7 A-List Recliners for a Sound sleep

  1. Homall Single Recliner Chair

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  2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

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  3. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel

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You will now learn about the best recliners for sleeping that deliver the maximum comfort that supports your entire body. The surface you sleep on is very important to keep the body properly aligned and healthy.

People who suffer from physical ailments might find the products listed below very helpful and useful. These recliners are perfect for mothers nursing or business people who just came home from a hard day’s work.

Some benefits of having the best recliner for sleeping in your home include improved back pain, better blood circulation, pregnancy assistance, and more. There is nothing but good things that can come from getting a recliner for sleeping!

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Our Rating of Best Recliners for Sleeping

Below you will find a comparison table to measure the pros and cons, benefits, features, and specs of each recliner for sleeping. Each unit has its upsides and downsides, allowing you to weigh the options before making a final buying decision. Some features to pay close attention to include quality, build, materials, prices, weight capacity, and shipping size. Everything matters. Anything that you will find useful is here.

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black – Our best pick

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This sleeper recliner is a bestseller on Amazon showing that many customers absolutely love it. There are many reviews to draw a conclusion. The chair has a sleek, stylish professional design stitched to perfection. Base materials are made of high-quality PU leather.

This leather does not have an odor compared to the cheaper PVC leather. Also, this chair is stitched with tear-resistant materials, which are perfect for active people who love sitting and rocking in it all the time.

There is a 3mm thick steel frame for supporting the chair in a proper way for maximizing comfort and creating better posture. It does not matter if you are napping or watching TV, you can lie on your back and relax in the recliner.

A curved thick back base, retractable footrest, and wide armrest will accommodate every inch of your body. There is a no-mar rubber foot on the bottom so the chair does not scoot or move so easily. This unit also comes with a warranty.

Performance & Technical Issues

There are not many performances or technical issues with this item. The only problem customers complain about is that really tall people will look like giants sitting in the chair.


  1. Affordable.
  2. Comes with a lifetime exchange warranty.
  3. If you decide to buy one from Amazon, there are extra benefits to purchase for small fees.
  4. It is a bestseller on Amazon with real reviews from plenty of satisfied customers.
  5. Easy installation.


  1. Some customers report that this model has a cheap construction that is easily breakable; they complain about shoddy work.
  2. It does not have a swivel or a rocking ability.


Definitely. People are buying this recliner by the boatloads for a reason. Not just because it seems like it is made of high-quality leather, but also the price is reasonable. Therefore, it is very hard for customers to say no.

There is an exchange warranty that covers for missing parts, damages, or installation problems. This is a huge benefit for those who love the security of having the best recliner for sleeping that is covered by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cost any extra fees. Getting this recliner is a great investment!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – A Bestseller on Amazon

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This sleeper recliner has a mature design that is perfect for elderly people. It has a power-lift motor that activates with just a touch of a button on a remote for the best convenience. People with physical handicaps can get into the chair very easily. Moreover, in retracts in a way to deliver the best lounging experience. Just relax and watch TV in style! The colors include Black and Saddle. Take your pick of the contemporary design that matches your interior feng shui.

The special thing about this recliner for sleeping is that there is an Unpack In-Home service and Assembly available on Amazon for an extra price. Get it installed by a professional to limit stress. The base materials are made of a faux leather upholstery with very thick cushions for support. Optic poly fibers are stitched directly into the leather for a smooth design.

Moving the chair into the home from the delivery truck is not a big issue if you decide not to get the Amazon service, because it can fit through doorways that are at least 30-inch wide. Ashley Furniture Industries have operated since 1945 selling everything from rugs, accessories, and mattress. Therefore, this company knows furniture better than the competition.

Performance & Technical Issues

Defective units may have motor issues that cause them to malfunction very quickly. The warranty might not cover this problem. Also, even though the chair is slim it is very heavy.


  1. Has a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Amazon offers home installation and delivery.
  3. The vinyl stitching is fused in the right places.
  4. The remote has a long cable.
  5. This chair will support big and tall people.


  1. Expensive
  2. Some customers report it has a hard cushion.
  3. If you buy the unit from somewhere other than Amazon, expect a long wait for delivery.


This recliner for sleeping comes from Ashley Furniture; a popular company known for producing high-quality furniture products. This chair has a soothing brown color that you will find very relaxing. There are not many negative reviews about this product, so it is definitely recommended. The only downside is the high prices. However, sometimes if you want high-quality products you need to pay premium prices.

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner – The Best Comfort For The Short People

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This recliner for sleeping has a professional feel and the best comfort while you are sitting or lying down. The gray linen will match any interior. A swivel mechanism allows you to turn to your desired direction. When the recliner is laid back, it has an extended comfortable footrest to plant your feet. Compared to other chairs in the same category, it is small and compact with a square silhouette sitting upright for proper posture. The track arms cannot get let down because they stay in a static position. The foam-filled seat is a bit bouncy. Overall, the design is elegant with a button tufting for a banquette style. Great to put in a baby’s room when rocking them asleep.

Performance & Technical Issues

The arm is not securely attached. Also, the base is a bit weak. Some customers speculate this is because the entire unit is cheaply made. They also report that there are flimsy side bolsters. Moreover, defective units might stop reclining after a couple of months of use. Some even say that the cushions are uncomfortably hard. Because of these imperfections, the whole recliner might break easily.


  1. Has a swivel mechanism.
  2. Has an elegant button tufting that matches the interior of offices, colleges, and political environments.
  3. Child-friendly.
  4. Very comfortable.
  5. Great for tall people.


  1. A low-quality construction.
  2. Not made for big and tall adults.
  3. After some time, the chair might start creaking and squeaking; making sounds that will wake up the baby.


Yes, but it really depends on who you are. This recliner for sleeping is highly recommended for business people who frequent an office environment daily. The chair was constructed with high-quality materials for an elegant feel. A smooth-glide mechanism makes for a fluid swivel.

The cushioned seat is very comfortable to sit on. On the flip side, those who are big and tall might not find this chair useful or very comfortable. Although many customers report that buying this chair is a great deal, there are some other choices on the market that are of higher quality for cheaper prices.

Coaster Casual Bone Leatherette Reclining Glider – The Ultimate Recliner With So Much To Offer!

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This is one of the best recliners for sleeping with so much versatility. Firstly, there is a swivel glider for fluid sliding when you are turning around while seated. Secondly, there is a separate ottoman to prop your feet up in your desired direction.

Thirdly, there is a pouch stitched into the side to store magazines and the remote control for easy access. Fourthly, the colors that you can purchase are beige or black to match your room. Lastly, the base materials are vinyl upholstered with a fabric bone color. The item weight is approximately 250 lbs, which is pretty heavy for a recliner, and you need to assemble the chair yourself upon arrival.

Performance & Technical Issues

Defective units might have welds that break easily on the base. Once the welds fail, the entire chair is broken and needs to get replaced. The chair will normally break when people who weigh over 200 lbs sit in it. Furthermore, the bonded leather could rip as well.


  1. Versatile.
  2. Great price.
  3. Very comfortable.


  1. Very heavy.
  2. Needs to assemble it yourself.
  3. Made with a cheap bonded leather (vinyl).
  4. Does not comes with instructions.
  5. Challenging to construct.
  6. Uncomfortable for big and tall people.


If it was not for the versatile properties of this chair, it would not be recommended. However, this sleeper recliner will serve as a great benefit, depending on the reason you are going to use it. If you just want to lounge around all day long, then this chair is perfect. The pouch gives you easy access to all your items and there is a separate ottoman to relax your feet. Moreover, there is a reclining and swivel ability to turn in any direction.

Furthermore, although this unit is made of cheap material, the price is affordable. On the flip side, the chair is a bit heavy and there is no home delivery offered by Amazon. This means that you need to endure the job of installation and assembly yourself.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Ludden Rocker Recliner – Has Many Positive Benefits & Limited Issues

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Ashley Furniture is a well-known manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the furniture industry. This sleeper recliner reflects the high-end products that this manufacturer creates. It has a lever at the bottom for controlling the reclining ability of the chair.

If you order this recliner on Amazon, you will get access to the Unpack In-Home and Assembly options that limit the stress of putting it together yourself. The base has a deep cushion made with ultra-soft polyester upholstery. Great comfort offered for a great price! The chair comes in a cocoa brown hue with a luxe style to match every room in the home. Many customers report that the unit will arrive early if ordered on Amazon.

Performance & Technical Issues

The recliner for napping will flip over backwards if a heavy person sits on the chair. One customer reported getting a whiff of a foul smell upon unpacking the unit. This is probably due to defective faux leather stitching.


  1. Popular manufacturer.
  2. Unpack In-Home & Assembly available.
  3. Recline with one pull of the lever.
  4. Has no one-star reviews on Amazon.


  1. The lever located at the bottom. You need to reach to grab it.


Ashley Furniture Industries is known as the best of the best. This company is very reliable in producing high-quality, comfortable chairs; especially for people who have physical health problems.

This chair does not have an automatic mechanism in return for the high price the manufacturer is asking for. However, the seat cushion is very soft and comfortable. There is also an Unpack In-Home and Assembly for a stress-free installation.

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Heated Vibrating Electric Massage Recliner Chair – The Best Masseuse

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There is no need to visit the masseuse because this sleeping reclining chair has a four-area massage to fulfill your needs. The changing modes are Lumbar, Back, Leg, and Tight. You can choose between five different vibration modes such as the Press, Waves, Auto, Normal, and Post.

The power-lift function that will take the chairlift up to help seniors and those with disabilities sit down. There are pouches on the side to place items and two cup holders inside each armrest to store your drinks.

Performance & Technical Issues

Some customers report that you cannot tell the difference in the massage mechanisms; they all feel the same. Moreover, there is no heat that comes from this chair while it is massaging your body. Defective items will start falling apart because they are poorly constructed.


  1. Two cup holders.
  2. Pouches on the sides.
  3. It has a remote control.
  4. Excellent price for the item you get.
  5. Easy installation and assembly.


  1. Some customers report that the cushion has a hard surface.
  2. Manufactured in China.


Yes, it is definitely recommended. This is also one of the best recliners for sleeping on this list. Unlike the others, this unit has a set of accessories that buyers would find useful; such as, the power lift, massage mechanism, and cup holders. And for the price, you cannot beat it!

Flash Furniture Contemporary Beige Leather Recliner and Ottoman – Stylish Beyond Belief!

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If you need a stylish recliner in your home or office, this is the right one! This chair comes in many colors including black, brown vintage, and palomino. However, it is the beige color that steals the show!

This sleeping recliner comes with an ottoman with matching colors to the chair. The integrated headrest and the upholstered armrests deliver the ultimate lounge experience. There is also a lever within reach for you to adjust the recliner. It also has a wood base with a ball-bearing swivel that sturdily grips the floor.

Performance & Technical Issues

After prolonged use, metal fatigue might set in causing the base to break. The lumbar support is not sufficient enough to hold the chair. Therefore, it might not support people who weigh over 260 pounds because eventually, it will break under pressure.


  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Easy to assemble.
  4. It comes in two pieces; a recliner and an ottoman.


  1. Made in China.
  2. Vinyl leather.
  3. Low-quality construction.
  4. It does not recline too far back.


In terms of being stylish, this chair is absolutely perfect. There are multiple colors that you can choose to match your personal style. It has multiple pieces, including the recliner and ottoman. Although it is made of cheap vinyl leather that makes the unit affordable, the stitching is made in a way for an easy clean-up when dirt builds up.

Buyer’s Guide

Brand Name

Always do research about the brand. Reputable brands will most likely produce best recliners for sleeping. Ashley Furniture is the best one. Preferably, choose a chair that was made in the USA.


Most recliners only come with a limited warranty that covers parts replacement or defective items. Look for the ones that have a full warranty covering everything.

Easy Installation

Look for units that come with instructions. Preferably, get a unit that only comes in two pieces; the base and the support. The support section usually slides on to the clamps located on the base section really easy.

If you miss a clamp, then it is best to use a screwdriver to unhook the latches to try again. Slide them both on at the same time. Paying extra for an Unpack In-Home or Assembly package is a huge plus to prevent stress and strain of installing the unit yourself.

Quality Stitching

100% retractable PU leather upholstery is better than bonded leather. However, the latter is better for people who will not use the rocking chair often and just need something that looks good in their office or home.

Weight Capacity

Evaluating the weight capacity is very important. Always look for this information on the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase. Some chairs cannot support people who weigh over 250 pounds. The chair could break and render useless, which costs more money in the end. Also, heavy chairs might be challenging to pull inside the home.


Some material protects against spills better than others. Vinyl tends to soak in the spills, but leather tends to deflect the liquid. This creates a better chance for the cleanup process to be successful.


Evaluate how much you are willing to spend. Normally, high prices mean high quality. And low prices mean low quality. Buy from manufacturers who stay true to the former.


Always determine the type of mechanism you want the chair to perform. Need one that twirls around? Get a swivel. Need a rocking chair? What about a recliner? Massaging? Everything matters. Look for this information on the purchase page or ask the sales representative in the store about it.


You have reached the end of the review! This guide gave you some very important information on the best recliners for sleeping. There are many on the market, but the ones above are the best to choose. Each unit has its own set of special features that you will find very attractive. Choose the one based on your style and personal preference.

We hope you will find the right recliner for sleeping you are looking for!