A Caregiver’s Guide to Keeping Elderly from Falling Out of Recliners

Falling out of a recliner, unfortunately, is a common issue when we’re talking about older people. It happens because of health issues and other problems with mobility. To keep the elderly from falling out of the recliner, you may try to put a small pillow or folded towel on the seat cushion for extra support. Next, place a larger pillow or rolled-up towel to the left of the seat cushion. 

How To Keep Elderly From Falling Out Of Recliner

Position this so that it curves around and supports the right arm. This will make it possible for someone with shoulder weakness to move their arm without feeling like they may fall out of the recliner. Finally, place another pillow or towel on top of that one and gently tuck it against their back for extra support. 

If you’re elderly with a habit of falling out of your recliner at inopportune moments, fret no more! We’ve compiled some tips that should help prevent such a hassle from happening again and again.

Use The Reclining Functions

You can do this by simply pushing the lever with either one or both of your feet. By doing this, your chair will automatically go back to where it was when you pushed it forward. This makes it easier to get up out of the recliner without losing your balance.

Properly Position Legs And Feet

To avoid falls, you need to keep your legs straight when sitting in a recliner. By raising the foot end of the recliner about halfway, you can place your feet on the footrest, and they will be in a more natural position that will encourage stability.

Use Adjustable Seat Depth

If you have an adjustable recliner seat depth, make sure you use it. This way, you can adjust the distance between your legs and the backrest. This will prevent serious injuries from taking place if something happens when you’re sitting in the recliner.

Use Extra Supports

You can do this simply by using pillows and cushions to support your neck, head, and legs.


What Causes Elderly To Fall?

Elderly can fall from chairs if they have certain medical conditions that make it harder for them to sit up straight. The most common causes of falls from chairs among the elderly are poor balance, dizziness, and fatigue.

How Do I Keep My Elderly From Falling Out Of The Chair?

It can be challenging to keep an older person from falling out of the chair, especially when they have dementia or other cognitive impairment. Some people find a place that is a little higher and more secure than the regular kitchen chairs. Others will turn around and face away from the table, not easy to fall over towards the front edge. You can also use soft materials like pillows or blankets to cushion them if you don’t feel comfortable with using furniture of any kind.

How Can I Help The Elderly Get Up After Falling?

The best way to help someone who has fallen is to call for medical help. Another option is to ask if the person needs a walking stick or something similar before moving them. Other options may include moving furniture out of the way and then gently lifting them onto their feet, giving them a hand as they stand, or supporting the other arm while getting up.