3 Most Comfy and Durable Lane Recliner Chairs

  1. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver

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  2. Lane Stallion Big Man

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  3. Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

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Lane is a reclining furniture company started in 1994 by Lane Cooper and his wife after he learned that he could create a quality recliner for half the price of La-Z-Boy.

Lane began selling furniture through trade shows until it had finally built its own factory. His wife designs all of Lane’s chairs today. Each chair is hand-made in the US. Every part is hand-stitched together and each part of the recliner is made separately to assure the best quality.

When Lane started in 1994, their first recliner was the Ventura. Today, Lane has expanded their reclining chair lineup to three different kinds of recliners, including the Ventura, the Contessa, and the Eclipse. Lane offers a good selection of materials, including leather, faux leather, cloth, linen, and microfiber.

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Lane Recliners Buyer’s Guide

Interesting Facts about Lane Recliners

  • Lane recliners have a removable headrest and cupholders in the seat cushion.
  • They have blackout inserts in the arms to make your home theater experience more enjoyable.
  • Lane chairs have a velour fabric for plush comfort.
  • They have adjustable lumbar support and a 6-way power recline.
  • Lane recliners have a 5 star base with a 2.5-inch thick seat cushion.
  • Lane’s chairs offer a wide selection of fabrics, leathers, and textures. This allows you to find the perfect seat for you.
  • The tension on the recliner mechanism can be adjusted as many times as you want until you get the perfect amount of resistance. This allows you to get the perfect reclining position.
  • Usually, Lane has a 10-year warranty on their recliners.
  • Lane can be found in many furniture stores across the country, including JCPenney, Bassett, Furniture Land, Universal Furniture, True Value. And, of course, you can buy their products on Amazon.
  • The special Lane anti-sway mechanism in their recliners helps them stay reclined when you sit in them.

Characteristics you should look in Any Lane Recliner

Look for the following characteristics:

  1. Fabric – any of the fabrics offered are luxurious and great. I would recommend looking at them yourself. Be sure to inspect the stitching on each piece.
  2. Back cushion – The “behind your back” cushion that leans back is nice. Its stitching can be tricky to get a hang of.
  3. Mechanism – Make sure the mechanism works smoothly. Check the tension and make sure it is right.
  4. Arms – Make sure the arms are attached properly and smoothly slide.
  5. Cup holders – Make sure the cup holders are stitched on smoothly. I suggest not putting anything too heavy in them, or they could pop off.

Best Features of Lane Recliners

  • The anti-sway mechanism. Lane’s Recliners have a mechanism that is unique to Lane. The mechanism is called an anti-sway bar. Anti-sway bars prevent the recliner from rocking back and forth when you move around in the recliner. Many other recliners have a similar mechanism, but Lane claims that their’s is the most refined. Lane believes that their anti-sway mechanism works so well that you can’t tell it is there, just like the one in their desk chair.
  • Adjustable tension. One of the best features of Lane Recliners is that the tension on the recliner mechanism can be adjusted as many times as you want until you get the perfect amount of resistance. The recliner can be adjusted easily using a knob located on the side of the chair. The recliner can be set so that it is easy to use or hard to use depending on your preference. It makes a big difference in how easy or hard it is to lift your feet up to push the recliner back. If the recliner is too hard to lift your feet, you will use your hands to push the recliner back. The downside is that you could damage the tension mechanism.
  • 10-year warranty on recliners. Lane Furniture backs their recliners with a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty covers a manufacturing defect of the frame or materials. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or any other damage that occurs during normal use of the chair.