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  3. ANJ HOME Recliner Chair

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Manual recliners are chairs where the mechanism for reclining is hand-operated. They may also be called manual rockers or rocker recliners. There is no powered mechanism to help you rock or recline. You use your own elbow or foot to push a lever located on the side. Then, the front of the chair folds forward, giving him a different position.

Manual reclining means you have to use your own technique to get it done. This means that it does not come with any sort of automatic lever or button or wind-up mechanism. Most rockers available today are manual and this is the fastest-growing class of recliners in North America and Europe.

Best Manual Recliners Reviews

ANJ Recliner Chair with Overstuffed Arm and Back – Editor’s Choice

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This manual recliner is an excellent piece of furniture that allows you to relax 100%. ANJ recliner chair was designed and made with high-quality faux leather, which can work well for many years. You will never feel regret after buying this one.

The style is also worth mentioning as it works well with both modern and classic décor. You can enjoy a good foundation for the leg, head, back, and lumbar through this ANJ recliner chair.

This Manual recliner is very large, with dimensions of 33 x 30 x 40.2 inches. The product weighs an impressive 145 pounds and yet has a sturdy steel frame for maximum support.

The color is navy, and because of its faux leather, it is very durable. This recliner will make a nice addition to your home theater or could even be a great chair that you have located in your reading room or even your guest room, which can be used whenever you have guests. It will add to your decor in your home or apartment or wherever you decide to put this product.


  1. The Navy Faux Leather material is durable and comfortable.
  2. Size is generous.
  3. Very strong steel frame.


  1. It may be a bit expensive.
  2. This model is pretty heavy.

Lane Stallion Big Man(Extra Large) Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner – Premium Choice

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The reclining mechanism is one of the features. A reclining mechanism adds extra comfort when you rest on it.

Back cushions are generously filled to give you comfortable support and softness for your back. Stitching is sturdy on the recliner, and there is nothing flimsy about it. This will not bow, sag, or collapse over time. The lever that causes the recliner to move is well constructed with rust-resistant metal, silicone grips, and a smooth-rolling mechanism that allows for a full range of motion on your recliner. 

The product weight is about 169 pounds, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 Pounds. This product’s height is adjustable, so it is suitable for a tall or overweight person. If you’re worried about quality, this product has used three supporting beams underneath to be reinforced. It has extra-wide seat support, armrests with an elbow. And the recliner comes with a handle that makes it easy for people to use.

The material used for this product is plush and steel. To be specific, the features that make it different from competitors are extra strong construction with sturdy steel. This item features a thick foam seat and backrest, which are very comfortable to sit down on, additional padded armrests with elbow pads.

Plush is a soft and luxurious fabric material indicating the high quality of this type of chair. It is gentle on the hands and gives strong support to the back. 


  1. Suits for heavy people.
  2. Very comfortable for long term sitting.
  3. Extra strong construction.


  1. The price is relatively high.
  2. It takes up too much space.
  3. The recliner can be tall for shorter people.

ANJ HOME Recliner Chair with 2 Cup Holders – Great Value

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This ANJ HOME Manual Recliner presented with modern style. It features three reclining positions with a lever handle and two-position seat height adjustment, and it is ideal for relaxing in your favorite place and watching movies at home or enjoying coffee with your friends.

It comes with dimensions 32″ L x 37.5″ W x 39″ H. The build is fabric, wood & steel. There is no storage in the recliner.

It has upholstery in tan color with smooth fabric and thick cushion. The reclining distance is 3 inches between the most upright and most reclined position. Seat height can be adjusted from 38 to 39″H.

The maximum weight capacity is 300lbs.

Two-position reclining backrest adjusts to your needs from upright to recline. The reclining release lever is very easy to operate, even if you are an elderly or disabled person.

The arms are wide and padded in soft fabric for your comfort. 


  1. The wood material is very sturdy.
  2. The cloth and the cushion material are soft and feel comfortable.
  3. Durable steel construction.


  1. This model is not suitable for short people.
  2. The fabric is weak in household cleaning.

Bonzy Home Rocker Recliner Chair

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This recliner from Bonzy Home is of high quality due to its sturdy frame and steel construct, which has a load capacity of 300 lbs. It is made out of wood material, which creates better stability and a longer life for the chair. In addition, the sleek design will make you feel grateful to own this nice chair. The brown suede material also gives the chair a cozy and elegant look.

Faux suede has a surface texture similar to suede but is actually made of different material that has some elastic properties. The fabric is thick and sturdy enough not to tear after long term use. You can clean up the fabric using a damp cloth, but don’t clean it with solvent.

The dimensions of the recliner are — 40.6 × 38.2 × 39.8 inches. It is a good size if you are looking for a comfortable place to sit down and relax after a hard-working day.

The recliner only comes in one color: brown. It is more common, and it matches most living room interior decorating styles.

The reclining process requires very minimal force – all you need to do is simply press the lever on the side and pull it parallel to the seatback, adjusting the unit until you find the most comfortable position for your body weight.


  1. Extra comfort and durability.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Elegant design.


  1. The instruction to assemble a little bit difficult.
  2. Not for tall people.

ANJ Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair – Reclining Chair Manual

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Here is a quality manual recliner from ANJ. It is comfortable and can provide a lot of support to the small of your back. It is easy to recline into various positions with the use of its lever arm.

The price is also reasonable for such a quality product. The weight capacity is 300 pounds, which should be more than enough for most people.

The hand-operated reclining mechanism allows the back of the reclining chair to be adjusted from 90° to 150°, providing firmer back support when you are not fully reclined. The mechanism does not require any tools for adjustments.

The backrest is designed to be extra padded for optimal comfort. Standard sized seat and arm pads provide added support.

The recliner is built with a 100% metal frame, which makes it exceptionally sturdy and durable.

The recliner is upholstered in smoky gray polyester.

This model of the recliner has good lumbar support so that you will feel comfortable while sitting on it.  The lumbar support is in the form of a padded pillow that you can lean on, and it will help to keep your spine curvature at a natural shape. It will also make you sit comfortably for an extended period of time. 

The feet pad will also provide support and comfort to the feet. This will keep your legs comfortable to relax or sleep on the recliner.

The recliner can be used in three modes: reading books, watching TV, napping time.

There is a 12-month warranty to back it up.


  1. Price.
  2. Comfort level.
  3. Lumbar support and feet convenience


  1. Sometimes it is difficult to assemble.
  2. It takes up a lot of space when fully expanded.

Manual Recliners Buyer’s Guide

Does a Manual Recliner Come in Any Other Styles Besides Rocker?

In fact, rocker-type designs are the most common type of manual recliner. But you will also find manual recliners with a glide option that will slide the seat backward and forward, and there are others that have a flat-back design. Some have rocking mechanisms as well as a positionable back or chest like you would see in a massage chair.

Do Manual Recliners Move Back and Forth or Do They also Have Vibrating Options?

Yes, the rocking feature is common in a manual recliner. However, some offer movements throughout the entire body including vibration. These kinds of options are more commonly found in ergonomic office chairs. The ergonomic features help to minimize discomfort for people who spend long periods in a stationary position like accountants and lawyers.

How Much Cheaper is a Manual Recliner Than an Electric Version?

Usually, manual recliners will cost less than electric options. Also, they require less maintenance and do not have to be recharged like an electric recliner. In fact, there are those which do not use any springs or other types of power for their reclining functionality.

If I Want an All-season Manual Recliner, what Should I Look for?

You want to make sure there is padding in all of the right places. Some models will have some padding but it is not sufficient which will cause pain and discomfort with prolonged sitting. The back or neck needs to be supported, especially when sitting in a slumped position for a long time.

They should also have lumbar support built into the chair to help keep you upright when using it. There are also ones that have extra support for the legs and feet by having wooden legs or something similar designed into them – this way your legs will get a good stretch before moving again. The arms should also be padded so you can lean on them without feeling any hard material beneath your hands or forearms.

What are the Factors I Should Consider When Wurchasing a Dual Manual Recliner?

Always check how weight is distributed. This means that if you regularly sit next to another person who hops up the chair next to yours, you don’t want both chairs rocking in the same direction because of unequal weight distribution.

Sitting without rocking as much is very different for some people who like a lot of movement when relaxing and others prefer that their surroundings remain still while they do so.

Do I have to Worry About my Pets?

If they are small enough, they can nestle up between you and the armrest. However, if you like to stretch out and there is no room for them without the risk of being stepped on, it would be best to go with a recliner with arms removed.

Make sure that the recliner does not have sharp corners or any other features in the design which could injure your pet or cause you injury when moving around it.

How much room do I need for a manual recliner?

Decide whether you prefer one-seater or two. You might like to relax on the sofa, watching a movie or reading a book while your partner enjoys his favorite football game. Many companies now sell matching sets of recliners.

You may be able to find specially designed pieces for your home. If you would like to have your current furniture stay put, check how much space each piece takes and how it affects the rest of the room. It would not be a good idea to go with a large recliner if there is no space for it in the room where it is supposed to go.

How Much do Manual Recliners Cost?

It’s a personal choice, but you may want to consider the difference in price for a leather recliner and a vinyl recliner. Both are strong, but leather is more expensive than vinyl. If you keep pets, they tend to love the feel and smell of leather and will occasionally go to a leather recliner to rub against it.

 You may have noticed how much some furniture looks like leather but is actually vinyl. This allows manufacturers to offer brand names that you recognize at very reasonable prices regardless of what type of fabric it is made out of.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to clean a vinyl fabric without risks of having residue left on your fabric unlike many fabrics for cloth or leather. Vinyl sanitizes easily using household cleaning products.

However, no matter how many pets we have, they mostly prefer our chairs and couches over the sofa and bed because the covers do not get cleaned as frequently as they do our upholstered furniture prints. They simply could not resist their favorite texture-climbing surface!

How Heavy is the Manual Reclining Chair?

You don’t want one that makes you feel as if you were moving it by yourself. You want the manual reclining chair to be sturdy enough to handle your weight no matter what size you are and how much it weighs. The fabric should be made of mostly natural products since most people react badly to synthetics, regardless of what the smell or color is.

Are Manual Recliners Suitable for All-size People?

You might find that the seat is too narrow or the backrest too high for people who are not tall and do not need a lot of support under their head and neck. Some manufacturers have added an additional reclining mechanism on the side of a reclining chair which allows you to recline the side so greatly that you can semi-recline even while sitting up. This is ideal if you, for example, like to rock your feet up and down when you are seated.

The cushion/seat fabric must be adequately padded so as to prevent discomfort and pressure sores. The same applies to the backrest. Check for excessive padding which can make you feel as if you are sitting in a chair made out of pillows. Also, take note of how well the padding is supported by the chassis of the chair.

Is There Adequate Support for Your Lower Back and Shoulders in Manual Recliners?

This should not only have padded but structured armrests to keep your body fully supported rather than bending forward or leaning back to hold yourself up. It should also have armrests that are wide enough to comfortably rest your arms, elbows, hands, as well as feet (which you can use to elevate your legs), without pushing against each other.

You want the chair to be wide enough to accommodate support features such as padded armrests and padded backrest, even when you are in a reclining position for extended periods of time. The seat should meet your posterior’s requirements for comfort and support whilst partake in any activity.

Is the manual recliner the right length (depending on what position you’re in)?

If you don’t have footrests, the chair shouldn’t be so long that your feet hang over the end.

How do You Like to Put up Your Feet?

Do you like to put them on a footrest with a sturdy back? Or do you just want the soles of your feet to rest on a flat surface with nothing more than a simple block of wood there?

Can Your Manual Recliner Swivel?

This can be very useful if you are using the chair to rock to sleep or read the paper or watch tv.

On a Scale of One to Five, How Much Hardwood Do You Want in Your Manual Recliner?

In our opinion, three is a good trade-off between durability and price. Hardwood is more expensive, but it lasts longer and is more sturdy.

Many people don’t realize it, but it makes a big difference whether you choose hardwood or fiberboard for your recliner frame.

Manual recliners with wood frames tend to be more expensive, but they’re built to last longer, and they tend to be sturdier and of higher quality. They also have fewer issues with sagging over time as your weight compresses down on them (versus fiberboard which will compress down in roughly 12-18 months of use).

Do you Prefer Wooden or Metal Legs in Manual Recliners?

Metal legs are much lighter than wood legs, and they’re also easier to move around. They’re also a bit less expensive than wooden legs, which can make them good for small spaces. If you have a large space at home and you want something that’s a bit more sturdy, wooden legs would be your best bet.

 Do you Want Ottoman Attached, or is Simple Storage Enough? 

Ottomans would be a great addition to your recliner because they give you another place to put your feet (or anything else that you’d like to put there).

However, if space at home is an issue for you, then it makes sense to get a recliner without an ottoman. In this case, you might also want to look into sofa recliners where the footrest folds up under the cushion of the chair.