The 5 Best Nursery Recliners To Keep In Your Baby’s Room

  1. Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair

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  2. Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair

    Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel ChairCheck price
  3. Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner

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A nursery glider recliner is a special kind of a glider specially designed for the nursery. It looks like a rocking glider but features a footrest as well and best for nursing mothers.

It is strong and comfortable enough to provide maximum comfort for both baby and mother but not heavy that you can even move it into any direction without any effort. Furthermore, this kind of chair is safe enough for the mother to move babies in any direction while breastfeeding.

There are many different kinds of nursery gliders ranging in style and quality. Some are made from soft woolen fabric, others from plush velvet. The chairs are easy to match up with other nursery furniture, including cribs, changing tables, and cradles.

You can also use the nursery glider recliner as a rocking chair for toddlers or a reading chair when they get older. When purchasing, buyers should look for reclining ability and the price of the rocker. It is also important to verify whether the chair swivels and if there is a lock to keep it in one position.

  1. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber – Best High-Back Nursery Glider
  2. Christopher Knight Home 308985 Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner – Best for Everyday use

Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair, Nursery Glider Chair – Editor’s Choice

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The Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair is a high-quality and durable rocking chair. This chair has the best-rate reclining action, which will be very smooth and easy and, at the same time, give you a relaxing experience. Easy seat adjustments also allow you to customize the position of your chair conveniently by tilting or reclining. This comfortable recliner is easy to assemble too.

This swivel rocker recliner chair is designed on a sturdy steel base that firmly attaches the frame in all sorts of positions throughout the day. The chair reclines into a bed sleeping position where it will not pivot or rock while you sleep. To promote comfortable sleep and ensure that you can always get up without difficulty.

It is used in a nursery. It helps the newborn baby to sleep better and satisfy the parents with relax at the same time. This chair has turned out to be the right choice. Swivel Arm allows for 360-degree rotation of the recliner chair.

This recliner chair is one of the essential pieces of furniture in a nursery. It provides comfort for sitting and lying down. The rocking feature provides good fun. This chair can be used in the nursery room for playing, relaxing, or reading books.

The fabric used to design the chair is of high quality and durable. You don’t have to worry about any damage to the cushions of the chair, as the material used is resistant to being faded or ripped off easily.

What I Like

  1. Very comfortable and sturdy.
  2. The chair doesn’t take up much space.
  3. High-quality fabric and polyester filling for superior comfort that is lightweight and soft.
  4. Perfect for motion without back fatigue.

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2. Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair – Premium Choice

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Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair is a quality and very popular product for a reasonable price.

Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair, is comfortable and has durable construction. Easy to clean and great for safety. Great for nursery or playroom setup. Plush cushioning encourages you to feel comfortable in a chair. Lumbar support can provide more comfort when reclining or sitting upright and add a sedative effect on the back. The easy-glide mechanism has been tested for quality and safety, making it work endorsable for long hours.

The high back makes it more comfortable. The footrest is spacious and gives you extra comfort. The seat cushion with pocketed coil spring construction is very soft; it is ideal for sitting on when reading or watching TV. This model is made of a non-toxic material that is very easy to clean. The seat cushion is made of polyester and polyurethane foam. The combination of the materials provides a soft feel and comfort.

This nursery glider chair is adjustable, and you can swivel the chair or leave it locked in position.

It also has an easy-to-operate lever handle, which makes it very convenient for you to recline. This recliner also has got a footrest and a sturdy frame. The plush twisted armrests with decorated nailhead trim are soft and comfortable.

What I Like

  1. It’s perfect for rocking babies.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Durable construction.

What I Don’t Like

  1. A bit of noise when rocking. 
  2. It isn’t easy to close a footrest at first.

3. Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner – Great Value

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The Baby Relax Rylee Gliding Recliner is a decent chair with a real modern look and contemporary design. It is an excellent solution for a calming stay in the ease of your baby’s room due to its soft upholstery.

The frame of this recliner is made of hardwood and it is very durable. Also, there is lightweight steel in the construction. The seat cushion is soft and supportive. The frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 225 pounds. That recliner’s upholstery is made from linen; the mechanism is smooth and quiet.

The chair is designed and constructed, especially with safety in mind, to keep the people comfortable while they are resting. The frame is built from metal, and combined with the sturdy seat pad, and you have a long-lasting, durable chair that can last for many years. A high and softback provide extra head and neck support.

This chair matches the style and the ambiance of the baby’s room. It features a chic and stylish design that transforms the space into a more enjoyable, classier, and so much more elegant one.

There is comfortable and firm foam padding used in the recliner to make the Rylee Gliding the perfect soothing for your convenience and comfort. You can easily adjust your recliner based on your requirements at any time. Moreover, the gliding function is a great feature.

What I Like

  1. High and comfortable back. 
  2. A fine wooden base. 
  3. The mechanism for reclining is quiet and easy. 

What I Don’t Like

  1. The recline feature is a bit hard.

4. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber – Best High-Back Nursery Glider

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Baby Relax Mikayla is a luxurious nursery room reclining chair. This recliner was designed with comfort in mind. It is ergonomically designed with dimensions 37 x 30 x 41.75 inches and is built with a robust steel frame. It uses a high-quality foam filled for dense support and contoured seating. The seating surface has incredible contour, while the seatback has a swivel mechanism that makes reclining easier.

It has a sturdy construction providing added comfort thanks to a built-in easy-pull mechanism to prop up your legs on the leg rest or to recline the unit entirely.

Your Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner is a model with tons of gliding rocking options to choose from. You can rock it forwards and backward or slide it forward and backward to get the perfect seat angle. The recline and glide features were designed to provide you with maximum relaxation and are ideal for people with back problems and joint exhaustion.

Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner boasts a spring core foam-filled seat that helps your back feel super comfortable, which is the first thing I notice about the frame of this recliner. The fabric used on the seat and back cushion is soft and looks quite inviting. The upholstery comes in many colors, and you can choose a color that fits your decor.

What I Like

  1. The swivel function is smooth.
  2. The back is high enough.
  3. The cushions are soft and so very comfortable. 

What I Don’t Like

  1. The armrests a bit low.

5. Christopher Knight Home 308985 Ishtar Glider Swivel Push Back Nursery Recliner – Best for Everyday use

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This recliner fits nicely in any home decor and provides you with comfort and luxury. It is manufactured using durable materials and has a beautiful appearance that will be perfect for your home. If you need a lounge for hours recliner, without even thinking about it, this recliner is the right choice for you. This recliner provides not only comfort, but it also has many benefits that will make your life easier.

It is perfect for your baby’s room. Such modern & ergonomics designed reclining furniture can help you to obtain maximum relaxation.

It is very comfortable and features a back and footrest that can be adjusted in several ways, depending on your comfort. The seat cushion has the perfect combination of softness and firmness. Its cushion is made using foam and is very soft to the touch. Also, it is covered in a luxurious 100% polyester fabric.

The frame of this recliner has been designed to offer maximum support and ease of use. It has been manufactured using high-quality materials that are durable and last long.

The recliner is comfortable to use when you need to feed your baby or relax in comfy, read a book, or watch TV.

What I Like

  1. Excellent for everyday use.
  2. It takes up little space.
  3. Very soft and comfortable.

What I Don’t Like

  1. The recliner is slightly noisy.


Nursery glider recliners are designed explicitly for nursing babies in a nursery or baby’s room. It has a gliding motion that allows both mother and baby to stay seated at a comfortable and convenient height. The gliding motion will also allow you to move away from your baby easily, so it won’t be difficult to get up to attend to your other children.

The nursery glider recliner is the best solution for nursing mothers who want a recliner’s convenience because they find it hard to balance feeding and holding a baby in traditional positions with a usual chair.

With the gliding motion of this type of nursery glider recliner, you can gently rock and feed your child, allowing you both to sit at a comfortable height, which is convenient no matter the height of your nursing chair. It can also help you save a lot of time by allowing you to stay seated during night feedings.


You want a gliding recliner that is as comfortable for you and your baby as possible. You need to be able to sit comfortably with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your child. A nursing recliner should also be a good match for your furniture’s size so that it doesn’t take up extra room in your living room while you are feeding and rocking your child.


One of the most significant benefits of gliding Recliners is that they are nice and low-to-the-ground. It allows you to nurse from a more comfortable position without having to balance on your feet like you would in a rocker.

Portability & Storage

The nursery glider recliners are usually portable and can fit anywhere in your house. They are also lightweight enough to move them around the house yourself. The storage feature consists of pockets. It’s a perfect place to stash magazines or diaper changing supplies when a baby needs a change.


Gliding Rockers don’t have any hard corners or sharp parts, making them safe no matter what part of the room it is in. With soft padding around all parts that touch your body, a gliding recliner is easy on your back, arms, and shoulders during feedings.


Most modern nursery gliding recliners are adjustable to fit people of different sizes (if it is just for one person), different types of furniture styles, and height-lifting mechanisms. The adjustability makes these chairs very versatile and long-lasting.


As far as the price goes, that’s another great feature about this glider. It is very affordable and will make a wonderful gift for any expectant mother or new mother. It could be cheaper or more expensive, depending on the brand and features you’re buying from.


Is the nursery glider recliner easy to clean?

This type of recliner is a pretty easy piece of furniture to clean-though; if you want to keep it looking like a new one, I suggest cleaning it regularly. The seat cushion can be cleaned by vacuuming it or using a damp cloth to remove surface stains and dirt. Do this regularly so that any spills or stains that happen naturally don’t build up on the leather or fabric.

What are the features to look for in a nursery glider recliner?

It goes without saying, your comfort should be your number one concern. Ask yourself what size of chair you need and how much space it would take up in the room.
There are several things to consider when choosing a nursery glider recliner, such as its durability, comfort, style, size, and how well it would go with your nursery room furniture.

Why do I need a nursery glider?

It is not a must have piece of furniture, but it does make life easier. If you use a nursery glider recliner, it saves you some money. It does mean that your baby will grow up sitting in your lap over the course of the first few months. They allow you to sit for hours by gentle glider, thus soothing the newborn.

What size and material do I want?

You should get one that is well constructed, with good material, and sturdy. Talking about comfort, you will need to buy a well-padded recliner. Many tend to buy glider based models on their looks and the entertainment features of the glider. So, it is good to know a lot about these chairs before actually buying one.
Checking out the reviews and ratings of different chairs would give you a better idea about the right chair for you. The overall size of the glider should be able to accommodate your weight easily. As for materials used, mostly made of wood, some are made with steel, fabric upholstery, and high-density foam.

Is the nursery glider recliner easy to assemble?

Nursery gliders are very easy to assemble when you have a manual from the manufacturer. They usually include images of all of the different parts and a list of each piece and its number, along with any hardware pieces you might need.
Often, a dent or scuff will become visible after assembly is over. Still, if that is the case, you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to see if there is a way around it without having to return the whole unit altogether.