3 Best Sofas For People On a Budget

  1. LifeStyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

    LifeStyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric SofaCheck price
  2. Lifestyle Solutions Harrington Sofa

    Lifestyle Solutions Harrington SofaCheck price
  3. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

    Novogratz Brittany Sofa FutonCheck price

Sofa is one of the most important things for any household, be it for the living room or you want to use it because you’re having guests over. If you want to set up your room entirely or want new furniture to be a part of your house, sofa will surely be your first priority.

Apart from that, if you get frustrated and want to sit somewhere to think about what will make the things good for you, a sofa will help you for that purpose also. You may sit on it to read your most favorite book while taking a cup of coffee. All in all, a sofa is what you actually want at the time of need.

Best Sofas on a Budget Reviews

LifeStyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa

LifeStyle Solutions Collection Grayson Micro-Fabric Sofa
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This one is surely the kind of sofa you want to have in your household. You can use it even better if the number of guests you have are more because it is capable to seat at  least four, even though it has 3 seats.  Its style doesn’t have many complications in it which is why it is an excellent staple to decorate your room.


  • It is comfortable to sit for at least 4 people.
  • Its legs, arms and upholstery makes you feel relaxed while sitting on it.
  • It is stain-resistant.

What advantages make it so special?

  1. Its cushions are removable, making it easy to clean.
  2. Its tufted back provides a killer look.
  3. The slim armrests make the user sit comfortably.

What negatives aspect of this sofa?

  1. Since its cushions are removable, their adjustment looses soon which ultimately makes the entire sofa a bit looser.
  2. It is a bit expensive as compared to other sofas of its kind.

Lifestyle Solutions Harrington Sofa

Lifestyle Solutions Harrington Sofa
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This sofa is quite similar to what we just mentioned above, the comfort level is almost the same for both. There are various color choices offered by Lifestyle Solutions Store and it’s up to you to decide which one do you want for your home.

Basically, brighter colors look way better when it comes to recliners and sofas because you’ve to keep them at home and match your living room’s various things with it to make the room a perfect one in terms of decor. So, make sure that the color you choose suits this style.


  • It provides the seat for four to five people.
  • It is good enough to decorate your living room.
  • The cushions available with it make this a more comfortable piece.

Why do we recommend it?

  1. It is cozy and stain-resistant also.
  2. Its armrests are no less than a source of ease when you sit while being tired.
  3. It can be cleaned really easily.

What cons did we manage to find?

  1. The removable cushions do not prove to be a great companion of this sofa.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon
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This kind of sofa is a bit stylish for which you can use it whenever there is a party organized at your home and you’re the host. You can bring many such sofas to make your guests feel relaxed. Also, it is quite stylish and can add to the beauty of your living room also. The quality of this kind of sofa ensures that it will last longer than any of the furniture products you buy. So, this one is surely a useful addition to your household.


  • It has a stylish high back which will not only let you keep your back but also your head.
  • Its wooden legs ensure that it doesn’t break or even move when more than three people sit on it.

What makes it special?

  1. It uses high resilience foam to make you feel comfortable.
  2. You don’t need many tools to assemble it.
  3. Its length is 70 inches which makes it very much affordable under $500.

What is missing here?

  1. It is not so easy to clean because of having gaps between its back.
  2. If dismantled again and again, it will start to loose and you won’t have the desired feeling.

What things should you look for while buying the Best Sofa?

The worst time to hate your newly bought sofa is when it is delivered. Despite the fact that online shopping has made the things a lot easier, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that things like sofa, furniture should be checked well before buying. Just visit a few websites selling furniture, visit a few factories also, consult some experts and see what exactly is the difference between a good sofa and a bad one. We’ll discuss a few factors here to see what should you look for while buying the Best Sofas on a Budget.

Finding the Best Sofa on a Budget and according to your space starts with deciding what style of sofa you actually want. Also, you must ensure whether the sofa will enter your home or not because you can’t keep a sofa outside your house in summers. Moreover, sofas aren’t meant to be kept outside. After that, it is important to figure out how many people are going to use that sofa. See if your pets and kids will also use it. It’ll let you know what kind of sofa is better and long-lasting and under what budget.

Sofa is surely one of the most costly things in furniture category, so it is usually recommended not to take any risk while buying it, one of the risks of buying it online is already mentioned above. There are multiple designs and colors of sofas. All you need to do is to choose a design of your choice based on its comfort level and also your budget. Four main types of sofas are given below:

  • Standard Sofa is 70-85 inches long and is comfortable enough for three to four people.
  • Loveseat is very much like a Sofa but it is okay for two people only and its width is in between 50 and 70 inches.
  • Sectional Sofa is larger in size and has two or more than two pieces. Larger-sized sectional sofas can seat more than 5 people too.
  • Sofa Bed is more of a bed than a sofa. It offers a flat mattress-like surface where you can rest. You can not only lay down but also use it to sit and read your favorite novel.

In our daily language, we use couch and sofa in the same meaning. However, the designers don’t take it lightly and consider it their insult. Sofa is for formal usage to entertain your guests while couch is mainly used for you to relax.

Different Styles of Sofa

Despite the fact that quality of sofa is important, it should also be in the style you want it to be. For that purpose, you must have a sketch in mind of what you are looking for. Some common styles include:

  • Mid-century Modern
  • Lawson
  • English Roll Arm
  • Chaise
  • Settee
  • Tuxedo
  • Camel-back
  • Chesterfield

Ensure that the Sofa enters Your Desired Place

Sometimes, you hear people saying that they have bought a sofa of their choice after paying a high amount but it didn’t enter their house or couldn’t fit through their doorway or they were unable to fit it inside their rooms. This is so terrible to hear because neither you can return that sofa nor you can use it. For this reason, a few steps are given below which will help you find the sofa with proper measurements.

  • Measure Your Sofa Accurately

Measure the depth, width and height of the sofa carefully before buying it and see if it fits your house. Additional measurements will also prove to be useful for you. Even though the measurements are already mentioned on the sofas, you must carry your own tape for your satisfaction. Also, don’t forget to ask the salesmen if you can remove its different parts or it cannot be dismantled. If it can be divided into parts, it may not be very comfortable to sit but it’ll help your sofa enter the house smoothly.

  • Don’t Forget to Measure Your Entryways

Once you’re done with measuring the sofa, you must look for your entryways. Look for the easiest entry points in your home, combined with the obstacles that may cause complications in its delivery. If the corridor is narrow or the stairway is steep or the elevator is small, it will surely cause challenges even before sofa’s delivery. So, make sure you get everything right before going to buy the Best Sofa on a Budget.

Checking the Quality of Your Sofa

Apart from these things, there are a few more things required to check the quality of sofa you’re using. For that purpose, you’ve to check the frame first and see what kind of wood is used and whether it is capable of bearing enough weight. If you don’t feel satisfied, you may ask the retailer to take a look at the quality of the piece again.

Suspensions are what make your sofa really comfortable. Sinuous springs are usually used for this purpose, while sofas supported by poly-webbing are even more comfortable. Cushioning and Upholstery also play a key role in making you feel relaxed while you sit on your sofa. All in all, a quick check and balance of the quality of your sofa makes the things really easy.

How are you going to Use that Sofa?

Another most important question that must be roaming in your mind is how you are going to use your sofa. Whether you’ll use it to sit and read books or to watch TV, or you want your guests to use this. If you’re having kids or pets at home, you’ll require a different sofa.

One more thing to consider is how many people are going to sit on the sofa and how they actually sit. Two people sitting on the same sofa in different positions is surely a test of sofa’s quality.

Some people like to sit on the sofa just like they’re sitting on it for the first or last time. In that case, the sofa doesn’t last long enough and this is not what you want from it. All in all, you must use it carefully, even if it is made of the highest quality material.


A sofa is probably the most used piece of furniture after a mattress. Mattress helps you in lying down and you can use it to sleep, take it anywhere you want by folding it and use it in your own way. Sofas are a bit different in this regard. You may lay down on a sofa, sleep on it but the comfort and ease offered by a mattress is not what a sofa provides you with. Apart from that, sofas are meant to sit and entertain your guests or to read to a book while taking coffee rather than sleep.

As far as the price ranges are concerned, you shouldn’t spend much if you are not much satisfied with the quality or design. In that case, you shouldn’t spend a single penny. However, if you feel like this piece is what I was looking for, don’t waste time and buy it. It’s a state of mind that you feel relaxed using the things you like the most, same is the case with sofa here.

All you need to do now is to pick the sofa of your choice, check its quality with the steps mentioned above, measure a few things associated with sofa and also your home and then use it for the rest of your life. It will not only bring comfort to you but will also be a decoration piece for you and a good tool to entertain your guests also. All in all, a good sofa is just like a wife, it doesn’t let you bow down anywhere, even if you’re in worst situation. So, make sure you buy the sofa of your choice on a budget and take good care of it for the sake of it to last long.