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  1. Homall Gaming Office Chair

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  2. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

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  3. GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing

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If gaming is your favorite pass time affair, then you probably spend a lot of time doing it. If you have been gaming for some time now, then you are most likely looking for ways to take your gaming to a whole new level. You can do this by getting the best recliner for gaming.

Certainly, a recliner is the most comfortable gaming chair that you can get to counter the fatigue that is common after a long session of gaming. You can even get higher results in every game by just feeling comfortable on a recliner.

With the many models that have flooded on the market, however, finding the best recliner for gaming can be a challenge. With a little effort and looking at the comfort, longevity, and certain unique features that go into the best recliner for gaming, you can be sure to get the right one for your gaming session.

In this post, we show you how to shop for the best recliners for gaming and we have also listed some of the top-rated recliners for gaming. Check them out.

Best Chairs and Recliners for Gaming: Product Reviews

Homall Gaming Office Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support – Our best pick

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This futuristic looking chair was designed with gamers in mind. It comes in a variety of two-tone racer-style color combos. Also comes in black-on-black for a more conservative-looking variation on the theme.

It has built-in lumbar support and neck support to help provide hours of comfort at the gaming console. Low profile arm rests give you a place to rest your elbows as needed without getting in your way.

Of course, it’s a low maintenance faux leather item. This is great if you are a gamer. You have a little time to get it wiped up before it soaks into the cushions, so you don’t have to promptly interrupt your game at a crucial moment to wipe up a spilled drink immediately. You can wrap up what you are doing, then grab a rag and tend to your spill.

The chair supports up to 300 pounds. It has quiet, durable rubber casters for easy rolling away from the console before you stand up. Also, there are five wheels for extra stability.

The chair swivels 360 degrees and wheels go in any direction. It can recline up to 180 degrees, so you can lean back and get into whatever position works for you before you get your game on and get in the zone.

Includes a rocker function. Rocker and many other details can be easily adjusted to optimize for your comfort.

Recommended for the serious gamer looking to have a chair designed with their needs in mind.


  1. Built-in neck and lumbar support.
  2. Great gamer look.
  3. Stable wheelbase.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. It can take a little while to figure out how to adjust it to your specific needs.
  3. It gets mixed reviews from very tall individuals.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Single Living Room Sofa Recliner – Best for TV Gamers

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If you have been gaming since well before gaming was cool, maybe the latest, greatest racer style gaming chairs aren’t really your cup of tea. No worries! Check out this traditionally styled recliner designed for gamers.

Like many traditional recliners, it has a handy pocket on the side. You may be able to keep your game guides there or maybe even a wireless controller.

It’s a great chair if you primarily game with systems that need to be hooked up to a TV to have a screen, such as the Xbox or the Wii. It looks a lot like a normal, old fashioned recliner, but has some racer style detailing to help set it apart and signal “Here sits a gamer.” Comes with your choice of blue, red, purple or gray racer detailing on a black background.

The chair has built-in lumbar support and a built-in headrest. You can also kick back, put your feet up and game from a reclined position.

Faux leather upholstery provides low maintenance and easy clean up so you can focus on what matters most to you: The game. Spills should wipe up easily.

Recommended for gamers who primarily game at their TV rather than at their PC.


  1. Traditional recliner style.
  2. Has a handy side pocket.
  3. Covered in low maintenance faux leather.


  1. Maximum weight is 265 pounds.
  2. May not be suitable for the big and tall gamer.
  3. Some assembly required. Not the best instructions.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair – Best Pick for PC Gamers

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This racer style chair is designed explicitly for pro gamers. Whether you are a pro gamer or merely an avid amateur, this may be the chair for you.

What’s the difference between a pro and an amateur? A pro gets paid to do it. An amateur does it for love. Remember: For many years, the Olympics only accepted amateurs.

The chair has a strong frame and ergonomic design to enhance your gaming experience. It holds up to 300 pounds.

The seat and back have thick padding, lumbar support, and neck support to help you stay comfortable through long hours of screen time. This helps minimize distraction.

The chair can be adjusted in multiple ways to optimize your comfort. Adjust both armrests and seat height. Recline anywhere from 90 to 170 degrees. Indulge the rocker functions.

Rests on a stable five-wheel base with smooth nylon casters. Comfortably and confidently roll in any direction you need to go.

Bonded leather makes for easy cleanup when the inevitable spills happen during enthusiastic gaming. It is water resistant and wipes up easily.

Recommended for the serious gamer, whether you make money at it or not.


  1. Good neck and low back support.
  2. Great look comes in multiple two-tone color options.
  3. Minimal armrests provide elbow support without getting in your way.


  1. No sound system.
  2. Some assembly required.

KILLABEE Big and Tall 350lb Massage Gaming Chair Metal Base – Best Ergonomic Gamer Chair With Built-In Massage

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This chair is practically a unicorn. It is explicitly designed for gamers, yet also comes with built-in massage. You can’t beat that combination.

Of course, style is of secondary importance when shopping for a serious gamer chair. Still, this model comes in three attractive color options so you can get your game on with a bit of taste.

It’s got a nice high back and works well for serious gamers who also happen to be very tall. It’s both sturdy and comfortable, with lumbar support that also provides massage in that region.

It assembles easily with an Allen wrench. All necessary tools are included.

It adjusts in multiple directions, including seat height adjustment, angle of the backrest and footrest. Massage unit is a USB device.

The faux leather makes this a low maintenance dream. No need to interrupt your train of thought to immediately jump up and wipe it down. You have a few seconds to complete your task before grabbing the nearest rag when spills happen.

Has a solid metal frame and high back. The casters roll smoothly. Holds up to 350 pounds.

Recommended for the gamer with some minor low back pain. Also, recommended for tall gamers and for gamers seeking a little extra comfort so they can focus on the game.


  1. Comes with built-in massage.
  2. Has both neck and lumbar support.
  3. Adjusts in multiple ways to help you optimize your comfort.
  4. Great chair for tall gamers in need of a higher back.


  1. No sound system.
  2. Some assembly required.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair – Best Audio Immersion Gaming Chair

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If the sound is your thing, this is your chair. Whether you are a gamer or a programmer who needs some background music while you work, you will love the built-in speakers and subwoofer that help you not only hear everything but also outright feel the sound.

If you are a social gamer, fear not. This chair can connect with other chairs or RCA stereo systems.

The chair is compatible with all gaming systems, however, some may need an additional adapter. For example, the Xbox One does not have an RCA jack. If you are on Xbox One, you will need to buy an HDMI Audio Extractor.

Comes with a stable base, swivel function and built-in headrest. It’s adequately comfortable, but its selling point is the sound immersion experience. Not a super cushy chair.

Recommended if you want to include sound immersion as part of your gaming or music experience. Recommended if you are in a rental and can’t simply crank the sound up on high to get the immersion you desire.


  1. Sound from your chair is the ultimate immersion experience.
  2. Compatible with all gaming systems.


  1. Some systems may require an additional adapter to connect to the chair.
  2. Some assembly required.
  3. The arms are not designed to bear weight.
  4. If you pause your game to take a rest break, you may get annoying static.

Gaming Massage Ergonomic Swivel Chair – Best Executive Style Chair With Built-In Massage

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This is not designed explicitly to be a gaming chair. However, many executive style chairs have a lot of the features desired by serious gamers, especially if your favorite gaming console is your PC.

If you are tired of developing low back pain after hours of gaming, this chair has a solution: Built-in lumbar support plus massage function. This can help keep your back pain at bay so you can do what matters most to you and focus on the game play.

It also provides heat. This can be a means to reduce back or joint discomfort, or it can simply prevent you from having to interrupt your game to grab a housecoat or throw to stay warm as your gaming continues on into the evening and temperatures begin to drop.

It comes with an intuitive remote control for the massage and heat functions. If you are a gamer, you should have no problem figuring out these controls.

The chair has a stable base with five wheels. Minimal armrests give you a place for your elbows without getting in your way.

Like Henry Ford once said, you can have any color you want, so long as it’s black. If you are looking for color selection, that’s a feature this chair lacks. Of course, most gamers aren’t buying gaming chairs to match the decor, so it’s likely to be a minor detail. The play’s the thing, no?

Recommended if you want a comfortable gaming chair with both heat and massage to help extend your gaming sessions into the wee hours.


  1. Includes both heat and massage.
  2. Comes with a handy remote control for the heat and massage.
  3. May be a happy compromise if relatives don’t want a “gaming chair” in the living room.


  1. Only comes in black.
  2. Not explicitly designed for gamers per se.

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair – Best Low Rider With Built-In Sound

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If you have long just sat cross-legged on the floor to get your game on and are looking to upgrade to proper seating, this may be the chair for you. It sits low to the ground and adds immersion sound to your experience. For some people, it is the perfect compromise, with bonus points for the sound experience.

The built-in sound system is compatible with most gaming systems. It explicitly states that it works with the following:

  • BluRay
  • CD
  • DVD
  • IPAD
  • IPhone
  • IPOD
  • MP3 Players
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • PSP Vita
  • PS2
  • PS3
  • TV
  • Wii U
  • Xbox 360

But you don’t have to be a gamer to love this chair. The sound immersion is great for music lovers, movie lovers and many other people looking for a certain quality of entertainment experience.

It’s also great for people working from home and looking to expand their comfort options to improve their productivity. If sitting at a normal desk with a normal chair is getting old and you like to listen to music while working, consider getting this chair to give you another option. After all, designing your workspace to suit you is one of the perks of remote work or other work-from-home arrangements.

No need to worry about it matching the decor. It folds for easy storage, so you can put it away when not in use.

Recommended if you are looking for sound immersion and want to sit low to the ground.


  1. Built-in sound.
  2. Compatible with most gaming systems and multiple other devices.
  3. It folds for easy storage.


  1. Too low to the ground for some people.
  2. The audio does not compete directly with premium stereo systems.

Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming) Video Gaming Chair – People’s Choice

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This recliner gaming chair is best known for its ergonomically designed high back as well as it’s thicker back and deeper bucker seat for extra comfort for not only gaming purpose but also the office, home, as well as conference occasion use.

This ergonomically designed gaming chair comes with three points of support that are on your head, spine, and lumbar region. These points have removable headrest pillows and a lumbar cushion.

This multi-function chair is capable of swiveling 360 degrees while the backrest can be adjustable between 90 to 180 degrees safety angle. It also features premium rolling casters that are quiet and smooth such that they do not scratch your floor whenever moving around.

This recliner chair is capable of supporting up to 300lbs while the seating area measures 14.9 by 22 inches. You can equally adjust the seat height at a range of between 13.7 in. and 18.5 in.

This chair is crafted and manufactured to perfectly take the shape and design of your body naturally. As such, you will find it comfortable, especially because it comes with furniture quality PU leather.

If you are among the gamers that can keep up with the long sessions of gaming, then we highly recommend this chair to you.


  1. It is made from high-quality PU leather material
  2. Has a sturdy base with quiet and smooth rolling casters
  3. Comes with a lock tilt function and height adjustable gas spring pneumatic


  1. Difficult to assemble
  2. Slightly narrow thus not comfortable for persons with wide hips.

UOMAX Gaming Chair Big and Tall Ergonomic Rocking Desk Chair for PC – Best Recliner with Footrest and Massage Lumbar Support

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UOMAX Gaming Chair is best known for its massage lumbar feature that is operated by connecting a USB cable. It also comes with a widened backrest and seat cushions without wings. Moreover, the 90 to 180 degrees reclining angle and retractable footrest will enable you to recline to a perfectly comfortable position for a better gaming experience.

This chair is designed with height and angle adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support, as well as a headrest for added comfort. The adjustable seat height allows you to adjust the chair to your favorite comfortable height. Besides, this chair swivels 360 degrees, thus allowing you to recline stress-free.

It also features a high-quality upholstered premium PU leather that offers you luxurious comfort. The seating area is cushion padded with cold-cured high-density foam that improves its durability as compared to easily deforming substandard foam scraps. The arm pads are also upholstered to give high-end comfort.

It comes with SGS standard gas lift while the base is a five-star steel base with sturdy casters for stability and easy rolling around the gaming room. The integrated steel frame with thickened pipe wall provides maximum support of up to 300lbs in 5 to 10 hours a day.

It comes with an installation manual. We highly recommend this chair because it comes with 30-day free replacement on quality issues plus a one-year limited warranty on parts and a lifetime limited warranty on a five-star base.


  1. Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support
  2. It comes with a massage lumbar pillow to improve blood circulation
  3. Has a high-quality padding material


  1. Slightly expensive
  2. Wide armrest thus difficult to rest both elbows

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair – Best 3D Surround Sound Reclining Chair

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This reclining chair for gaming is best known for its unique 3D surround sound that allows you to enjoy music as you play your favorite games. Besides, the combination of great music and massage leaves you with a worthy remembering gaming experience.

This chair features a massaging backrest pillow that helps you to release all the fatigue and stress that arises from the long gaming sessions. It will recover your flexibility while releasing your bones off pressure and tiredness.

It comes with a well-designed armrest that features a convenient phone slot and comfortable to rest for your elbows on. The armrest also features control buttons that are easy to use with a simple one touch. The Bluetooth works great.

The setting up of this chair is very easy because it comes with wheels that will enable you to move it easily into position. You can then plug in the chair to the mains in order to access the inbuilt controls.

The seating area is ergonomically designed and flexible to take the shape of your body naturally. Moreover, this chair feels solid with its one-piece thick plastic shell whereas the seat area elements are well tucked inside. With its white cream color, it is definitely eye-catching.

If you are looking for a reclining chair to enjoy comfortable and pain relieving gaming experience, we highly recommend this chair. However, if you are working on a tight budget, then this isn’t your chair. It doesn’t come cheaply.


  1. Comes fitted with 3D surround sound
  2. Bluetooth enables for better music and gaming experience
  3. Massages to relieve tiredness and pressured joints


  1. It is very expensive
  2. Not for heavy guys, maximum weight 90 kg

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest GT901 – Best Recliner for Professional Gamers

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GTRACING is known for its dedication towards making the best gaming chairs for pro gamers and this model is no exception. This GTRACING recliner chair is best known for its smooth bonded leather that is of high-quality. It also comes with added cushion, lumbar, and headrest pillows that provide added support and comfort.

It features a heavy-duty base that is complemented with nylon smooth-rolling casters for added stability and mobility. The ergonomically designed strong metal frame helps to improve the comfort of your sitting position. The seat and the back are padded while the retractable footrest takes the entire seat to a unique level of comfort.

The armrest and the seat height can be adjusted to your preferred height level. With a one-year warranty of free replacement for damaged or defective parts, you can be sure to have great gaming experience.

We recommend this recliner for pros who would like to improve their gaming experience.


  1. Features a strong metal frame for stability
  2. Has a padded seat and backrest
  3. Seat –height and armrest adjustment


  1. Expensive
  2. The chair base is made of plastic thus not durable

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base – Best Recliner with Stable Base

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This recliner set comes with the best-exposed wood frames with thickly padded armrest. It comes with an integrated headrest that contours well with the shape of your head for a comfortable rest.

This recliner set is covered with black leather soft upholstery for comfort and durability. The blended polyurethane material adds softness and durability to this gaming chair. The armrests feature plush upholstery for comfortable resting of elbows. The long-lasting leather upholstery makes the cleaning of this recliner easy.

The wooden mahogany base comes with floor glides that make it easy to move the set with ease as well as provide stability. The base also features uniquely designed ball bearings to ensure you get easy swiveling. It also comes with a lever for easy adjusting of your sitting position. 

If you want a great recliner for not just your gaming adventures but also to act as your office furniture, then we recommend this black recliner.


  1. Features ball-bearing swiveling base for easy swiveling
  2. Thickly padded armrests for comfort
  3. Durable upholstery


  1. Requires a more technical assembling
  2. Very expensive

Musso Executive Swivel Office Chair, High-Back Racing Gaming Chair – Best Built Recliner Chair

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This recliner is designed for racing video games and computer office chair. It features the latest footrest that comes with more comfort and efficiency. Also, this chair ergonomically designed to meet all types of body shapes.

It features easy to clean PU material plus a removable lumbar cushion that makes it ideal for not only gaming but also for studying and working. It comes with 90 to 180 degrees adjustable backrest safety angle. The armrest and the seat-height are also adjustable.

Another great option – 5-point base that is heavy-duty built with smooth-rolling casters. This recliner chair is made from strong frame materials and can support up to a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

If you need a recliner chair for an excellent gaming experience or for your office, then we recommend GTRACING model because it comes at a reasonable price tag.


  1. Made from an easy to clean PU material
  2. Has an adjustable backrest
  3. It is ergonomically designed to enhance its comfort to all body shapes
  4. Reasonably priced


  1. Its armrest might loosen easily.
  2. The seat cushion is too firm

What to Consider when Buying the Recliner for Gaming – Buyer’s Guide

best gaming recliner

When buying a recliner game chair, one of the most common concern is whether you will find any that is better than the others are. In our opinion, the difference is in the quality of the material used to make the recliner chair. Moreover, high-quality materials also come to play when it comes to the price tag of the gaming chair.

Here are a few things that you need to look out for in order to get a gaming chair that will suite to your gaming needs.


The frame material that the chair is built with will play a great role in its durability. Aluminum metal is one of the metals used, and it is light and strong. Moreover, it is cheaper than steel.

Stainless steel is also used in gaming chair manufacturing. It is much stronger and heavier. However, it is more expensive as compared to aluminum. Stainless steel provides more support to adult and heavier gamers. If you are a heavier gamer, therefore, then this could be your ideal pick.

While picking a recliner gaming chair, you should decide what is more effective for you – durability or the price.


Classic foam is common and comfortable if well layered. Classic foam is standard and often performs its function without any issues. On the other hand, memory foam is equally an excellent material to consider. It provides a well-balanced firmness and molds perfectly to your body. As such, you will get the much-needed support as you game.


There are various upholstery materials to look out for. These are:

  • Nylon Mesh: This is a really tough plastic composite. Gaming chairs from this material are lightweight and don’t fray easily.
  • PU Leather: This is synthetic leather that is cheaper to maintain and manufacture. Besides, it is an eco-friendly product.
  • Breathable Material: It is important to consider breathable material since you are going to spend most of your time on the chair. Breathable materials are good because they absorb smells like foul odors. Nonetheless, you will have to spend more when you want to clean them.
  • Ergonomic Design: One of the primary things that should concern you is the design of the chair you intend to buy. Consider chairs with extra padding in places you constantly lean on. Padding significantly reduces the discomfort you are likely to feel after sitting for a while.
  • High Back: This is simply an extension to ergonomics and takes into consideration your need for ideal posture as well as back support. A good posture is essential in a healthy gaming experience but most of the people seem to ignore it. If you want to play longer, then consider getting a high back recliner chair that will support your lumbar region, lower back, and the neck.
  • Wheels: If you prefer moving around the room when gaming, then buying a recliner with a wheel is a great idea. However, if you want a stable and secure recliner, then consider one that rests directly on the floor leaving you with no chance of falling.

Most importantly, you should consider a recliner chair that feels great whenever you sit on it. As such, you might want to try the chair out before making the final decision of buying it.

What are the benefits of Recliner Gaming Chairs?

You may be wondering whether it is necessary to have a recliner for gaming. So, why bother buying a recliner chair that could cost you an extra coin when regular chairs can be doing just the same thing?

Here is why:

Gaming recliners will support where it matters most: The design that comes with a recliner gaming chair provides you with good support on your back that often strains when you are gaming, unlike the regular table chairs. The support you get will allow you to focus all your attention to your game, thus attaining higher scores.

They come with inbuilt gadgets: Depending on the innovative nature of the recliner chair that you buy, it might come with audio compatibility among other features. Besides, you will find out that some of these chairs can be connected to different wireless devices in order to improve your gaming experience.

They are adjustable to various angles: The best recliner chair not only offers support to where you need it most but also allow you to change your angle of the backrest in order to have a perfectly comfortable posture at all times. Some can be adjustable to up to 14 different positions.


Knowing and understanding the type of features to look out for when purchasing a recliner for gaming will help you find the right recliner easily that will suit your budget and gaming specifications. If you spend more time on your gaming equipment, then it is vital to have the best recliner for gaming to not only enhance your gaming experience but also improve the health of your back by receiving adequate support from the right recliner chair.

From our review of the best models for gaming, the best gaming chair is “Ergonomic Desk Chair High Back Racing Style Computer Office Chair Swivel Executive Leather Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest (Blue)”. We find this recliner to be the best because of its high-end features like three-point support on head, spine, and lumbar and a removable headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. Moreover, it comes with premium rolling casters that are quiet and scratch-free on the floor. What’s more, you won’t break a bank to get this recliner!

32 thoughts on “Best Recliners for Gaming and Gaming Chairs

  1. Evan

    If you are looking at getting a good gaming chair make sure that it has good lumbar support because that is the biggest thing most people struggle with when sitting for long periods of time. My first chair didn’t have great support and I definitely paid for it in pain.

  2. Preston

    I have the KILLABEE gaming chair and honestly, I sit in it all the time now even just when I am handing out. I know a lot of people keep these chairs simply for gaming because they don’t want them to wear out but I have had it for months and I see no signs of wear even though I sit in it every day.

  3. Brad

    I feel like all the gamers I watch on Youtube seem to have the GTRACING gaming chair. I went ahead and purchased it so now I am just waiting to try it out and see if it’s actually that great!

  4. Linda

    The Homall Gaming Recliner looks like one of the most intense gaming chairs I have ever seen. It looks super comfy and professional. I am definitely looking into getting this for my son’s gaming set up.

  5. Tristen

    The X Rocker chair is the most padded and comfortable gaming chair I have ever come across. It never makes my back hurt anymore because I used to have a really crappy desk chair for my gaming set up. Life changed after this purchase.

  6. Kyle

    Not only is the Homall brand of chairs super comfortable, but they look cool as all get out. I am buying mine for the cool new blue design. It will look really good on camera for my Youtube channel.

  7. Brendan

    I have heard such great things about the KILLABEE recliners and all my gaming buddies have them. I have tried them on multiple occasions and am trying to save up to get one. I’m hoping their still the top pick once I get enough for one.

  8. Micheal

    I feel like I see this chair in all of the high rated game stores. I just have never tried it out before. I’m thinking of just going for it and purchasing it. Any thoughts?

  9. Greg

    Homall Gaming recliners are by far my favorite things. They are super sturdy and comfortable. Highly recommend.

  10. Neel

    So I see that a lot of gaming chairs are named as racing chairs. Why is that? Does that just mean it has great support?

  11. Bob

    Most good therapeutic massage chairs are pricey.

  12. Joyce Smith

    I just use one of those fold out chairs that has a screen on it. It’s so comfy, and if you sit really close, it’s really nice to feel the screen in your lap.

  13. Rosalind Haas

    Ask around in your friends – most people have a “gaming chair” they’ve used for a few years. I managed to find one at this site good KILLABEE model which I’m using already 2 month

  14. Brandon Schulz

    My friend and I often sit in the back corner, our recliner face the aisle our foot rests are on the edge of the seat so if we make a sound (like breathing) they can still hear us.

  15. Katie Schmidt

    Buy what you like to sit in. Don’t buy what everyone else is buying. I bought UOMAX and it’s perfect

  16. Lee Clarke

    Honestly recliners are just better for gaming. If you have to sit on your feet ofyour back then a traditional couch is much better than a recliner

  17. May Graves

    I own a recliner and use it for gaming. The arms go all the way back so that you can lay down and use it like a normal recliner.

  18. Jill Galbraith

    Ask someone who really knows. Best way to tell is if the seat wobbles with a slight flex.

  19. Patricia Johnson

    As someone who doesn’t particularly like sitting in chairs, I’d say that they work best if you use your feet as support.

  20. Jan Porter

    Lets be honest, many people buy these to nap in. Pick ones with adjustable back support. One that flips down. Musso is a nice model for gaming

  21. Tara Weathers

    No matter how good your game, if your posture is bad, it will affect your performance. I bought Homall Gaming chair and it’s best for my back and concentration

  22. Michael Johnson

    Some of them have memory foam. Might be ideal for long gaming sessions but it works for X Rocker 51396

  23. Lisa Stone

    As a professional gamer we need a recliner with back support and soft cushions for when we want to sit quietly playing. So if you want cool recliner look at this Homall Gaming Recliner

  24. Lois Reed

    I know this might be weird, but can I ask you how your butt feels?

  25. Sonya Salas

    Best of both worlds you’ll find good recliners that give you the comfort of a seat and the support of a stool. KILLABEE good model

  26. Angela Wilburn

    Some recliners have foot rests which lets you rest your feet on the recliner while gaming. It’s perfect

  27. Celia Watts

    Comfort is the keyword here. Сomfy enough that you can play for 4+ hours with minimal motion sickness.I personally go for GTRACING , the ‘Tombstone’ style chairs.

  28. Juanita Cyrus

    Not playing any games but when sitting at the computer I like to put my feet up on my desk and have my laptop propped up against it. GTRACING perfect for long games sessions

  29. Patricia Bain

    Recliner has the best back for both gamers and lay people, you feel a bit more secure than sitting at a regular seat. They’re also the cheapest.

  30. Yolanda Scheller

    I’ve found recliner feet are even more comfortable because they don’t rub against your legs when you sit in them. Same thing with arm rests

  31. Kathleen England

    Best gaming chair? I don’t care if it’s gaming-related… Look at this Homall Gaming Office Chair, it’s perfect

  32. Dan Collins

    These chairs are not just best for gaming but would be ideal to be used in an office. Just imagine how relaxed you are while working in the office for 8 hours using these chairs.

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