1. Homelegance 9700FCP-2 Double Reclining

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  2. Homelegance Pecos Modern Design

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  3. New Classic Kenwood Dual Recliner

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If it has been a few years since you shopped for a recliner, it might surprise you to know there is now a wide variety of double recliners.

These are similar to a loveseat in that they are designed to seat two people next to each other.
But they don’t all make great loveseats per seat. Some have a console in the middle. More about that later. Let’s first go over some of the designs.

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Best 2-Person Recliners and Loveseats

Homelegance 9700FCP-2 Double Reclining Loveseat – Editor’s choice

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This loveseat model comes with a mix of faux fur and faux leather, giving it a great deal of character. With overstuffed seat and arms, it’s very touchable and comfortable.

This manual 2-person recliner is one of the more affordable models out there. As is often the case, this means it is less durable than some of the higher end models. If you are especially hard on furniture, this may not be the best choice.

Recommended if you want a plush microfiber faux fur model. Not recommended if you really need something that holds up well for the long haul.


  1. Good price.
  2. Matching chair and sofa are available for a complete living room suite.


  1. Not the most durable model.
  2. A little on the smaller side.
  3. May not work well for anyone on the taller side.

Homelegance Pecos Modern Design Double Reclining Love Seat – Our Best Pick

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This stunning red design with contrasting piping in a loveseat style has a stunning look that is reminiscent of seats in old cars from the 1950s or 1960s. If you are old enough to remember such cars, this would be a great choice for taking your baby on a trip down memory lane with you.

It’s a manual 2-person recliner, not electric. Make sure that’s the type you want.

Recommended if you want a cozy loveseat for snuggling. Also recommended if red is your thing as not all models come with such bold color choices.


  1. Easy to clean faux leather.
  2. The manual recliner has convenient levers on each end.
  3. Fits in well with a traditional living room look and there is a matching sofa available.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. Not a wall hugger.
  3. It may take some effort to get the footrest back in place.

New Classic Kenwood Dual Recliner Console Loveseat – Best Conservative Look

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If you are looking for comfort that involves plugging anything in, this 2-person recliner is a great choice. They don’t need a remote, so there is no chance of losing the means to get them to work. Just sit down and push back to find a comfortable position.

Some people love this dark look for its ability to hide pet hair. It also cleans up easily. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

It doesn’t lay flat but does lean back a substantial amount. It also is not a wall hugger.

Recommended if budget is a concern and you like the Conservative style.


  1. Reasonably priced.
  2. Easy to clean faux leather material.
  3. Built-in cup holders in the center console.


  1. Not a wall hugger.
  2. No USB ports.
  3. Manual recliners take more strength than some people have.

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Recliner – Best Affordable Theater Seating Design

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This set of manual push-back theater-style seats is surprisingly affordable. Because they are so affordable, some people buy more than one set to fully outfit a home theater room.

They have a great sleek design and easily wipe down. The central console contains two cup holders. There is nothing to plug in and no risk of electrocution or similar.

Recommended if you are looking for affordable home theater seating.


  1. Easy cleanup.
  2. Great sleek style.
  3. Well-separated seats with prominent central console and built-in cup holders.


  1. Fairly heavy to move.
  2. Limited ability to dismantle them for purposes of getting them through a narrow doorway or down a winding staircase.

Homelegance Center Hill 83″ Double Glider Reclining Loveseat – Best Couple’s Double Armchair Combo

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This looks like two overstuffed armchairs pushed together. If you want your own space, but with the option to hold hands, this is a great choice.

Although this is the manual model, you can get a powered version. So make sure you know which one you want and order the correct one for you.


  1. Central console with cup holders and storage compartment.
  2. Spacious seating.
  3. Easy to clean faux leather.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. Nailhead accents are a potential choking hazard for pets or small children.

Seatcraft 162E51151549-V1 Omega Recliner – Best Luxury Model

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This high-quality leather-look model comes with power headrests, powered 2-person recliner, lighted cup holders, built-in USB ports and central storage. It includes tray tables for each seat.

Of course, all those goodies come with a price tag. This is the most expensive model we reviewed.

Recommended if you want a double recliner with all the amenities. Not recommended for a tight budget.


  1. Great sleek Contemporary style.
  2. Packed with amenities, such as USB ports and lighted cup holders.
  3. Highest quality item in this list.


  1. It’s the most expensive model we reviewed.
  2. More gadgets mean more things that can go wrong, such as loose plugs leading to malfunctions.

RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner RV Sofa — Best RV Model

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This compact wall hugger model needs just three inches of clearance from the wall to fully recline. That fact, plus its overall compact design, makes this a great choice for an RV or any small space.

Customers complain that it has no documentation. If you are mechanically challenged and cannot assemble anything without excellent schematics, this may not be the model for you.

Recommended if you need a double recliner for an RV or other compact space.


  1. Easy to clean faux leather.
  2. Space-saving compact wall hugger.
  3. Extremely comfortable.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. It comes with no documentation, which can be challenging if you aren’t mechanically inclined.

Homelegance 9668BLK-2 Double Glider Reclining Loveseat – Best Traditional Rec Room Styling

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This faux leather double recliner comes with decorative nail head detailing and a center console with cup holders. It has a manual recliner mechanism operated with a lever on the side. This means it doesn’t require electricity and there is no remote control unit to potentially lose.

It is reasonably priced and offers some standard amenities for this type of furniture. It’s reasonably sturdy as well. Overall, it’s a decent value for the money.

Recommended if you like the look and price point. It seems to have no particular major pain points.


  1. Matching chair and sofa available.
  2. Faux leather wipes down with a damp cloth for easy cleanup.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. Decorative nail heads may be a choking hazard for pets and small children.
  3. Runs a little small, so it may be too small for tall individuals.

Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat – Best Plush Option

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This plush microfiber double recliner is wonderfully touchable and soft. If you are a tactile person and looking for something that will appeal to your senses, this may well be it.

Keep in mind that fuzzy material of this sort is not going to clean up as easily as faux leather. If you have a household full of small kids or pets, you might want to get something that’s easier to clean.

Recommended if that faux fur feel is your thing. Not recommended if you are looking for something easy to keep clean.


  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Soft to the touch plush microfiber.
  3. Works well for tall individuals.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. The plush material can be challenging to keep clean.

Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner Loveseat – Best Price

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This easy to clean faux leather model is the most affordable one on our list. If budget is a major factor in your decision, this is your ticket right here.

It has a mechanical reclining mechanism. There is no console in the middle to get between you and your honey, making it a great spot to snuggle up together.

Recommended if you really need something affordable.


  1. Great price.
  2. Easy to clean faux leather.
  3. Lack of a console makes it a great loveseat.


  1. Some assembly required.
  2. Less stylish than most models.
  3. Will not stand up to hard wear and tear.

Best 2-Person Recliner Buyer’s Guide

Buying furniture for your home can be an extremely personal decision. How you comport yourself in the privacy of your own home is not the world’s business.

While you may not want to discuss certain details with the world at large, you may still want good information on certain details that impact how you use your furniture, as well as how you interact with other people in the privacy of your home. Here are a few things to consider.

To Snuggle Or Not To Snuggle

Some double recliners come with a central console. It may contain cup holders and possibly other amenities, such as USB ports to charge cell phones and other small electronics.

While this can be a wonderful amenity, this style of the double recliner is probably not rightly thought of as a loveseat. If you are actually hoping to use your double recliner to cozy up to a loved one while watching TV at home, you may want to decide up front that you will only consider designs that do not have a center console.

Manual or Electric 2-Person Recliner?

Some people prefer a manual or push-back 2-person recliner. It uses no electricity to operate. There is never a remote control device, so there is no chance that you will lose an important part of the furniture. They may be more mechanically reliable.

Other people prefer an electric recliner that will recline at the push of a button. This can be especially true for people who are petite, elderly, disabled or who otherwise struggle with a manual recliner mechanism.

Ease of Cleanup

Faux leather is generally easier to keep clean than other materials. It will take less time and effort to clean it up when spills do happen, and it will require fewer efforts to avoid messes to begin with. Consider going with faux leather if any of the following are true:

  • You have pets, children or a large household.
  • Someone has health issues, such as allergies, and needs things very clean.
  • You have a very busy schedule and simply don’t have a lot of time to clean.

If you want something else anyway, it may help to limit eating and drinking around the upholstered furniture. Additionally, you can always purchase a slipcover to help protect your furniture and simplify your life.

Conclusion and Best 2-Person Recliner Pick

Most of these models offer something special for a particular need or interest, making it especially hard to pick an overall best. But we will have to go with number 1. Homelegance Pecos Modern Design Double Reclining Love Seat as our favorite.

It’s a great look and works well for snuggling up to a loved one. It’s also reasonably priced.

18 thoughts on “Best Double Recliners & Loveseats

  1. Angie

    I didn’t realize that they made double recliners like this! I have been trying to find something like this for a while for me and my husband.

  2. Trisha

    The red design of the Homelegance Pecos recliner is absolutely beautiful. I am thinking of purchasing it for our living room because we have a generally muted design color scheme and I think it would go great.

    1. John T Pendleton

      We’re looking for a REAL leather double reclining sofa,preferably made in USA. Our color preferences are for a burgundy or dark brown.

  3. Amy

    The price and quality of the Kenwood recliners are fantastic. They seem as if they will last for years to come and are super easy to clean and vacuum up.

  4. Jean

    What recliner do you suggest for one that needs to be easy to clean? I have a few grandkids and they are super messy! Hoping to not make more work for me.

  5. Jenn

    I highly suggest getting a double recliner if you think you may end up having to get two in the near future. It is so much easier when they are connected and they often come with some great features too.

  6. Kristie Springer

    Great looking and very easy to sit even if you have beck problems

  7. Donna Thompson

    High durability -Very lightweight and more robust than many others -You can adjust to different heights -Pretty good ventilation for sweat -Dimensions are in line with a regular air mattress without binding straps

  8. Ethel Williams

    We’re pretty sure we’ve found the best! ( We asked around, nobody was able to compare)

  9. Winnie Penn

    The most important and unique aspect of Double Recliners is best comfort for married. I love my wife and glad that she liked Homeelegance chairs

  10. Wanda McLean

    Of the 3 chairs I’ve tried, Homeelegance was the best looking chair I’ve seen. The job it is doing for me was something I haven’t had on a single gaming chair that I’ve tried

  11. Isabel Sumpter

    A lot of these reviews have good points as well as bad points. My first double recliner was perfect model for pair, but when I bought Laurelton Textured recliner I realized what is real comfort

  12. Darlene Singleton

    The only complaint that I have about it is the arms didn’t keep my head from floating a little in the chair when I move my head from side to side. That in and of itself didn’t cause problems but on a big monitor, I can see it happening

  13. Ed Harrison

    A very nice recliner for lazy college students who don’t do much around the house but want to lie in bed and relax every day”, I don’t know what that means exactly, but it’s very good, nicely priced and a very nice companion for bedroom

  14. Betty Larsen

    I like when you have enough space on one side to put a small bed frame and a book.

  15. Alice Pitts

    I’m bought a double recliner for my sons 5th birthday. The wife really enjoyed the chair, this chair best for xbox games for two players

  16. Doris Campbell

    Pros: Very comfortable for sitting, fully clothed side panels have a great bounce in the air, the comfortable body protects feet, single side release buckle locks in a hook and loop adjuster strap

  17. Stephanie Cashman

    I love the fact that in Seatcraft is a laptop/tablet dock built into it and that it folds flat so it’s extremely portable. (Also, cup holder very comfortable for huge cups

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