5 Recliner Chairs with Cup Holders: Single Unit Double Benefit

  1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

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  2. Smugdesk Recliner Chair

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  3. Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Seating

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In the USA recliners with cupholders are very common. The reasons behind their popularity are varied, but the biggest reason you can come up with is the comfort quality they produce. Let me tell you what an average night of sleeping in a reclining chair looks like.

There is nothing more relaxing than a tired body falling backward into a comfortable recliner.

Also, a recliner is the first choice of millions of households. You can consider the following advantages as to why people go for a reclining chair with cupholders over other furniture options.

  1. Saves space.
  2. Very easy to store when not in use.
  3. And most importantly, super comfort level it offers to its users.

They come in various size options. So, you would find a recliner that is built for a medium sized room size or large enough to fit your big living space.

  1. You can sit and sleep in the same chair.
  2. Not to forget, they are very trendy and come in delightful colors with interesting and perfect design brushes like floral patterns, stripes etc.

Best Recliners with Cup Holders Reviews

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Editor’s Choice

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Upright rollaway electric lift recliner chair is an ideal solution for the elderly population, which has a spacious seat area, adequate back support by a healthy pillow-like back cushion, and sufficient leg support with footrest.

The chair’s dimensions are 37″x33.5″x40″, which are perfect for your needs. The color is black to give a sleek modern look, and it blends with most decorations.

The chair is made from faux leather. Upholstery from faux leather wrapping ensures durability and sturdiness, while its base is made from high-density foam in order to maintain the chair’s firmness and stability. Faux leather was more stylish, durable, environment friendly, and cheaper than all-natural leather.

The chair has a counterbalanced lift mechanism that makes it easy to use it. Its motor is powerful, facilitating movement no matter how you want to sit. 

The chair reclines 140 degrees, and you can easily adjust the angle of your choice using the convenient controls located to the side of the seat.

It comes with USB charging ports and cup holders perfect for having another beverage while waiting for your guests.


  1. The recliner is great for elderly and disabled people.
  2. Easy to operate effortlessly due to the tilt function.
  3. It has a USB charging port and also has a cup holder


  1. Does not fully recline to a horizontal position.
  2. Not for tall people.

Smugdesk Recliner Chair, Electric Power Lift Recliner – Great Value

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Sumgdesk is a well-known manufacturer that focuses on the details. The recliner can be placed anywhere in the room. It’s the perfect solution at home. These reclining chairs give the ultimate comfort. It creates a smart style to fit into various room styles without dashing, as well as it can be used with a great variety with regard to decorating. The brown color has an elite style that combines fashion and softness in equal parts.

The recliner has a good length in dimension: 33.86 x 31.3 x 43.31 inches, so it fits any room of yours perfectly.

This recliner is equipped with a remote control so you can adjust to your needs from 85° to 160° degrees right away.

The recliner’s bottom surface is equipped with wheels, making it easy to maneuver from one room to another.

Its weight limit is 300 pounds, which is perfect for most people. 

It features heavy-duty and very durable construction. The chair is also made of faux leather material, which you will like because it is soft and pleasant. 


  1. The recliner is made from high-quality faux leather material.
  2. Perfect fit in a small space.
  3. Easy assembly without tools.
  4. Suitable for the elderly


  1. The seat gets a little firm after sitting in it for a while.

Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Seating – Top Grain Leather – Premium Choice

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Seatcraft Leather Seating Recliner is manufactured from quality leather and real wood, which give this recliner the durability to last for many years.

The Seatcraft equinox home theater seating is an innovative collection of contemporary designs. It is very comfortable and stylish to use and one of the most popular recliners in this category.

The Seatcraft recliner has the adjustment for Head Reclining and Seat depth. Adjustable lumbar support will allow you to get back support while you are lying down and sitting in this recliner.  You will feel relaxed and comfortable without straining your back even if you sit for hours on end.

Lighted Cup Holders have a gorgeous look as well as a comfortable design.

Due to its compact size, it fits your decor perfectly and is not too big in a small space. Not too heavy in weight, so it is not hard to move it when needed.

The recliner also comes with built-in SoundShaker transducers. When you want to listen to tunes or watch movies, you will be able to use the built-in light cup holders, swivel tray table as well as the wireless remote control of this chair. 

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  1. The best recliner for those with back problems.
  2. Very easy to setup.
  3. High level of comfort.
  4. Best lumbar support and adjustable headrest.


  1. The floor LED’s are simply too bright
  2. There is only 1 USB slot

Power Electric Recliner Chair with USB Charge Port and Cup Holder – Best For Elderly

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ModernLuxe makes a high-quality and quiet electric recliner chair with a footrest, adjustable headrest. The ModernLuxe chair is loved by millions of people worldwide because of its stylish design and easy install.

The recliner is equipped with a German Okin motor. The chair is made of high-density foam sponge materials and polyurethane. Upholstered fabric made from 100% Polyurethane maximum comfort. “Polyurethane” is a material of the highest quality (low water absorption, no smell). Polyurethane Furniture is extremely durable; it’ll withstand years of tough use. Its structure will slow down the bacteria growth and keep your sofa in great shape.

Brown color and high-capacity material make it easy to blend into any environment and stand out among the crowd of other furniture.

It is equipped with a USB port and Cup Holder. The footrest and lumbar support function provide total comfort.

The foam cushion and polyurethane provides a durable and healthy seating surface along with a comfortable, relaxed seating experience. The comfortable curving backrest keeps the user in a relaxed position that supports the neck and arms for better body posture.

Headrest pillow specially designed with comfort. The adjustable headrest pillow is softly padded to prevent stress on your neck and back. This allows you to relax in any position, like sitting up, lying down, reading, or watching TV.


  1. The recliner is comfortable and roomy.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. Suitable for those who have back issues.


  1. Doesn’t have storage space.

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Power Lift Assistance

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The brand name Mcombo is known for its advanced technology.  You can adjust this recliner to three different positions to suit your needs and preferences while providing people with high-quality comfort. This way, you can easily get the best positions to be able to relax and enjoy the time spent at home while being supported by the airbags.

It has a strong frame made of sturdy wood. The decoration and colors are quite elegant and sophisticated. The cover is made of quality faux leather material. And it has the strongest frame construction, which will hold up against the weight of up to 320 lbs.

You will appreciate the full-body vibration features that create a relaxing effect on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms, all while supported by the massage features.

This recliner is designed to offer you some features that make it easy to operate, such as easy adjustments with buttons, a generous footrest for firm support, and more.

It is enhanced with a lumbar area heater that comes with muscles relaxed to eliminate aches and pains. You can also choose the massaging mode to provide greater relief from pain. The heating feature will work perfectly fine in your daily routine.


  1. Quiet motor.
  2. Simple and elegant design.
  3. The vibrating function.


  1. This recliner requires high maintenance and cleaning.
  2. The limit weight is 320lbs.

Best Recliners with Cup Holders Buyer’s Guide

The majority of the recliners with cupholders come with a push-back mechanism. You can figure out a lever on its side and when you push it back, the chair tilts back to provide you utmost comfort. That means you do not have to move more than the lever to change your seating position from sitting to reclining or vice versa.

Before purchasing any recliner make sure that you confirm few things like weight capacity, control panel operation, the hardness of cushioning, etc. Because if these features are not according to your standards then your recliner might not do a great job meeting your needs.

Weight Capacity

Most of the recliners with cupholders come in a weight capacity of 300 lbs. What if you are heavier than that? You can go for large and heavy-duty recliners. Some have weight up to 500 lbs.

Control Panel Operation

This is another important feature. The control panel also called the lever acts for the recliner’s full range of movement. It would be great if you can spot it to your left or right.

If it comes with a tilt lock function then that automatically means the recliner seat and back have been locked at an angle and you cannot use the chair’s features until you unlock them.

Make sure that you define your requirements before making a purchase i.e., determine your most comfortable angle of leaning back.

You can also find recliners with cupholders with non – adjustable panels, which means the chair’s degree of reclining is fixed once you lean back on it. These types of recliners are popular because of their cost.

Hardness of Cushioning

If you are looking for a soft and luxurious sitting experience then I would suggest choosing a recliner with thick cushioning.

If you compare it to another type of chairs, then definitely thickness counts. Life span is also determined by the thickness level of the chair’s cushioning. The average thickness of chair cushioning is 2 inches on average with some going as high as even 6 inches.

Recliners with cupholders are well-known for their extra thick cushioning. Before buying any recliner, ensure that you define your requirements about the same clearly. If you prefer the seat to be at a certain incline/angle then make sure that the frame and mechanism can resist your weight-bearing on its surface.

Usually, most frames are made up of wood or metal. Whatever material they are made up of, they have to be sturdy enough to handle the strain and weigh bearing on a regular basis.

If you sit on a recliner for an hour a day, just remember that it will take considerable time before its cushions loosen up properly. So expect them to remain on the stiff side during initial uses. In fact, most manufacturers recommend that you break in your recliner before using it as usual for at least five hours or so. That way you can enjoy optimum comfort and benefit from all features in the long run.

Rocking Mechanism

Also, some of the recliners with cupholders have mechanisms that do not allow you to rock too far back on it. If you lean back and push the lever really hard and fast then you may have to face a jerking motion followed by a creeping motion. To avoid such bumps, try re-adjusting and reposition yourself a little so it won’t result in jerking actions. You might face difficulty or discomfort if recliners are placed near a wall, window, door, or piece of furniture.

Types of Recliners with Cup Holders

Kids Recliners with Cup Holders

What kind of material should I look for in a kids’ recliner with a cup holder?

Most popular kids recliners are made of artificial leather. But this may vary depending on your price range. Otherwise, commonly we see leather or microfiber upholstery for the kids’ recliners.

What kind of warranty should I look for in a kids’ recliner with a cup holder?

Most kids recliners with cup holders come with the following warranties: 3 years for body frame, 1 year for wear and tear.

What are additional cool features for my new kids’ recliner with a cup holder?

Some cool features for the kids’ recliners with cup holders include:

  • a heat and massage device, which could be a plus to the kids who love to lay around and relax;
  • speakers, so they can listen to their favorite music anywhere;
  • reclines back and forth;
  • reclines up to 90 degrees;
  • swings both way;
  • cotton batting or foam seat cushions;
  • armrests with pockets.

Leather Recliners with Cup Holders

What should I look for when buying a leather recliner with a cup holder?

You should look for a nice gripping armrest and a firm seat. Also here is the list for you:  whether leather recliner is good quality;

  • availability of warranty for the leather recliner;
  • weight limit of the buyers/owners when they use the recliner;
  • you should feel comfortable with the recliner and if you don’t like it, no use for it;
  • how to maintain your leather recliner is a crucial factor as leather tends to fade when not maintained properly;
  • this may sound like a no-brainer, but who are the users of the leather recliner with a cup holder?

What are some cool features for my new leather recliner with a cup holder?

  • Bluetooth technology built into the leather recliner so you can listen to your favorite music;
  • hide-away console to keep drinks/food;
  • high-back leather recliners with cup holders ultimately make you feel like an executive.

Power Recliners with Cup Holders

What features are available on a power recliner?

A power recliner with a cup holder includes the following features:

  • can move back and forth;
  • rocker recliner features 2-way moving of the seat back from its forward position to either a particularly upright position or almost flat position.
  • the motorized reclining mechanism of the seat back;
  • in-arm storage pockets that allow you to store items;
  • a power recliner can be equipped with automatic changing of the angle of the reclining back when you lean back or forward;
  • offers power moveable footrests;
  • seat heaters to keep the feet warm and comfortable.

Do I need to buy a power recliner with a cup holder?

You don’t need to buy a power recliner with a cup holder if you don’t have a lot of space, limited mobility, or trouble kneeling/bending down to reach your recliner.

If you find yourself needing more help with getting up from your chair, you can purchase a power recliner to make it much easier for you. There are also power recliners that offer headrests.

Also, power recliners are much easier to clean. Since you can recline them electronically, there are not fabric pieces that might get caught in the gears and cause problems later on.

With a power recliner, your troubles are over. If you have pets that might shed, then it is probably a good idea for you to get one of these because they make cleanup much easier.

If it is looking like you will be needing the back support eternally, then a power recliner might be for you. The back of the chair can move forward and backward at your command so you can adjust it to be comfortable whenever you want to. You can also adjust the footrests, along with everything else.


How safe is it to use a recliner with a cup holder? 

The manufacturers of the recliners take a lot of care and precautions to make sure that they use only quality materials that conform to all safety standards.
They also use screws to assemble the seats so that they don’t fall apart or deform when used.
Recliners in general are made such that the reclining function is designed into the seat making it easy for people to find a comfortable position and stay there for a long time.
There were studies, conducted around the world to study the effect of using recliners on our health. It was found that using recliners can help reduce your back pain and help correct body postures.

How long does a Recliner with cup holders last?

It was found that the life of a recliner with a cup holder can be up to 20 years. Recliners with cup holders can be used in areas like offices, homes, theme parks, etc. It depends on the care it is given.
Recliners with cup holders are made with high-quality materials that make proper use of a recliner much more comfortable. Recliners should be used for the long term but not too long so as to take care of your back. You can extend the life of your Recliner by using it properly and by following the instructions from the manufacturer.

What are the types of recliners? 

There are lots of different kinds of Recliners available in the market: Manual, Electric and Hydraulic, etc. Basically, they are the same with the exception of the way they operate.
There are lots of different colors available for Recliners; it varies from vibrant colors to neutral colors like chocolate brown, beige, white, gray, etc.
They generally come in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) and the small size recliners can be used at home and also by seniors at retirement homes. Medium size Recliners can be used at malls, clubs, schools, airports, waiting rooms, etc. Large size Recliners seats can be used at movie theaters, big rooms, with heavy people, etc.
The features of recliners vary from back massaging to stress reliever type or even massage type recliners that run air through to your back while you recline on it to provide relief on tired muscles. Other benefits include reducing back pain etc.
I don’t see any particular issues when using a Recliner but keep in mind to use it properly so as not to hurt yourself by lifting your leg too high while getting up or sitting down, etc.

Is it difficult to use Recliners?

Well, they are not that difficult to use if you know how and which recliner to choose. Some recliners have an incline mechanism that will simply alter your head and lower back position so you can get comfortable.
The other recliners have a positioning lever that allows you to lay back in a comfortable position into a recliner with a backrest flat enough that offers complete relaxation, makes it easier for you to sleep, watch TV or listen to some music while sitting.

Is there any maintenance that I need to perform regularly on Recliners with cup holders so that they last longer?

One of the main parts of your recliner is its lift mechanism that will make the upholstery and foam layers move in a certain way when you use it so that you can sit down or get up without too much trouble, normally.
This mechanism needs little maintenance aside which you can buy at an economic price from any local hardware or home supply store. You can bring it back to its original form if anything goes wrong but good luck replacing it on your own.
So, the recommendation is to bring it to an authorized dealer or your local repair expert for proper maintenance and repairs since this mechanism is quite complex and hard to understand unless you’ve spent years honing your engineering skills already.
You also need to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from time to time on your recliner whether woolen or cotton type, and should you find that a layer or section has become worn then you should consider getting a new one instead.
In cases where only the frame itself is damaged then it should be brought to the nearest furniture steam-repair specialist for possible salvage or replacement together with professional services.
The basic maintenance tasks include removing stains from the recliner with a cup holder and its cushion seat immediately after spotting them so that they won’t have enough chance for staining. These include coffee stains, soda/water stains, or food stains like peanut butter, maple syrup, thick milk, anything sticky or chunky while others are known to be more complicated like black olives stain, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and other things as these are more viscous and need a different substance to be used as a cleaner which will not cause harm or damage on the recliner’s surface finish.
If you can’t figure out what kind of stain you’ve encountered then just call in the experts for help. They’re trained in methods for dealing with various kinds of stain removal and will be able to help you easily without damaging the integrity of the chair itself despite its advanced mechanisms and functions.