3 Massage-Centered Chairs From Japan

  1. Real Relax 2022 Dual-Core

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  2. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

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  3. Zero Gravity Track Massage

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A massage chair is what you need at the end of a long and hectic day to get rid of all the tiredness. However, some massage chairs allow you to sleep in them as well if you’re too lazy to get up or too tired to go to your bedroom. Among massage chairs are a few categories based on the country which is making these chairs or their designs and features.

Japanese Massage chairs are currently the best ones available in global market and there are various brands making these chairs. They just differ in sizes and in comfort level as well based on the prices. However, you’ll have all the comfort you’re in need of. Different Japanese Companies claim to produce the best chairs across the world but the consumers actually get a proof of it after using it for a few months.

For the same reason, we’ll review a few of Japanese massage chairs. We’ll look into their features, pros and cons and see what a person needs to look while buying these chairs and how much price is suitable for a lay man to buy it. Here is the detail of a few of those chairs.

Chairs Reviews

Real Relax 2022 Dual-Core Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track Recliner with Smart Voice Controller Zero Gravity, Black
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All of us have needs that we want to be met by our massage chairs. This Real Relax 2022 massage chair is one of those that will help you relax in an even better way. It’s customizable, meaning that you may use it in the position you want. There is a remote available with it as well which allows you to set the air bags and speed of its motion. It almost gets flat and you can even lay down over it. Moreover, it lets you feel weightless in a matter of seconds.

For elderly people, the blood circulation is always an issue when they’re sitting on a chair like this. So, to resolve that, a heater is also available which makes sure that the circulation of blood is there. Most importantly, the height of this chair allows people with 6’ height to sit with ease. The footrests are also comfortable and have roller to relieve pain.

The Bluetooth option available with this massage chair allows you to listen to your most favorite songs without even moving an inch. As far as the company is concerned, Real Rolex offers its customers with best possible services available. They make sure that you get the best quality of the product without asking to renovate it. The response to queries is also amazing which makes people choose this company without thinking twice.

What are its best features?

  1. It is quite simple and easy to use.
  2. Its Bluetooth option is an incredible addition to its features.
  3. The backrest and footrests are too comfortable even for elderly people.
  4. The full body massage function is also available with it.
  5. The voice-control option is also available, allowing you to operate your chair by talking to it.

What could be improved?

  1. Only people of a certain height can use this chair.
  2. Power lifting option isn’t available, so this may not be used for people of a certain age.
  3. It is quite costly and will let you pay around $1200.

Customers’ Reviews

The customers have shown satisfaction in buying this Japanese massage chair, most importantly for its settings. However, a few missing options have been pointed out, particularly by customers that have height more than 6’. Otherwise, the customers’ remarks were satisfactory and most of them have recommended to buy this massage chair.

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers - SM-7300 (Dark Brown/Black)
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Kahuna massage chair has a roller system that is specifically designed to support the neck and back of the person sitting on it which ultimately increases massage’s effect also. Automatic scanning option is also there to make you take the benefit of full body massage. It also gets flat till 140° and takes very less space during its transition.

There is a yoga stretching option that allows you to bend your back to its full. This is mainly done to improve the circulation of blood which is a problem for elderly people most of the times. This massage chair also has a few manual massage options. One of the most important features of it is its zero gravity. The footrest can be adjusted in such a way that the feet will go above the heart, allowing you to fall asleep in the most comfortable position.

One thing that may be improved is the quality of material with which it is made. If leather is used instead of steel and plastic, it’ll offer more comfort and there won’t be a risk of rusting. The thin fabric used for rollers makes the surface rough which is one of the things that need to be fixed. All in all, it’s a massage chair with most beautiful appearance and several features.

What are our favorite features?

  1. The airbags available with it make it comfortable and remote makes it user-friendly.
  2. Yoga stretching, dynamic support, pain relief and other such programs are available.
  3. You may get a massage on a certain body part or your entire body.
  4. The angle of tilt is quite high and allows you to lay almost flat on it.
  5. Heating option is also there to improve the circulation of blood.

What could be better?

  1. It costs you around $3000 which is too much.
  2. Its surface is a bit rough because of thin fabric used for rollers.
  3. It doesn’t allow a person of weight more than 300 pounds to sit on it. Similar is the case with height.

Customers’ Reviews

Apart from elderly people, most of the customers were satisfied by the features available with this massage chair, particularly the massage and stretching options, either manual or remote control. But the thing of concern was its huge price which is not so affordable for all. Moreover, the quality of chair can also be improved if leather is used. All in all, this chair with multiple features is no less than a bed and is good enough for people who are able to afford it.

Zero Gravity Track Massage Chair

Massage Chair,Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Space Saving, Auto Body Detection, Thai Stretching
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A Massage chair has always been a wonderful addition to your home furniture but zero gravity chairs make you feel like you’re in bed. So, even if you have to control the chair manually, you will be enjoying the benefits of it.

Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of the given product.

Why do we love it for?

  1. You can set it up in a way that you’ll feel weightless with your legs above the heart and the pressure on joints and spine will be reduced.
  2. The design of it allows you to fall asleep without any part of your body in an uncomfortable position.
  3. If you don’t want a full-body massage, you can choose massage points on your body while sitting on this 3D chair.
  4. The airbags are also available for you to cover different parts of body such as shoulders, hips and feet.
  5. The footrests and headrest will bring you in a position to almost lay down while the massage is on.
  6. There are various massage methods available in this chair including kneading, rolling. Knocking, tapping and clapping which make you feel relaxed. Stretching option is also there to provide you with Thai-style massage.
  7. In order to warm your body and to bring it in a position to start the massage, heating devices are also there which keep heating the back till the temperature reaches 45℃.
  8. You are allowed to connect your phone to the chair using the Bluetooth device and listen to your most favorite songs while enjoying the massage.
  9. There is one-year warranty period also for those who don’t like the way it works or if they want something else instead of this. For them, the compulsory thing is to keep the original packing of everything.

What cons did we manage to find?

  1. The chair can’t bear a weight more than 330 pounds.
  2. There is no power lift option which is why it isn’t much suitable for elderly people.
  3. You can’t use it with its electrical plug on.
  4. There is no space to keep the items like remote, snacks etc.

Customers’ Reviews

As of now, the customers have shown satisfaction in buying this chair because of its features as well as the benefits mentioned above. But since it cannot be used for those who find it difficult to stand up, not many elders have shown keen interest in buying it.

So, this is one of the modifications that is needed to be done. Also, it’s quite expensive if we take the price factor into account and many customers had to reject it because of those $1500 that will do the same job as a simple massage chair does.

But since it has many massage methods to offer, those who can afford it don’t think twice before going for it. The overall remarks have shown that the chair is remarkable in terms of quality and features but it’ll be the best option available if they plan to reduce the prices to make it affordable for all.

Benefits of having Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese massage chairs are better than simple couches available out there. Here are some of the benefits of these chairs that will help you know why you should go for them.

  • For people with back pain in the lower part of their body, this chair relieves it and makes them feel better.
  • Offers full body massage as well as on certain parts of your body.
  • You may sit on them for hours without getting tired and the footrests are such that your feet won’t fall asleep. However, if you want to sleep, it’ll allow you to do it.
  • The blood circulation is improved by Japanese massage chairs using the heater.
  • There are various auto programs available which allow you to control everything while sitting on the chair.

All these features ensure that you may not have to face any issue while sitting on it because you can do whatever you want without moving an inch. So, it’s better to have something like this at home to rest when bed isn’t the most comfortable thing available.

What to Look for while buying a Japanese Massage Chair?

If you know what factors you should consider before buying your favorite massage chair, you’ll have the best experience afterwards. If a chair isn’t capable of meeting your needs, there is no sense in spending hundreds of dollars on it. Here are a few things you must consider before buying a Japanese Massage Chair.

Size of Massage Chair

Size of Massage Chair is what matters the most, even more than the price. The reason is that if you can’t sit on it comfortably, what’s the purpose of buying it? Just make sure that you fit into the chair easily and then decide whether you want to buy it or not.


Weight is one of those factors which is as important as the price of chair. Most massage chairs have a limitation that people having more than a specific weight are not allowed to sit on them which is not what you want. So, the best you can do in this regard is to check your weight as well as the weight of chair and then see if it’s suitable for you to buy it. If it’s, just go for it without thinking twice.

Massage Functions

As the name suggests, you’ve to buy a massage chair and if doesn’t provide you with the required massage types, there is no way you should go for it. Some chairs offer full-body massage while others don’t. Some have high intensity and speed of massage while others have low speed. The only thing that matters is whether you’re feeling comfortable or not.

Besides this, take a look at whether it offers zero gravity or not. Some chairs have angle of tilt less than usual and you may not get the required level of comfort once you sit on them. So, don’t forget to take a look at this option also.


There are certain accessories you need with each massage chair that will help you do everything while sitting over it. These include Bluetooth, remote, pockets and other such stuff. Some chairs don’t have complete accessories but the massage functions they offer are good enough. Kahuna Massage chair is one of the examples. All in all, you need to ensure whether the accessories you are in need of are available with it or not and then decide whether to buy it or not.


Japanese massage chairs are famous for their working as well as the accessories available with them. But you must know how to use each program offered by the chair to ensure that you get what you want from it. The best way to do it is to ask for the warranty and use the chair for a few days to experience its features. If there’s a problem with it within a few days, just ask the company for a refund or to replace it with another one that works better. All in all, take all the factors into account before buying the chair and enjoy the comfort offered by it for next few years.