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After a very long day of rushing and bustling, cuddling up to a comfortable stressless recliner will help you feel like bliss. Not much tops the feeling of kicking back in a perfectly comfortable position with feet rested up, head tilted back as you doze off into a state of relaxation and enjoy a conversation with loved ones.

Top recliners can be the perfect alternative to chairs as they offer that extra level of comfort to your body and space. Enjoy the very feeling of relaxing worry-free following a long and action-packed day? Then a recliner is for you. This guide will equip you with the necessary information to get out and choose the recliner best suited for your needs.

Our Rating of the Best Stressless Recliners

BenchMaster Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner — Editor’s Choice – $$

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This unique contemporary style provides a modern base, finished with walnut wood and laced with the quality bonding of faux taupe colored leather.


Although the chair is well cushioned and manufactured for comfort, steel inner springs and 360 swivel might not be ideal for older people or individuals with severe back problems.


Recliner presents certain ideal features while others could be problematic. The complete cushion and slanted ottoman is a uniquely functional style, which achieves a higher level of comfort without compromise. The weight limit of 300 pounds limits the potential customer base and leaves out a large community of individuals who are avid recliner users.


  1. Bonus slanted ottoman takes shape of your leg while seated for extra full body comfort.


  1. Easy wipe down of seams, creases and open spaces with a damp cloth and non-alkaline substances.
  2. Easy and quick self-assembly could come undone if chair exceeds its 300-pound weight limit.
  3. The chair comes only in one color, doesn’t offer personalization options.

Buyer’s Guide

The BenchMaster Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner boasts to be large and durable enough to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes of people. Don’t worry about tipping over in this stable and durable recliner. With bed-like comfort, it’s intertwined with inner steel springs and California foam compliant materials for safety.

Comfort is heightened with a bonus upward slanting ottoman, which conforms to your leg with ease to promote better blood circulation. A best seller with high ratings of positive experiences and investment of longevity and substantial resale value. For decorative purposes, swatch fabric is available upon request before purchase.


A sleek recliner of contemporary style, leather bonding and a tilted ottoman that encourages complete blood flow for enhanced comfort and health. The wooden base is sightly enough to fit in with the most elegant of decor but functional in achieving full stress-relieving comfort.

Similar to its predecessor line, the Kyle, but with a few extra key features. The chair sits up high and body stretched out to different angles to accommodate just about every body type.

Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Fjords 215 Small Muldal Recliner — Premium Choice – $$$$+

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A unique and high-quality heavy-duty reclining chair featuring genuine Fjords leather and effective neck support.


A very durable chair with extra neck support that can be altered to fit a user’s preference as it adjusts to the body’s optimum comfort.


This luxurious Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian small lounge reclining chair is highly recommended for enjoying a wonderful book, chatting with loved ones and many more. This well-cushioned chair can be placed in any part of the home, office or anywhere comfort is desired.


  1. Genuine Fjords leather for a smooth feeling of high-quality materials.
  2. Chair and ottoman designed for full-body comfort with support from the neck to legs.


  1. Offers multiple color options for different styles and versatility.
  2. The price of the chair is slightly more expensive than others on the same market.
  3. The chair is large, bulky, and heavier than most, which is not recommended for maneuverability.

Buyer’s Guide

High quality and sturdy chair that requires no self-assembly yet sturdy enough to hold up large amounts of weight. With high-quality leather, it brings an essence of luxury but is functional enough to provide extra spinal support and health benefits. This reclining chair was designed and produced with the health of the spine and body conformation in mind to encourage and promote full blood circulation.

Although the chair is pricier than most, it’s unlike anything else in the market because it’s heavy-duty and durable, with an elevated level of high-quality materials, and impeccable longevity.

The Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian Lounge Reclining Chair Fjords 215 Small Muldal Recliner is worth the few extra bucks, but now you just have to worry about always falling asleep in it. The chair is also considered an investment as resale value tends to still remain high, due to desired high-quality materials.


A Fjords leather chair that sinks right in with quality material for utmost comfort and a mechanism automatically intertwined for extra support. Adjustable to fit user’s needs and available in a multitude of color options. Ergonomic design promotes extra comfort that is long-lasting.

The recliner features, seat, armrest, back, and ottoman with cold-cure molded foam, which helps to hold its molded shape for longer periods to retain durability and enhance longevity.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Beige Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base — Best Low-Reclining Model — $

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If you want a recliner, but really don’t like traditional recliners with built-in footrests, this type of recliner is a great option. The chair reclines, but the footrest is a separate piece of furniture. It’s a matching ottoman.

For some people, this good looking, stylish chair is evocative of Asian or other exotic designs. If you are looking to outfit a small home or vacation space, this may be a perfect style.

Depending upon your tastes, you may feel this chair makes a strong design statement. The light-colored upholstery set against the Mahogany wood base makes for a striking image.

Although light in color, you don’t need to fret too much about that. It is faux leather for easy maintenance and clean up. Just wipe clean.

This chair sits to the ground. For some people, this is a selling point. For others, it’s a forewarning.

If you know you want a lower chair, great! This chair will likely work for you. If you know you have trouble getting into and out of low chairs, think twice before getting this chair.

The chair provides firm support, which many people prefer to give them adequate back support. It is not super cushy. If you want something that feels like a feather pillow, this is not it.

Recommended if you desire a low reclining chair with a separate footrest.


  1. A footrest is separate from the chair.
  2. Visually striking design.
  3. Great summer home look.
  4. Low maintenance faux leather upholstery.


  1. The swivel mechanism is a plastic rail, not metal ball bearings.
  2. It is probably not going to last long enough to become a family heirloom.
  3. The chair sits too low for the tastes of some people.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base — Best for RV — $

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Plush armrests and a built-in headrest help make this striking black chair a divine combination of great looks and good comfort. The chair is not as bulky as many recliners.

You may able to attach it to the floor of an RV so it is serviceable on the go. The black upholstery with dark Mahogany wood base are a great combination of stylish design and conservative color choice. It can hit the design sweet spot for a vacation look that isn’t too beachy or too casual.

The style is one of many people associate with beach homes or other exotic locales. Whether you are decorating a summer home or just want to inject a sense of casual fun, it’s a great look that provides firm support.

If you are on the petite side, you may appreciate the low profile of this chair. If you tall or mobility impaired, you may find this to be a sore point.

Recommended for someone wanting to make a bit of a design statement with their recliner, but not too strong of a statement. Recommended if you like the footrest of your recliner to be completely optional as this footrest is an ottoman.


  1. Faux leather upholstery is both eco-friendly and low maintenance.
  2. Built-in headrest.
  3. A terrific option for a seasonal home or RV living.
  4. Unusual recliner adds style to a type of furnishing often not thought of as enhancing the decor.


  1. The swivel mechanism is plastic, not metal. Some people complain you can hear it grinding.
  2. It May not be suitable for taller customers as it sits fairly low to the ground.
  3. It May not be the right choice for families that need very hard-wearing furniture.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather Recliner — Best Quality vs Budget – $

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A stylish recliner accented with a wooden base that pulls you right in with its comfortable and leather cushioned seat, back, arm and headrest.


Without a doubt, the best part of the recliner is the cushion, but it might not be suitable for individuals with a large body frame as a base doesn’t seem sturdy enough.


The high number of positive consumer ratings is a direct reflection of the quality of the chair. The comfortable and affordable price point is a win for many who enjoy comfort, without breaking the bank. The generous plush padding completely covers the recliner and a simple glimpse is inviting. It is one of the highest recommended recliners.


  1. Polyurethane material.
  2. Luxuriously cushioned with upholstered faux leather and polyurethane material.
  3. Easy cleaning with a slightly damp cloth.


  1. Offered in multiple color variations to fit personal style and preference.
  2. Involves partial self-assembly, which might require additional tools.

Buyer’s Guide

This recliner is a dream ideal for perfectly cushioned and upholstered arms and body. The headrest is integrated for an extra level of comfort with a lever conveniently located on the right side of the chair. Users praise the longevity of the chair without experiencing severe damage or wear and tear over time.

The chair sits at a comfortable and affordable price worth the longevity, but a used chair can be purchased for extra savings. Simple swivel chair but able to fit in with just about any space.


The Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino leather recliner is comfortable with a fully covered plush body and stylish mahogany wooden legs. Quick and easy with few pieces to assemble. Newer models feature stronger bases capable of withstanding more bodyweight.

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft Recliner — Okay Model – $$

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A lightweight and completely leather-wrapped reclining chair that presents the opportunity to sit back into full luxuriously padded materials.


The 360-degree complete spin effect gives it an extra touch, but this feature isn’t ideal for everybody. However, this feature makes the chair susceptible to damage and quicker wear and tear if not properly taken care of.


This is a highly recommend reclining chair because it is simple, versatile and quick to assemble.


  1. Color variations and options to fit personal preference, space decor and style.
  2. Lightweight and easily maneuverable for redecorating and more.
  3. Highly versatile for use in different spaces and settings.


  1. Needs partial consumer assembly, which requires additional tools.
  2. flame retardant.
  3. Chair materials are made of vinyl leather that isn’t flame retardant.

Buyer’s Guide

The recliner and ottoman are perfect for those who enjoy sporadic naps, television, or simple mid-afternoon rest. Feel free to use it sitting upright to enjoy a meal, knit a new scarf or recline, and rest your eyes. A headrest is cohesive to the rest of the sleek upholstered chair.

The release and recline knob conveniently placed on the right-hand side is a cool but convenient touch that is appreciated. This sleek all leather recliner chair is perfect for homes, work or office spaces looking to maximize and enhance comfort levels. One of the highest range of reclining angle that allows to almost lay back flat in bliss.


Stylish and sleek recliner takes to versatility and comfort. The set is completely covered with a luxurious leather material that lets it fit in anywhere. Find any excuse to slide into these heavily padded seats and rest your worries on the upholstered arms. One of the few chairs on the market to offer a full reclining position to customize the most ideal level of comfort.

Relaxzen 8 Motor Massage Recliner — Best Massage – $$$

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On any given day, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy a massage in your personal massage chair in the comfort of your own home or work.


A fully functional massage recliner is equipped with multiple functions ideal for releasing stress and pain on various parts of the body. Massage chairs are only suitable for a select few because even at the lowest setting, it can be considered too much for a sensitive few.

If you enjoy easing the worries and bodily stresses of the day a massage chair is highly recommended. Recommended for use at home, school, office or anywhere it fits in. The variations in levels and modes are a complement to an already efficient massage chair.


  1. Offers multiple variations in massage levels and modes for customization.
  2. Offered at an affordable price point.


  1. Versatile enough to be used for home or business.
  2. PU leather material is susceptible to falling apart quicker due to normal wear and tear.
  3. Color and style variations are limited.

Buyer’s Guide

A quick and easy to assemble reclining massage chair able to withstand various body types and massages in a vibrating manner. Offers various massage levels and pre-programmed modes suitable for most.

This heavy-duty reclining massage chair allows choosing between various intensity levels and vibration motors designed to massage different parts of the body simultaneously. Capable of producing heat, this recliner is ideal for individuals in need of back pain relief and assistance in adjusting bodily pressures. The release allows for a full recline to the back to choose comfort level. Feel free to sit completely upright while eating a meal or kick the release all the way back to enjoy television at the highest body ease position. Capable of choosing between various massage zones, this recliner, by Comfort Products, is ideal for those looking to bring the feeling of a luxurious spa to a more convenient everyday experience.


The Relaxzen 8 Motor massage recliner enables anybody to enjoy a relaxing massage experience in the comfort of own home or time. With multiple massage modes and levels, the chair is meant to reduce any bodily stresses from your day to day activities. Choose from a plethora of pressures, modes, and levels to achieve a level of bliss that is customized and ideal to your preference. Offers full body massage from upper back down to the calves.

Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner — Best Real Leather — $$$

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This recliner not only comes with a separate ottoman instead of a footrest, but it also has style details that make many people wonder if you bought it on your last trip to northern Europe. It comes in a variety of light colors on a medium tone wood base. The unusual design of the matching ottoman is very eye-catching.

The chair has a built-in headrest and lumbar support. The armrests are well-padded and comfortably angled down.

The fact that the footrest is a separate ottoman can help provide adjustable comfort for any height. If you are taller, just push the ottoman farther out to get support where you need it. If you are petite, pull it closer to place it where you need it.

This helps make it the ultimate adjustable chair that can serve a variety of different family members and guests equally well. If the phrase “one size fits all” is the bane of your existence, this chair, and ottoman combo provides real options by separating the footrest from the recliner.

Some assembly is required. Some people find this chair challenging to assemble. You may want to recruit a friend or family member to assist you in putting it together. You can also find videos online to help you sort out any challenges in assembling it.

Recommended if you want a recliner with a separate footrest. Will be a good choice if pale leather plus medium wood tone Euro styling is right up your alley. A great pick if you want real leather furniture.


  1. Chair and footrest are separate items, providing maximum flexibility.
  2. Comes in real leather.
  3. Great European styling.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. You may need to get assistance to assemble it.
  3. Real leather can be more high maintenance than faux leather upholstery.

24 thoughts on “Best Stressless Recliners

  1. Lucy

    The BenchMaster Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner has such a professional vibe to it that it would look amazing in a large office space. I just have to get permission from my husband before purchasing but I’m not sure I can wait for him to get home!

  2. Jamie

    I like leather chairs better than suede or other fabrics because they are so much easier to clean and just look fancier and more put together. When you spill on it it’s unlikely that it will stain if you can wipe it off in a few minutes rather than a normal couch that it soaks right into.

  3. Anderson

    I have the Flash Furniture Contemporary Palimino Leather Recliner and it is the best purchase I have ever made! I normally regret buying furniture that I see online but this thing was perfect for my space and feels great on my feet and back when I kick my feet up for the night.

  4. Jensen

    I just love the look of the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner. It looks incredibly comfortable and I think I’m going to purchase it!

  5. Vinny

    I really need to purchase a new recliner because mine is finally giving out on me. I just love all of these models but I don’t seem to have the budget for them. I think I might check around my town to see if anyone is getting rid of these brands.

  6. John

    I recently purchased the Scandanavian lounge chair and it is a huge hit with my family! They kind of fight over it for when we have movie nights so I might have to end up buying another here soon.

  7. Daniel

    The ottoman of the Bench Master chair really does form to your legs. I just got it delivered and the fit and feel of it against your body makes me feel so relaxed at the end of a long day.

  8. Preston

    While the Flash Furniture recliner is faux leather it really does look real and makes cleanup so much easier than some sort of cotton material. I haven’t had any problems with staining or cleaning issues.

  9. Rita

    The color options for the Flash Furniture are great! I couldn’t seem to find a good color option for my living room until this brand. The Palamino is such a pretty color, goes with all of my decor.

  10. Johnson

    The features of the Relaxzen 8 recliner blow my expectations out of the water. All of the massage features are heavenly and even just sitting in it without that feature enabled is comfy. I haven’t told my kids about the massage feature yet for fear they might break it :/

  11. Katherine Medina

    Ottoman is well designed with good material. The recliner is solid and very comfortable. It’s a bit pricey but what you pay for this premium leather is excellent quality leather.

  12. Carol Powell

    It’s a chair that doesn’t require a lot of legroom and the color combos I’ve seen so far are all good. It’s not the best-looking recliner and I do feel that a lot of other chair companies would be smart to consider it, but if you’re looking for something that’s not uncomfortable, this recliner is pretty good.

  13. Martha Hernandez

    What I like about recliners is that the extra contouring makes your body look more toned and lean but the bottom doesn’t make you look like you’re about to collapse. Great way to watch the world in new Flash Furniture Contemporary

  14. Michelle Battle

    The seat size now does not look so big. Also a larger outlet in the arm rest area. I change the color to blue to better match the recliner.

  15. Kimberly Martinez

    I spend most of my time in dorms recliner because the pressure on my back when I sit is too much for me, so I have one permanently in my bedroom

  16. Donald Anderson

    Some people have lost thousands of dollars by using these recliners without adding friction material to the sides. These materials are cotton with the texture looking like cracked leather, and these slides have the potential to pull down upon themselves when making a big turn.

  17. Angela Cote

    I swear to god I spend so much of my day hunched over that if I sat back on my recliner and straightened my back, I would feel so much better. I just hang my head down more than usual if I have to sit upright.

  18. Norma Kammerer

    I’ve tried on many different recliner types, including horseback, backless and the traditional upright, but never at the exact same time. When I finally got a chance to try on the Fjords 215, I expected the chair to be terrible. But I was wrong, chair perfect for back support

  19. Holly Chapin

    Palimino leather recliner I got this chair the other day. After being in the hospital and living in my car for almost a year I was absolutely in love with this recliner.

  20. Thomas Osbourne

    Summary: comfort is the main point of the recliner. Two types: flimsy and sturdy (if you work around things that can’t fall down) Sturdy recliners are the best if you need to be on your feet every second you sit on the couch or you have a small or medium-sized living space.

  21. Hilda Jones

    Not all recliners are the same. I think the tealight-lit ones are the best and the ones with two pedals have a leg extension on the lower one.

  22. Mildred Mascorro

    Stressless recliners can be very useful in some situations. But, they may cause a lot of problems if used improperly.

  23. Johnathan Lemley

    My personal thought is that if you do not make any noise, this works just fine. The nice thing is that the legs of the mattress went right back to the front of the recliner.

  24. Andrea McWhorter

    First off, I wanted to mention I have a sample of BT-7862-BK chair in my living room. I haven’t felt it, but it’s not quite as firm as the picture shown, perhaps because it was left to sit, unused, in my garage for a couple of months.

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