How To Get A Recliner Through A Door: 2 Best Solutions

Recliners are so lovely to have. The problem is that when you’ve got one, it can be hard to bring it into your house. You often need a helper and a good deal of time just to manage the feat of getting a chair through the door. To get a recliner through a door, you need to measure your furniture and doorway, and if a recliner larger, just disassemble it.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door

Some think it needs to throw away oversized furniture, but it doesn’t necessarily do it, just because of this issue! So today, we will be taking a look at some ideas for how you can get an oversized recliner through the door and keep it inside your house. We will also review some options for finding an oversize chair if this is the only thing stopping you from getting what you want.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door – A Quick Solution

First of all, let’s take a look at two quick ideas for how to get your recliner into your house while you’re working with just one helper. Of course, neither of these methods will be ideal, but each has its advantages.

The first thing you can do is make sure that your recliner is not as wide as the doorway. If it is smaller than the doorframe, this means that you will only have to get your recliner tilted a little bit and then slide it into place through the door. This should be possible by yourself and with a helper if you put some time into it.

The second idea is to have your recliner delivered through the garage or side door. Again, this is a good solution, but if you want to use this strategy, you will need to be sure that your garage or side entrance is wide enough.

How To Get A Recliner Through A Door – The Perfect Solution

Of course, if you don’t feel like doing any of that work, then you can make it as easy on yourself as possible by getting a special lightweight recliner! While many people love the comfort of heavy and oversized furniture, sometimes this can be more work than it’s worth.

There are plenty of lightweight recliners on the market, so if you are looking for a smaller recliner, then you can keep this in mind as an option.

You also may disassemble a recliner if possible and get its parts to a house. Then, just assemble furniture, and you’ll get an oversized chair at home with almost no fuss.


How Do You Get A Chair Through A Narrow Door?

To get a chair through a narrow door, you need to grab the side of the chair from behind where it is being pushed and push back with your whole body weight so that it pops out into your arms. Then, walk back towards the door and turn sideways to squeeze past. Hold onto one side of the chair and pull it with as much strength as possible until it pops out on your side, just like before.

How Do You Get An Oversized Chair Through A Door?

An oversized chair won’t fit through a door no matter what you do. One of the easiest ways to get furniture through a tight spot is to disassemble it into smaller pieces, which can then be assembled outside the room.

Do All Recliners Come Apart?

No, most recliners do not come apart. Most recliners are made of mesh and fabric, so those materials that make up the chairs tend to be designed so that they do not come apart. Although some brands have different designs, they generally work together well enough to keep the seats intact and look great. The only thing possible is a chair arm that comes apart from the recliner for easier carrying and installing.