This is How You Clean Old Wood Furniture Naturally: A step-by-step Guide

It is not a secret that there are so many things made out of wood these days. And for a good reason, it is a natural material with a look and feels that can’t be replicated. Unfortunately, this furniture can be rather dirty. To clean old wood furniture naturally, you can use a mild cleaning solution that wouldn’t harm your old things.

If you’re a fan of natural living and keeping things simple and organic in your own home, you have undoubtedly seen that the old wood furniture has been the center of many controversies. Experts often advise throwing away all the old wooden pieces from our homes because wood can only be used for so long before it starts to decompose. 

But with these days on the decline, cleaning them up for reuse is a worthwhile endeavor. With this article, we will give vast information on how to clean old wood furniture naturally.

Clean Old Wood Furniture With Mild Cleaning Solution

Many people want to keep the old wood furniture that they have in their house. That is why it is important to start with a clean and safe surface when you try to clean the old furniture. One way of doing this is by using a mild cleaning solution and wiping the furniture’s surface.

Prepare The Solution

You can use approximately 2 tablespoons of mild dishwashing soap and 4 cups of warm water for all types of wood furniture or wood surfaces which may also be covered in a dusting of glue, varnish, wax, or polyurethane. You can also use white vinegar along with warm water, although it is advised to test the mixture first as the smell can be pretty intense.

Test Before You Start

Always test a small area on your furniture to see if the cleaning solution is suitable for your furniture. You don’t want to ruin your piece of furniture by using a cleaning solution that isn’t suitable for it.

Wipe Wooden Furniture

Once you know that the cleaning solution is safe and appropriate for your specific wood surface, wipe down the piece thoroughly and leave it to air dry for at least 24 hours.

Brush With Non-Gel Toothpaste

To remove surface stains, brush the wood with non-gel toothpaste. Then rinse with warm water and leave to air dry.

Dry With Cloth

You can use a clean cloth to dry the furniture after you have used the toothpaste. But make sure that you do not rub too hard. You want to let the cleaning solution work before using a microfiber cloth.

Tips To Maintain Old Wood Furniture

Dust Regularly

Dust can cause your old wood furniture to warp or even make it a little more brittle over time. If you don’t dust regularly, the dust will also attract more dirt and mildew, which can then wear away at the finish of your furniture. Vacuum up any loose soil from the surface of your furniture, as well as dusting with a slightly damp cloth to help prevent any future problems with dirt and corrosion that may be under the surface of the finish.

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Often furniture will start to crack or begin to get that aged appearance over time because of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you live in a directly exposed house to the sun, then your old wood furniture is definitely at risk. 

Be sure to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight like any other clothing or fabrics that touch the surface of your furniture frequently. However, while you keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight, keep it inside as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with debris from the outside, like insects flying into your window.

Check For Pests

It is also important always check for pests before you buy an old piece of furniture. It is not uncommon for wood to have grubs and other insects inside. If you can spot these types of pests, then you can take some necessary steps to get rid of them before they infest your whole house! However, if you can’t see any pests on an old piece of wood furniture, then it’s best just to avoid it altogether.


Some people like to wax their old wood furniture, so it lasts longer and doesn’t begin to look worn out or cracked over time. If you decide to wax your wood furniture, be sure to use high-quality furniture wax and dry before applying a new layer. 

Never use any oil-based products on your wood furniture either (like olive oil or mineral oil). Lastly, remember that as your old wood furniture ages, it will look more beautiful with each passing year.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Old Wood Furniture?

The best way to clean old wood furniture is with a moist cloth and mild soap. Wood needs to be cleaned frequently, as it is susceptible to dirt and dust. The first step in cleaning old wood furniture is removing all of the larger debris from the surface with a dry or lightly dampened cloth. Next, add enough water and dish soap to work up a rich lather, then carefully work the cleaner over the furniture’s surface using small circular motions. Finally, rinse off any residue using clear water before letting your piece air dry on its own.

How Do You Remove Grime From Wood Furniture?

There are many different ways to remove the grime from wood furniture. If you have a cleaner that will remove the dirt on your furniture, you can apply it to the surface and wipe off the excess with a damp cloth. If you would like to remove tough stains, use rubbing alcohol or diluted vinegar and water.

What Home Remedy Cleans Wood Furniture?

When looking to clean wood furniture, most people will use a sponge with some water and vinegar. This is an effective way to clean your wooden furniture, but there are more ways to clean a piece of wood without damaging it further. Using essential oils or just plain water, you can quickly achieve a crystal-clear shine on your floors and furniture while minimizing the effort required for washing up.