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Don’t Have Time To Read? Here are our Best Picks

  1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather

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  2. Brazil Furniture Children’s Home

    Brazil Furniture Children’s HomeCheck price
  3. Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary

    Deluxe Heavily Padded ContemporaryCheck price

You may think that there is no sense to buy the best recliner for your kid. however, these chairs are a fraction of the cost of most adult-sized recliners and can help a child learn proper posture when seated.

Sitting in adult-sized seating all the time does not teach children to relate to furniture the way an adult should. This can have a lasting negative impact on their relationship with furniture.

The List of The Best Recliners for Children

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner – Our Best Pick

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It comes in 21 different solid colors, plus one patterned option. It also has the lowest price of all the models reviewed here.

Easy-to-clean faux leather. Just wipe down with a damp cloth. It comes with a built-in cup holder.

Recommended for both the price and the look. Not recommended if you need an item that will really stand up to hard wear and tear.


  • Wide variety of colors from which to choose.
  • Built-in cup holder in armrest.
  • Great price.


  • A footrest may not stay up.
  • Of limited durability.

Brazil Furniture Children’s Home Theater Recliner – Best Tranquil Look

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This lovely little chair is recommended for children aged 3 to 7. It comes in a football-themed design with a very tranquil color scheme. It’s predominantly light grey and black.

Such color schemes are recommended for children who are easily overstimulated, such as kids with sensory issues. 

You may also benefit from an environment that helps calm down a hyperactive little one.

Highly recommended if you are trying to create a calming environment.


  • Great tranquil color scheme.
  • Easy to wipe down.
  • Cup holder in the armrest.


  • One of the pricier models we reviewed.

Brazil Furniture Children’s Home Theater Recliner – Best Color Contrast Design

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This has a great kid-friendly dinosaur-themed design with good color contrast. If you have a space that isn’t well lit or a kid with some eyesight issues, this high contrast design may be the perfect answer.

Recommended if you are in need of a high contrast design or shopping for a kid who loves dinosaurs.


  • Built-in cup holder in arm.
  • Great visual contrast in design.


  • Not waterproof. Spills need to be cleaned up promptly.

Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner – Best Plush Design

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This is the cushiest of the designs we looked at it. It comes in 22 different colors and also has storage in both arms where small toys or the like could be tucked away.

The microfiber upholstery is not water-resistant. It may not hold up well in the face of spills.

Recommended if you really need a small amount of storage to help keep a child occupied.


  • Great color selection.
  • Built-in storage in both arms.
  • Very comfortable and cushy.


  • Not waterproof.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather – Best Sophisticated Style

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If you have a child who is too sophisticated for most kiddie looks, this may be the perfect recliner for them. This has a great sleek style in your choice of two different colors.

Recommended for tots with “grown-up” tastes.


  • Sophisticated style.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Built-in cup holder.


  • Plastic feet hold only up to 90 pounds.

Buyer’s Guide

Although the selection is a bit limited, buying a recliner for a kid is not all that different from buying a recliner for an adult. Here are some things to consider.


The budget is always a consideration in any buying decision. The main difference here is you know in advance that the chair won’t last forever because the child will outgrow it.

Adult chairs can potentially last many years, which brings the annual price down. So you may want to divide the price by three or four to get a potential annual cost and see if it makes sense.


Measure the child and make sure the chair will fit them. If the child is really little, they will grow into an oversized chair. If they are already seven or so, they may soon outgrow a child’s recliner and may need the biggest one you can find for them.


Most people will want children’s items that are easy to clean. Some people are willing to do extra cleaning and some kids are less messy than others. If you really need this to be as easy as possible, go with a faux leather child’s recliner.

After You Get It Home

Make sure to give the child a little instruction on how to use it. Show them how to recline it and warn them about being careful to not get their fingers pinched in the reclining mechanism.

See if they need help pushing it back. Especially if they are very young and small, they may need an adult to help them recline it, at least until they get a bit bigger.

Conclusion and Best Choice

Our best choice is number 1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Kids Recliner. It has the best price, best color selection, and easily wipes down. This makes it a rock-solid option for most families.

13 thoughts on “Best Recliners for Kids

  1. Preston

    I love the storage features of the fourth recliner and am thinking of getting that one. However, I am not sure how easy it is to clean. My little one is a bit messy!

  2. Nina

    I am in love with the design of the Kidz World. I was thinking of redoing the kid’s playroom and honestly might arrange the decor to go with this seat because it is so cute!

  3. Jennifer

    The Toy Truck recliner is a hit with my little boy. He is obsessed with trucks and will now sit quietly with me while I am changing our youngest because he has his own place to be.

  4. Jenny

    My kids are in love with the Flash Furniture recliner. They love to just hang out and sit with the family now that they have their own special seats.

  5. Maria

    We put the Gentelshower Kids Recliner in our theater room because we couldn’t get our little man to sit still through any movies or tv shows we were watching as a family. Once we got him this he was more than happy to hang out with us!

  6. Virginia Burch

    Make sure the recliner has built in padding and has a locking lid.

  7. Grace Ricci

    Find out if any recliner companies are going out of business. There should be a huge warranty on them. Brazil Furniture have good warranty

  8. Pauline Dudley

    My three year old loves sitting on the top of my recliner, that I normally use to watch TV. We moved into a new place about six months ago and there’s a kid’s recliner next to our bed, so we got her her own. Flash Furniture recliner is best for three-year-old son

  9. Ann Matas

    You can buy adult recliners, but it’s really better to have some kind of booster seat anyway. Make sure the material fits right.

  10. Rosalinda Freda

    I bought one for my kid and its the best thing ever. Its comfy and when she gets on her laptop it just looks cool!

  11. Ruth Orr

    Some furniture stores have recliners that come as standard with certain furniture models. They should be called *recliners* for that purpose, not “children’s furniture”.

  12. Deborah Perez

    As a mother I totally understand this. I just bought a new recliner for my son that I hope he really likes. Just curious what you would recommend. Like is there a particular brand you all prefer? Also are there any recliners that are specifically meant for the couch to go in it?

  13. Carole Monson

    Buy a pair for your kids. Then they don’t have to each get their own. I bought Deluxe Heavily for my kids

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