Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Review

homall gaming recliner chair
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The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is a top-of-the-line gaming chair that will put you at the pinnacle of comfort. This chair is specially designed for individuals that are looking to game in complete and utter luxury. The Homall Gaming Recliner features a headrest, electric recline, and adjustable lumbar support – all three of which come together to make your gaming experience as relaxing as possible. 

The headrest ensures that your head and neck will be supported while you game, so you can stay in one place for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. The electric recline gives you the option to adjust the backrest to any angle, allowing for a much better viewing experience. The adjustable lumbar support helps to keep your back more supported to ensure that your body is happy and safe during gameplay.

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair features an easy-to-clean leather cover with a faux fur material on the inside. This material is soft and acts as an extra layer of comfort in addition to the cushioning foam layer beneath it.


Support is a crucial component of a gaming chair, and the Homall recliner is designed to deliver. Its high back provides plenty of support for your neck, enabling you to keep your head up instead of looking down at a laptop or console. Additionally, the seat includes special support for your lower back to ensure you don’t get aches from craning over for hours on end.


If you’ve ever used an ordinary recliner chair, you know the feeling of sinking into the soft cushions. The Homall chair keeps this space-filling sensation strictly limited to its footrest and ottoman; this way, your body rests on strong padded material that never feels loose or saggy.


No matter what you’re doing, you’ll want the game to keep going. The Homall recliner’s tilt feature ensures you can adjust the recliner’s backrest to your preferred recline – you can even tilt the chair backward for extra support while sitting straight up. With this ability, you can adjust the chair into almost any position for maximum comfort and convenience.


With a PU leather material like that of the chair, your back will definitely experience some form of back sweat. But then again, since the chair doesn’t have any of those two air vents right beneath the headrest, you’ll still have to get up now and then if you want your back to cool off.


The chair allows you to customize your gaming experience with its adjustment settings. There are numerous height settings for the chair. You can easily adjust the recliner with control.

The recliner also adjusts to the width of your body, with different possible positions. In addition to this, there is also adjustable lumbar support that allows you to customize your cradling depth depending on your needs at any given time.


The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair comes with adjustable lumbar support for better comfort during long gaming sessions. The chair’s adjustable headrest, though, lets you customize your position and comfort.


Though alone, the seat offers enough support for long sessions of sitting. The seat is composed of high-density foam that contours to your body and support a wide range of body size and weight.

The headrest’s design allows for better neck alignment when seated. It has a soft, squishy feel that creates the proper angles required for better neck support.

The chair’s frame is made of steel and plastic, with black upholstery. It looks sleek and modern with its few dark tones accented by red accents on the arms, back, and headrests. The chair’s ergonomics are also easy to adjust: All you need to do is pull out a handle to adjust both reclining distances and the lumbar support.

Key Features

  • Made of PU leather which is skin-friendly and water-resistant.
  • Has three recliner modes from 90 t0 180 degrees.
  • Include adjustable headrest and waist pillow.
  • Maximum capacity up to 300 lb.


  • Designed for gamers.
  • Include e-sport elements and has larger dimensions than usual chairs.
  • Suitable for a gaming room or bedroom.
  • Multifunctional and ergonomic.
  • Include two side pockets for magazines or game apparel.


  • The chair design is no too modern.
  • Sidearms rather weak and may break after regular use.

Final Verdict

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair has everything you need to have a comfortable gaming session. It is also effortless to set up and use. You can set it up in just minutes and get the most out of it right away. You get all that for nearly $100, which is quite beneficial!