The 7 Most Popular Small Recliners In 2022

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  1. Homall Single Recliner Chair

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  2. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

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  3. Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner

    Flash Furniture Black Leather ReclinerCheck price

Ah, time to put your feet up! There is nothing like kicking back in your favorite chair after work. However, how much should you pay for your new favorite recliner?

There are a few different types of recliners as well as budget-friendly choices to make it easier on what recliner to pick. Here are a few of our best small recliners compared below:

Best Reviews of Small Recliner

In our buying guide below, we go over all of the different features and questions you may have about finding the right small recliner. These recliners are among the highest rated and sought after, particularly because of their construction and comfort features.

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather – Our best pick

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The Homall Manual Recliner is a padded, tufted chair that takes on the look of a movie theater recliner. The price really makes up the difference for the lack of power features here, however. At a lower price, these seats typically have a narrower width and look slightly taller from the back. While cheaper than most recliners, it may not be comfortable if you are looking for a wider chair.

The Homall Recliner comes with a high-density, thick padding that makes the seat quite comfortable. However, as a push-back recliner, you may have to put additional effort into getting the chair to recline. It does come with wider armrests, curved shape, and thick padded seatback.

While it is highly durable, it doesn’t have high capacity like some of the others on this list. If you weigh over 265 pounds, you may not find this chair comfortable. However, it is a great chair if you are looking for a smaller recliner.


While quite minimalist in design and function, the Homall Manual Recliner won’t be the right reclining chair for those who are looking for a large, leather chair with power recline or lever recline options. This is a narrow recliner that will aptly fit into a corner space or reading area, and it’s not necessarily meant for full reclining.


  1. Padded seats for extra comfort.
  2. Highly durable steel frame.
  3. Narrow frame, suitable to fit in any tight corner space.
  4. Highly-recommended, and also cheaply priced.


  1. Narrower seating won’t work for those who want additional comfort.
  2. Not made for persons over 265 pounds.
  3. Not a full recliner, requires manual effort to recline.

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner — Best Durable Recliner

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What’s better than relaxing after a long day in your favorite chair? How about your favorite chair giving you a massage as well? The Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner is an amazing piece of furniture that is made from solid wood and leather. It comes with two cupholders, power recline, power lift, built-in footrest, and massage functions.

This chair is very relaxing. You can sink into it, turn on the back massage, and just lay back for a comfortable couple of hours. It’s also easy to control the recline and lift functions with just a press of a button.

The massage part of the chair works for the legs, lumbar, back, and arms. It includes pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal functions. There is also a heat function to help with your lumbar.


For those who have the budget, this is one of our favorite chairs. It comes in black and brown, offers all the right power controls, and it includes a massage function. This is the perfect chair for someone with mobility issues or for those who like to fully recline to sleep comfortably.


  1. Made from real leather.
  2. Very comfortable and relaxing.
  3. Massage functions add value.
  4. Two remote controls included.
  5. Fully reclines for the most relaxing experience.


  1. A little bit expensive but it seems fair for the number of features.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman — Best Wood Base

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The Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner with Ottoman offers a plush upholstered, leather recliner with a swiveling, mahogany base. The recliner is quite stylish and doesn’t have a bulky size. You’ll be able to fit this recliner anywhere in your home with respect to space.

However, if you are looking at styling options, you should note this one comes in four different shades, including white, saddle tan, black, and dark brown. There is also special features included with this recliner, like the integrated headset and LeatherSoft technology. With LeatherSoft, you get the best of leather and polyurethane for more durability and softness.


One thing to note is that this isn’t a traditional recliner look. With the ottoman, you’ll have two pieces to set up in your living area. You may also not like that the base of the white and light tan recliners is still a dark wood that may clash if you have a lighter concept decor.


  1. Fantastic recliner and ottoman pairing.
  2. Integrated headset.
  3. Swivel seat with mahogany wood base.
  4. Black LeatherSoft upholstery.


  1. Not real leather.
  2. Takes up more space than other small recliners on this list since ottman is a separate piece.
  3. Requires assembly.

Kuehl Lift Assist Recliner

Kuehl 17.5'' Lift Assist Recliner, Recline Angle: 150 Degrees, Warranty Length: 60 Days
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The best part of having a couch at home is that you can do whatever you want merely by sitting at it. And if it is the one shown below, you cannot only read your favorite book but you can lift it up and take it outside to have some vitamin D from sunlight. 

Another important thing in this couch is that it is made of polyurethane which is a wonderful resistant to any kind of radiations. The armrests are quite comfortable along with headrest which is moveable.

Why is it special?

  1. The material with which it is made, Polyurethane, resists any kind of cut or tear.
  2. It is abrasion resistant also and the color will remain the same no matter how much you use it.
  3. The pockets on the left and right of this couch are mainly to keep the remote of TV or snacks.

What are the flaws?

  1. It is not better to use when you’ve kids or pets at home since it may not afford to have any stain over it.
  2. The wear and tear warranty is not offered  by the manufacturer.

Customer’s Reviews 

As of now, the customers seem to be satisfied with the performance of this couch apart from a few who didn’t like its structure. The footrest isn’t the one that helps to lie down which makes aged people feel a bit uncomfortable sitting on it. However, it was a great experience for most people who use it for the purpose of watching their favorite movies only.

Mecor Lift Chair for Elderly, Power Lift Recliner – Best Heavy-Duty

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The Mecor Lift Chair is a great option for those who want additional support for mobility issues. It comes with a remote control and power recline options, including a power lift option. As a full recliner, it can completely recline to 135 degrees and has an extended footrest. This allows you to fully stretch and relax while watching television or just for taking a quick nap.

If you have elderly individuals who live with you or if you have difficulty with standing, the power lift on this chair is the perfect option. It has a silent electric motor that lifts the chair up and makes it easy to stand.

This chair is also made from high-quality, real leather. It has a pillow top polyester pad underneath with an additional sponge for the headrest, back, and armrests. The controller can be used on either side, making it one of the most convenient and comfortable chairs on this list.


This is a highly recommended chair for those with the right budgets. While it is slightly more expensive than others on this list, it really does a lot more than any other chair available. With power recline and power lift, as well as a remote control, you can easily find a relaxation mode to put you to sleep while lounging. It’s a great purchase and value.


  1. Power recline and power lift recliner.
  2. Easy-to-use features.
  3. Made from real leather.
  4. Quite comfortable.


  1. Little bit expensive for those on a budget.

FDW Recliner Chair Single Reclining Sofa Leather Chair – Best for Small Living Room

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The BestMassage Recliner Chair is a single accent chair that you can place in a tight space in a living room. In fact, it’s made to complement other furniture in the room. However, it does have some interesting features. You can sit back and enjoy your favorite movie or book while reclining to a lesser degree.

While it isn’t a full recliner, it does have a push-back design, larger-seat cushion, and thick recliner black. With a narrower design, it may not look as comfortable if you like a wider chair, but the plush pillowtop sponges underneath the leather make it a bit more relaxing.

The chair is also waterproof and uses bonded leather material, making water spills easy to clean. The footrest is a full ottoman that allows for additional leg support. You can fully layout with the ottoman as you push back into the chair. The only issue is for those who don’t have the strength to push the chair back all the way.


If you don’t mind a manual push-back chair, then this chair is a great value. It’s under $150, fits into small spaces, and comes with its own ottoman. The one thing that may be difficult is the narrow build and assembly. You should look at the chair for how it will fit into your living area as well since it only comes in dark colors.


  1. Great value.
  2. Small frame and width.
  3. Fully reclines with ottoman.
  4. Waterproof leather.


  1. Requires assembly.
  2. Won’t work well with light color schemes.

Desiree Power Motion Recliner – Okay Model

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If you are looking for a more stylish recliner that can easily blend into a living room, the Desiree Power Motion Recliner is the perfect compromise. This is a tufted back, motorized recliner that has metal accents. While it does look luxurious, the price is actually more affordable. It comes with beautiful accents along the arms and side wings.

The power recliner controls are discreet on this recliner, allowing you to easily adjust with the control pad to ensure that you can reach the right position. It is a fully reclining chair, so you can lay back and enjoy a movie or just rest. With durable construction, you can easily enjoy the plush seat and footrest.


While it is a beautiful recliner, there are some issues that may pose some problems. Since it’s not leather but fabric, it may not be as spill-proof as other recliners. It also doesn’t glide or rock. The chair is also not very wide or forgiving for those who are, which may make it uncomfortable for those who are above average in size.


  1. Beautiful design and accents.
  2. Fully reclines.
  3. Discrete power recline buttons.


  1. Bit expensive without leather or power lift.
  2. Does not rock or glide.
  3. Has a narrow width.

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re buying any type of furniture, you want to know how long it’s going to last. With a recliner, you are also looking for comfort, functionality, and ease-of-use. You don’t want to buy a recliner that’s not going to fit in your living room either. We have picked out a few of the features that you should compare when looking at different small recliners available online.

Size and Measurement from Wall

When looking for a small recliner, you want to make sure that it’s going to fit into the corner or pocket of your living room that you have set aside for the chair. You should measure the space first and also the distance from the wall. Most recliners will provide a length by width by height measurement, as well as the number of inches that the recliner can be placed from the wall. This is to ensure that the recliner doesn’t hit against the wall.

Durable Frame

You want a chair that isn’t going to fall apart, especially on the way to your home. You should check reviews to see how well a chair has stood the test of time. Wooden and steel frames are the most popular to find, with steel being the more durable option. You should also look for heavy-duty screws, not plastic fasteners. If you are shopping online, you should look at video demos and reviews of any furniture to ensure that you’re paying for a high-quality recliner.

Power Recliner vs. Manual Recline

Obviously, for convenience, the power recliner is easier-to-use. However, will the motor last forever? There are issues with power recliners later on down the line, including replacement parts that you may have to buy. Power recline makes it easier to move into position as well. You don’t have to push or pull any levers to get the recliner into the exact position that you want. Manual recliners are more difficult to recline in, specifically if they are a push-back design.

Remote Control Options

With a remote control, you can move the chair however you like to find the right position with just a press of a button. It can also be beneficial for massage options if your chair has that feature.

Power Lift

With mobility problems, a power lift chair is an incredible asset to your living room. It will probably become your grandma or grandpa’s favorite chair to doze off in as well. You can simply press a button and your seat will gently lift you up, allowing you to stand without any sort of pressure on your knees and legs.

Swivel, Rock, and Glide Functions

While these may not be important to everyone, there are some who enjoy being able to easily move around and glide in the recliner from position to position. If you have a large living room, a chair with these functions can easily fit.

Additional Features Like Massage

Not all recliners will have a massage feature, but it’s great when they do. You will likely pay a little bit extra for special features like massage, but it’s worth it if you feel comfortable and relaxed. Other recliners may also provide heating, storage options, cupholders, or universal remote control features.

Short Summary

With so many great recliners on the market, you may find yourself picking out the one with real leather and lots of power options, or you may be going for a cheap recliner that can easily fit in with your decor. In each scenario, a small recliner also has to be one that will fit into the space you have available. You don’t want to stick an overstuffed chair into a small room, as it can take over the entire living area. As you shop for your next recliner, you should pay attention to the budget and features that are most important to your relaxation mode.

Our Best Choice

Each of these recliners has features that we like. Whether it’s a budget-friendly design, real leather, or power options, we like the recliners that make it so easy to sink into instant comfort.

Some of these chairs are also suited for different body types. The narrow manual push-back chairs are great for budget-friendly options. However, there is one chair on this list that truly felt like it would increase comfort and convenience in our living room.

For us, the best chair on this list is the Magic Union recliner with massage options. This is a comfortable recliner with dimensions on the smaller side that also offers complete comfort and control options. It will be a great addition to any darker living room, gaming area, or den. However, all of the massage options and real leather upholstery really seal the deal.

As you pick out the recliner that matches your budget and taste, you should pay special attention to the customer reviews and durability of the item as well. Most manufacturers provide a warranty that will cover any damages or manufacturer mistakes, but you won’t be sure about the recliner unless you watch videos or look at more recent ratings.