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A Catnapper recliner is like a pillow for your body, and it was made specifically for sleeping. Certain chairs of this type are meant to accommodate tall people, and others are supposed to leave room for a parent and child. Best Catnapper recliners actually let you curl up and sleep on something that is so soft you almost cannot believe it yourself.

Such a recliner is something that people can put in their bedroom, in their living room, or in a guest room. The Catnapper recliner might work well in a bed and breakfast where the guests need as much extra space as they can get, or it could be used in a child’s room where the parents have fallen asleep watching over their child.

Looking over Catnapper recliners is an easy process if you are aware of the fact that you can sleep in a chair like this, let your child sleep in it, or use it as a place where you can pass out in your office for a couple of hours.

Every chair listed could serve you well, and you must look over the chairs to learn which will be the easiest to use in your space. You know how much room you have, how soft you want the chair to be, and the features that you would prefer to have.

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Our Reviews of the Best Catnapper Recliners

Catnapper Cloud 12 Power Oversized Recliner — Our Best Pick

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The Catnapper Cloud 12 is a very soft and wide recliner that comes with a very heavy steel frame and strong footrest. It is not so tall that you feel like it is imposing, and it has the extra soft cushions that will help anyone go to sleep.

You might rock back in this chair to kick up the footrest, and you can turn around in the chair to curl up. You might have chosen this chair because of how soft it looks, but you will find that the cushions tend to return to their original shape after you get out of the chair.

This chair is something that you would recommend to a friend who needs a chair for their nursery, their bedroom, or their living room. Hotel owners could place it in their lobby, or it could become a bed and breakfast chair.


  1. The chair is very soft and cushioned.
  2. The chair allows you to recline when you sleep.


  1. The chair could turn out to be too wide for some rooms.
  2. The chair itself is so cushioned that you might sink into it.

6541-2-2334-36 (Camel) Catnapper Cloud 12 Rocker Recliner — Best for Living Room

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The Catnapper Cloud 12 is an interesting recliner that provides you with the width that you want in a chair for sleeping along with space for you to stretch out. You have the recliner handle on the side that allows you to lay out as if you were in bed, or you could kick up the recliner just to have a place for your feet while you are resting.

The Catnapper Cloud 12 is narrow enough for a room that might not have so much room, and the recliner has cushions that are not so soft that you will fall into them. This is a moderate recliner that allows you to curl up and sleep while also allowing you to lie flat if you ever feel like you do not have another place to sleep.

Someone who has a nursery or large bedroom might want to have one of these chairs, and it works well in large nurseries where babies must be cradled every day. The chair is not so bulky that it will be too large for your bedroom, and it would work in your living room if you prefer to rest there near the TV.


  1. The chair is not as bulky as others in the same range.
  2. The chair allows you to lie flat for sleep.


  1. The chair does not have as much cushioning as other chairs in the range.
  2. It is as narrow as a traditional recliner.

764762-7-1152-78/1152-78 Catnapper Thornton Power Layflat Recliner — Best Leather

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The Thornton Catnapper is a powered lay flat recliner that works a little bit differently from other recliners in the same range. This particular chair is made from a leather or leather alternative that makes it feel a little bit smoother to the touch. You might choose this recliner because it has the power buttons on the side, and you could use this chair to make a style statement while also remaining as comfortable as possible.

The chair comes with a reclining footrest that has padding all the way up to the seat. You can press the buttons on the side to adjust the seat, and it will lie back at a steep angle if you are trying to rest. The chair is a little bit wider than your standard recliner, but it is not so wide that it dominates a room.

The Thornton Catnapper recliner is something that you would recommend to anyone who already has leather furniture. It looks distinguished no matter where it sits, and it has the electronic controls that do not strain someone who has mobility issues.


  1. The chair comes in a leather style that looks very dignified.
  2. It has padding for your legs and electronic controls.


  1. The chair might not work in homes with pets.
  2. You might want something that is much more cushioned.

Catnapper Chaise Rocker Recliner in Doe — Best Soft Recliner

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The Catnapper Chaise Rocker recliner has a series of rolling cushions that make you feel like you are sitting on a bed of pillows. It is one of the fluffiest chairs that you will see, and it has wide arms that allow you to relax. You can inch yourself backward until you are lying as flat as you want, and it is wide enough for you to curl up.

The Catnapper Chaise Rocker recliner could work well in a nursery where the rolled styling of the cushions fits in with a kid’s room. You might use this chair in your bedroom because you need something soft to sit on, and you would choose this change because it does not jar or jostle you.

This chair is one that you should use when you need as much cushioning as you can possibly get. It is soft and wide for sleeping, and it allows you to rock back slowly.


  1. The chair has a series of soft rolled cushions.
  2. The chair fits in with nurseries and kids rooms.


  1. The chair might be too fluffy if you need something firmer.
  2. You might not want the inch away system for reclining.

Catnapper Omni 4827 Power Full Lay-Out Large Heavy Duty Lift Chair Recliner — Best for Sleeping

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The Catnapper Omni 4827 is a stout chair that is just a little bit wider than a regular recliner. It has a heavy cushion that makes it easy for you to rest, and the chair comes with a no motion recliner that will tilt back when you lean back. You can lay flat out if you want, and you are supported by firm cushions.

The chair itself has a square base that provides much more support, and the chair leans back to the front in seconds when you choose to lean forward. This is a good chair for living rooms, or it could work well in your bedroom where you do not want the chair to look like it was moved from the living room.

This chair is good for people who do not want to do much work to recline. It leans back flat, and it helps anyone take a real nap on firm cushions.


  1. The chair has a firm support system for your body.
  2. It reclines when you lean.


  1. The chair might be too hard to lean back in.
  2. You might want something softer.

Buyers’ Guide

Why Do I Need A Catnapper?

A Catnapper recliner is a wide and low chair that is meant to recline, give you extra space to curl up and provide you with a soft place to rest. The Catnapper recliner is popular in the lobbies of bed and breakfasts, and it might be found in offices where people must take a nap in the middle of the day. You could use a Catnapper if you wanted to rest on your break at a hospital, or you could put one of these in your guest room so that your guests can take a little nap instead of getting into bed. The Catnapper is popular in children’s rooms, and the Catnapper might be perfect in your living room because that is the place where you are most comfortable.

How Soft Should The Recliner Be?

A Catnapper recliner should be as soft as possible because the chair is meant to let you sleep. You feel warm and cozy just sitting in the chair because it is so soft, and you can feel that there is extra padding on the chair that you can lean on to rest. You almost do not need a pillow in a chair like this, and it is the sort of chair you lay a throw blanket over so that all your guests can get to sleep quickly.

How Does The Chair Recline?

A Catnapper recliner does not recline like a normal recliner. It is a chair that leans back just enough without tipping you back too far. It is the kind of chair you use when you want to put your feet up just for a minute. You might put this recliner in your living room as your main chair because it has the reclining feature, but it does not recline as far as the recliners that are much taller and narrower.

The Frame

You must choose a Catnapper recliner with a solid frame. You want to feel as though this chair will not move once you sit down, and the only way to do that is to buy something that is made from heavy steel. The frame of the chair should have a round or square base that will settle on the floor, and the recliner foot should move only a short distance from the seat so that it does not destabilize the chair.

The Rocker Option

A rocker option is available on some Catnapper recliners because the user is in a child’s room or their living room. The rocker option is popular in nurseries where volunteers rock babies, and the nursery in your own home could have a rocker. The rocker itself should be set up on a glider, and it should only rock just enough to keep you comfortable.

Removable Cushions And Covers

The cushions or covers on your Catnapper should have zippers that allow you to remove the cushions and clean them. You can take better care of the chair if you have children in it all the time, or you could clean the cushions if you have ever had a spill. You could flip the seat cushion, and you should have access to accessories that would cover the arms and the headrest.

Swivel Catnappers

There is a version of the Catnapper that swivels in the direction that you want. You might want to use the Catnapper to turn away from the window, or you could spin around when a child is crying. You might want to turn to get just the right amount of light if you turned to read, and you could spin around the Catnapper if you are in a hotel lobby or large waiting room.

Advanced Technology

The Catnapper is a chair that you will find with electronic options in the future, better reclining options, and storage options including a cup holder. You might choose a captnapper that rocks on a special elliptical base, and you might find a Catnapper that is made small enough for children.

Every Catnapper that you check out should be designed in a way that serves your needs. You know where you plan to put the Catnapper, and you must allow the Catnapper to keep you comfortable using the swivel, the rocker, the reclining footrest, or the soft cushions.