Expert Picks for the Best Recliner Sectional Sofas

  1. Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating

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  2. VIG 4087 Black & White

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  3. Betsy Furniture Large Microfiber Reclining

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What are Sectional Sofas with Recliners?

A sectional recliner sofa is a reclining sofa with multiple areas that can recline separately. A sectional recliner sofa is one of the top choices for your home. You can position the footrests at any height and angle. This makes sure you can always find a good position.

Its main benefits are enhanced comfort, adjustable position, wide availability of options, body relaxation and available space. The traditional reclining mechanism is usually present in recliner chairs. This allows users to recline at any angle.

This type of sofas is very popular among the users because of its wide availability of options. 

Reclining sectional sofas are an attractive alternative to standard sofas. Standard sofas come with a limited range of options, while sectionals allow you to add or remove elements to suit your needs. Reclining sectional sofas are essentially sofas with an extra-long seat and an optional reclining feature. This lets them support your head and feet while you are resting. This gives you the option to get away from the TV and comfortable sleep.

As with normal sofas, reclining sectionals come not only with fabric upholstery. Each section of the sofa can be covered in whatever material you prefer, so you can pick the overall style of the sectional as well as individual elements.

Best Sectional Sofas with Recliners Reviews

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating – Editor’s Choice

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The sectional sofa/recliner comes with Top-Notch Nappa Leather that is made from the material of the highest quality. This leather is so comfortable and real to human skin that you will never want to take it off. It looks and feels luxurious but sophisticated. The recliner is featured in a black color that can enhance the surrounding design.

Leather is the most durable material and will last for longer than any other materials used to make up this furniture. The texture is top-notch, and it is relatively easy to clean, saving you a lot of time.

Reclining seats are specially equipped with slots where you could plug your phone or tablet, or even laptop and charge them while doing something on your seat!

The motorized lumbar support, motorized headrest, and arms storage compartment are clever mechanisms installed in recliners to help users relax while reclining.

A motorized headrest offers complete support to the head as a means of lying down, giving comfort and stability during rest. The same for lumbar support; it supports an individual’s lumbar area while he or she is comfortably lying down on the chair. Lumbar support helps prevent back pain, and you will be able to engage with your tv screen and personalized settings without worries of discomfort.

Arm storage place, where you could easily store magazines, newspapers, or even your remotes!

This sectional sofa/recliner is comfortable and easy to use. It’s constructed well and made with the highest quality materials. The leather feels very thick and durable, but it is still soft. This recliner is very sturdy and made to last. Not only does this recliner feel good, but it looks nice as well. The sleek design and modern appearance make it look like a piece of furniture instead of a recliner.


  1. Comfortability and durability.
  2. It is made of high-quality Leather.
  3. Quite easy to clean.
  4. Ergonomic Foam Cushions.


  1. Not for short people.
  2. Only one color.

VIG 4087 Black & White – Modern Leather Sectional Sofa with Recliners – Premium Choice

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The VIG sectional is a perfect choice for those looking for a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a number of different spaces. It’s a sectional with superb construction and stylish covers in black-white to fit into any home literally. It’s upholstered in luxurious leather here, which adds to the comfort level, while the back and seats are made with high-density foam that lends exceptional support. 

The sofa color is quite dark, which makes the sofa quite elegant and graceful. Its leather pillow brings it a luxurious feeling. 

This sectional sofa set consists of a Left and Right Reclining Chaise,  has 2 cup holders with storage.

It has the optimal shape and ample sitting space, which will make you feel comfortable and cozy. This sofa’s back is higher than the other sofas on the market, covering more spine areas. Its unique design can give you a wonderful feeling when you rest there and will support the safety and health of your body.  The leather material used in this sectional sofa ensures its long service time and is easy to clean. Its smooth surface will resist scratches from harsh things that might bump into it.


  1. Easy to clean.
  2. The leather ensures its long service life.
  3. Comfortable sofa for the family room.


  1. Too Heavy to Move.
  2. Not suitable for those who like very soft pillows.

Betsy Furniture Large Microfiber Reclining Sectional Living Room Sofa in Latte 8038 – Great Value

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It is a large sectional sofa with total dimensions of 110 x 110 x 40.2 inches and latte color.

The sofa has microfiber upholstery. Fabric is strong to withstand abuse and abrasion. It can be cleaned easily. You can spray water on it after rubbing out the dust with a damp cloth on it.

The microfiber fabric also has a textured feel, which creates softness and warmth when touched.

Seat cushion covered with premium foam is very soft and comfortable, providing relaxation to your body and back.

You can fully relax and rest with the footrest. The footrest fully extends to support your whole body for relaxing in any position from 90 ° to 160 °.

This sofa is the best option in terms of design, style, and comfort. As a result, you will never regret buying it.


  1. Durable frame.
  2. The material of upholstery resists wearing, fading, and indentations.
  3. Great color.


  1. Assembling the sofa is a little tricky.
  2. Lint and dust are attracted.

ACME Saul Sectional Sofa (Power Motion/USB Dock) – Gray Leather-Aire

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Acme’s Furniture is a renowned sofa maker in the market. The Acme Furniture Gray Leather-Aire Fabric Sofa is the favorite of home lovers looking for a functional piece of furniture. Overall dimensions are 124 x 107 x 39 inches.

The fabric sofa is soft and easy to clean. The color is gray, which gives a sense of luxury and quietness to the living room. 

Owing to the USB power dock, you can conveniently charge various devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Regarding OKIN Power Motion Reclining Mechanism, you can gain ultimate comfort with easy one-touch power motion reclining. The recliner mechanism will return to the pre-selected upright seating position if you by pressing a button on the side of the sofa.

The console also provides extra storage plus a cup holder helps keep your favorite drink within reach!


  1. Big size.
  2. Durable fabric.
  3. Stylish and elegant appearance.


  1. Sofa not for a small space.
  2. Sofa cushions may not be soft enough.

FDW Recliner Sofa Set Sectional Sofa for Living Room

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Sofa FDW  has an attractive design and a good price that matches its quality and durability. Sofa Color: Brown. Dimensions: 64 x 53.5 x 32.5 inches. The dimensions of this sofa indicate that it can comfortably fit up to 6 people 

FDW has used a solid wood frame construction and high-density foam for comfort and support. The material offers a good transition from sitting to sleeping positions, so it’s quite flexible as well. It also contributes to making it very comfortable for long sitting as your backside will not feel sore even after using it for hours without any cushions.

This sofa uses a metal-and-wood frame composition for stability and durability purposes.

Sofa material is polyurethane, which is one of the strong materials in any furniture and more stable than other materials in a long period of time.

As for its wider, more durable backrest, it provides much more comfortable seating as it supports your back better.


  1. Sofa ideal for both family and public places.
  2. The wood is of top quality.
  3. Easy to assemble.


  1. Not for tall people.

Reclining Sectional Sofas Buyer’s Guide

Seating Area

They should feature a large seating area. The comfort of the seat is what differentiates a great product from a mediocre one. This is why it is very important to buy only sectional recliner sofas that have large seats. The traditional models often have half-sized seats which may lead to cramping and contribute to back problems due to improper posture. Full-sized sectional recliner sofas, on the other hand, will offer the maximum support to your hips and upper body which, in turn, will help you maintain a normal posture while sleeping or reading a book.

Adjustable Footrest

Make sure the footrests are completely adjustable and the springs below are strong enough to offer a good rest to your feet as well. Make sure the chair features quality wooden legs or metal alloy. The seat, as well as the backrest, should be sturdy and built to hold any kind of beating.

All the mechanisms of reclining should be made from good quality components and should not break down due to rough usage. It is a good idea to buy second-hand sectional reclining sofas that have been tested for performance and are still lasting strong after a number of years. In most cases, you would get them at a lower price.

The reclining sectional sofa should have a mechanism that allows you to position the footrests at various heights. The footrests should be adjustable as it is important from a normal ergonomic point of view. You can adjust the height of the footrest to elevate your legs to relieve back pain. Elevating your feet will also help reduce fatigue for you will be able to relax even more.

Armrest Comfort

Make sure the arms are not too low. This also will ensure the normal ergonomic position for you. You can raise the armrests up if you need more space to move your arms. Sometimes their height is not enough for people to place their laptop or other devices with screens at a convenient level without having to bend their necks forward.

Make sure the armrests are tight and replaceable. On some models, the armrests are adjustable whereas the manufacturer already installed their firmness. In other cases, the armrests are sold separately. If you have noticed the armrests cannot be tightened or are too soft to support you enough, then it is a good idea to consider buying the replacement cushions.

Sectional Recliner Sofa Materials

Most importantly, the fabric must be of good quality and the material must be able to withstand daily usage. If you choose a sectional recliner sofa that does not have a leather or faux leather covering, make sure the upholstery fabric will be resistant to dirt and stains. The material should also be appropriate for the region where you live and where you will use your chair. 

We highly recommend you to choose leather upholstery. It is durable and can last for years without any maintenance from your side. If you want something more sustainable and equally beautiful, look for certified green products. They are made of recycled materials and have been nontoxic. We hope our tips will help you with your future purchase.

Lots of Features

You can have lots of reclining positions so that you can stay comfortable during a long movie marathon or a get-together with friends. Push a button or pull a handle, and the reclining mechanism is activated, usually by an electric motor. The most expensive models will have everything programmed to run with the touch of your fingertips and the cost gets much higher as you add more comfortable functions.

The cushions in Section Recliner Sofas

Top-end models will have memory foam seat cushions, but if not, yours can have some extra padding and a tight weave on the fabric covering. Some fabulous models will have soft materials that feel great and have a memory foam layer. Not necessary but they sure are cool.

Still others (much less expensive ones) will have vinyl covers on the top with woven seats that are more comfortable and that can be cleaned up permanently when you spill a drink or two.

Frame construction of Sectional Recliner Sofas

Some models will come with foam-filled fiberglass rather than the standard steel frames. A sofa that is one step above the rest – well made and durable, but also looks good as well. There is some difference of opinion about this. Some companies rely on fiberglass to do the work. And other brands use steel frames, molded-in thousands of different shapes/sizes based on user preferences and headboard heights.


Sectional Recliner sofas are available in so many shapes and sizes, they can fit into any room in your home (and many offices too).

5 Interesting Facts about Sectional Sofas with Recliners

  1. Furniture of Recliners started out as hand made, and people would do it as a side job to their regular job.
  2. The footrest is usually folded up into a box so that it takes up as little space as possible.
  3. Some sectionals have two-person hammocks built in the backrests of the end-set seats.
  4. Some sectionals can have removable storage space that holds the cushions.
  5. Most sectional sofas are made of real leather, as synthetic leather wears out too quickly and tears too easily.