7 Best Simmons Recliners for a Stylish Home Addition

  1. Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner

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  2. Upholstery Malibu Rocker Recliner

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  3. Furnishings Crisscross Anchor Rocker Recliner

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Simmons recliners are a revelation for families who have hoped to find a way to use their living room to get comfortable. The Simmons recliners chosen by a homeowner should be checked for features that could include how they bend, how they adjust, and how they can be used as decoration in the room. Simmons is celebrated around the world for the way that they make mattresses, chairs, and other furniture pieces that homeowners use to remain as healthy as they can be.

You are choosing Simmons recliners because you found them to be so easy to adjust that anyone might sit down, read, and enjoy the chair at all hours of the day. The chairs that are made for the person who has problems with their joints, must be in a chair all day long or has to have something that can adjust to the angles that are good for your body.

The five recliners on the list that you might buy give you a feeling in your joints that you have not had in a long time, and you save money by buying a recliner that makes an elderly family member comfortable, helps you after a surgery, and allows kids to shift to the exact position they want to read in the living room or watch TV.

Best Simmons Recliners Reviews

Simmons Upholstery Madeline Power Cuddler Recliner Chocolate Color – Our Best Pick

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This broad beauty will fit you and your special someone, whether for romantic TV viewing activities or simply reading books to the grand-kids. Yes, two people can squeeze into this chair if they are happy to cuddle up real close.

It’s got a nice, sleek look to it. It may not readily make you think it’s a recliner, but it is. It’s a great addition to your living for both looks and comfort.

The seat cushion is supported by the world famous Beauty Rest pocketed coils for reliable comfort. The frame is made of sturdy hardwood construction.

It’s a powered recliner, not a manual one. So it conveniently leans back at the push of a button. No need to wrestle with pushing it back yourself.

The chair features a USB port so you can charge your phone or other USB devices. However, it doesn’t have any other extras, such as built-in heat, massage or cup holders.

The footrest is a generous 33.5 inches wide. Overall dimensions are 42″ x 53″ x 42″.

The brand name and unusual chair and a half size are probably two of the biggest selling points for this model.

Recommended if you really want a more social seating experience or you simply want more breadth for any reason. Also recommended if you are a loyal devotee of Simmons products.


  1. A product of Simmons, a trusted brand name.
  2. Generous chair and half size.
  3. It has a USB port.
  4. Especially good looking style.


  1. No cup holders, no heat, no massage function.
  2. Bulky and potentially difficult to move.
  3. Basic no-frills model.

Simmons Upholstery Malibu Rocker Recliner Mink – Best Extra Cushy Simmons Rocker Recliner

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This extra cushy rocker comes in four great colors: Beluga, Blue, Mink and Wine. It’s a great casual look with a high comfort index.

This would be perfect in a vacation home, family home with kids or for retirees. Anyone who puts their comfort first will have some appreciation for this model.

It’s a reliable manual recliner model, so it works even when the power is out. Just use the handy lever on the side. No need to figure out where to plug it in, what happened to the remote control or similar hassles.

It’s a good size chair, but not oversized. Although it looks big, don’t be fooled. It is not actually designed for someone extremely tall.

The chair is made from high-quality materials in the US. Some materials are domestically sourced. Others are imported.

No cup holders, USB ports, heat or massage functions. Fits in well with the more traditionally styled decor and would work well in a rec room or den, but lacks some of the amenities that some people prefer.

Extra care is taken with the packaging to protect it during shipping. Some assembly required, but it assembles easily.

Recommended if you are looking for a well-padded rocker recliner from a name you can trust.


  1. Super comfortable, extra cushy rocker.
  2. Basic, no-frills rocker recliner.
  3. Choice of four rich colors.
  4. Reliable manual operation recliner.
  5. From a brand name, many people know and love.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. No matching sofa available.
  3. This model is not actually oversized.
  4. No cup holders, no USB ports, or other bells and whistles.

Lane Home Furnishings Crisscross Anchor Rocker Recliner – Best Manual Rocker Recliner

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It’s a great neutral look that will go well with a variety of decor styles. It’s especially well suited to space with a casual vibe.

The chair has generous proportions. It takes up some serious real estate, but it’s worth it for the comfort. Just make sure you have enough space to fit it.

The lever on the side manually controls the reclining action. The remote control is for the heat and massage functions. The remote is attached to help you keep track of it.

The chair is made in America with a variety of quality materials from home and abroad, including hardwood lumber for a sturdy frame and high-density foam for the seat cushions. It’s a product of Simmons, a trusted brand.


  1. Generous dimensions to fit your frame.
  2. Great neutral color to fit with a variety of styles.


  1. Extremely comfortable.
  2. Really takes up some space.
  3. No cup holders or USB ports.
  4. Some assembly required.

Simmons Upholstery 50433BR-19 Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner – Best Conservative Traditional Styling

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This faux leather conservatively styled rocker recliner would look equally at home in a more tailored living room or a more casual den or rec room. Nicely detailed stitching gives it some added character.

Faux leather is great for party spaces or homes with pets and children. It resists spills, giving you time to grab a rag and soak them up, and wipes down easily with a damp cloth for normal maintenance.

Like all Simmons products, it is made from high-quality materials. This includes hardwood lumber in key areas to provide stable, reliable support.

The comfort is enhanced with the inclusion of Beauty Rest pocketed coils. This keeps things springy in the seating area, which also contains high-density foam cushioning.

The strong rocker base is made from steel. It is hand-assembled to provide attention to detail that a machine just can’t give.

Are you looking to re-do your entire living room or den? A matching loveseat and sofa are available. The loveseat comes with built-in cup holders.

This is not a wall hugger model. You will need to allow for adequate clearance.

Recommended if you want a rocker recliner that will fit in with the rest of the decor. Recommended if you are looking to re-do the entire living room as it comes with other matching items to help you complete the room.


  1. Great conservative look.
  2. Push-button recline function.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. The footrest can be hard to push down for some people, especially shorter individuals.
  3. The color in online photos may not be accurate. This is always true, but seems to be a bigger issue for this item than usual.

Signature Design – Accrington Contemporary Manual Rocker Chair

Signature Design by Ashley - Accrington Contemporary Manual Rocker Recliner Chair, Granite Gray
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Rocker sofa chairs are ideal for the times when you just want to cozy up with your favorite slipcover and watch a good movie while enjoying the soothing motions. Accrington rocker sofa chair is all-in-one fusion of irresistibly, delicious comfort and fashion-forward elegance.

This arm chair checks all of the boxes on your living room watchlist. It’s a simple and easy touse chair so you can enjoy and have comfort. So, let’s have a look on some of its more benefits experienced by customers.

What do we love it for?

  1. It has foam cushions of polyester material that help in relaxation and comfort.
  2. It is very cushy and fits with the perfect headrest and back support.
  3. It is easy to install and lasts longer than many other sofa chairs.

What were we disappointed with?

  1. When you raise the footrest, it does not lock in place, therefore even the slightest pressure causes the footrest to drop back down.
  2. It is operated manually that leads to difficulty in understanding its features.

Customer’s Experiences

The customers have shown great interest in this rocker manual chair as it is decorated with a warm brown color that goes well with your equipment and other furnishings and attracts making environment pleasant. This modern item has a cozy, down-to-earth vibes that encourages you to have a calm tone. A little difficulty was experienced by customers for operating it but still it was considered the best version in all such kinds of chairs.

Simmons Upholstery Conceal Camo Power Rocker Recliner Brown – Best Kitschy Pattern

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Many recliners come in conservatively chosen, solid colors. Not this model. It boldly shows some character with a woodsy camo pattern upholstery material.

Bonus points: The lively pattern may wear better over time in a house full of rambunctious pets or children. The busy pattern may help hide minor issues that would stand out more obviously on a solid color chair.

If you are looking for a fun look to liven up your life, consider this model. It can help put a smile on your face for months to come as you greet the day in the morning or wind down in the evening.

It’s a push-button powered recliner. If you struggle with getting manual recliners to lean back, a powered model is a great choice.

Getting a powered recliner is a nice compromise on a continuum of mobility choices. It hits the sweet spot for someone who falls somewhere between “I don’t need no stinking help.” and “I’m ready for a powerlifter to help me get up.” If you are starting to want a little more convenience in life, a powered recliner can be a small step in the right direction.

This product is assembled in the United States from a variety of materials sourced both domestically and abroad. It contains high-density foam cushions and quality wire springs.

Recommended for anyone who loves the pattern and wants to brighten up a corner of their home with a little kitsch.


  1. Push-button powered recliner.
  2. Great playful camo pattern to liven up your rec room.


  1. For some people, this camo pattern will not be their happy thought.
  2. USB ports and cup holders or not on the board.
  3. No side pocket.
  4. No heat and no massage.

Lane Home Furnishings Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner –Best for Heavy People

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Lane Home Furnishings creates recliners to suit many different household situations, and they understand that people like to cuddle. Little kids like to cuddle, and adults might want to squeeze onto one chair. The Shiloh Granite cuddles recliner is made just a little bigger so two people can fit, and it is still a good chair for nurseries where babies want to rest.

The Shiloh Granite recliner takes on the same style of other Lane Home recliners. It has a firm base that covers up all the mechanical pieces that are unsafe for pets and children, and it flicks up to recline with one pull of the switch. This recliner is the sort of thing you buy when you do not want to invest in a big couch, but it takes up less than half the space of even a loveseat.

This recliner is one that people would recommend when they have a new baby coming, they like to snuggle with their mate, or they want something that takes the place of a couch.


  1. The Shiloh is easily big enough for two people.
  2. It still has the rocker and recliner features you have come to expect.


  1. Wide rockers or chairs are heavy, and they could be hard to tilt back.
  2. You could outgrow this chair as your kids get older.

Buyers’ Guide

Are Simmons Recliners Special?

Simmons Upholstery has a long history of making recliners that people love, and they make their recliners from fabrics that are tested for their comfort. There is a stark difference between Simmons and other companies in their industry because they make a variety of chairs that other companies have not explored.

Simmons uses leather, synthetics, cotton, and many fabrics in between to create a recliner that is truly comfortable. Simmons Upholstery makes chairs that have the extra space for someone to get comfortable, but they have not made their chairs so large that they do not fit in the family living room. The chairs have footrests that are easy to raise, and they bend back in increments that give the user the freedom to bend at the angles they prefer.

Why is Simmons Fabrics So Comfortable?

Simmons uses only the best fabrics to make their chairs, and the manufacturer has spent decades creating, purchasing, and developing fabrics that are comfortable for their customers. The chairs they make are softer than most, and they use fabrics that are not as rigid as other major manufacturers. The softness of a Simmons recliner is a selling point for anyone who has sought out a new place to sit, and the fabrics often give the soothing touch that an elderly or injured person needs.

How Do Simmons Rocker Recliners Work?

Simmons rocker recliners are designed on a special glider that makes the rocking motion as smooth as it can get. Elderly and injured people who want to rock in the chair instead of reclining do not feel the jerking motion of an old rocker, and the glider is very quiet. There is no creaking or groaning sound coming from the Simmons rocker when someone gets comfortable, and it does not disturb all the other people in the room.

How Are Their Cushions Designed?

Simmons rocker recliners have cushions filled with a special blend of natural and synthetic fluff. The fluff that is used inside the cushions provides a soft feeling when the owner sits down, but the fabric is resilient. Someone who hates their old rocker or recliner because the cushions got too soft should turn to Simmons in their time of need. They will discover that Simmons gives them a soft cushion that does not lose its overall shape.

Why Simmons Uses Simple Mechanisms?

Simmons has pared down the mechanisms inside their rockers and recliners to reduce weight, create a better rocking motion, and make raising the footrest that much easier on the homeowner. Rocker recliners from Simmons are so simple that anyone can hoist the handle, and some come with switches that are flipped to raise the footrest. Simmons rocker recliners do not need to be serviced or repaired often because they were not made in a complex manner in the first place.

Are Simmons Rocker Recliners Safe For The House?

Homeowners and parents worry about rockers and recliners because they do not want their children or pets to be harmed. All the mechanisms in the rocker are covered by the body, and a cover protects little hands from reaching inside the chair while the footrest is raised. Cushions on the chairs reach all over the headrest, and they do not smack into the wall when you are rocking back and forth. The Simmons rocker recliner you chose for the nursery is safe to have around a baby, and they actually have enough room for the baby to sit next to you.

Should You Assemble Your Rocker Recliner?

Simmons sells their rocker recliners as whole units that do not need any assembly. You are not stuck putting this chair together after it arrives at the house. However, you must order from a company that will deliver to your front door. The moving crew brings the chair into your house, sets it down, and you have not lifted a finger to obtain a new recliner.

Who Needs A Rocker Recliner From Simmons?

A rocker recliner from Simmons is suitable for someone who is recovering from surgery, has issues with mobility, or just stay on bed rest for long periods of time. The recliner helps expectant mothers, and it might allow you to recover from joint surgery. Elderly patients who stay in their own homes can use these chairs because they are easy to adjust, and the chairs tilt forward to help the homeowner get up when it is time.

Is There New Technology Coming For Rocker Recliners?

Rocker recliners are fitted with new technology every year to make them more user-friendly, and new technology involves electronic options for your chair. You could come across recliners that have electronic buttons to raise and lower the footrest, or your recliner might have controls that bend the chair into the shape you wanted. You will see cupholders on certain chairs, and others have internal massagers that help you get comfortable. There are heated chairs that relax you if you are sick, and there are chairs with interchangeable cushion covers that allow you to redecorate without buying a new chair.