5 Best Recliners Made Specifically For Tall People

  1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

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  2. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

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  3. Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King

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It’s tough to locate a nice chair for your house if you’re tall. You can get one that allows you to relax on weekends, or you might choose for a recliner that allows you to sleep by leaning back flat.

Many people with joint problems or movement issues will sleep on their recliners, and others need something that makes watching TV more fun.

The best recliners for tall people on this list will serve you well, and you simply need to decide which you think would work best for you. You must look into the fabrics, the additions, and the size of your chair.

Tall recliners are often forgotten because you are accustomed to not truly fitting in your chair. Tall recliners give you enough room to relax, and they give you the sitting angle that you have been desperate for.

Before making a purchase, you might want to check the buyer’s guide to discover what you’re searching for, or you might browse all of these recliners. A tall recliner is a serious purchase, and it should be made with all the information that is available.

Our List of The Best Recliners for Tall Man & Woman

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner — Editor’s Choice

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This comfortable contemporary styled model comes in both black and brown.

It not only has generous proportions and a high back, but it also lifts up quite high. This is a game-changer for taller individuals with mobility issues who may find many models inadequate to their needs.

It comes with a permanently attached remote control so you can’t absentmindedly misplace it. The chair also has a convenient side pocket for storing the remote and any other small items you desire to keep handy, such as magazines or the crossword puzzle.

The chair is sturdily constructed, a must-have when picking a chair for a mountain of a person. If its frame isn’t up to snuff, you know it won’t hold your frame.

Although it requires some assembly, the chair comes with excellent instructions and all the necessary tools. It is a product of Ashley Furniture, a trusted name in the furniture industry.

Faux leather styling looks good, feels great, and cleans up easily. It makes for an attractive, low maintenance addition to your favorite spot for lounging.

The seat is a 20″ high – great recliner for people with long legs. The overall measurements are 35″W x 40″ D x 42.5″H. When fully reclined, the chair is 69″ long.

Why do we love it for?

Recommended for anyone needing some extra room. Also highly recommended if they are also having some mobility issues

  1. Generously proportioned
  2. Extra high lift to help you stand straight up, no matter your height
  3. Includes all instructions, hardware, and tools needed for assembly
What are we disappointed with?
  1. Some assembly required

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair — Best Cushy Recliner for Tall Man

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This attractive overstuffed look just screams comfort. It is generously proportioned to fit the big and tall crowd and upholstered with an anti-skid material for enhanced safety.

If you are not only looking for a chair big enough for your needs but also one with extra deep cushioning, look no further. You’ve found the right chair for your needs here.

It comes with a small side pocket to hold the remote control. The chair mechanism works as smooth as silk and is also very quiet.

The combination of remote control and power lift helps make this a great choice for anyone suffering from mobility issues, whether chronic or short term. If you are getting on in years, or just need a little extra support while recovering from an injury, you will appreciate these fine features.

Solid construction, high-quality mechanism, and good looks, all rolled into one. It reclines to a comfortable position and also lifts you to make it super easy to get out of it, even if you have joint issues or other mobility challenges.

It assembles quickly and easily. If you run into challenges, a YouTube search for “Canmov Lift Chair” will provide informational videos.

The seat height is 20.5″, giving excellent space for people with long legs. It holds up to 300 pounds. Overall dimensions are 40″W x 39″D x 37″H.

Why is it a good challenger?

Recommended for tall people who like plush support and need a little help getting up

  1. Generously proportioned
  2. Sturdy construction holds up to 300 pounds
  3. Video instruction available if you need help with assembly
What are we disappointed with?
  1. It comes with a one year warranty

Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King — Best Manual Recliner for Tall Man

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The Lane Stallion Rocker with the big man setup helps hold up to 500 pounds, and it has the cushy fabric that you would expect in a recliner. This chair has a wide cushion that allows you to scoot back while you find your best sitting position, and you get wide arms along with a larger footrest. You might try this recliner because it has softer fabric, or you could use it because it has a wider seat.

The wider seat on this chair helps accommodate people who would fall into the tall category. It has a heavy cushion that you will feel yourself sink into, and you have heavy pads on the arms so that you can rest without surprising yourself.

The footrest kicks up with a simple handle, and the footrest has support for your whole leg so that you do not feel pressure on the backs of your knees.

This chair is a good addition to any living room where the user is very tall or heavy. It has the extra padding that some people require so that they can be comfortable. You can get this chair in traditional colors that will look good in most living rooms, and it will not scrape your wall when you lean back.

Why is it special?

  1. Extra padding on this chair makes anyone comfortable no matter how tall they are.
  2. The chair has extra support for the footrest so that your legs get better circulation.

What are the flaws?

  1. This chair could be too wide for a small room or nursery.
  2. You might want fabric or a pattern that is a little more stylish considering you like in a modern home.

Lane Home Furnishings Torino

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The Lane Stallion comes with a smooth fabric and heavy base that holds up to 500 pounds. You get the same basic design that you have come to expect from Lane, and it has a wide seat that helps anyone get in the chair.

The footrest is a special design that has total support for your legs, and it has a reinforced rest that will not slump under your weight. They have extended the footrest farther out than most, and the 79 inches of space for a tall person is more than enough.

This is the kind of chair that you get when you want to feel the extra cushion but do not want the chair to appear shapeless. You can see a strong and almost masculine shape in this chair, but it allows you to settle in when you sit down.

There are wide arms on the chair, and the top cushion helps you sleep if you use the recliner for that purpose.

This recliner will not scratch your wall if you lean back, and it will keep your legs suspended so that you get better circulation. You might have a kid in the chair with you, and or you could turn over when you are really tired or hosting a guest.

What are its best features?

  1. The chair offers enough to fall asleep or allow someone to crash for the night by curling up or turning over using the 79 inches of space.
  2. The soft cushions do not look shapeless when the chair is set up, and they return to their form quickly.

What could be improved?

  1. The chair might be too cushioned for someone who needs extra support for their joints.
  2. The chair does not lay out flat for those who want to sleep a full night in the chair.

Great Deal Furniture Harbor Black Faux Leather

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The Great Deal leather recliner is an interesting piece of furniture because it offers you a leather recliner that glides and reclines at the same time. It is extremely versatile, and it is designed much like an office chair.

You get the rivets that make it look like it was made a hundred years ago, and it has a lot of padding under the leather to help you stay comfortable.

The padding under the leather stretches over the head, and it will not cause any damage if you bump into a bookcase or the wall. The leather chair looks different from the other chairs on the market because it was made wider than normal, and it has big arms that allow you to sit back with ease.

The gliding function allows you to rock slowly if you are trying to rest, and it works well for women who need a rocking chair for babies. The fabric is easy to clean, and the simple stitches hold up well over time.

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Why do you need to keep an eye on it?

This chair works well in offices, and it would look great in a living room where you want to appear as sophisticated as possible. This chair allows you to kick up your feet, or it will rock on the glider without jostling awake the kid you are holding

  1. The leather chair is one of the most beautiful things you could put in your home
  2. The chair is padded so that anyone will be comfortable even though the chair seems to be very firm.
So why not?
  1. The chair might not be suitable for families with pets because the leather is very soft
  2. Leather in this style might be too sticky in the summer due to humid and condensation

Buyers’ Guide

Why Do Tall People Need A Special Recliner?

The standard recliner is made for someone of average height. Someone who is more than six feet tall starts to get uncomfortable on a traditional chair, and anyone over six and a half feet tall will have their legs sticking out over the footrest.

You cannot rest your head on the top cushion of the chair because you are physically taller than the chair, and your arms do not rest on the chair naturally because they are so long. A tall chair that has a bit more length makes it easier for a tall person to relax.

Does Every Brand Make A Tall Recliner?

You cannot expect that every brand will make a tall version of the recliner you are currently using. Their traditional recliners are made in the colors and styles that are most popular, but they might not make a recliner for you in that same color. Any tall recliner was probably made in a color unique to their tall line.

You sometimes need to settle for a color that you find in the tall catalog, or you could place a special order that includes the color or pattern you like most.

Can I Get A Recliner That Is Easy To Engage?

The most important part of a recliner is the handle or switch that you pull to engage the footrest. The oldest recliners have large handles that jerk and jostle you when the flip around to lift the footrest.

A more modern switch is easy to pull, and it lifts the footrest much more slowly. Someone who is older or has bad joints will not be thrown around by the chair, and the handle does not stick out from the couch.

What Fabric Should You Choose?

You should look into many the fabrics that will make your recliner more comfortable. There is a certain allure to leather because a leather couch or recliner is a status symbol that people will be impressed by.

A leather recliner is a little bit harder to maintain, and you must clean it often because they often cake on dirt and grime easily. Animals might scratch your leather furniture, and the leather feels sticky in the summer.

Traditional cloth recliners are much more comfortable, and you will find cushions that are soft or hard. You could choose a recliner made from a patterned fabric, and you could choose from velour, velvet, cotton, and synthetics.

Someone who wants a fabric that is easy to lean should choose the synthetics because they often come with a cleaning solution. Linen recliners are popular in hotter climates, and traditional synthetics are often displayed in showrooms.

How Far Does The Chair Recline?

All recliners are different. Some recliners tilt back just a little bit, and other recliner lay back completely. You might lay flat if you are trying to sleep, and these recliners allow you to sleep in the living room instead of walking to the bedroom.

You might ask for a recliner that allows you to adjust in increments, or you could try a recliner that simply tilts back at about 45 degrees. Everyone is different, and you must sit in the chair yourself before making a decision.

Massaging Recliners

Massaging recliners are available from certain companies, and you might need a massaging recliner if you are very tall or have joint issues. People who are tall tend to have more movement issues than normal, and a massaging recliner could heat up or provide you with pulsation you need to keep your body as comfortable as possible.

Electronic Recliners

There are electronic recliners that have no switch or handle at all. They have incorporated their massaging or heating qualities with the footrest. You can press a button to lift the footrest, lower the footrest, or turn on the heat/massage.

The buttons and display might be on the side of the chair or the arm. Some have a digital display that shows you how far you have titled, the temperature you have heated to, and even the time. The electronics in a recliner are handled by a small cluster of wires that are typically easy to repair, or you must supply a battery to keep the whole thing going.


You might choose a recliner that has storage in the arm or along the side. You might choose a recliner that helps you to keep track of the TV remote, or you might have a little tray, not the arm where you can set a book or the remote. There are recliners that come with a cup holder so that you do not need a side table, and you will find that you can center your living room experience around the chair. The tall chair is large enough for you, and it helps you keep everything close-at-hand.

Compare Market

You must comparison shop as much as you can when looking for a better recliner. There are a lot of tall recliners on the market, and you must have a look at each recliner that might come close to meeting your needs. You could use online search tools to come up with different prices for similar recliners, and you will likely find a price and brand that you are most comfortable with.


You might purchase a recliner with accessories that include covers for the arms and something to drape over the headrest. These covers are great because they are easy to clean, and these spots are touched the most by anyone who is using the chair. You could get a similar cover for the footrest so that it will be easy to clean, and you might want to choose from different colors that give the chair a little character.

Removable Cushions

Removable cushions in these chairs are essential to your overall comfort because they can be removed, replaced, or simply fluffed up again. The cushion should have its own zipper where you can add more fabric if you want, and you could even remove all the polyfill so that you can wash the cover from the cushion. You are working hard to keep your chair in the best condition possible, and removable cushion makes this so much easier on you.

Padded Mechanics

The mechanical parts of the recliner that are just under you should be padded as much as possible. Anything that someone could touch or run into should have some padding covering it, and you will find that the padding protects kids from getting hurt if they are jumping around or sliding off the chair.

The most advanced chairs have padding that you can remove for repairs, and you can slip the fabric back on when the repairs are complete.


You must ask for curbside delivery of your chair so that you are not stuck with a box and assembly of this new chair. The delivery crew will bring the chair right up to your front door, and they often bring it inside for you. You are not stuck assembling the chair, and you often pay nothing for curbside delivery because retailers are competing for your business.


Tall recliners are important to all those who simply cannot fit in a regular recliner. Someone who is hoping to use a recliner in their living room could purchase a recliner that is extended to help someone of their size. It is possible that the recliner could be made from traditional fabrics that you have seen in the showroom, and you could comparison shop online to find a new sort of recliner that has a massaging function, a heater, and electronics that make the recliner easier to tilt.

You are searching for a recliner that will help you relax no matter how tall you are, and you must find a recliner that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Something that jerks too hard when you pull the handle or has an uncomfortable fabric is not good enough for your family.