3 Most Practical Chairs For Professional Barbers

  1. BIGARM Hydraulic Barber Salon Chair

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  2. Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

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  3. Trumpstar Hydraulic Salon Chair

    Trumpstar Hydraulic Salon ChairCheck price

If you own a barber shop and want to make the experience of the customer better and comfortable, then it is the right time for you to upgrade your salon chairs. If you want to make the experience of your customers more pleasant then you must choose the right chair.

The right salon chair will provide better comfort to your customers. It is more durable than ordinary chairs and will last longer than your previous chair.

Changing your chairs occasionally is waste of money. It is hectic and troublesome but you can get rid of all this trouble by choosing the right option.

Now let’s see some of the right options for your salon.

Best Barbers Chairs Reviews

BIGARM Hydraulic Barber Salon Chair for Salon and Barber Shop

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This is a very comfortable and durable chair for your barber shop and salon. It features a simple yet elegant design; it is a very spacious, plush, and heavy-duty salon chair.

It is a durable black reclining barber chair. It has high density extra foam which is very important for comfort. It’s so comfortable that it feels like you’re sitting on a sofa.

It is made up of strong steel, has a big round chrome steel base and a heavy-duty hydraulic pump for seating position adjustment. It can be adjusted according to the height of the stylist.

It also has an adjustable/removable headrest. The chair can be reclined up to 150 degrees. Clients can peacefully enjoy their experience at the salon.

The deep seat is best suited for taller clients. It is made up of leather, so it is waterproof. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Good quality alloy steel is used so it is also light weight and rust free.

Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Chair Salon Beauty Equipment Black

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This chair creates a very fashionable arrangement, and its unique design makes the salon more distinctive.

It has a lockable hydraulic pump. The chair can be locked at a certain height so that the stylists can comfortably do their work. The Min and max seat height is 20-26”. Bottom lever makes height adjustment easier.

It has eco leather covering which is durable. It is also waterproof which makes it is easier to clean as well. The entire chair is covered with high quality PVC material.

This chair adds a bit of gap between the back and the seat to prevent hair from falling and becoming difficult to clean.

It is available in two different colors, i.e., black and gold. These dark colored chairs will wear better over time and would be easy to maintain.

It also has a metal circle attached at the back where you can set you blow dryer. It will help you during styling process.

It is available in three different styles. All the styles are very comfortable and have an elegant design. It has both comfort and style.

Fast shipping also available within 1-2 days so you’ll have this product at your doorstep within no time.

Trumpstar Hydraulic Salon Chair for Hair Cutting Styling Facial Waxing Makeup

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It Features a hydraulic pump for easy height adjustment and has 360 rotations. It has a heavy-duty chrome circle base. It is good looking, and it hides away all the scratches.

It has high quality PU leather covers. They are waterproof and are easy to clean.

It has elegant footrest with comfortable position for clients, adding more comfort to their experience. It has a round base.

It has a lockable hydraulic pump. The chair can be locked at a certain height so that the stylists can comfortably do their work. The Min and max seat height is 16.5″-20.5″

It has a high weight capacity of 380 lbs. its heavy frame makes the chair stable enough. It is available in chrome color.

It has good quality and is easy to assemble. There are detailed installation steps which are included in the manual and all the accessories of the chair are included in the carton. It has a loner life and more durability. It would bring maximum comfort to your clients and will make their experience at your salon more pleasant.

Things to consider before making a good purchase

The salon owners usually have their concerns while buying a good salon chair. They have their own interests, liking and disliking regarding the chair. Sometimes people already have a perception in their mind about how their chair should look. They want their chair to be comfortable and worth the money they are spending.

To make the right choice you need to pick the best chair that is comfortable and durable so you can make the experience of your clients better. Comfort is the first factor that you should consider before making an investment in buying a new chair.

Providing a comfortable and good experience for your clients is one of the most important things to consider when finding the best salon chair. Your clients may be sitting in that chair for hours depending on the service you are providing and the key to provide them a comfortable experience is to buy a chair that has high density foam seating, width that can be comfortable for all sizes of clients and has full lumbar support. 

When you are considering the comfort of your client while buying the chair you should always see whether the chair has metal or cushioned arms. Always think, what does comfort means to my clients? If your client’s experience in your salon is comfortable than it will increase the probability of your client returning to your salon again and again.


If you are looking to get a new chair, then you should not only select a chair that has an elegant design and will look good in your shop but also which has other features along with better quality. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while making the right choice. It should be made up of durable and longer lasting material with good quality waterproof seating.

It should have rotation feature with reclining option. It should be comfortable so that your clients can enjoy their experience. The chair should improve the experience of your client so that they come back to your shop again.

Construction is the most important factor while looking for the best chair for your salon. Depending upon your budget, there is a wide range of high quality chairs best suited for your salon. High quality salon styling comes at a cost, but is a long term investment. It is built solid and will last longer. It will save you money in future. A good quality product will have warranty, brand name, its reputation and product reviews, all will tell about quality of the product.


The cost of salon chair ranges from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds so its important to stick to a realistic budget. When setting the budget, its important to keep in mind that investing a little extra in your hair salon chair will pay off long-term.

You wouldn’t have to buy new chairs again and again. Typically, the prices of chairs rise due to high-quality material used. This makes them more durable and comfortable. So, when making this decision, buying from a reputable source will make you feel confident that spending your money on the hair salon chair will pay for itself. Always select wisely!


Often overlooked in the buying process, it’s important to know the material of your potential hair salon chair. Stay away from cheap fabrics. Its best if you opt for high quality vinyl or leather for easy maintenance. They are easy to clean. For metal portions of the chair, chrome is most durable.

It is good looking, and it hides away all the scratches. Always consider stability, weight distribution, upkeep, and maintenance while considering the base options of the chair. It is also important to consider how bleach, color or other products used in your salon will impact your chair.

If you choose lighter colors, then there is a chance that they might get dirty or stained very easily and then you might have to change the fabric or buy a new chair. Darker colors wear better over time.

Easy to clean

To keep the chair looking like brand-new, it’s important to consider the material of the chair and its color. Dark colored chairs will wear better over time, while light colored chairs will show signs of use and dirt much quickly. Seeing the structure of the chair is also important.

You should be aware of the creases, openings and cleaning shoots of the chair. This will help you in easily removing hair from the chair. It is important to quickly clean the hair out of the chair before the other customer arrives and if you are not aware of these things than you might have to fight through the creases for cleaning which would take a lot of time and will also affect the service of the salon.


If you are looking for a chair for salon then the size of the char matters greatly because you’ll be having all sorts of customers. The chair should be good enough to withstand enough weight and should also be adjustable to accommodate you according to the height of the customer.


The warranty of the product tells a lot about its quality and durability. If the product has no warranty, it could be a sign of low quality material and shorter life span. The best salon chairs will have at least one year of warranty. Other than the warranty, customer service of the company also matters.

Client’s Comfort

Comfort is essential in purchasing of hair salon chairs. Some of the clients will have longer appointments and they’ll be seated there for hours. If they have a painful experience, they’ll never forget it. Providing a comfortable and satisfactory experience for the clients is the most important factor to consider while choosing the chair for your hair salon. The key to find the comfortable chair is that it should have full lumber support, high-density foam and comfortable width.

Stylist Comfort

Like client’s comfort, the comfort of the stylist and his needs should also be kept in mind. The daily work of a stylist is physically demanding, it is extremely important for stylist to work comfortably. Sometimes stylists have to work for hours.

If the chair is too short, then the stylist has to bend over for hours or if the chair is too tall then the stylist has to awkwardly reach the chair. The chair should have hydraulic adjustment so it can be adjusted according to the stylist height. It is also important to make sure that the chair is lockable at a certain height.