4 Most Comfy and Durable Herman Miller Office Chairs

  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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  2. Herman Miller Mirra 2

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  3. Herman Miller Cosm Chair

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Herman miller is a furniture manufacturing company that produces various types of furniture and furnishing equipment for offices as well as homes. But they are mostly popular for making furniture for offices.

Their one of the best products is the office chair. We will further discuss the best office chairs made by Herman Miller, in this article. 

A brief introduction and history

The Herman Miller is emerged now as a brand for producing furniture elements in United States of America. It has also revolutionized the office seating, office look and working of the offices. They have produced so many innovative furniture elements that made the office-work easy, comfortable and peaceful.

The office work that we see today, in this modern world, was invented by the Herman Miller. They invented the office partitions for the office workers, so that their work is not interrupted by each other’s work and noise. They have made vey comfortable, furnished and eye-catching office chairs.

This company was basically founded in early of the 20th century. In the first decade of the 1900, they started producing furniture for homes and offices. When it was founded, its name was something else. Then its presidents kept on changing over the years. Then in 1960, it got its name Herman Miller. 

During the first twenty years of the company, it produced the furniture made up of wood only. It was traditionally common there to make furniture with wood only. Then after the Great Depression of 1933, the company needed to launch new products and new styles in their products.

This was much needed for their survival in that drowning economy of USA. Then they started producing modern and innovative chairs, tables and other office furniture elements. And due to this, they got famous all over the world. And now their chairs are considered the best in the world.

There are also many types of chairs that they produce for offices. They have different shapes, body structure, color and production material. But their comfort level and quality are very high. 

The product review of Herman Miller Chairs

The products of Herman Miller are liked and purchased all over the world. But the product which is mostly loved and used in offices is chair. People love their chair because they provide extreme level of comfort and the seat becomes adjusted according to your body.

An office worker has to work for many hours. Their back and arms get exhausted. And with this pain, they could not work properly. They need such chairs that give them proper comfort during their work. So that their work is not interrupted due to the pain in their back. Therefore, most of the office workers use and recommend the Herman Miller chairs.

 The Aeron chair of Herman Miller is the most popular and widely used chair around the world. The best thing that is mostly liked by the customers about this chair, is its unique structure and design. The company also gives warranty for the chair. It shows that the company does not compromise on the quality of their product.

There are also alternative options, if Aeron chair does not suit to someone. Or it may be expensive for someone. Company manufactures a variety of durable and comfortable chairs. In the following we will discuss the best of Herman Miller chairs. Their advantages over the others and their downsides would also be discussed. 

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Black Version
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Some people find it very hard to get adjusted and fit in the chair. Mostly, it is not very easy for the tall people to be seated comfortably in the offices. They need chairs that are adjusted quickly and easily according to their body shape. Aeron chair is the best option for them.

The adjustment method is surprisingly easy and quick. Its positions can be changed quickly and you can get comfortable within seconds by just adjusting it according to your need. There are other seats and chairs that are not literally so easy and quick to use.

Their users might get angry using those chairs, after a whole day of work. But when you sit on the Aeron chair, you would instantly like or may be fall in love with it. It is comfortable as well as enjoyable to use. The critics and related authorities scale it the best among all other chairs.

Why do we love it for?

  1. If someone wants to buy a compact chair having all of the best qualities including beauty, style, high level of comfort and simplicity, then Aeron chair is the best fit for him. He should instantly get it.
  2. It smartly distributes the stress and tension in 8 zones of its body structure, giving you high quality of comfort and relief. 
  3. This chair provides you with the high quality of lumbar support that easily adjustable to your back. It fills in the gap between the seat and your back. Thus, it ensures high level of comfort for your spine. 
  4. It provides you a tilt mechanism, that is very quick and easy to use. This tilt mechanism is slimmer and aesthetic too. Therefore, giving you a seamless experience.

What could be better?

  1. As we know that the Aeron chair is a full package of all the characteristics and features of a best chair. And it would be a good option for some people but it would not prove to be a great fit for every customer. As it is the best chair in the marketplace, so it would be expensive accordingly. Their prices are found to be in thousand dollars. So, some people would not be able to afford it.
  2. Some people who can afford it, would also not find it the best, because of their adjusting needs. They could want a headrest, which is not available in Aeron chair. May be, they do not need a mesh seat. So, Aeron chair would not be the best option for them.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Mirra Chair-Highly Adjustable by Herman Miller
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One chair that could be an alternative to the Aeron chair, is the Mirra 2 chair. It is also a product of Herman Miller. It is the nearest option of Aeron chair. It is because, there are so many similarities among them, in terms of comfort and quality.

Moreover, its price is a little bit less than that of Aeron chair. It also comes from the company with a warranty. There is also no need to assemble the parts. It comes from the industry, fully assembled and compact. 

This chair is a little bit more adjustable than the Aeron chair. The lumber support and the seat depth can be adjusted in few seconds according to your need. They can be adjusted by just turning a knob. The seat depth changes it according to your body posture. 

There is another difference between the Mirra 2 chair and Aeron chair. It is in terms of the backrest. The backrest of the Aeron chair is totally made of mesh. Its whole back support consists of a mesh.

While the backrest of the Mirra 2 chair is made up of plastic. It is 100% polymer, that is a little bit hard than the mesh of the Aeron chair. But it is more adjustable and the user can adjust more easily around in the chair. 

What makes it special?

  1. If you are an active user and you move a little bit more than others during the work, then the best chair for you is Mirra 2. Because, it is easily adjusted to the movement. You don’t have to push or exert force to move around.
  2. The lumbar support for the Mirra 2 chair comes in high range of the adjustability. The height range of Mirra 2 is 4.5 inches within which it can be adjusted. And the depth range of adjustment is 1 inch for Mirra 2 chair.
  3. It helps you in maintaining a good posture for your pelvis. Mostly, the back pains are caused by the bad posture of your pelvis. But Mirra 2 chair provides a forward tilt position, to ensure the comfort and relief of your pelvis.
  4. The mechanism of airflow in this chair is amazing. Such an airflow makes you comfortable in your chair and also keeps you quick and cool.

What are the flaws?

  1. As we have discussed that Mirra 2 is the best alternative of the Aeron chair. But it is only the alternative, not as much smooth and comfortable as Aeron chair. Though, Mirra 2 is also expensive, but Aeron chair is scaled the best. The Mirra 2 chair is a little bit lower in terms of tension absorption, material assembly and smoothness of the structure and design, than Aeron chair.

Herman Miller Cosm Chair

Herman Miller Cosm Chair - Blue Version
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If your current chair is not giving you the required comfort and rest you need, then you should look for other options such as Cosm chair. If you want a chair that can reduce your back pain and makes you comfortable and sit with ease, then you should try this Cosm chair by Herman Miller.

It has a flexible frame that is not so thick, making its design ergonomic. Your body movement, shape and posture are responded well by this tension absorbing chair. It can also bear high pressure and provides you excellent support and durability. The body heat is smoothly removed through its pores and heat does not get trapped.

Why did it make our list?

  1. Just like the suspensions and shock absorbers of a vehicle, this chair absorbs the pressure and the fear of getting back pain is eliminated.
  2. This chair has such quality wheels that can roll on hard surfaces quietly. They can even roll on the carpets easily.

What cons did we manage to find?

  1. Though, it is the best option if you want to avoid the back pain. But it lacks headrest. You may avoid the back pain but there would be a risk of getting back head pain.
  2. Its height is also a little bit low than the other Herman Miller chairs. So, it wouldn’t be suitable for the tall people.
  3. The arms of the chair are not suitable for using several hours. They are not adjustable to much extent.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chair - Black Version
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If you are looking for a chair that is stylish, smartly designed and has an art of the culture in it, then Sayl chair by Herman Miller is for you. It accompanies ease, comfort and relief too along with the eye-catching looks.

It has a dashing look with a design of upside down “Y-tower”. It has very stable suspensions that absorb the tensions and makes you safe from the back pain too. So, it is a compact package of stylish look and comfortable seat.

Why is it a good chair for you?

  1. It can be easily adjusted under the office tables and desks.
  2. Its arms can also be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The vertical range of adjustment is 4 inches. While horizontally, it can be moved in a range of 1.25 to 2 inches.
  3. It also provides a stationary lumbar support that improves your body posture.

 What is not ideal about this chair?

  1. The arm area is short for this chair, which is good thing to adjust the chair under the table. But it is not good for the arm rest of the worker.
  2. The lumbar support of this chair is fixed. If you move a bit more than others, then you have to install a separate lumbar support that would be adjustable.


Herman Miller chairs are considered one of the best chairs in the whole world. Not only the users admire them, but also other companies and furniture checking authorities rate it the best. Their Aeron chair is the most comfortable and durable chair of all times.

That’s why it is very popular around the globe. But it would be expensive too. There are also other alternative options that can provide with comfort and ease. Mirra 2 is the high-end option other than Aeron. The CXO and Diffrient World are also good and compact chairs in a little bit low price.

But if you have a high range and can afford expensive products, then Aeron is the dream chair for you. You can also check these items by sitting yourself and find the chair that suits you the most.