1. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

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  2. HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair

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  3. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

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The best heated recliner can help relax sore muscles or can just help you stay toasty warm on a cold night while watching TV. Most heated recliners also offer varying degrees of massage capability.

Serious massage chairs are often chosen primarily or solely for their massage features. Chairs that have light massage features are much more often chosen primarily for other reasons with the massage features being kind of a nice extra.

People buy heated chairs for various reasons. Some people simply have trouble staying warm. This is often true for older people or people with certain health issues.

Other people live in a cold part of the country and need a little extra help staying warm during some parts of the year. Still, others simply don’t like heating the whole house when they know a warm chair and blanket is really all they need.

Still, others specifically want a heated massage chair to help with sore muscles. This may be due to working a physically demanding job or due to having an ailment.

Best Heated Recliners Reviews

Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat Function – Our Best Pick

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This is a fairly unique product in that it isn’t a stand-alone chair per se. Instead, it’s an add-on that you place on an existing chair to provide the heat and massage you desire.

If you already have a chair you love, but it lacks heat or massage functions, this product is a convenient means to add those functions. It’s also very affordable.

It comes with four adjustable massage nodes for the neck area. This allows you to target exactly the part of your neck that needs some help.

The heat helps your muscles relax by promoting blood circulation. It also has a safety feature to prevent it from overheating. This model will automatically cut off to protect you from being burned also protect itself from being damaged by overheating.

The model includes four nodes for the back that provide Shiatsu massage. You can specify upper back, lower back or full back. One more advantage is that you can also spot treat a particular area or choose a rolling back massage to go up and down your back. You can even adjust the width between the rollers.

The bottom of the chair provides vibration to gently massage your thighs and glutes. It is controlled separately from the other massage nodes. You can vary the intensity or simply turn off the seat vibration to enjoy the other features on their own.

At just 15.5 pounds, you can take it with you to the office or a hotel room when traveling. If taking it back and forth sounds like too much hassle for you, the low price makes it affordable to buy two so you can keep one at work and one at home. Then you just have to decide which one is for traveling.

This item includes a tethered remote so you can’t misplace it or accidentally leave it behind when taking the chair with you. Plus, there is a storage pocket just for the remote.


Recommended if you already have a chair you love and it would be perfect if you could just add heat and massage to it. Also, it will suit you well if you specifically want a heated or massaging chair while traveling. Also, recommended if you want to customize your corporate-issued office furniture with an add on.


  1. Extremely affordable.
  2. Includes a tethered remote.
  3. Portable.


  1. You do need to have a suitable chair to put it on.
  2. If you are the forgetful type, you may want to buy two.
  3. Some people complain this is not the same product as an older model of the same name.

HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair Heated Vibrating – Best Stylish Faux Leather

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This stylish faux leather heated recliner comes in your choice of four colors: cream, brown, black or red. It also offers vibrating massage.

If you are looking for a recliner that works just fine as a normal part of your living room set but also has some added functions, this may be the chair for you. Its good looks will fit in with many styles of decor while also offering both heat and massage.

It has five pre-programmed modes and two intensities. Massage your upper or lower back, thighs or calves individually or all together.

There are two cup holders and four pockets to hold the tethered remote and myriad assorted other items to your heart’s content. It holds up to 330 pounds, reclines up to 150 degrees and swivels.

Faux leather is low maintenance. It easily wipes down and spills can be sopped up before they soak in.


Recommended if you need an attractive recliner with some extra functions.


  1. Has two built-in cup holders.
  2. It comes with four storage pockets.
  3. Includes a tethered remote.
  4. Attractive and stylish.


  1. It does not lay flat.
  2. Limited massage capability.
  3. No USB ports.
  4. Not a wall hugger.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather – Best Stylish Cloth Available Option

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This heated stylish chair comes in five colors and two materials. The espresso, black, and cream models are all faux leather, while the grey and coffee models are fabric.

So if faux leather is not your thing for some reason, you can get a fabric option. The only difference is the fabric. Otherwise, the fabric chairs have the same great features as the faux leather version of this model.

Do keep in mind that faux leather cleans up easily. Fabric is a little higher maintenance and not as spill-resistant.

This chair will not lay completely flat but does recline to 150 degrees. It has a tethered remote, four storage pockets, and two cup holders. However, there are no USB ports.

In addition to offering both heat and massage, it reclines, rocks, swivels and vibrates. It is nicely padded without being overstuffed.


Recommended if you are looking for a stylish option, especially if you want a fabric chair instead of faux leather.


  1. Style and color options to fit most decors.
  2. It comes with a tethered remote.
  3. It has two cup holders and four storage pockets.


  1. There are no USB ports.
  2. It does not lay flat.
  3. Limited massage functions.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System – Best Affordable Full-Body Massage Model

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If you are looking for a serious-heated massage chair, this is the real deal. It doesn’t just provide massage for the neck, back, and glutes. It also provides massage for both arms and legs.

There are 21 airbags and the chair includes body scan technology for a custom massage suited to your frame. The seven massage modes include air pressure, tapping, kneading and shiatsu. Chose from preset programs or manually customize it.

The chair comes with a tethered remote to control the extensive massage options. In fact, you have so many options that the remote control is more like a mini dashboard.

The company does not offer white-glove service. In other words, it doesn’t set up the chair and install it in your home.

A freight carrier will deliver it to the outside of the building only. It’s quite heavy, so make sure you have someone to help you move it inside and set it up because this is a two-person job.


Recommended if you are looking for a serious massage chair at an entry-level price point.


  1. Offers full body massage, including for arms and legs.
  2. Includes a tethered remote.
  3. The chair is on wheels to make it easy to move.
  4. Easy to assemble.


  1. Shipped by freight carriers. White glove service not available.
  2. The chair weighs 300 pounds.
  3. It does not blend with most decors.
  4. No cup holders or USB ports.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 – Best Serious Massage Chair With Zero Gravity Options

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This chair provides heat for your back and legs. But, moreover, it’s designed to deliver serious massage from head to toe. If you are looking for a serious massage chair, this may be the chair for you.

You can choose to target different parts of your body, such as upper back only, lower back only, entire back, or lower body plus back. Massage techniques available include shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping and combo.

In addition to massage, it provides yoga stretching to help improve your blood circulation and flexibility, an SH-Chiro program to treat your spine and three Zero Gravity positions. It’s also FDA approved as a medical device, which means you may be able to get help paying for it from medical insurance.


Recommended if you want a serious massage chair.


  1. It offers a full-body massage.
  2. Includes a remote.
  3. The Wall hugger model only needs 3 inches of clearance.
  4. It offers three Zero Gravity positions.
  5. Includes a spine program.
  6. It also has yoga stretching options.
  7. You can purchase either a 2-year or a 3-year protection plan.
  8. White glove service available for a charge.
  9. FDA approved.


  1. It’s the priciest model on our list.
  2. Although surprisingly attractive, it will not blend with most living room decor.

Buyer’s Guide

You don’t find typically chairs that only offer heat without any massage options. It’s usually a combination of the two.

Perhaps that’s because there are other ways to add just heat, such as with a heating pad, hot water bottle, or a blanket. When people want built-in heat, it’s usually because they are looking to enhance the massage capabilities.


If you are looking for a heated massage chair, then this may be fundamentally a massaging recliner. Massage chairs are such a bargain compared to paying by the hour for a masseuse that many people feel that price is a minor detail.

A low-end massage chair can cost about the same as one or two trips to a masseuse. A high-end one can cost thousands, but you can use it every day, making the cost per hour less than that of a professional masseuse.

Massage Features

Different chairs have different massage features. You will want to consider intensity, speed, massage techniques (shiatsu, kneading, relaxology, etc), and what parts of your body are treated.

Some chairs can massage your entire back, neck, legs, and arms. Others have much more limited massage zones, such as just the lower back.


Most massage chairs come with some kind of remote. It may or may not be tethered to the chair. The upside to a tethered remote is you can’t lose it.

The remote typically has some pre-programmed settings. In most cases, you can also customize the settings to at least some degree.

Our Best Choice

Our overall favorite is number 1. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat Function.

It’s a combination of affordability and versatility that allows you to make any chair into your favorite heated massage chair. You can even take it with you almost anywhere, including the office, a trip home to see family or a hotel while traveling for work or pleasure.

21 thoughts on “Best Heated Recliners

  1. Olivia

    The Zyllion has made my back problems so much better! I have a chronic back condition and being able to take this and place it on whatever recliner I have has made all the difference in pain management.

  2. Kelley

    I once tried a zero gravity recliner at an event and I fell completely asleep in it in less than 5 minutes. Those things are like heaven on earth if I am being really honest.

  3. Everett

    If you aren’t in the market for an entire recliner I highly suggest getting a massager that sits in one. It is essentially the same thing and can make all the difference for stress relief at the end of the day.

  4. Neel

    The fourth chair on this list looks absolutely wonderful. The full body massage is something I dream of and having it available every day after working sounds amazing.

  5. Jusin

    I am so happy with my HomCom recliner! I look forward to coming home from work every day and sitting in it with its super comfy cushions and get a massage. I am never going back to a normal recliner.

  6. Carolyn Duran

    This Homcom massager has all the features and makes you smile! The strongest point of this product is that it helps to remove the tension from the muscles in your shoulder. The recliner makes the relaxing by reducing the pressure and allowing the rest of your muscles to relax as well. The massage technique of the Massage Recliner can also be customized as well

  7. Maryann Negron

    HOMCOM Massage Recliner, they are amazing and have a very soothing feel to them.

  8. Karon Coleman

    I have had Esright Massage Recliner in my home for the last 7 years, it started as a 2017 model on sale at our local Joanne’s Homecenter. My son went on a tour of duty for 12 months. During that time we would often just lay on the couch and watch movies and TV and play board games. Perfect back support + heating of loins is good for older

  9. William Alexander

    I love the heated seats in my Mecor Massage Recliner. They’ve got a button on the console that just makes the seat heated all the way for the times I sit in it.

  10. Robin Jenkins

    Seats heat up before you do. You can also warm up another persons seat so you don’t have to share.

  11. Teri Lewis

    I bought Zyllion Shiatsu and it’s perfect for my back

  12. Patricia Shumate

    I spent a lot of time researching recliner reviews, and in general, they say the key to good recliners is to make sure there are no vents, no vents with metal spouts, and no vents with plastic spouts with springs (all key to good, comfortable recliners).

  13. Judy Barlow

    So i got the thing together this morning and started wiring it up. Today was going to be a pretty big day to get it installed. 2 hours passed, and i’ve never seen a move done before as quickly as i did today. Great heating of Mecor for nice price!

  14. Mary Thompkins

    Polite and well ventilated, they come in a wide variety of styles, prices and capacities. Consider the style you need and go from there.

  15. Robert Adkins

    Best Heated Recliners – Mecor Massage Recliner is about high-quality, high-priced seat air heaters. They also make some really cool contraptions for sofas

  16. Inez Brown

    After reading the manual I found a great deal of knowledge on the HOMCOM . But I want you to discover it more about the quality, at least all the main areas.

  17. Arthur Sievers

    Shiatsu comes with a beautiful backrest to which you can attach a pillow, but unlike the traditional backrest, it has no awkward slots, as with traditional rearward-facing rear chairs. It has a flexible, rump-shaped backrest that is comfortable with various sizes of mattress.

  18. Janie Lutes

    The main thing I liked about this heater chair was that it’s so easy to use which meant it was easy to navigate and the cooling speed is fast

  19. Thelma Hendrix

    Kahuna Massage a good quality product. Made in USA, comfortable, nice touch on the headrest. Won’t stop moving now that my book is available. So many perks! View Results

  20. Helen Kendall

    The Mecor is one of the best massage recliner. Not to mention the first thing is great heating system

  21. Fowler Thomasina

    The Homcom heated massage recliner is a lot like the one you just saw. It s made from high quality leather, is soft to sit in and is more traditional in design. A feature that I know you re going to like is this product comes with a remote to control all the heating massage functions. You can just sit back and make changes with your remote without having to move around.

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