

Its fabric design makes it comfortably breathable and flexible in most working conditions.


  1. Super easy to assemble.
  2. Great lumbar support.
  3. Reasonable price.


  1. A bit of a hard seat.

Buyer’s Guide

What are the benefits of an office chair with good back support?

The back support is a cushion that is located on the back of the office chair to help prevent or ease back pains. The back support has different styles and materials which affect how much it helps your back pains.

It is predicted that around 60% of people suffer from back pains and some of these pains may have a relation to the bad chair they used. It is important your office chair supports most of your back to lower the chance of harming your back in any way.

Which are the top-rated office chairs for back pain? 

This is the most asked question in terms of the ultimate comfort since everyone has different body weights, heights, and preferences. The best office chair that works for one person may not work well for you. It is important to consider your personal body needs when it comes to this.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best office chair for back pain support. For one, some people prefer a high-end leather office chair over a fabric office chair due to health issues. Also, just because you did not like a chair that someone else loves does not mean it does not work. You should consider your own personal needs before deciding on the best office chair for back pain support.

What is the difference between an office chair and a computer chair?

An office chair flaunts better design so more people prefer to have this at their workplace. It is important to check their features and how much they support your back to secure that you are getting the right model.

An office chair has been made especially for people who spend most of their time behind a desk. It is made with comfortable padding and has good back support for a better posture. A computer chair on other hand has fewer features and is not meant to be used for long hours as it can cause strain on the body.

Do office chairs have buttons for reclining back?

The most common feature of an office chair is the reclining ability so you are able to change the position of your chair to suit your needs. Some models also have adjustable arms and adjustable height so you can adjust it to personalize it according to your body dimensions.

The new office chairs come with adjustable arms, an adjustable back, and even a reclining button. The older models may not have these features built-in.

Which should be the best office chair choice for my back health?

It is important to choose an office chair that will support your back to maintain a good posture. It is a better idea to purchase an ergonomic chair since it supports good shape and takes your lumbar support into consideration.

The office chair should keep your back safe from suffering by supporting good shape. There are various chairs for different body types and you should choose one that keeps your posture to keep your back safe.

What Features You Should Look for in the Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Enhanced Lumbar Support Position

Your lumbar should not be in an unnatural position as this might hurt your back. This is why you need a chair that supports your lower back and ensures it is in proper shape.

This refers to the back support of your chair. If you have lumbar support then it ensures that your lower back is in good shape. Without lumbar support, you will begin to suffer pain in your lower back. This is why it is recommended that you get a lumbar support office chair to ensure that you maintain good posture. To adjust the lumbar support then this is normally found in most chairs that you purchase nowadays. Some models even have special functions for adjustable cubicle chairs that give you more options to adjust and opt for the one that is more comfortable for you.

Reclining Mechanism

It will be very convenient if you get an office chair that can recline so you can easily change your positions according to how you feel.

This is great for people who want to change their positions more often and if you are using it for long hours. You can easily adjust the reclining according to your desire or mood. This will let you read comfortably while working uninterruptedly. Most reclining office chairs usually do have strict positions in order to give the best support for your back. If you are an active person then this is an excellent feature that you should look for. You can even use it as a sleep chair!

Timed Warming

No one would like to sit in a cold chair especially during the wintertime. A chair with timed warming will make sure the chair is warm before you start using it otherwise, you will not be able to use the chair for long hours.

If your office chair for back pain does not have timed warming then you can seriously expect to suffer from pain on both your lower back and your neck. The lumbar support of an office chair might not be sufficient for prolonged usage. If you don’t get timed warming, then it would probably be very uncomfortable to sit in the chair after a couple of hours.

It will be very uncomfortable that you will probably want to change positions but this is just a burden for the back so it is recommended that you get an office chair with back support that is fitted with timed warming.

Rolling Mobility

It will be very inconvenient if you don’t have the rolling mobility to move around with your chair. It is recommended that you get an office chair that has wheels so moving around is easier. 

Rolling mobility for the office chair for bad back is very important since it will let you move around the room easily. This feature is perfect for active people since it will make reaching things easier. You can even change the position whenever you want but at least, you are in a comfortable work environment. Carrying the office chair is perfect for people who have problems moving around the whole day. Without rolling mobility, it is probably going to be a burden to lift the office chair over your shoulders in order to move it around. There may be times when only certain models have this feature.


If you don’t get cushioning on the bottom of your chair then expect to feel uncomfortable. The cushioning might also wear out due to excessive movement and this can cause sores on your skin.

The cushioning is important to provide comfort and to keep your back in a healthy position. Otherwise, after a couple of hours of working in the office chair, you will feel pain in your lower back. If you want to work longer on your computer, then it is recommended that you get an office chair that has proper lumbar support and cushioning so that you can focus on your work even if you are sitting for long hours.


If you want to get rid of back pain then it is recommended that you get an office chair fitted with the best features. This will make you feel very comfortable and you can focus on your work properly. Make sure you get a good office chair fitted with adjustable lumbar support, timed warming, rolling mobility, and proper cushioning. This will make you feel comfortable and you can work longer.