What kind of recliner do Joey and Chandler share in Friends?

I’m sure this is THE question that’s been haunting you for all these years: What kind of recliner do Joey and Chandler share in Friends? Remember, they loved spending their days slouching on their couches, watching their favorite TV shows. The less young will surely remember these magic moments… and will be nostalgic (like me) just thinking about it. If you’ve never seen Friends, you have to know that these 2 guys have very stupid jokes. Like canoeing in their living room, surrounded by ducks for example. Big King of nonsense, Joey had even found a pet name for his sofa: he nicknamed it Rosita. And lived a real love story with his chair! His humor didn’t stop there, as he also gave a name to his television screen: Stevie.

Why did Joey name his chair Rosita?

In short, Rosita rhymes with seat. And there’s a little Italian sound with that “A” at the end of the name. Italian, like Joey Tribbiani. This is perhaps quite simply the origin of this name, created by the screenwriters. But Rosita does not rhyme with Barcalounger… And yet, Joey’s first armchair was an English model from Barcalounger. In British English, it is a type of recliner with a large extendable footrest. And this word was used by brand that sadly disappeared. And like the legendary phoenix, rised from the ashes in 2010. Produced in China, the Barcalounger reclining sofa is known for being made of high quality, and -above all- very comfortable. Well, watching those two friends seating in it, tha’s enough convince us.

From a Barcalounger to a La-Z-Boy

Except that… Rachel, alias Jennifer Aniston, is going to break Joey’s favourite chair. An entire episode will also be devoted to this carnage during the 7th season, episode 13: “The One Where Rosita Dies“. It’s mandatory to watch this episode, it is hilarious (like the whole show, by the way). Anyway, Rachel makes amends by gifting Joey a gorgeous all-black La-Z-Boy E-cliner 3000. Personally, I still wonder how she manages to pay for that, with a salary as a waitress in such a large New York apartment? Hush.. this is the magic of cinema. Even if we’re talking about a model that can cost around $4,000 – it all depends on the model’s options, but we don’t have all these details. But this kind of recliner are worth the money, that’s for sure! Maybe she had to take a loan, that’s right. The story takes place in 2001, and La-Z-Boy already benefits from a great product placement. E-commerce was not developed at the time, but I imagine that it helped the brand to develop commercially a lot.

Keep the magic alive

And if you’re not a TV fanatic, maybe you still have a child’s soul? Because I do. So, I fell in love with this superb Lego set: the Friends apartment. And what do we find there? The 2 magnificent black recliners of LaZBoy in miniature model!

Thanks Lego 🙂