5 Best Toddler Recliners That Your Kids Will Love

  1. Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids

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  2. Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair

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  3. Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner

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What is a Toddler Recliner?

A toddler recliner is a recliner chair designed specifically for toddlers. A toddler will have a great time in a recliner. They can rest, play, or watch TV while sitting, and great for taking naps or entertaining friends. These recliners are often upholstery designed in charming cartoon characters and bright colors.

Many of the toddler recliners have a cup holder to keep drinks or snacks. A toddler recliner made from sturdy material and will last for years and years.  Most toddler recliners are made from wood, plastic, or metal and high-density foam, providing your toddler a comfortable sitting experience.

A toddler recliner has an extended leg rest, which will keep them sitting comfortably in the chair all day. The padded armrests are designed to be easy to grip and high enough to stop them from falling out. The chairs usually have space between the back and the front seat so that little one can fit their hands into, or they can hold your hand if you are sitting with them.

If you are buying a toddler recliner, you need to make sure that the recliner is installed properly for it to be safe. Parents should read the instruction manual thoroughly before installing it and know how to care for the unit properly.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder – Editor’s Choice

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This Flash Furniture Contemporary Red Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder is the perfect choice for your kids. The recliner includes a padded cushion and soft liner to add extra comfort. The beautiful design features an easy-to-use push back mechanism that allows the footrest to recline smoothly. 

It is a reliable and durable kid recliner, and kids with a weight of up to 90 pounds can safely use that chair. The seat is fairly comfortable and fits most children. 

The sturdy construction provides a safe seat for any child to sit or lay. It has featured soft cushions with soft foam padding and is also available in different colors. It can handle even the most active kids.

It is comfortable to your back and has strong armrests that support kid arms. It also features a cup holder for extra convenience. And the cup holder supports standard-size cups to hold those drinks they love. The vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and doesn’t show any wear such as scratches or dirt. 

The chair has a conventional reclining system that also allows for an upright position when needed. There is ample cushioning in the seat and back, making it very comfortable. It fits in any kids’ room, and it wouldn’t be out of place in an adult room either. 

Kids will enjoy hours of relaxation with this easy to use the recliner. It’s an excellent place for them to sleep or watch television. 

What I Like

  1. Solid hardwood frame.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. The cup holder is great.

What I Don’t Like

  1. The seat is a little stiff.
  2. A little tough to recline without some help from an adult. 

Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holders for Boys and Girls Room – Premium Choice

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The Mcombo Big Kids Recliner Chair with Cup Holders for Boys and Girls Room has two cup holders and four side pockets for small stuff. The chair is well constructed and has a durable frame so that it will last a long time. You can be sure your kids would love this with its comfort and functionality. Ideal place for a relaxing place after an active day

It is made of faux leather material that is very durable and comfortable. You can easily assemble it with easy instruction. It has a maximum seat load of up to 120 pounds. Upholstery from faux Leather you can spot easy clean as needed with a cloth or sponge. 

The Mcombo Big Kids Recliner can be used in the living room, bedroom, family room. It is an excellent place for your kids to read books or rest with the cup holder to put drinks. This chair is very comfortable and adjustable, and its backrest can recline up to 130 degrees, which offers comfort to kids.

It has a child-friendly shape, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt. Any kid would sit comfortably in this recliner because it has a wide armrest and a soft headrest. Kids and adults love this comfortable chair!

What I Like

  1. Very sturdy.
  2. The fabric is soft and comfortable.
  3. Non-slip feet

What I Don’t Like

  1. It does not recline all the way to a flat position.

Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner – Great Value

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Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner is perfect for children. The material is hard and firm so that it can last longer than others. But it is soft and comfortable, and you can sit on it for hours without any discomfort at all.

You will like this product is very safe and stable to use. It has been designed with a child’s safety in mind. This recliner is perfect for your children, from the reclining mechanism to the durable wood it is made from.  

It features a reclining mechanism that is very easy and comfortable for children to use. This recliner comes with Flip-up Storage Arms too. Costzon Kids Sofa Recliner is available in three colors: grey, brown, and black

It’s a comfortable seat with high-density foam and is made up of iron frame construction with four non-slip feet making it sturdy and stably. ​It is covered with high-quality PU leather giving a soft touch that is long-lasting.  Besides, the high-quality sponge inside makes this recliner super comfortable to sit on. The material is non-toxic, which is harmless to kids’ bodies. 

Its ergonomic design can give your kid a comfortable position. The backrest can be adjusted into three comfortable positions by pushing back to make the backrest move until the desired position is reached. The plushness of the seat and footrest makes this Costzon kids sofa recliner very comfortable. 

What I Like

  1.  It is padded well.
  2.  The fabric feels good.
  3.  Great design.
  4. Armrest for Storage.

What I Don’t Like

  1. No hand lever.
  2. A little hard to recline.

The Crew Furniture 649630 Traditional Kids – Best Upholstery

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It is a recliner designed for kids to spend a lot of time in it. It is made of high-quality material and durable hardwood and microfibre material to make kids feel comfortable on this recliner. The recliner is available in pink, camo, blue, and black colors, and it is a perfect addition to your kid’s bedroom or baby room.

The Crew Furniture 649630 Traditional Kids Microfiber Recliner has traditionally styled rolled arms and finished wood legs that bring a timeless look to this chair. The reclinable push-back seating allows you to adjust the back to your desired position. It is well suited for relaxing, reading, or just watching TV. 

The sturdy, durable frame allows this unit to hold up over time, even under the maximum seat load of 80 pounds of an active child. Manufacturers use green approved top plywood grade for durability as well as strength and stability.

With reinforced welting on the seat and back cushions, you can be sure that the upholstery will not rip or tear over time. The seat also features cushioning with a high resiliency foam that offers lasting comfort. For regular cleaning, you can wipe the chair with a damp cloth. 

What I Like

  1. The upholstery is soft and easy to clean.
  2. Green approved engineered wood.
  3. Traditional style.

What I Don’t Like

  1. Difficult to get the footrest up.
  2. Back of the chair not high enough.

Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair – Best Steel Frame

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Mcombo Kids Recliner Chair is an incredibly soft and comfortable children’s recliner chair at a price accessible. It has good stitching, long-lasting material, and sturdy construction. This seat is best suited for the kids’ room as it fits perfectly and gives plenty of room to play around.

This recliner is suitable for kids as it is sturdy and can hold up to100 lb of body weight. That recliner is popular with parents because kids love it so much, and it’s also a comfortable piece of furniture. It’s a nice place for kids to catch up on some rest while watching television or just chillin’ out.

The faux leather upholstery is nice because it doesn’t show dirt easily, and it’s easy to clean. It’s breathable, too, which makes it last longer than other fabrics. The frame is made of wood and metal. 

 It is also filled with PP cotton, a durable material that provides maximum comfort and support while lounging. Padded arms and back for added support make it very convenient for children’s entertainment.

The cup holder at the armrest adds more comfort to your children’s imaginary world. The seat is so soft, it’s like sitting in a cloud. Kids love it when it reclines because it gives them a little bit of extra room to spread out and be comfortable.

What I Like

  1. Very sturdy.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Padded cushions.

Buyer’s Guide

How To Pick The Right Toddler Recliner?  

Recliners, especially ones with kids in mind, should be comfortable. A toddler recliner should also have convenient arms so the kid can easily climb onto the couch all by themselves.

One more tip is to look for durable materials. Leather or soft denim is hard to damage, which is a must when kids are involved. Look for sturdy fabric that is soft and comfortable to the touch. The cushions should be removable and easy to clean, if possible. A recliner for kids needs to be made of materials that don’t absorb water.

Overall, the best thing you can do when purchasing a toddler recliner is to understand your child and their needs. Think about if it will be useful in your home and if it is something that you will be able to use long-term. 

Features to Consider before you Buy a Toddler Recliner.

Size of the recliner

Ensure your child’s recliner is the right size. To do this, you need to include their height and weight in your measurement. 

Weight limit

Toddler recliners are made for children up to about six years old. They’re not made for heavier adults. Although some toddler recliners can handle the slightly heavier weight, it’s important to keep the weight limit in mind when you buy a child’s recliner. Even though a recliner is made just for children, it should still be sturdy. A good recliner should also have a sturdy frame.


The best toddler recliners are made with many high-quality materials, such as soft foam in the cushions, vinyl fabrics, and wooden legs.

Material is a significant factor in providing the comfort in the recliner you are looking for. You need to select one which will be easy to clean, remove stains, and even simple to disinfect. The foam must also be safe and free of all harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt at all.

Wood is a favorite material for many manufacturers because it’s so durable and sturdy. And the vinyl or fabric is carefully selected to make sure it’s gentle on your baby’s skin and wipes clean easily.

Extra features

The toddler recliners can often be equipped with an extra headrest, storage, and cupholders. The cup holders provide a great feature for kids while watching TV, and they can enjoy snacks or meals while sitting and feel comfortable.

These recliners often have a storage area in the armrest that can hold small things, remotes, and favorite toys. The storage area is very easy to open and close, and kids can even open it up themselves. 

The extra headrest is excellent for growing children and is important until the child reaches a certain age. The headrest helps cradle their head while sitting on your chair and are entertained by television or a movie.


The majority of parents choose toddler recliners with soft, cushioned seats and backs that are deep enough for long periods of sitting and comfortable even if the recliner is wide.  Sometimes the backs recline so that they are flat, and the backs of the cushions can be made narrow or wide depending on what’s best for the child.  A good toddler recliner will also have sufficient padding on the seat and armrests to make sitting more comfortable.


Most recliner manufacturers offer a warranty. A good recliner company will fix or replace the product if there are any defects in materials or workmanship within a specific time frame.

Return policy

If you are buying it online, be sure to read the return policy and stick to it. Recliners can be pricey, so if you order it online, make sure your return policy is such that you don’t have to pay for shipping.


What about the Safety of Toddler Recliners?

Make sure that the height and weight restrictions are met when choosing a new toddler recliner. Excellent if the recliner has a memory foam-like seat that minimizes the pressure on the child’s legs and back. The high back will keep your child’s head safe. It is better to choose a recliner with wide armrests that will keep them safe when seated. The chair must also use high-quality and safe materials for health.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Toddler Recliner?

Kids can sleep for about 2-5 hours in a recliner if they cannot sleep in their crib. It is recommended that if you do allow your baby to sleep in a recliner, you place the recliner in the lowest position.  Most toddler recliners can be adjusted to allow a baby to sleep comfortably.   But the parents must watch the kid when they sleep as it can be fatal if they roll off a recliner and be injured.

Is Toddler Recliner Available in a Variety of Designs, Colors, and Materials?

You can purchase a toddler recliner in designs such as traditional (wooden and fabric), contemporary (plastic with chrome accents), and transitional (bamboo or teak). The toddler recliners are also available in a vast array of colors.

Are Toddler Recliners Easily Adjustable?

The feature of a toddler recliner that parents like is the adjustment feature. The toddler recliner usually has a push back function for reclining, and the footrest can be fully folded out. Toddler recliners can be adjusted in up to 3 different positions depending on their needs, making it very relaxing and comfortable for rest or watching TV, reading a book, and playing with toys.