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  2. Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

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  3. PHI VILLA Oversize XL

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Zero gravity lounge chairs are some of the most useful tools that you can have around your pool, deck, or patio.

The zero gravity recliner was once seen as a modern convenience, but everyone can buy one online after a little research. These lounge chairs converted the old school lawn chair into something that allows you to relax for hours in complete comfort.

The best zero gravity recliner that you hope to find must have a soft place for your body to rest, a light frame, and easy adjustment points.

You could purchase one of these chairs for lounging on your deck, or you might line them up for guests who come over. These are great chairs for sunbathing, perfect for reading because they can be adjusted to a more comfortable setting.

You are often looking for a chair that will relieve pain in your joints, or you might prefer something that helps you sleep for hours outside. It all depends on what you think would be best given your needs, and any of the zero gravity chairs you see below will keep you comfortable for hours at a time.

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Our Rating of Zero Gravity Recliners

HumanTouch Perfect Chair “PC-420” Better-Than-Leather — Our Best Pick

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This strikingly stylish chair comes in an assortment of colors. You can also choose between eco-friendly faux leather and genuine leather. Both are a great look and make it easy to wipe up any spills.

In the minds of many people, zero gravity positioning is most closely associated with serious massage chairs, many of which are the antithesis of stylish. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to suggest that some people might want this chair just for the incredible look.

However, the backside of the chair isn’t quite as gorgeous as the front. The mechanical device is visible from the back. Some people don’t wish to position it where that section is visible to guests.

Yet, it’s got so much more to offer. It can help you find a position that makes you feel nearly weightless and thereby eases pressure on joints and other pain points. Many people swear by zero gravity recliners as a means to help alleviate their chronic pain.

The base is made of real wood from the Hevea Brasiliensis (the rubber tree). It provides both strong construction and an incredible aesthetic.

Recommended if you want to make a strong design statement while also getting much-needed pain relief.


  1. Incredibly striking look.
  2. Available in both real leather and faux leather.
  3. Zero gravity positioning does great things to help alleviate discomfort.
  4. Comes in a variety of colors.


  1. The mechanism is visible from the back.
  2. The wood base is fairly heavy.
  3. Some assembly required.

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

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Sunjoy has made the standard industrial gray zero gravity chair, but they have done so with the perfect amount of tension and technology. Their zero gravity chair is a basic model that allows you to sink into the frame without worrying about any discomfort. People who like to lay out or read in the summer might like this chair, and it is long enough for pretty much anyone.

The bungee cords hold the chair together, and they make this particular chair so much softer to sit in than most other chairs on the market.

Anyone and everyone will have a nice time in the sun with this kind of furniture, and communities will thrive in lounge chairs because they like sitting in something that is this nice.


  1. The chair is comfortable no matter who you are.
  2. It comes with an optional pillow that straps to the headrest.


  1. The chair could be too short for some people.
  2. The chair does not have a cup holder on the arm.


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PHI VILLA has made a comfortable that lets you sit down with a friend using the additional table as a cup holder. This chair is manufactured in multiple colors, and it has a heavy frame that makes it stable for all users. The weight capacity goes just over 350 pounds, and it has the special bungee cord string that makes every seat very soft.

The chair can be adjusted in the front and back, and the leg rest has a nice curve that makes it much more comfortable for all users. The chair has a large frame that helps anyone who wants to lay back for a minute, and it can be tipped all the way back for someone who wants to get a tan.


  1. The heavy frame is very stable.
  2. Modern design.


  1. The piece could prove too heavy for some people to move from one place to another.
  2. The elliptical legs might not be in the right place for everyone.

Goplus 2PC Zero Gravity Chairs

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The Bellevue set of 2 chairs is a nice way for someone to outfit their deck or patio. The set comes with two cup holders, and the two chairs are made in the softest style for anyone who needs a softer place to sit. Someone who is trying to get settled in the heat can open this thing up, lean back, or use it to read.

The set of two features a very heavy cord weave that is used to help anyone who sits down. The standard frame is made from a light metal that makes it easy to move and adjust. The furniture has an adjustment button on the arm, and you could slide back or sit up in seconds. The table is easy to unfold, and it completes a three-piece set that makes hot weather easier to bear when you are outside.

The set would work well for someone who needed a piece of new patio furniture set on their porch or deck. Alternatively, these items could be used at any place where you swim because sets of two are needed for couples.


  1. They are easy to adjust and move.
  2. They come with cup holders.
  3. There is a pillow on each item.


  1. The items might be too big for a smaller deck or patio.

Polar Aurora Recliner

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Polar Aurora bills their Chair as a recliner and it is a nice way to sit back in the light. This piece of furniture set has a special cup holder and remote holder that clips to the arm, and it can be removed when the items are folded back again.

The furniture has a special springy cord that makes them soft to sit in, and the design was made from light materials that are easy to lift. Someone who is setting up their outdoor play area could do so in seconds, and even the kids could use these pieces of furniture.

The furniture should be a good start for a family that needs deck furniture, or an active family could travel with these furniture items in the car.


  1. Each one has a special cup holder.
  2. Each one has soft bungee cord strings.


  1. A removable cup holder might not be very stable.
  2. These items have a bulky design.

Sundale Outdoor Patio Aluminum

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The Sundale orbital is completely different from every other item on this list. You might choose this one because it rocks, or you might like the modern styling.

It comes with a simple headrest, and it was made with the same bungee material that softens other devices of the same style. The fun styling makes it look great on the exterior of the house, and the large orbital rockers allow it to rock gently without any sound at all.

This item works well on a deck where parents want to rock their kids, or they could be used by the water where people want to rest or possibly fall asleep.


  1. The design has orbital legs for easy rocking.
  2. The body allows you to sink in the design supported by bungee cords.


  1. The design could be far too big for some decks.
  2. The style might be too bright for your deck.

Buyers’ Guide

Who Needs One?

These things work on any deck or patio. You do not need to be a specific situation to purchase a zero gravity chair. They are extremely comfortable, and they can be purchased in any color you want. However, the majority of people who love These pieces of furniture are those who have joint problems, are already sunburnt, or cannot simply lay on a towel. These all keep you dry, and it helps you feel cushioned even though it is one of the simplest devices you could ever buy.

Can You Buy Any Style You Want?

Most companies make the furniture in a variety of styles to satisfy their customers. You could purchase the furniture in a style that matches the style of your house, or you could match the chair to your existing deck furniture. You are not required to settle for an industrial gray unit that you are not happy with.

How Do You Adjust The Furniture That You Have Bought?

You can adjust the furniture by moving the back to a full recline or to sit up straight. There are many people who would prefer to sit up so that they can read, and there are others who want to layout because they want to tan. These items have a footrest that could be adjusted to help you prop up your feet or lie down. These items typically have small catch and release points that are easy to adjust, and you can shift them in seconds if you are not feeling well.

How Much Does Furniture Like This Weigh?

A new item is very light because it is typically made of aluminum, and you can move it around the space easily. These things usually only sent on two rails, and they will glide across the ground because there is not that much ground contact. You must check the weight of any piece of furniture you buy online before it is shipped, and you will learn if the furniture is too heavy for you to deal with every day.

How Long Are All These Pieces Of Furniture?

Most people who buy one of these will notice that they are about six feet long, and the furniture usually has enough length for most people to lie down comfortably. Someone who is a little taller might have their feet sticking over the end, but the majority of people will enjoy these chairs because the designs are not short. You do not see the full length of the furniture until you have laid it out completely, and you can use it with a towel if you need it.

How Are Designs Strung Together With New And Modern Cords?

The furniture you purchase is strung together using a special tensile thread that is used in cords that are usually meant for bungee jumping. You can feel the tension in the strings because they have a little bit of bounce in them, and they have a little bit of spring that will make you much happier when you sit down.

The furniture allows you to sink into it because of these strands, and the bungee items are usually woven into the body of the chair so that you feel that bounce regardless of where you lie down.

Should Your New Furniture Have Arms?

Most of these things are made with arms so that they feel more like recliners, and the locking system is usually located on the arms of the one that you have bought. The one that you have found online today is much more comfortable when you can prop your arms on the body, and you can easily adjust the chair from the arm if you need to.

Should Your Furniture Come With A Pillow?

A new piece of furniture should always come with a pillow, but it should be easy to remove. Some people do not want to lie on the pillow because their neck does not bend in the best direction. The pillow should be adjustable so that anyone can lie on the pillow, and it should be easy to pull from the top of the chair.

These pillows are usually color-coded with the fabric of the chair, and you can remove the pillow itself for washing if you need to.

Should My Chair Have Accessories?

Your new outdoor resting place should have a cup holder to make it easier for you to use outside in the summer. You can remove a cup holder that attaches to the arm, or you could buy a new place to sit outside that was built with the cup holder in the armrest.

Every new chair made with zero gravity technology is designed differently, and you must read up on the chair before buying to see if it has the accessories you need? You might want a pouch for your magazines, a place to set your sunglasses or a bag that helps you carry the chair when it is folded up.

Orbital chairs, rocking chairs, and optional tables are all trends in the industry. Someone who wants the most comfortable chair possible must seek out new designs that will offer maximum comfort for the least money. Each new style gets more advanced because of competition in the industry, and you benefit when searching online for something to use outside.

26 thoughts on “Best Zero Gravity Recliners

  1. Will

    The cute little table that comes with the Belleze recliner is a perfect addition. Since there are no cup holders and I generally drink when in reclining outdoor seats, the table is there for all of my drink needs!

  2. Amy

    The price of the Polar Aurora Recliner is what sold it for me but then once I got it I realize it was actually a very comfortable chair! The cupholders are a great bonus as well!

  3. Jamie

    The depth of the Sunjoy chair makes it one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever used. I think the deeper seat makes it easier on your back and neck in the long run.

  4. Kaye

    The HumanTouch recliner has such an interesting design to it. I am someone who likes more odd-looking furniture so this would probably fit right in with my decor.

  5. Emily

    The Hynawin recliners really are just like zero gravity. They take all of the stress off your feet and pretty much every other pressure point in your body.

  6. Carole Smith

    When i first heard of Zero Gravity recliners i was very skeptical, when I had a chance to try one out a couple months ago i was amazed. it is by far the most comfortable chair I have ever tried to sit in.

  7. Stacy Bradley

    I have a new chair and I love it! I was thrilled to receive it immediately after receiving my previous chair. Cons: In our office, it has an unusual type of back and seat, they actually made my back “wrong”, so you will have to get used to

  8. Arthur Sedgwick

    I love that this is a thing Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair! I would probably go with one of those fold out ones like those sold here. Good luck!

  9. Mary Clemons

    Fun fact: zero-g chairs have springs, so they don’t really feel like you’re floating.

  10. Linda Hammes

    Ledge definitely sounds comfy, but I do not feel the armrests have a sufficient amount of adjustments. Would love if one of you could help me out with PC-420!

  11. Charles Ruiz

    I’ve been on a few hotels where they have a recliner that you sit in that floats up. Makes you feel like you’re weightless. Polar Aurora Recliner very comfortable

  12. Terri Bailey

    Like the other chairs I have received from Sundale, this chair has a full fabric back with a nice plushy feeling back and soft material

  13. Mavis Wadley

    The only recliner I’ve ever used that worked for me was made of ballistic steel, and cost almost twice as much as the zero gravity recliners I’ve seen advertised.

  14. Cristina Wilson

    Yep that’s great, but honestly all the recliners I’ve seen just kinda make me feel like I’m floating even though I know im sitting on HumanTouch. the only thing I can think of that is good would be if it levitated your feet a bit.

  15. Vivian Pritchett

    A single layer of foam under the seat cushion is likely to be insufficient, and you may have to remove the seat cushion altogether

  16. Angelia Newsom

    Depending on your seating position (two shoulder seats, or a sofa seat), you might have to adjust the recliner to a sitting position

  17. Penny Lynch

    In addition to the ones described, another option is to have a garden table. Then you can use those zero-gravity recliners 🙂

  18. Deborah Nash

    Best Recliner if you want a serious state of relaxation is Sundale Outdoor Patio Aluminum

  19. Suzanne Ruiz

    As someone who recently returned from a business trip, these things are awesome. they keep you as level as you want, which is literally impossible without something like this. i highly recommend them.

  20. Martha Dumas

    Zero Gravity has always been one of our favorite manufacturers of quality equipment for traveling.

  21. William Mason

    They usually have a seat cushion that is fixed in place, so you can operate the seat controls with your feet rather

  22. Laura Smith

    We purchased our Zero Gravity Recliners in order to replace our old chair for travel to far-flung destinations and to provide back-support for our heavier, athletic training machines. Sunjoy is perfect for trailer

  23. Janet Burkhalter

    After nearly a month of receiving this recliner – Hynawin, I would really like to see how this works for the long term.

  24. Ethel Rodriquez

    Please point me in the direction of one if you find one. I would love to take a floaty dip in this zero-gravity environment.

  25. Marie Warren

    The Sunjoy Zero desk chair which is also compatible with a bounce seat. I get some of the best back and neck pain relieving treatment in this chair!

  26. Dorothy Villalobos

    There is a chair you can lay on that has a big tray underneath that has a couple of recliner seats on it. You can get one to buy, but also look into renting them.

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