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  3. Seatcraft Omega Leather

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We all grew up with having “dad’s chair” in the corner of the family room. Most of the time it was a basic handle pull recliner upholstered in some well-worn, sweat-stained fabric such as Naugahyde, tweed, or corduroy, but dad always said one day he would save up for the best leather recliner.

Dad’s chair had the best view of the TV, and it was not to be sat in by anyone other than dad himself. He desired that chair and for good reason, it was the most comfortable seat in the house, it was his throne for the castle he was king of, and it was his place to rest and recover from a long day on the job.

Today, recliners are still the most coveted seats in the house, but now they offer so much more than just great comfort.

Today’s leather recliners offer the option of heat, massage, chilled and lighted cup holders, power motion, and lots of storage. Options for USB ports, 110v AC outlets, and even tray tables make for recliners that any dad would be proud of, but with sleek styling, and quality construction, mom may want to have one of her own.

Let’s take a look at some of the best leather recliners on the market in a variety of price points and offering a wide range of features and styles.

Our Rating of the Best Leather Recliners and Reclining Sofas

Homall Single Recliner in Black PU Leather – Editor’s choice

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This economy-level modern black leather recliner is a great choice if you are just starting out, but to be honest, it is a little simple, if you are in the market for something ultra-comfortable or feature-rich. This isn’t to say that this isn’t a comfortable chair, but it is a starter chair at best. This chair would work in a guest room, first apartment, or even a dorm, but it is not recommended for someone who wants a chair that is going to be able to stand up to the rigors of daily use in a busy household.

The foam padding in the headrest and footrest are thick and comfy, but there is a little to be desired in terms of the actual backrest portion. Again, it’s not that the backrest is uncomfortable, it’s just that it seems to not be enough there. The seat is acceptable, and the movement of the recline is smooth, but it does take a little effort to get it moving. The PU Leather looks nice, but you can tell is it economy level, and the durability is moderate at best.

If you are looking for a basic recliner with modern styling in black leather and are on a budget then this is a good choice, but know that you will more than likely be replacing it in a year or two at most. If you want or need something of better quality, looks, or feature offering, then move on, this isn’t it.


  1. Economy price is great for those just starting out, or who need a basic chair for a guest room, first apartment, or dorm.
  2. Padding on the headrest and footrest is nice and thick.
  3. Smooth recline motion.
  4. The steel frame is durable.


  1. Padding on the backrest leaves a feeling of wanting more.
  2. Recline can be a bit tough to get moving, takes more effort than it feels like it should.
  3. Accordion-style footrest frame is a bad idea of pets or children are around.

Gentleshower Massage Recliner Chair with Heat – Our Best Pick

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This is the only massage chair that is on this list and for a good reason, there simply isn’t a need for another one, this one has it all. This incredible recliner is not only a great looking full range leather recliner, but it also offers full body massage with heat. The best part is that the heat, massage, and recline are all independent making this a highly versatile chair.

The easy to use hand control is corded so you don’t lose it and the 25-minute auto shut off means that you can fall asleep (which is very well possible in this amazing chair) and not have to worry about wasted electricity or extra wear on the massage or heat systems. Heat is available in two intensity levels, with the lowest being very comfortable, and the highest giving you a deep penetrating heat, but not hot enough to make you uncomfortable even if fully dressed.

The massage features are five massage modes and eight nodes for real full-body relaxation. Now you don’t normally find in a massage chair at this price range such bells and whistles. The great-looking black leather is durable and the classic overstuffed styling is not only comfy but will fit into any decor style.

Unlike other recliners that have a manual reclining mechanism, this one offers you a full range choice of reclining position and footrest position. This means that you can set a comfortable position that is perfect for you.


  1. Full range recline means you can go all the way back and sleep comfortably in this chair if desired. This is also an added benefit when using the massage function as the entire body can be worked in a more natural position while lying flat.
  2. A smooth reclining mechanism offers multiple recline positions for the back and the legs so you can choose what is best for you as an individual.
  3. A full leather massage chair at this price point is virtually unheard of, and to find one with this quality and features makes this a recommended buy.


  1. Massage motors are a little louder than on some models but not to the point of being unsettling.
  2. Only two heat settings is a little limited it would be nice to have three or five as with some other models in the same price range.
  3. While the side storage pocket is nice, armrest storage would be nice.

Seatcraft Omega Leather Gel Home Theater Seating Power Recline Multimedia Sofa – Best Choice Product

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This home theater seating unit is a great way to add comfort and style to your family room, living room, media room, game room, or man cave. The large recliner on each end is powered for easy operation, and the headrests are also motorized to make adjusting them as easy as pushing a button. The unit features 110v outlets and USB charging ports on each side.

The lighted cup-holders and reading lamps are ideal for comfortable relaxation or, thanks to the foldaway laptop tables on each side, working on your computer. Two additional USB ports and two more 110V AC ports are located on the center flip down table via a pop-up panel to make working with electronics even easier.

This a recommended buy if you have the room to accommodate it. It is quite large and the unit does need a lot of recline space. If you are looking for a top of the line home theater seating unit, and don’t mind the price tag, then this is a smart choice thanks to all of the features offered.


  1. The gel leather is very durable and looks great even after long-term use. It can stand up to kids with shoes, husbands in their underwear, and even a cat jumping up into the chair without the slightest bit of concern as to punctures, scrapes, or discoloration. Even food and beverage spills wipe up clean easily.
  2. The gel leather doesn’t require a lot of special attention like traditional leather. A simple wipe with a soft, slightly damp cloth, and everything is back to looking good as new.
  3. The motors for the recline and headrest are super quiet so as to not disturb the show or those who may be napping in the other chair.
  4. The fold-down table offers extra storage, and the side arms storage bins are huge.
  5. Having reading lights under the center headrest is a nice touch, even if the angle is odd.
  6. The lighted cup-holders are a super great idea, and the built-in USB charging port is a must-have for those who have to have their smartphone, tablet, or 2-in1 laptop always at the ready. The side table is just the right size to hold even a full-size laptop or larger 2-in-1.
  7. The convenient home button resets the chair back to its default, both for include and headrest with one tap.
  8. The two 110v courtesy outlets located on the sides of the chairs are such a thoughtful touch, perfect for plugging in the lamps that you may need to unplug to accommodate the power cords for the unit.


  1. The unit is very large and requires 2 power outlets to plug into the wall.
  2. The led lighting of the flip-up center panel is angled in such a way that it can potentially glare on the screen when watching movies or TV shows.
  3. The touch controls on the side of the chair are not lit and the buttons are a little closer together than it seems they should be for a control panel that is intended to be used without sight.

CANMOV Breathable Bonded Leather Recliner Chair – An Exceptional Power Recliner Value

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This exceptional power recliner is everything that you could ask for in a leather reclining chair. Offering a full 145 degree adjustable back angle, dual cup holders, and a built-in USB charger, this is a chair made for a king, or at least the king of the castle. Upholstered in easy to care for bonded leather, and with sleek modern design, this chair Is a recommended buy for anyone who wants a power recliner, but is on a budget, and is willing to forego the fancy bells and whistles of other options in the market.

The unique U-shaped seat offers exceptional cradling for extra comfort, and the plush padded back gives just the right amount of lumber and neck support you need after a long day on the job. Smooth glide recline operation and no pinch footrest frame are perfect complements to the great looks and easy to use controls. For a great mid-level recliner at a great price, this is a smart buy.


  1. Great price and excellent value for the money.
  2. Smooth reclining operation and whisper quiet motor mean comfort without disturbing others.
  3. Easy to use no-see touch controls are responsive and well placed.
  4. The Dual cup holders and integrated USB charging port make for the highest level of convenience.


  1. Slow motor means reduced reclining and un-reclining speed.
  2. No armrest storage and the storage bag is only on one side and not very large or useful for anything other than a remote control.

Belleze Faux Leather Rocker and Swivel Glider Recliner – Classic and A Great Choice

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This classic recliner offers great looks, durability, and the added convenience of being a swivel glider rocker, and all of this at a great price. The faux leather is easy to clean and highly durable, and along with the simple to use single finger-pull recline control, this is a perfect choice for older individuals or a great gift for elderly parents or grandparents. The traditional recliner styling features a classic waterfall back with overstuffed headrest, extra padded footrest, and cushioned full roll arms. The wide contoured seat is very comfortable and ideal for larger body structures.

For a quality mid-level chair that offers comfort and style, this is a recommended buy. Of course, there are a few limitations, but they are not that significant. One of these is the large reclined footprint. Another concern is that it is not a full recliner in the traditional sense. You only have a 130-degree layback instead of the more traditional 145 degrees.


  1. Great price for an ultra-comfortable chair that also offers swivel glider rocker functionality.
  2. The contoured seat is wide and the full support back is ultra-comfortable even for those with a larger body structure.
  3. The extra padded headrest and footrest make this one of the more comfortable chairs on this list.
  4. The easy to use one-touch finger control is uncomplicated and being a non-power chair you don’t have to worry about electrical outages.
  5. Easy to clean faux leather is durable making this a great chair for use with the elderly.


  1. No armrest or pocket storage on this chair.

BONZY Chair Contemporary Leather Recliner – Basic But A highly Recommended Choice

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This basic recliner may seem to be limited in features, and it is, but what is here is more than enough to justify the value for the money. The contemporary styling is a great fit for today’s modern homes, but the fact that it only comes in chocolate is somewhat limiting.

The overstuffed headrest accentuates a supportive foam back. The super-soft microfiber is the next best thing to suede and with the ultra-durable double detail stitching, this is a chair that is built for many years of comfortable use.

One concern is that the armrests are very thin and the up-swept styling, while good looking, makes the chair feel a little like something from the starship enterprise. The smooth gliding motion is nice, but be aware that the chair is easy to recline, but a little stiff when un-reclining.


  1. Pocketed coil spring construction for the seat gives uniform support and no sagging spots. This means consistent comfort over the years of usage.
  2. LVL is more durable for the long term than pure natural wood and makes for a frame that is just as durable, but with significantly less weight for easy moving if needed.
  3. The gliding mechanism is permanently lubed and features a spring-free construction for quiet operation.
  4. The no-pinch footrest system is perfect for homes with pets or small children.


  1. Limited to only chocolate color means that you may have a hard time fitting this chair into your space without some careful accessorizing.
  2. No power option and stiff un-reclining mechanism make for difficult usage for the elderly or those with mobility issues.
  3. Sleek design looks great but some may think it feels awkward thanks to the up-swept arm interiors and thin armrests.

BestMassage Dual Recliner Leather Sofa – A Basic Option for No Frills Quality

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This great-looking reclining leather sofa is available in two styles and multiple colors so it can be a great fit into any space. The unit has a near-zero wall clearance requiring only 2 inches of a full recline. The easy to use finger pull reclining mechanism is smooth and quiet.

The high-density foam cushioning is designed for strength and durability, and the PU Leather is not only great looking but highly durable. Both end units recline fully, and the leg rests can be raised without reclining the seat back so it’s perfect for watching TV or reading.

One nice feature of this unit is that it comes unassembled in pieces that are small enough to fit through any standard door, but one person can easily assemble the entire unit in less than ten minutes without any tools needed. This is a great choice but for those who want a dual reclining sofa, but don’t want to spend a lot of extra features that they may not need.


  1. Comes unassembled for easy movement into the room, but is easily assembled with no tools in less than 10 minutes by one person.
  2. High-density foam cushions are comfortable and will not lose shape over time.
  3. Near zero wall clearance means that you do not have to worry about having a lot of floor space wasted to accommodate the reclined footprint.


  1. No storage inside pockets or arms rest is an odd choice for a full-size reclining sofa.
  2. The Center unit does not flip down to provide a tray table or have its seat cushion flip-up for blanket storage. These are relatively common features in this type of unit, and having them missing makes this sofa feel lacking a bit.

Great Deal Furniture Lilith Classic Leather Gliding Swivel Recliner – Timeless Style and High Quality Make for a Great Chair

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If you are looking for a basic, classic swivel glider rocker recliner, then this is a great buy. The lightly tufted back and the sleek styling combine for a traditional look that is still modern and appealing.

This chair is available in three colors that look great in any room, black on black, brown and black, and light gray with black. The simple one-touch reclining mechanism is smooth and effortless. The rocker glider is also smooth and very quiet with no springs to a creek, and the joints never need to be oiled. The chair has a full lean back and the leather is so soft and supple.

The overstuffed arms and pillow style headrest are the ultimate in comfort. After a long day of work or family duties, this is a chair that will welcome you for a period of well-deserved rest and relaxation.


  1. Great price for a 100% full-grain leather recliner that also features swivel glider rocker functionality.
  2. The wide seat is perfect for larger users and a high weight capacity makes this an ideal choice for heftier individuals.
  3. Classic styling and choice of colors make this an easy fit into any room.


  1. No storage at all on this chair is a little annoying.
  2. While you get a full recline on the chair back the leg rest does not rise fully flat, making for an awkward angle when fully reclined.

Homall Padded PU Leather Recliner – A Better Choice but Still Very Economy Level

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This Homall recliner is a slight step up from the one we talked about near the top of this list, but it still has some of the same concerns that were listed with the other one. The difference is that here we have a no-pinch footrest system and the padding is a lot better on the back.

The seat here is also a lot firmer and more supportive than the other chair we discussed. It is for these reasons that this choice is considered a moderately good buy as compared to its wayward sibling at the top of this list. The point about this specific chair is that it features more traditional styling and the color is classic.

This chair, for sure, invokes the look and feel of “dad’s chair” and that is by design. Basic, comfortable, and stylish, this chair doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of others on this list, and it doesn’t have to. It’s a simple recliner that offers great value for the money. The PU leather is a bit heftier on this one as well and does not seem to have a problem with flaking due to sweat or skin oils.

As stated with the other chair listed here by the same maker, this should be thought of as a disposable recliner for those who are needing a great chair and are on a tight budget. While the durability is better than the other one, you will not see more than a few years of usage out of this chair, but that’s OK. One point that should be talked about however that this is not a fully reclining chair, the only a 130-degree lean back is possible. Also, note that this chair has a maximum weight of 265 pounds.


  1. Smooth motion is perfect for the elderly or those with mobility issues.
  2. The wide seat with firm support is ideal for those who don’t like the feel of “squishy” chairs. The curved armrests feel very natural and the headrest and backrest are very comfortable
  3. The classic styling and color make for a perfect fit into any décor. The PU leather is easy to clean and feels nice on the skin.


  1. A limited weight capacity of 26 pounds means that this is not a chair for heftier persons.
  2. This is not a full recline chair, the back only has a lean back range of 130 degrees maximum.
  3. While this chair is high quality compared to the other Homall chair on this list, it is still a lower end item and should be looked at as such. This is not a long-term investment type of chair but is still a recommended buy for those who need a quality chair at a lower price point.


Look for chairs that offer a no-pinch footrest system. If you have small children or pets at home, older style accordion or scissor footrest support systems can be a hazard just waiting to happen.

For motorized chairs look for ones that have a built-in battery backup. Nothing can be more annoying than having a power recliner reclined when the power goes out.

Most recliners will either have a manual release that you can pull to the side of the seat, or a battery backup, but lower-end models may not have either. If you find a chair that you just absolutely love and it doesn’t have a battery backup, make sure that you chuck out a few bucks for a UPS battery to plug between your wall outlet and your recliner. They are not very expensive, you can find one on Amazon for less than 50 dollars but they are worth it.

Obviously, top grain leather is best, but the price can be prohibitive. If you have to go for a chair with lower quality leather, don’t despair, lower-end leather is just as durable and looks just as good in most cases and it is very unlikely that you will notice the difference. One word of caution.

If you are the kind of person who likes to sit in your recliner in your underwear to relax, avoid PU leather or split-grain leather in favor of gel leather, or bonded leather. Not only will you find the feel to be more desirable on your skin, but if you sweat a lot or have oily skin, you may find that the finish can flake off onto your skin after a while.

With the above being said Faux leather is a great choice for some people. It offers the durability of real leather and great looks, but it doesn’t have the finish shedding issue of lower end leather. Faux leather also can be more breathable and offer a better feel to the skin than some lower-end real leathers can.

Recliners are all about relaxation and comfort. In this case, picking a recliner that is comfortable is more important than picking one that matches your other furniture. Choose a recliner that feels right and complements the rest of the items in the room rather than trying to find one that matches your other chairs and sofas. If the chair doesn’t feel perfect for you every time you sit in it then you won’t sit in it, and therefore it useless to have it.


Buying a new leather recliner means investing in not only the style of your home but your personal comfort as well. Take the time to pick the chair that is not only a good fit for your décor but also a good fit for you. Make certain that you get a chair with a good warranty, especially if it is a power recliner unit. Many times a great recliner deal isn’t such a great deal when you need to have service performed in the chair.

The chairs listed here are a good representation of the many great recliners, both traditional and powered that are on the market today. We have come a long way from the beat-up Naugahyde recliner that your dad sat in wearing only his underpants and watching news or sports on TV.

Today’s recliners are luxury items that bring to the home the ability to indulge and relax in a way that was not thought possible in the days of your father or grandfather. While that old recliner that was “dad’s chair” may have been the pride of the block in his day, it is no comparison to the comfort, style, durability, and quality of today’s recliners, even on the lower end of the price scale.

19 thoughts on “Best Leather Recliners

  1. Jensen

    Ever since I purchased the Belleze Faux Leather Rocker for my grandma she will not stop talking about it! She is in love with the feel and cushion of it. Also, the reclining feature is great for when she needs to kick back and relax.

  2. Jeremy

    The benefits of the Gentleshower Massage Recliner definitely outweigh any of the cons I have experienced. It is able to help me relax after coming home from work and ease some of my back pain from the days’ labor.

  3. Malorie

    I put the Seatcraft Omega recliner in my theater room and my kids are practically at war over it. They always want to have movie nights with their friends now and I have had to divvy out the weekends so they each get one in order as to be fair.

  4. Ryan

    The Homall Single Recliner has such a sleek look to it. I have been trying to find a nice recliner to put in my man cave and I think this is the one. It is a great price and the reviews look pretty good.

  5. Emery

    I really like the detailing of the buttons on the CANMOV recliner. A lot of good quality and priced recliners are completely boring and have no stand out features, unlike this one.

  6. Julia Espinosa

    A leather couch is awesome but buying it is a lot more expensive than just buying a regular couch. I always recommend someone look for a well-maintained antique leather couch (probably not leather couch with springs, I wouldn’t recommend that). They’re cheaper and many are good enough to use as a recliner, but I’ve never seen a really good one! The ones that seem decent though, you may just have to go test them yourself.

  7. Delores Ralston

    Bought a pair of gentleshower massage recliners a while back and the first time I used them I sat in them and didn’t feel right

  8. Nancy Cormier

    I bought it originally as a trade-in from a couch set where I used to work. The dresser was getting old and my then-girlfriend said she wanted it, and I figured I’d give it to her since it was made by the same company as our bedroom set. CANMOV 5/5

  9. Bertha Turner

    Any time I sit Homall I just feel so much better and I don’t get those normal stretches or adhd so I need them. The ones at work are way better than a regular couch because I only stand and get out of them so much.

  10. Mario Ramon

    I work at a furniture store and they are fairly expensive. Someone bought one for a manager and as soon as he sat in it he was crying. He said it helped him fall asleep. The leather isn’t as thick as one I have in my office and it doesn’t really cut me.

  11. Curt Tang

    I’m not sure what reviews they are looking for, but these honestly are the best leather recliners I’ve ever used. The stitching is impeccable, the seat adjustability is great, and the overall ergonomics of it is amazing.

  12. Sherri Hall

    Quality leather is hard to come by. The recliner I am in right now is a knock off. Homall Single is the best

  13. Kathleen Jones

    I love leather recliners. I’ve been using the King size (if you have one) and it’s just heavenly. Comes with everything you need (sliding legs, swiveling headboard, etc.). Honestly, the most comfortable chair I’ve ever had, so far. If you want the best/most comfortable I think you should spend some money.

  14. Erlene Harden

    I got one for myself, it’s called the Gentleshower . I use it for when I want to recline and get comfortable, but if I have an event or anything going on I can still stand up.

  15. Adriana Rosario

    With my all leather recliner, the seat goes down so I cant move my feet over the edge, when I stand up, i cant sit back down, i have to go down again and move back up on the edge. This seems really unsafe to me.

  16. David Evans

    If there is leather recliners in a price range that don’t make you look like a homeless person, I would definitely buy one. 🙂

  17. Carl Kimball

    I used Belleze Faux to try and sleep when I moved from living in a hotel to my house, the leather was soft enough to stroke on, so I could put my arm in there to sleep. I ended up just putting my forearm on the arm rest to get some sleeping space.

  18. Mary Lamanna

    That goes without saying. Leather, adjustable, great posture, easy clean.

  19. Millie Jones

    Are they like recliner leather ones that you sit in at an old folks home?

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