10 Best RV Recliner Chairs (Includes Exclusive Buyer’s Guide)

  1. Homall Single Recliner Chair

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  2. RecPro Charles 28″ RV

    RecPro Charles 28″ RVCheck price
  3. JC HOME Portland Glider & Swivel Recliner

    JC HOME Portland Glider & Swivel ReclinerCheck price

If you are fortunate to have an RV, you may be part of the senior crowd. Let’s take a look at some recliners that will work well in the space constraints of an RV.

With a nod to the typical RV life, some of these will be senior-friendly. If you haven’t looked at the new best RV recliners in a while, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. A lot has changed in terms of amenities and looks.

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Best RV Recliners – Reviews

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black PU Leather – Editor’s choice

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This clean-lined faux-leather push back model comes in two colors. It is extremely affordable, which encourages some people to buy more than one at a time to fill out an entertainment space.


  1. The push back model requires no remote control.
  2. Great price!
  3. Clean, modern look.
  4. Easy to clean. Just wipe down.


  1. Too small for some people.
  2. Taller people have reported managing to tip it over.

It’s easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Recommended if budget is a major concern. Not recommended for very tall people with a history of tipping things over.

RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner – Best design

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This sleek Euro look model was specially designed for use in an RV. The base can be attached to the floor to ensure that it doesn’t slide around while driving and it won’t ever tip when getting into or out of it.

These recliners both swivel and rock. making them extra appealing for some people. They come in two different neutral colors.

Faux leather cleans up easily. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth to take care of any spills or grime.


  1. The push back model requires no remote control.
  2. Lightweight, streamlined design.
  3. This model both rocks and swivels.


  1. Push back models may be too difficult for some people.
  2. Some people report they are unstable and can tip over as you get out of them if not screwed to the floor.
  3. Sold in pairs, not individually.

This model is sold in pairs. As such, it is a less budget-friendly option.At first blush, it actually looks like the most expensive item on the list. The price looks better when you realize you are getting two of them, not just one.

Recommended if you want two recliners anyway, as it is sold in pairs.

JC HOME Portland Glider & Swivel Recliner

JC HOME Portland Glider&Swivel Recliner, Large, Chocolate
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People not only like to eat chocolates but they love to have the color of it in their homes also which is not so rare but isn’t found much. However, this JC Home Portland Swivel and Glider Sofa is there to serve them with best features and that color also.

If kept in living room and if the walls are painted with a brighter color, there is nothing that can match the beauty of this combination. But what else does it have to offer to its users.

What do we love it for?

  1. The arm chair has multiple functions including swivel, glide and can bend also for which it is best to keep in your living room.
  2. It is made of leather that protects it from any kind of wear or cuts and help it last long enough.
  3. The footrest is quite comfortable as compared to many other couches.

What could be improved?

  1. It is not so easy to clean due to the color.
  2. It is not affordable with price nearly $400.

Customer’s Reviews

Customers have their own choices and the ones who are fond of decorating their living rooms go for this option more. However, it is quite comfortable for those who want to use for reading books or watch TV also.

As of now, all the products made by JC have got enough appreciation and the ones who haven’t bought it yet have complained that it is too costly for them to buy.

ProLounger Wall Hugger – Best Wall Hugger

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This affordably-priced wall hugger model comes in two colors. You need a mere 4 inches of clearance to lean back and relax.


  1. Needs only 4 inches of clearance.
  2. Extremely easy assembly.
  3. The box will readily fit through the RV door.


  1. The button only opens, doesn’t close the chair.
  2. A little on the small side for some taller people.

The chair has to be manually pushed back into the upright position. This can be a problem for mobility-impaired individuals or people of low strength. Recommended if you have mobility issues and need help getting up.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Beige Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base – Best Two-Piece Option

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This two-piece model comes with an ottoman instead of a footrest. Yes, it reclines, but it’s a stealth recliner. If you aren’t a fan of the recliner look, this may be the perfect solution.

It comes in four colors. The design gives that island casual vibe that many people love for vacation home styling.


  1. Swivel seat.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. Great value for the price.


  1. Not as durable as more high-end models.
  2. You can hear the mechanism when it swivels and some people don’t like the sound.

If you are really hard on furniture, this may not be the option for you. It’s a great value for the price, but not as durable as some higher-end models. Recommended if you really want the footrest separate from the chair. Also recommended if you are going for that island casual design aesthetic.

Great Deal Furniture Teyana Red Leather – Best Modern Look

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This sleek faux leather piece doesn’t look anything like recliners of old. It comes in three colors, and eye-popping red, stark white, and solid black.


  1. Clean lines.
  2. Compact design.
  3. Good price.


  1. May be too small for some people.
  2. Not as durable as more high-end pieces.

It is on the small side. Make sure that’s what you want. For some people, this is a plus, but others complain that it’s too small.Recommended if you are in love with the great modern look. Not recommended if you tend to be hard on furniture. It may not hold up.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Best For mobility-impaired Tall People

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This power-lift model has a terrific overstuffed faux leather rec room style and comes in two colors. It’s also very easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.


  1. Great if you have mobility issues.
  2. Good fit for a tall person.
  3. Easy to wipe down faux leather.


  1. Not budget-friendly. It is a higher priced model.
  2. May be too large for some cramped spaces.

It comes with a permanently attached, easy-to-use remote. It also has a built-in side pocket for the TV remote, your favorite magazine, or similar. Recommended if you need a power lift model for a tall person. Not recommended for especially tight spaces.

Bonzy Home Fabric Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Priced Power Lift Model

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This affordably-priced power lift model comes in three colors and two materials. Some models are faux leather. Others are a soft, durable cloth version.

The back and footrest do not operate independently, which is an inconvenience for some people. It means you can’t lean back without also putting your feet up.


  1. Affordably priced power lift model.
  2. Good for up to 300 pounds.
  3. Remote is not permanently attached.


  1. A side pocket is a bit small.
  2. The chair needs to be turned off when not in use.

Maybe a poor choice for someone with a pacemaker. Some customers have reported issues and the booklet that comes with it warns that this may be an issue. Recommended if you need a budget-friendly power lift model. Not recommended if you are especially hard on furniture. Spring for a higher-end piece if you really tend to wear things out.

Hypeshop Espresso PU

Recliner w/Power Lift, Espresso PU
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Leather chairs have their own level of comfort as well as softness that is not mostly offered by other chairs. But the ones made of polyurethane also have something to provide.

Such a sofa has been shown below which is not only ideal to sit and have a cup of coffee but you can take it outside also to have some sunshine because of its less weight. Also, you can keep it in your living room to make that look adorable.

Why is it special?

  1. You can bend this sofa to an angle of 150° to make your feel comfortable. The armrests can also be adjusted.
  2. The pockets will help you keep your belongings safely.
  3. Polyurethane is the material with which it is made and for the same reason, it resists wear and cuts.

What are the flaws?

  1. The lesser weight of such a sofa sometimes makes its parts get loose which ultimately ends the life of the sofa.

Customer’s Reviews 

The name of this sofa simply attracts people more than the sofa itself but people have been buying it since it is easy to use as well as long-lasting until and unless your kids or pets start using it.

However, if you keep sleeping or sitting over it for long, you may not feel much comfortable since polyurethane starts to cause irritation in the back. But overall, it’s been recommended by most users.

Great Deal Furniture | Dufour | White and Blue Floral Fabric Recliner – Best Feminine Style

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In some circles, recliners have a reputation as a guy thing. If you want a recliner that clearly says “The lady of the house sits here,” look no further.


  1. Perfect for small spaces.
  2. Extremely easy to assemble.


  1. The seat is deep. Petite individuals may want to add a throw pillow for comfort.
  2. May be too small for some people.

The floral design is especially feminine, but it also comes in several solid colors. It also comes in both cloth and faux leather. Some of them are adequately neutral for anyone, but all of the design options would work well for a feminine space. It has great contemporary styling. When in the upright position, this recliner looks more like a regular chair, making it something of a stealth recliner.

Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for furniture online is a little different than shopping in the store. Keep in mind that ordering furniture online generally means that some assembly is required. On the upside, this means most models should readily fit through the RV door. This may allow you to buy a larger recliner than you otherwise might choose to get.

Screwing Options

Many people attach furniture to the floor of the RV. Screwing it down provides safety while driving and can prevent tipping of furniture in day-to-day use. Some recliners explicitly state they can be readily screwed into place. Look for this in the description if you plan to screw it down.

Personal Needs

When picking a recliner, always consider the specific characteristics and needs of the intended primary user of the chair. Power lift chairs come highly recommended for people with an assortment of physical limitations, such as joint issues, limited strength, and other mobility challenges.

Chairs that are perfect for the petite crowd may be a terrible idea for someone tall, and vice versa. Make sure to take measurements and ask questions before you buy.

Space Considering

You should also measure the space available inside the RV. Think about where you plan to locate the recliner and take measurements of that area.

Chairs will have two sets of measurements. One is inside the chair and helps you size it for the person using it. The other is the overall dimensions and helps you determine if it fits into the space in question.

If you spend a lot of time in your RV, go ahead and think of it as a second home and design accordingly. You may find inspiration for appropriate RV-friendly looks from magazines that cater to small house enthusiasts.

Size of RV Recliners

Remember that not all vacation homes are large. Cottages, bungalows, and cabins are all typically small spaces and frequently used as vacation homes. Design ideas from such spaces may translate more readily to the limited space and traveling lifestyle of an RV.

If there are kids, pets, or elderly people with neurological issues, consider getting faux leather. It is water-resistant and cleans up easily with a damp cloth, making it pair well with the “Summertime and the living is easy” vibe that you want going you go RVing.

Our Best Pick

Our overall best pick is number 1. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black PU Leather. It is explicitly designed for RVs and also swivels and rocks.