Best Massage Recliners For Your Home

Choosing a new massage recliner should not be all that difficult, but there are those who want to have something that will finally get comfortable. This sort of furniture has all the technology that is required for people in pain, and it should become a fixture in the house when families have problems with chronic pain.

Recovery from surgery or injury is usually better in these devices because of the comforting effect, and the technology has become much more than a novelty. Looking at all the items on the list below is a good start for someone who would prefer to have an advanced comfort seat in their home. You cannot wait for days and days until you get to a place that offers this feeling, and your recovery could be cut in half because of the way that heat and swishing motions of the seat work.

Do not hire someone to come into the house for this service when it is much easier to invest in something that radiates calming pulses and heat. The energy that comes from the seat alone will change how you approach your day, and the homeowner should allow other people to sit here because they have wondered how nice it feels. You must find something adjustable, beautiful, and welcoming considering your discomfort.

Our Rating of the Best Massage Recliners

Gentleshower Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Vibrating — $$

This is a piece of living room furniture that looks like any other large item you might have bought for your house. You do not know that it provides the comforting feeling and radiant energy until you sit in it, and the sleek black style helps it to fit into any house regardless of how it has been decorated.

There is a storage pocket on the side where you could put anything that you want to keep close by, and there are heavy arms along with pads for the footrest. There are big pads along with your back and the seat that makes you feel better, and it tilts back easily while kicking up the footpad.

Someone who is searching for a seat in this style could place it in Any room they want, and they will be taken by the sleek styling. The heat and comfort can be adjusted with no trouble, and it could be left off to act as a normal seat.


  • The seat looks like a typical living room furniture piece.
  • The seat has easy adjustment buttons for the heat and comforting touch.


  • The unit might be too bulky if you wanted a chair for a smaller room.
  • The unit itself looks like a regular chair, and it might not envelop you in comfort like you were hoping.


SUNCOO Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner — $$$$

Suncoo has taken it to the next level by making a massage recliner that does not look like a regular piece of furniture at all. This is is a unique item that will look like it was made for a massage parlor, and you could get it for your business if you think that is what you need. It comes with a nice headrest that cradles you, the arms keep you attach to the vibrations, and the seat itself fit your sit at the perfect angle to accept the sensation.

This unit does not adjust like regular furniture, but it is very nice for you to sit in if you are in a lot of pain. The amount of contact that you get from this device allows you to feel the Shiatsu work all over your body. You might use this seat when you are very athletic, or it could be the thing you put in the salon for people to relax in.

There are many different people who will want to use this device in their business. It is an industrial machine that delivers heat and Shiatsu that is very expensive if you get it from a professional.


  • The seat delivers a Shiatsu massage most people cannot afford.
  • The seat works well for businesses and salons.


  • The seat does not recline like a regular piece of furniture.
  • The seat does not look Very welcoming.


New Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity — $$$$

A full body Shiatsu is something that people will want to experience, and they can get it in this seat that was made for big spaces where people are waiting for their services or someone who is meant to help them. They could put this brown seat into a waiting room where people could rest in it, and it might be used in a medical facility where people can get comfortable after receiving some kind of treatment.

The seat has a specific place for each part of your body, and it causes you to feel like you are being vibrated from your head to your toe. You will get the full experience because of the way that the chair was made. You feel a change in your body, and you start to relax because it even makes contact with your head.

The heat and massage of this Shiatsu unit are both recommended for people who have problems with body tension and pain. The unit works well in offices, and it should be something a serious athlete puts in their home.


  • The unit looks like an industrial device found in large waiting rooms.
  • The unit makes contact with every part of your body.


  • The device does not come off as a traditional seat.
  • It does not have soft padding from top to bottom.


3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 — $$$$$+

The Kahuna looks like it is the right color based on its name, and it is wonderful for people who want the full contact of a massage that they normally get from a live person. The seat is made with very soft padding and leather that makes it very comfortable, and it can be turned on to offer the heat and massage throughout your body.

The heat in the seat radiates much better as it comes through the soft padding and leather, and the comfort level can be turned up and down depending on what the user wants.

This seat is recommended for the people who want to put a nice chair in their office, or they could install this seat in their home because it helps them recover from the hours and hours of athletics that they participate in every day.


  • The seat has a lovely design.
  • The seat allows adjusting the heat or comfort touch.


  • The unit is very bulky.
  • The device might feel awkward to sit in.


Human Touch Volito “Instant Revive” Zero-Gravity Massage Chair — $$$$$

Human Touch has made a sear that uses no gravity technology. It looks more like an item that sits on your deck, and it is lined with leather that helps deliver a much softer massage. The softness itself allows people to sit deep into the seat, and it makes people feel much better as they settle back.

The seat has adjustable buttons on the sides, and it uses very little power when delivering comfort and heat. It could fit into a house, or it might be used in your salon because it takes up so little room as compared to other seats of the same style.

This seat is kind you would recommend to people who want style and substance. The unit is easy to set up, and it allows you to lean back unlike other items of the same style.


  • The unit is very light and easy to move around.
  • The unit uses little power.


  • The seat does not deliver a strong sensation.
  • The seat does not create the kind of heat that other chairs do.


Buyers Guide

Who Should Buy Massage Recliners?

There are families that will invest in furniture such as this because they would prefer to have a massager built-in as opposed to seeing someone for a massage. People who feel uncomfortable when they sit down would love the way these seats feel because of the heat and the pulsing vibrations. Massaging seats are designed to provide you with a place to lose yourself, get comfortable, and finally feel those knots in your body relax.

Why Do You Need Heat?

A heated seat is good for anyone who has a lot of knots in their body, and the heat will help to keep muscles soft when someone feels a lot of tension. Tension is hard to release when heat is not used, and tension could become so bad that you cannot move without straining a muscle or having a Charlie horse. Heat can be adjusted based on how much you can handle, or heat could be used when you are just too cold in the winter. You might want this seat because you live in a cold climate, or it could be used when you exercise regularly. The radiant energy from the seat makes you more comfortable, and it could do more for you than a hot bath.

Why A Massage Recliner?

Recliners are preferred because of the way that they help people rest. Someone who wants to sit in a seat to get the massage or heat that they need likely does not want to sit upright. These pieces of furniture have been popular in the past few decades because people liked to sit in them for short massages in public places. Putting one in your own home is an improvement for your body and mind. You can instantly get into the seat, feel how hot it can get, and feel that it massages at the speed that you can handle.

The Style

The style of these chairs has never changed. They are usually leather seats that can take on the radiant heat from the massager, and they are very soft to sit in. They might use a synthetic fabric that takes the heat much better, but they are all very soft. They have extra padding that is made to accept the heat, and the fabric cools down quickly. You could use this chair, get up, and someone else could get in the seat just a couple minutes later.

The Reclining Footrest

The reclining footrest that you get could have its own massagers. It might be heated so that you will feel warmth in your legs, and it could be the best thing for your circulation. People often forget that their elderly loved ones need as much help as they can get with circulation, and the heat in the seat will make that footrest perfect for someone who always has issues with their legs. They start to feel better, and they could use this seat purely for the leg heat.


Rockers are available in this style, and they are usually set up on gliders. The gliders are used to make the rocking motion as smooth as possible, and this could be helpful to someone who has struggled with the way that their rocker moves back and forth. They need to come up with ways that they can rock their kids to sleep, or they want to use the rockers in a nursery for the safety and health of the mother who might have her own health problems.


Massage seats are designed to last for long periods of time, and they use batteries that you can replace at any time. You might purchase one of these seats for a low price when you expect to have it for many years to come. You might want to buy something that is priced well for you because you are trying to get value from the chair, and it could become an investment for your office. There are a lot of people who would buy these for their waiting room, or they might want to have these items in their store for customers. This is a wonderful addition to your home that is not too expensive, and you could buy a brand that you have fallen in love with.

Also, if you are interested not only on massage types of chair, you can check the best recliners reviews here, you may find a lot of useful information which will help you to pick the right model

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