3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep In A Recliner

Sleeping in a recliner is an everyday activity for most Americans. You might be thinking, “what’s a big deal, I’m just sleeping.” What will happen when you sleep in a recliner? The problem with sleeping in a recliner is that it throws your body off balance. 

Every muscle, ligament, and joint becomes loose and is forced to work harder than sitting or standing. This means more wear on your bones (skeletal muscles), leading to permanent damage, osteoporosis from bone density loss, and even compression injuries like plantar fasciitis.

What Happens When You Sleep In A Recliner

Spine Issues

According to a study done by the University of Iowa, sleeping in a recliner puts too much pressure on the spine and can cause spinal cord compression. When the spine becomes compressed, neurological signals do not reach your muscles properly. 

As a result, the muscles won’t excrete all the waste products and toxins that they aren’t excreting normally. These waste products can build up in your joints and eventually cause over time degenerative spinal diseases like osteoporosis.

Breathe Issues

Furthermore, sleeping in a recliner can cause breathing problems because of the angle at which you’re sleeping on your back. The body tends to fall asleep in this position when lying on your back, making it difficult for you to breathe correctly during sleep. This is why people who sleep in a recliner take more naps than those who don’t sleep in a recliner.

Other Health Issues

What’s worse is that sleeping in a recliner can cause acid reflux because of the position you’re sleeping in. This can lead to indigestion (stomach pain) and even heartburn.

So what should you do? Sleeping in a recliner is not as good for your body as lying flat on your bed or having a healthy mattress. If you want to feel better, then get up from the recliner and go to bed.


Are Recliners Bad For Your Neck?

The answer to this question is yes. Recliners might be comfy, but they’re bad for your neck. So use caution or avoid them altogether!
Recliners are at risk for harming your neck, back, and other parts of your body because they encourage you to nod off to sleep instead of staying upright in a seated position. It takes away the stability necessary for many of these muscles when it comes to maintaining posture and can hasten the onset of pain.

Is Reclining Bad For Your Back?

The answer is yes. Reclining can pose serious health risks if you’re not careful! Let’s take a look at those risks now.
Sitting for long periods could lead to a number of health problems, including increased risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity. Instead, be sure to be active by taking breaks throughout the day or scheduling exercises during your workday if possible.

What Is The Best Way To Sleep In A Recliner?

If you can’t sleep in beds or couches, a recliner may be the answer. There are many ways to sleep in a recliner, so your pick will depend on personal preference. You can use one of these methods:
– Place two pillows behind you and lean against them as you relax into the comfortable chair.
– Sit upright with your feet on the footrest and hold onto the armrests for support if necessary.
– Sit back straight and cross your legs at the ankles 
Once again, choose whichever method works best for you.